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<bavier`>tavoris: there are failure reports on
<tavoris>bavier`: I can definitely help with code reviews on patches but I'd need to have some of my patches critiqued first to learn how things are done more/less in this project
<bavier`>tavoris: great, understood
<bavier`>do you have any pending patches yet?
<tavoris>bavier`: I do not, I'm just looking to get my beak wet atm
<tavoris>and all the packages I generally use for my setup are in master and are working fine so props to you all ^^
<dongcarl>Hey guys, I've been fighting with the linker all day and I think I found the problem (but not 100% sure)
<dongcarl>When building the same thing inside a guix container vs on my Arch Machine
<dongcarl>I've found that the guix container seems to want to dynamically link libstdc++
<dongcarl>I believe it id due to the rpath mudging that ld-wrapper does, but I'm not entirely sure.
<dongcarl>Does anyone know more about this?
<bavier`>dongcarl: there's a gcc flag to link a static libstdc++: -static-libstdc++, have you tried compiling/linking with that?
<dongcarl>bavier`: Yes sir!
<bavier`>LDFLAG or LDFLAGS?
*dongcarl checking
<bavier`>is the flag making through the build system to the compiler invocation?
<dongcarl>bavier`: I would check `config.log` for that?
<bavier`>good place to start, and check that logs from a verbose make
<bavier`>i.e. 'make V=1' or 'make VERBOSE=1' depending on the build system
<dongcarl>./configure --host=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu --disable-dependency-tracking --prefix=/home/dongcarl/src/bitcoin/v0.17.1-guix/depends/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu --without-docs --disable-shared --without-libsodium --disable-curve --disable-curve-keygen --disable-perf --disable-Werror --with-pic CC=gcc -m64 CXX=g++ -m64 NM=nm RANLIB=ranlib AR=ar CFLAGS=-pipe -O2 CXXFLAGS=-std=c++11
<dongcarl>CPPFLAGS=-I/home/dongcarl/src/bitcoin/v0.17.1-guix/depends/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/include LDFLAGS=-L/home/dongcarl/src/bitcoin/v0.17.1-guix/depends/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/lib -static-libstdc++
<dongcarl>With `make V=1` it shows up too
<bavier`>at this point I'd read the gcc and binutils docs to see what they have to say about that option
*bavier` needs to go
<dongcarl>Kk thanks!
<bavier`>good luck
*Copenhagen_Bram gives up on waiting for it to compile since it keeps failing to build sometimes and core updates will make everything compile once again
<Copenhagen_Bram>you know guixcoin might not be a bad idea
<Copenhagen_Bram>earn guixcoins by checking reproducibility
<vagrantc>how do you verify a proof of build when the "correct" hash is known?
<Copenhagen_Bram>i dunno
<Copenhagen_Bram>i wonder how gridcoin works, where you mine gridcoins by curing cancer
<raghavgururajan>Hi! If I install GuixSD 0.16 which doesn't have LVM, will I be able to later enable and use LVM when I upgrade to 1.0 when it arrives? Thank you!
<vagrantc>you can use lvm, but i'm not sure if there's yet a service for it or integration with an initrd...
<raghavgururajan>I see. Thank you.
<raghavgururajan>Is there a installtion guide for devices with libreboot? The guide at is very generalized and not specific to my situation.
<nand1>I was able to install it on my thinkpad x200 with libreboot by following the installation guide
<nand1>I would say give it a try
<raghavgururajan>Cool! Thank you.
*bavier adding more 'mpi-setup' phases...
<raghavgururajan>If I install GuixSD without LVM and follow the online guide exactly as it is, will I face insufficient storage space error while installing more packages?
<cbaines>raghavgururajan, I guess that depends how much storage space you have?
<efraim>I have a 128GB ssd with everything on one partition and I don't have any problems
<efraim>If I were to separate out my /gnu/store I'd give it 30-50 gb
<raghavgururajan>Mine is 128GB SSD. My concern is, when I used to have Ubuntu long back, it gives low storage space error often. I use to think that /etc and /usr was in different partition without LVM and /etc has ran out of space. Will that happen with GuixSD?
<raghavgururajan>Anyway the online guide makes everything as one partition right?
<janneke>i use one partition, i have one system which has 33G for Guix in / and that's doable but not very comfortable
<raghavgururajan>Thank you all for the replies.
