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<reepca-laptop>So I turned off the wifi on my laptop and plugged in the desktop's connection and sure enough, download got stuck at 100%. So I tried a different cord and a different port on the router, but it's still getting stuck. Bizarre. Anyone know a good free software router to recommend?
<reepca-laptop>(needs to have some sort of wifi capabilities)
<rk4> is interesting
<rk4>[though i'm unclear on the wifi blob situation :\ - they have atheros SoCs which is promising]
<reepca>So I'm trying to work around the weird router issue by using wget to download stuff and then using guix download file:///... but some sources have snippets associated with them, and the builder for the source-fetching derivation wants to do the downloading itself. Any ideas how to work around it now?
<leungbk>i've been stuck on this all day; can someone help me out?
<rk4>reepca: if i was trying to fight a weird router, i'd try a vpn tunnel and hope that vpn layer could survive the router interference
<cnmne>leungbk: on line 102, is the strip phase removing the needed binary?
<cnmne>actually I think this is over my head, sorry :(
<leungbk>hmm, that does seem to be what's going on
<leungbk>guix.texi mentions that strip removes debugging symbols; what other things does it generally do?
<cnmne>i honestly don't know. i haven't made a package besides modifying hello.scm, but I'll use yours as an excuse to dig deeper !
<leungbk>there seem to be a lot of strip-foos, now that i look at it
<leungbk>it's okay, thanks for your response
<nikola_i>11:23 am <nikola_i> hello. I use nixos right now. I wish to switch to guix. But my main concern is I want to use packages available in nixos channels. I knows I can use nix package manager in guix. But is it possible to use nixos channels and nix packages in guix?
<nikola_i>If yes, please let me know how
<YJSNPI>Hi, everyone. I recently installed GuixSD on my laptop, and I find something strange... (This is just an intro) someone put librime, which is an input method engine's core lib, into gnu/packages/ibus.scm, but I think it shouldn't be there since librime is somewhat universal, it also has a fcitx frontend. So is it possible to move it into another module...?
<YJSNPI>By the way, in some cases fcitx actually works better than iBus, but seems nobody here is interested in it 😂
<YJSNPI>Other IMEs like anthy and libpinyin are also in the same situation
<YJSNPI>And... both iBus and fcitx are lacking Qt plugins (at least for Qt4)...
<cnmne>leungbk: just got to where you were in the build process :) looking again at the log, it mentions bin/sisugem might be unsupported as a symlink, and later (l 89) it mentions `gem pristine sisu` might fix something that seemed to go wrong in the install
<leungbk>i noticed that too, but i wasn't sure how to put it into the build process. i guess i can try using the substitute macro
<leungbk>i'll look at this again tomorrow
<cnmne>nikola_i: not an expert, but i think the channels option for guix and `guix import` having nixos options give you a lot of options
<leungbk>@nikola_i it is indeed possible, and can be figured out from a quick search of the nix documentation, but i don't personally remember the details offhand
<leungbk>i'm using stack and ripgrep off nix right now, for example
<cnmne>leungbk: I'm looking at other ruby packages from `guix edit ruby` (for inspiration i guess); where
<cnmne>what is the substitute macro?
<leungbk>(substitute* FILE ((MATCH) DESIRED-REPLACEMENT))
<leungbk>or something like that
<nikola_i>cnmne: leungbk: okay, I think I will try guixsd first on a vm and see how it goes
<cnmne>great !
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<rekado>nikola_i: you cannot use Nix package definitions directly with Guix.
<rekado>leungbk: during the build phase there’s a warning: “bin/sisugem is a symlink”. This looks like it could explain your problems.
<cnmne>leungbk: look at the package definition for "ruby-tins"; it looks like they fixed a similar problem
<leungbk>all right, i'll try to address that. thanks.
<cnmne>sneek: botsnack
<cnmne>sneek: later tell leungbk i got a ruby-sisu.scm file that builds successfully; i deleted the symlink and copied the linked file instead. not good enough at packaging yet to actually use the package, so i don't really know if it's really working, but it builds/installs ! i can paste you later if you haven't already figured it out :)
<cnmne>thanks :)
<ngz>Hello. Something is wrong with my Guix installation on a foreign distro. Guix pull reports hundreds of new or updated packages since last update even though it was yesterday. I suspect my .guix-profile/bin/guix is pointing to the wrong place.
<ngz>Where should it point to? /var/guix/profiles/per-user/user/current-guix/bin/guix ? Or some other place?
