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<Copenhagen_Bram>trying to install nimbus sans
<dongcarl>Hey all, any reason why the bzip2 pkgconfig files aren't in the output?
<bavier>dongcarl: afaict debian doesn't have pkgconfig files for bzip2 either
<dongcarl>bavier: Do Guix packages have to adhere to debian conventions?
<dongcarl>Happy to write a patch
<bavier>dongcarl: no, just a reference
<rekado>Copenhagen_Bram: that’s a bug in the icecat package.
<eubarbosa>Copenhagen_Bram: Did you fixed that utf8 issue on Icecat?
<eubarbosa>nope, that did not fixed it!
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<eubarbosa>tho, installing glibc-locales as sudo diminished that guile warning
<Copenhagen_Bram>eubarbosa: I installed a few fonts and now icecat shows something
<Copenhagen_Bram>it shows everything but reddit vote buttons afaihs
<eubarbosa>Copenhagen_Bram: guix under a foreign distro? which fonts, if will...
<Copenhagen_Bram>eubarbosa: no, GuixSD
<eubarbosa>oh... ty anyway
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<jonsger>I'll not arrive before 14:00. My train was delayed and I missed the connecting train to Bruxelles :(
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<rekado>I’m just a few minutes from Bruxelles-Nord. Got delayed ~15 mins so I might arrive at ICAB a few minutes past 10.
<janneke>rekado: very good!
*rekado is soooo tired…
*jonsger tries to make some progress on Thunderbird based on Marks patches, because WLAN is working quite well :P
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>My plane was delayed, coming as soon as I can.
<cbaines>Graphs about Guix bugs
<rk4>almost need to normalize against the distro size
<Copenhagen_Bram>Can guixSD generate an initramfs?
<pkill9>i think that's what it does
<pkill9>but i have no idea
<eubarbosa>I think he meant if he cant modify it
<Copenhagen_Bram>I think I mean the reason why guix won't support an unencrypted /boot partition is because there's no initramfs
<Copenhagen_Bram>From the gentoo wiki:
<Copenhagen_Bram>> An initramfs (initial ram file system) is used by Linux systems to prepare the system during boot before the operating system's init process starts
<Copenhagen_Bram>In other words, an initramfs can decrypt the root partition during boot
<Copenhagen_Bram>And the issue is not unique to Guix
<Copenhagen_Bram>which might possibly mean all GuixSD needs to be able to support an unencrypted /boot partition is to have an initramfs generator packaged
<Copenhagen_Bram>Maybe dracut
<Copenhagen_Bram>But has that already been thought of before?
<Copenhagen_Bram>Uh... How do I specify the location of a swapfile in the config?
<rekado>Copenhagen_Bram: of course Guix generates an initrd.
<bzp>is the question I have, how to customize what programs to install on the base system when you want to install the entire operating system, someone has any ideas?
<kmicu>Copenhagen_Bram: do you want to encrypt the /boot partition or is the goal to not do that?
<Copenhagen_Bram>the goal is *not* to encrypt the /boot partition
<kmicu>bzp: could you elaborate what the base system is and what you have in mind regarding ‘installing the entire operating system’?
<Copenhagen_Bram>I have done a full disk encryption before, but it's only possible if the device has Libreboot and it was also a pain for me because I had to manually type the command in libreboot to decrypt and boot the system
<bzp>I need to install a very basic system with i3, but I need only the most basic for a desktop pc.
<Copenhagen_Bram>bzp: just edit /etc/config.scm
<kmicu>Copenhagen_Bram: Libreboot is not required for encrypting boot but the user needs to type password two time in such case. Not encrypting boot does not have any additional requirements.
<bzp>Do you have an example of '/etc/config.scm' to install a very basic desktop system?
<Copenhagen_Bram>bzp: there are several examples of /etc/config.scm in the GuixSD live cd
<bzp>install a system, but install all types of video drivers and other inecesariso programs that occupy space
<Copenhagen_Bram>bzp: just follow the instructions in the manual
<kmicu>bzp did you check ? It has an exmaple for “A graphical system with a choice of lightweight window managers instead of full-blown desktop environments”.
<bzp>I will read it
<Copenhagen_Bram>kmicu: If boot is encrypted then what unencrypts it?