<raghavgururajan>Once I install GuixSD in my libreboot device by following the online guide exactly as it is. what parameters I have to change/include in the libreboot config to boot the installed system correctly?? That is path/location of kernel images etc...?
<raghavgururajan>Anybody please? Thanks!
<raghavgururajan>nand1 What config changes you made to your libreboot config after installing GuixSD? Thanks!
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<rekado>raghavgururajan: when I used libreboot I didn’t change any libreboot configuratio after installing Guix.
<rekado>the on-chip GRUB would unlock the encrypted disk and then load the on-disk GRUB that Guix writes to.
<raghavgururajan>Hmm. That actually failed when I installed Hyperbola. Had to change kernel path in the libreboot config for the system to boot. But will try for GuixSD. Thanks a lot.
<eubarbosa>calibre is such an incridible software, it never ceases to amaze with a hidden gem
<joshuaBPMan>Hello guix people! I've got a question about browsing anonymously...I'm routing all of my internet traffic over TOR, but youtube still seems to give me videos based upon based videos that I have liked...Should I disable cookies for youtube? Better yet an open source alternative to youtube? Thanks
<pkill9>yeah it's probably due to cookies
<pkill9>and yeah there's a bunch of different ways ot use youtube without the youtube website that generally protect your privacy
<pkill9>there's the qt app youtube-viewer
<pkill9>and there's
<rekado>(you can also use youtube-viewer in a terminal)
<pkill9>there's another website that uses youtube-dl as a backend
<pkill9>hmm is nsfw on the frontpage, sorry
<efraim>Hope I can make it to drinks and fooding tonight, we'll see what time I get in
<joshuaBPMan>is hooktube open source?
<tune>what can I try if several of my installed fonts don't seem to actually be working anywhere? have done fc-cache -fv and even rebooted a few times since installing these fonts I think
<tune>they're in my manifest.scm but they don't show up in lxappearance, guessing at the name in my terminal config hasn't worked, and using fc-match to search for them hasn't worked
<pkill9>joshuaBPMan: i'm not sure. If you want open source, i think your best bet is to use a desktop application like youtube-viewer
<pkill9>since you can't know what they're running on their server
<joshuaBPMan>thanks pkill9 !
<pkill9>note that the graphical version is called using `gtk-youtube-viewer`, i'm trying it now and it's pretty nice, i'll probably use it from now on
<joshuaBPMan>ok. I'll try the gtk version
<joshuaBPMan>pkill9: I'm getting weird issues w/ vlc when I try the gtk-youtube-viewer. It is not loading....
<joshuaBPMan>Is there another media player I can install?
<joshuaBPMan>mpv ?
<pkill9>joshuaBPMan: i'm using it with mpv and it works fine
<joshuaBPMan>ok thanks.
<joshuaBPMan>I'll install mpv and see what happens
<joshuaBPMan>hmmm it's not working for me.
<joshuaBPMan>I tried modifying the preferences to use mpv, but no go.
<joshuaBPMan>still can't play the videos.
<joshuaBPMan>I am also getting this error: [Wed Jan 30 09:23:46 2019]: Use of uninitialized value in join or string at /gnu/store/1fyr449grypfvfnc0bp1b3l3zsqsdmqj-youtube-viewer-3.5.0/bin/.gtk-youtube-viewer-real line 2801.
<pkill9>hmm, which guix commit did you install/build youtube-viewer with?
<joshuaBPMan>I'll go ahead and update and see what happens
<pkill9>hmm i'm using a commit that's only 3 days newer than what you're on
<joshuaBPMan>I could try and uninstall vlc and see if that works.
<pkill9>is the only problem that it's opening in vlc?
<joshuaBPMan>basically. It doesn't seem to play the video. VLC flashes open, and then closes before a video plays.
<pkill9>hmm i dunno what causes the error
<joshuaBPMan>I'm not sure either. I'll see if updating works.
<rekado>there has been an update to youtube-dl, which may be relevant.
<rekado>a recent change on Youtube’s end has made it unusable; the update fixes that.
<joshuaBPMan>thanks rekado.
<pkill9>i think i'm using the same youtube-dl version as joshuaBPMan and it works for me
<joshuaBPMan>also, does guix plan to use flatpak? Or are we just going to use guix environment instead?
<pkill9>flatpak is packaged in guix now
<joshuaBPMan>hmmm. upgrading didn't work. Oh well. I'll submit a bug report eventually.