<cnmne>i think that's correct; this week i pulled a lot of packages from texlive and r. were those the main offenders?
<rekado>ngz: you shouldn’t have .guix-profile/bin/guix at all.
<rekado>having it means that you have the “guix” package installed in your Guix profile.
<ngz>Indeed. This is because I use emacs-guix on a foreign distro.
<ngz>And it is required to have access to all features, AFAIR.
<ngz>Also, for some reason, even if I add "$HOME/.config/guix/current/bin" in front of $PATH in my ".profile", "/home/ngz/.guix-profile/bin" happens to be in front of it eventually.
<ngz>I assume this is because "guix" package also updated path, through .guix-profile/etc/profile
<rekado>ngz: I still think it’s bad advice to tell people to install “guix” into the default profile. “emacs-guix” shouldn’t require this.
<rekado>ngz: you are probably sourcing .guix-profile/etc/profile after you update PATH.
<ngz>Indeed. Should I do the opposite?
<ngz>So, for the time being, I should remove "guix" from my user's profile.
<rekado>I think it is rarely ever a good idea to have “guix” in the user profile.
<rekado>though you could probably just update PATH in the end.
<ngz>Of course, but there might be other environment variables set in .guix-profile/.../profile
<rekado>I don’t understand
<rekado>you source etc/profile and then you export PATH=$HOME/.config/guix/current/bin:$PATH
<ngz>What I mean is if "./guix-profile/.../profile" sets FOO, and I happen to update FOO in my "~/.profile", it could lead to the same problem. So maybe a good hygiene would be to first source "./guix-profile/.../profile", then do other stuff in ".profile".
<ngz>I.e., not limit this protection to PATH.
<rekado>yes, that’s what I wrote: first source etc/profile, then update PATH.
<rekado>if you have other variables you may want to do the same.
<ngz>OK. I misunderstood you, then :)
<ngz>For the record, as expected, removing "guix" from my profile fixes my update problem.
<ngz>Thank you for the help, BTW.
<ngz>While I'm at it, I have another pretty annoying issue with Gnome (from foreign distro, i.e., Debian testing) and Guix. I have to "unset GI_TYPELIB_PATH; unset XDG_DATA_DIRS" in my ".profile", or I cannot get past GDM, i.e, the session crashes and I'm brought back to it.
<ngz>I don't know how to get a backtrace from this crash to help debugging.
<pkill9>hmm, guix said it would only download something small but it's also downloading qt4 which is a graft
<ngz>It seems that texlive-texmf is failing to build.
<ngz>(on a recent guix pull)
<roptat>hi guix!
<rekado>ngz: what error do you get?
<ngz>rekado: the end of the build log is here:
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<rekado>ngz: hmm, this is not supposed to happen.
<rekado>ngz: which derivation is this?
<ngz>rekado: /gnu/store/19nmhi9l54x3m6pzs2ng31xzjb46xdk1-texlive-texmf-20180414.drv
<rekado>I’ll look into it.
<rekado>in the meantime you may have better luck with texlive-base and the other texlive-* packages.
<ngz>This is an update. For now, I use --do-not-upgrade=texlive
<tune>looks like spacefm fails to build still. I commented out a month or two ago
<tune>s/out/it out
<tune>(from my manifest)
<rekado>did you report the failure on bug-guix?
<ngz>tune: I think patch is needed
<ngz>I.e., you only need to add "#include <sys/sysmacros.h>" to "main.c"
<ngz>Hmm nevermind, this patch is already applied in master.
<ngz>Then I assume it hasn't been built yet.
<ngz>Patch was introduced yesterday, but last compilation, at least on hydra dates back from the day before..
<ngz>tune: did you try to build it with a recent guix pull ?
<civodul>rekado: i'm looking at current-guix but that turned out to be a rabbit hole
<tune>recent but not brand new pull
<tune>I'll try again later maybe
<ngz>Hmmm I cannot download any add-on from Kodi: "Could not connect to repository". Is it expected?
<Blackbeard>I keep getting this error
<Blackbeard>building /gnu/store/vdlf9w6pn9shx566n3ghdmy78sz85830-icecat-60.3.0-gnu1.drv...