<Copenhagen_Bram>I did a full disk encryption once. One LUKS partition entirely filling the drive. I had to decrypt it in libreboot
<kmicu>Copenhagen_Bram: GRUB_ENABLE_CRYPTODISK
<kmicu>(I assume Libreboot can do more than GRUB but ‘full disk encryption’ and ‘boot partition’ words are not very precise.)
<jackhill>I'm also trying to figure out how do do encrypted / , but no luck so far:
<bzp>I'm thinking of buying a laptop to install guix, what do you suggest so I can recognize all the hardware?
<pkill9>one with that Atheros wireless card as that has FOSS drivers
<apteryx>do we have a shell-wrapper that would make "sh" available?
<apteryx>I think I'm encountering autoconf generated configure scripts that have eval sh -c ... test fragments
<kmicu>Only some old models from Atheros has free drivers. bzp what do you plan to do on that laptop cuz there is no ‘modern’ laptop that has all hardware supported by libre linux kernel.
<bzp>buy second hand
<pkill9>kmicu: what about hte librem laptop?
<bzp>install guix on a desktop PC with openssh, how do I get this service to be activated permanently? use 'herd start ssh-daemon', but every time I restart the pc again I have to do '' herd start ssh-daemon
<kmicu>pkill9: they have older Atheros chips if they do not need blobs. They also have other blobs from Coreboot. And they are expensive.
<kmicu>jackhill: did you try an example with encrypted root from ?
<jackhill>kmicu: that's what I tired. I started from the example on the installation image. Unfortunately, I can't spot what I did wrong.
<tune>if the laptop lets you replace the wlan card like you can in a ThinkPad, I can confirm this one works with linux-libre:
<tune>very cheap too
<bzp>apparently guix installs 'networkmanager' by default, as I do to only use dhcpcd and wp_supplicant. but at the time of installing the base system.
<pkill9>kmicu: what does the older atheros card lack that newer wireless cards have?
<pkill9>is it just generally performance/reliability/power?
<kmicu>pkill9: The biggest problem is that the free chip is no longer produced. 5G/faster speeds/lower power usage are not so important.
<pkill9>ah ok
<kmicu>jackhill: ah, so you use GRUB w/o EFI and the example in the manual is for EFI.
<jackhill>kmicu: yep. I don't think my machine has EFI support.
<kmicu>I will find and revive some old core2duo laptop and figure out a working example for EFIless laptop.
<kmicu>Yet another Guix System machine is always a good thing 😺
<jackhill>kmicu: cool! The would be most appreciated. I'm currently away from that computer, so there may be a delay before I can test anything
<kmicu>Good, cuz reviving dusty hardware takes time. 😹
<jackhill>This also may or may not be relevant: I used a gpt pardition table instead of msdos (since that's what I'm used to from newer hadware). I haven't tested the same config with msdos. I can do that later.
<kmicu>Yeah, older BIOSes don’t ‘like’ GPT.
<jackhill>yeah, although in this case, it is loading grub correctly, but grub can't find the kernel which is in the store on the encrypted root, so it seems like the problem probably is in Guix land.
<kmicu>I’m familiar with the situation, e.g. current Guix scripts have also problem with generating proper, more advanced, btrfs setups.
<jackhill>ah, I'm not yet familiar, but happy to learn
*kmicu wonders what’s up on FOSDEM/Guix. Are we 1.0 yet? ;)
<apteryx>kmicu: it's just a matter of strings ;-)
<eubarbosa>OriansJ convinced me to uninstall npm/noje... :D
<OriansJ>kmicu: GPT isn't an issue unless you require a 2TB+ Boot drive; in which case why are you not using a computer with coreboot/libreboot support?
<tavoris>OriansJ: because some of us are poor
<OriansJ>tavoris: Coreboot supports alot of old systems that are much cheaper than new
<eubarbosa>OriansJ: libre laptops! I bough a t4300 to go full libre
<OriansJ>For those that have the money to support businesses which provide libreboot; it creates an economic incentive for businesses to provide that standard handwave level of please give me more money but over time it accumulates so that people who are economically limited have a route to freedom, even if it is coreboot with a couple binary blobs. Better some progress than no progress
<tavoris>OriansJ: for sure, but for some people hardware upgrades aren't feasible so software workarounds might be necessary ;)
<OriansJ>tavoris: agreed, I just wish more people were the sort of hardware hackers; willing to ensure coreboot is ported and working on random unsupported hardware
<OriansJ>eubarbosa: good job ^_^
<kmicu>apteryx: an official string ‘1.0’ let me enjoy Kool & The Gang - Celebration much more. 😺
<kmicu>OriansJ: GPT is an isseu when your old BIOS has no idea about GPT.