<pkill9>joshuaBPMan: did uninstalling vlc not work?
<joshuaBPMan>I didn't actually try that...
<joshuaBPMan>one moment
<Copenhagen_Bram>> guix package: warning: Your Guix installation is 6568 days old
<rekado>what do you mean by “use” flatpak?
*rekado goes afk for a few hours
<pkill9>you could also hide vlc from youtube-viewer with something like `guix environment --ad-hoc youtube-viewer mpv -- sh -c 'PATH=$GUIX_ENVIRONMENT/bin gtk-youtube-viewer'`
<joshuaBPMan>pkill9: would I need to run that command many times or just once?
<pkill9>many times, but it owuld just be to test
<pkill9>the real issue is that youtube-viewer isn't honouring the setting to use mpv instead of vlc
<joshuaBPMan>yeah, it's still not working...
<pkill9>i just tested that command, it works
<pkill9>hmm that's weird
<joshuaBPMan>let me try your command
<pkill9>oh you mean uninstlaling vlc didn't work
<joshuaBPMan>I just un-installed vlc. That's what I just tested now. It still didn't work. Now let me try your command
<Copenhagen_Bram>How do I tell guix to compile everything in the store that was installed with a binary?
<pkill9>oh nevermind, that command didn't hide mpv from youtube-viewer when i ran it wihtout hte mpv input
<pkill9>i suspect it's using xdg-open or something
<joshuaBPMan>pkill9: I tried the command, and it did not work.
<joshuaBPMan>that's ok. I'll just use hook-tube for now.
<Copenhagen_Bram>what command?
<Copenhagen_Bram>youtube-dl works, right?
<pkill9>actually i think it's using some gtk+ api to open the videoplayer
<pkill9>joshuaBPMan: does running `vlc <youtube-url>` work for you?
<OriansJ>Copenhagen_Bram: if not I have a standalone build definition for it that I know works
<Copenhagen_Bram>oh, thanks
<Copenhagen_Bram>although i might install youtube-dl with pip3 instead
<eubarbosa>pkill9: I think only mpv is capable of that
<pkill9>eubarbosa: i'm able to open a youtube video with vlc
<eubarbosa>pkill9: cool, vlc is progressing
<pkill9>what i don't understand si why youtube-viewer can find a video player even when i set my PATH to nothing
<OriansJ>literally guix package -f youtube-dl.scm
<OriansJ>and updating it is just the version number and the hash of the file
<pkill9>joshuaBPMan: how did you change the video player? i did this and it changed it:
<pkill9>also, I changed it to vlc and i have the same issue as you with vlc (just pops open then closes)
<eubarbosa>mpv ftw lol
<kmicu>joshuaBPMan: is AGPL.
<pkill9>i think that's the one i was thinking of
<kmicu>joshuaBPMan: There are also many more possible ways to not load any code from Youtube. (Cuz youtube-dl evals a little bit of code from Youtube).
<kmicu>joshuaBPMan: also please keep in mind that using Tor from your home network does not make you anonymous against serious actors. Especially when you use packages from fringe distros.
<Copenhagen_Bram>What did kmicu mean by a core update, when they said it take just as long to compile everything? Is a core update running guix system reconfigure?
<bavier>Copenhagen_Bram: core-updates is a branch guix uses to stage package updates that require rebuilding the world
<bavier>a git branch, that is
<joshuaBPMan>kmicu: what do you mean that it does not make me anonymous from serious attackers?
<kmicu>joshuaBPMan: this is not the channel to discuss tor issues but Tor docs explain against which threat modles Tor cannot protect you much (like correlation attacks).
<Copenhagen_Bram>serious attackers employ correlation attacks and rubber hose analysis
<Copenhagen_Bram>that guix build snippet builds... all the available packages?
<kmicu>Copenhagen_Bram: a core update is an update in a guix repo which triggers rebuilding of majority of packages. You can simulate it e.g. by changing something in libc recipe.
<kmicu>(Guix/Nix hashing catches any change in the dependency chain so such ‘world-rebuilding’ updates are much more frequent than on e.g. Gentoo.)
<Copenhagen_Bram>what happens if I run guix system --no-substitutes reconfigure?
<Copenhagen_Bram>oh nvm
<nckx>A lot.
<Copenhagen_Bram>I just wish there was a way to locally build everything that was installed from a substitute
<Copenhagen_Bram>It'd be nice if I could quickly install Guix with substitutes and then build and challenge everything while I enjoy using Guix on my device
<bavier>that does seem like it would be useful
<bavier>maybe as another operating mode for 'guix challenge'
<Copenhagen_Bram>well... how do I get a list of all substituted packages in the store?
<bavier>Copenhagen_Bram: idk off hand, but the code of guix challenge would be a good place to look
<apteryx>hello! After installing a new package that comes with bash completion, is it supposed to work out-of-the-box on GuixSD (in my current X session)?
<apteryx>Or do I need to relogin
<apteryx>I have this in my ~/.bashrc: source /etc/bashrc
<apteryx>which sources /run/current-system/profile/etc/profile.d/
<apteryx>but bash completion doesn't work immediately after 'guix package -i new-package'
<Copenhagen_Bram>apteryx: try opening another terminal
<apteryx>I tried, but no luck
<Copenhagen_Bram>try relogging in :/
<Copenhagen_Bram>bavier: i wish i could help add such a feature to guix challenge but i'm only starting to learn programming; i can probably test it though
<bavier>Copenhagen_Bram: cool, np
<Copenhagen_Bram>i've been doing freecodecamp challenges lol
<bavier>apteryx: could you source the scripts in ~/.guix-profile/etc/bash_completion.d ?
<bavier>Copenhagen_Bram: neat
<apteryx>bavier: I think it's just the name of the completion file which bash-completion doesn't look at
<apteryx>I've enabled set -x and it looks at completion files having the same name as the command or prefixed with '_'
<apteryx>the package completion file is called: ct-ng.comp
<Copenhagen_Bram>bavier: It would also be useful if it was possible to install the locally built version of all packages that fail the challenge
<apteryx>bavier, Copenhagen_Bram: it works :-)
<roptat>For people in Bruxelles: I'm still in Paris and my train is delayed by 20 minutes, I expect to be at au bon vieux temps around 21:00 after all
<Copenhagen_Bram>oops i closed my lid and when I opened it the screen stayed black
<Copenhagen_Bram>had to hard power off my laptop and reboot it
<Copenhagen_Bram>while guix pull was runnign
<Copenhagen_Bram>hope that doesn't cause any trouble
<bavier>Copenhagen_Bram: it shouldn't
<Copenhagen_Bram>why would my computer fail to wake up after the lid was closed?
<Copenhagen_Bram>maybe it needs swap space to do that
<Copenhagen_Bram>may I request that someone write a guix package for the program swapspace, or teach me how to write it?
<bavier>Copenhagen_Bram: you can declare swap space in your system configuration
<Copenhagen_Bram>bavier: dynamic swapspace?
<bavier>Copenhagen_Bram: is this the program you're thinking of:
<bavier>Copenhagen_Bram: it looks like a simple software to package; it might be worth a shot for you to try packaging it.
<Copenhagen_Bram>Does guix support powerPC?
<Copenhagen_Bram>alright, i'll give it a try as soon as I get done with guix pull and installing ntp and qutebrowser
<bavier>Copenhagen_Bram: fyi, there's a fork that debian started using:
<bavier>note the note on that page: "If you want suspend and resume to work you will still need a static swapfile!"
<roptat>30 minutes now :
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<pkill9>30 minutes for what roptat?
<roptat>My train's delay for brussels
<roptat>I'm not sure anyone in brussels is reading this, but it means I'll be late for tonight dinner
<rekado>I’m reading this from Berlin
<rekado>my train leaves in 5:30 hrs.
<rekado>Copenhagen_Bram: I think the store database keeps track of what is and isn’t a local build. “guix challenge” relies on this.
<rekado>otherwise a comparison between a local store item and a remote store item would not make much sense if one is merely a copy of the other.
<Copenhagen_Bram>i'm reading this from Missouri
<Copenhagen_Bram>there are no trains here
<roptat>I guess Missouri-Brussels by train would be interesting :)
<dongcarl>Hey all, got a question. I know that I can find out the default library paths using `ld --verbose | grep SEARCH_DIR`
<dongcarl>It would seem that in a `guix environment`, `$LIBRARY_PATH` is not included in that
<dongcarl>Is my `ld --verbose | grep SEARCH_DIR` command wrong?