<tavoris>speaking of hardware, what do y'all recommend for newer laptops? My netbook is ~15 years old at this point
<ebrasca>Is this "guix build --target=powerpc64le-linux-gnueabi bootstrap-tarballs" of for Talos II?
<jonsger>ebrasca: it should, but it won't work
<ebrasca>jonsger: Have you tested it?
<quiliro>where can I look for information about having a ready-for-end-user desktop on guix....similar to the configuration of Trisquel?
<quiliro>I tryed /etc/desktop.scm
<quiliro>but it is not as is Trisquel or PureOS
<quiliro>I refer to GSD
<eubarbosa>quiliro: To correctly config guixsd you must to have a minimal knowledege of partitioning and home...
<eubarbosa>arch wiki is a good start...
<kmicu>Hi quiliro could you explain what is different in desktop.scm and stuff available in Trisquel or PureOS? What do you expect? (Folks not familiar with those distros cannot help much with your use case.)
<eubarbosa>kmicu: I think he means the usual user folders/files such as: home folders, bash files, .config, gnome ...
<kmicu>Hence I ask for clarification.
<eubarbosa>Both Trisquel and PureOS installation is pretty much alike Fedora and Ubuntu ...that usual user level configuration
<kmicu>In my case you’ve replaced 2 unfamiliar distros with 2 unfamiliar distros xD
<eubarbosa>kmicu: lol
<eubarbosa>Gnome + Famous Gnome Apps + GNU apps + Firefox ...
<eubarbosa>well, desktop.tmpl + gnomes apps
<tavoris>and graphical installer
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<kmicu>Are we 1.0 yet?
<ebrasca>kmicu: 0.16.0
<quiliro>eubarbosa: well, desktop.tmpl + gnomes apps?
<quiliro>i have a working gnome with desktop.scm from the installer
<quiliro>on guixsd (GSD)
<quiliro>Example: I click on Gnome help and it will will open the help but the documentation i asked for is missing
<quiliro>here i am talking about the documentation on an app that was installed with the default /etc/destop.scm on the install usb
<quiliro>the app was file manager on gnome
<quiliro>also i have nonenglish characters not showing well on icecat...which is not installed by desktop.scm
<quiliro>i don't mind the manual installation
<quiliro>i can mirror a current installation and change user names on desktop.scm and reconfigure and then run passwd on both root and the new users
<quiliro>it would be nice to have an iso to mirror to an erased hard disk with all config as a fresh install of trisquel or pureos with: libreoffice, gnome or cinamon or mate, icecat, icedove, etc
<quiliro>yelp (gnome help) links to package kit, but it is not installed
<kmicu>quiliro: GNOME desktop environment is very complex software and because Guix is different than traditional distros currently GNOME on Guix has many bugs and missing features. So yeah, expect many broken things in GNOME on Guix (or Nix).
<tune>awesomewm is also pretty broken on guix
<tune>I filed a bug but I don't have high hopes, found a roughly identical unsolved one from 2017
<tavoris>tune: what's the link to that bug? I have some experience with awesome, I can take a look
<joshuaBPMan>hmmm, I'm having trouble specifying packages not to upgrade...
<joshuaBPMan>shouldn't "guix package '--do-not-upgrade=vlc|webkit -u'" work?
<bavier`>joshuaBPMan: for an alternate like that, you might need parens: --do-not-upgrade='(vlc|webkit)'
<bavier`>not tested of course
<joshuaBPMan>that doesn't seem to work.
<joshuaBPMan>It's still trying to build webkit
<joshuaBPMan>which is weird, because I think I got it working before
<bavier`>joshuaBPMan: if webkit is a dependency of other packages in your profile, I think it will still need to be built
<joshuaBPMan>I'm not so certain --do-not-upgrade=webkit does not build webkit, but vlc is still being built, which'll probably take forever.
<vagrantc>would anyone be able to help with descriptions for
<vagrantc>needed to add two python- packages, and don't really have a reasonable grasp of what they do
<vagrantc>suppose i should submit my latetst patches (electrum has since updated version, indentation fixes, etc.)
<mbakke>vagrantc: I think adding something like "This package provides a ..." and "It supports ..." to the sentences of the python-aiohttp-socks description should suffice.
<vagrantc>mbakke: ok, will try that