<rekado>in a guix environment LIBRARY_PATH would be set if you also have gcc-toolchain installed.
<rekado>“guix environment --ad-hoc gcc-toolchain@5 …” should cause LIBRARY_PATH to be set.
<dongcarl>rekado: I see...
*dongcarl keeps debugging my linker problems
<dongcarl>Oh! Does libtool pick up on LIBRARY_PATH?
<dongcarl>How does libtool determine which ones to include as the default?
*rekado does not know the answer
*dongcarl `__LIBTOOL_IS_A_FOOL__`
<rekado>within the gnu-build-system the compiler toolchain relies on LIBRARY_PATH to find all libraries.
<dongcarl>I see I see
<Copenhagen_Bram>How do I build gzdoom version 3.7.2?
<rekado>you might have some luck downloading the 3.7.2 release tarball and using “--with-source”
<rekado>but it might be better to just upgrade the package definition.
<Copenhagen_Bram>How do I do that
<Copenhagen_Bram>I tried guix edit gzdoom but it's read-only
<apteryx>you need a guix checkout from git
<apteryx>and edit it from there
<apteryx>Read the manual about how to set this up and use it
<Copenhagen_Bram>am reading... still not sure how guix edit will be able to edit package ~/code/guix where I git cloned guix
<Copenhagen_Bram>s/edit package/edit packages from/
<bavier>Copenhagen_Bram: './pre-inst-env guix edit ...'
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<apteryx>is it possible to use curse in a container?
<apteryx>Do I need to expose something?
<apteryx>such as make menuconfig
<rekado>have you tried this with “guix environment -C”?
<apteryx>this is what I'm using, yes
<apteryx>the error is: Error opening terminal: unknown
<apteryx>the last binary that ran is mconf
<apteryx>the thing that generates the menuconfig UI
<apteryx>so it doesn't seem to be able to identify the terminal using terminfo (it identifies it as 'unknown'), and then fail loading it
<apteryx>*opening it
<apteryx>oh, seems i can get a bit farther by setting TERM
<apteryx>yes, TERM=xterm worked
<apteryx>can I change the user ID in a container?
<apteryx>--user=someone still has id 0, and this trips the package thinking I'm root
<apteryx>(and aborts)
<apteryx>i'll just patch the software to check $USER instead
<bavier>apteryx: you can give the --user option a numeric uid
<apteryx>bavier: undocumented feature?
<apteryx>I just see --user, and this seems to only accept the username as a string.
<bavier>apteryx: my 'docker run --help' says: '-u, --user string Username or UID (format: <name|uid>[:<group|gid>])'
<apteryx>bavier: I'm using guix environment --container, not docker :-)
<apteryx>but yeah, we should add this feature!
<bavier>apteryx: oh, ha; sorry, I've been wrestling with docker all day...
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<apteryx>is it not possible to use gcc-toolchain as a propagated dependency?
<apteryx>oh, it seems ar is there, but somehow ct-ng doesn't find it... investigating
<Copenhagen_Bram>Why are there lots of out-of-date Guix packages?
<Copenhagen_Bram>gzdoom, qutebrowser, libstdc++
<Copenhagen_Bram>at least
<bavier>Copenhagen_Bram: some just need some attention, others need more attention, some might be updated on core-updates
<bavier>I've worked on qutebrowser in the past; I'm not sure how updates would go there; the developers were moving to deprecate the qtwebkit backend, and we can't support the webengine backend yet
<kmicu>qutebrowser has complex deps and not so many users, gzdoom has no active users, gcc is recent and that libstc++ is probably an earlier version needed for bootstrapping.
<apteryx>shouldn't SSL_CERTS_DIR be added automatically in the search-paths?
<apteryx>if I propagate nss-certs, I'd think it should just work
<apteryx>hmm, one immediate problem is that SSL_CERT_DIR is singular, not plural
<apteryx>so only one dir can be listed there
<apteryx>so it could only work reliably in a profile, where the packages are in a union
<apteryx>could this work?
<eubarbosa>wow, local debian mirros are slower than US ones...
*rekado goes to catch the train…
<apteryx>happy travels!
<nckx>Bye/see you soon, rekado.
<Copenhagen_Bram>I happen to use gzdoom a lot
<Copenhagen_Bram>just installed icecat, opened it and all the text is boxes, how do i install a bunch of fonts?