<Blackbeard>note: build failure may have been caused by lack of free disk space
*Blackbeard sent a long message: < >
<Blackbeard>I don't understand
<Blackbeard>I have plenty of space
<Blackbeard>almost 200 gb on hard drive
<Blackbeard>when I run du /tmp it says it is almost empty
<Blackbeard>I have 8 gb on ram plus 2 gb on a swap file
<Blackbeard>almost everything is free
<Blackbeard>why am I getting a lock of free disk space error :/
<ngz>Blackbeard: what does "df -lh" returns?
<Blackbeard>S.ficheros Tamaño Usados Disp Uso% Montado en
<Blackbeard>none 2.0G 111M 1.9G 6% /tmp
<Blackbeard>sorry my system is in spanish
<Blackbeard>basically it has a size of 2.0 gb using 111M and aviable 1.9G using onl 6%
<Blackbeard>this is for root
<Blackbeard>S.ficheros Tamaño Usados Disp Uso% Montado en
<Blackbeard>/dev/mapper/luks-6d759619-2acf-452c-b58f-899155873a05 226G 32G 183G 15% /
<Blackbeard>size 226G using 32G available 183G so only using 15%
<Blackbeard>I have plenty of space I think :/
<Blackbeard>and other things work, like audacity or racket or vlc
<Blackbeard>but icecat I can't install, neitther was I able to update it
<Blackbeard>so I delete it just to update everything else
<Blackbeard>thinking that it might help
<Blackbeard>it did not
<ngz>Hmm I don't know then.
<Blackbeard>I didn't do anything special
<leungbk>is there any way of halting a %standard-phase?
<sneek>leungbk, you have 1 message.
<sneek>leungbk, cnmne says: i got a ruby-sisu.scm file that builds successfully; i deleted the symlink and copied the linked file instead. not good enough at packaging yet to actually use the package, so i don't really know if it's really working, but it builds/installs ! i can paste you later if you haven't already figured it out :)
<leungbk>i have this right now, and am trying to run `gem pristine` on something that the computer asserts is not there:
<eubarbosa>whoever recommend SICP as Scheme resource, Ive to thanks, what a superb book!
<rekado>ngz: texlive-texmf should be okay now.
<rekado>leungbk: you can replace phases with (modify-phases %standard-phases (replace 'name-of-the-phase (lambda …)))
<eubarbosa>hey, update the singularity link on guix manual to
<eubarbosa>guix / package management / guix pack
<eubarbosa>as you can see its website change to that one
<ngz>rekado: Thank you (for texlive).
<rekado>eubarbosa: would you like to send a patch?
<eubarbosa>yes! is there a how-to page
<eubarbosa>oh ok,
<rekado>it’s all in the manual:
<eubarbosa>ty, ASAP
<roptat>one of the packages I want depends on boringssl, which I can build, but it doesn't have an install target
<roptat>even installing it by hand fails because the libraries don't have the right runpath
<leungbk>@rekado thanks, i had tried that last night as well. i think i'll have to study the innards of ruby-build-system.scm to make that work.
<eubarbosa>would be great if the Emacs guix package have a `guix-find-function` `guix-find-library`...
<eubarbosa>or even guix have those CLI functions hehe
<eubarbosa>guix package --find-library=PACAKGE, lol
<eubarbosa>guix find library
<apteryx>eubarbosa: I've only watched the SICP videos
<apteryx>(the classes at MIT)
<apteryx>eubarbosa: that would require building and distributing a cache of those things on the build server.
<buenouanq>I love the SICP lectures so much ( ._.)
<ArneBab>I get problems with cups trying to write its config file: E [19/Jan/2019:22:00:23 +0100] Unable to create "/gnu/store/qv49wv0b5s2jmn4ln3r14v4bks18wqp0-cupsd.conf.N": Read-only file system
<ArneBab>(need to get that printer working)
<ArneBab>my problem use-case is that when I try to print, the job fails with "Processing - "Color Manager: no profiles specified in PPD""
<ArneBab>do you have an idea how I can get that working?
<civodul>ArneBab: i don't know but you could try asking on help-guix
<ArneBab>civodul: did that now — thank you!
<eubarbosa>apteryx:I am a total noobie so I need more than those videos! hehe
<eubarbosa>apteryx: so that is achievable, just not easy to implement. Soon!
<sneek>I'll keep that in mind.
<rekado>sneek: what is so that?
<rekado>sneek: what is apteryx: so that
<sneek>I could be wrong, but apteryx: so that is achievable, just not easy to implement. Soon!
<rekado>sneek: forget apteryx: so that
<sneek>Consider it forgotten.
<rekado>sneek: botsnack
<eubarbosa>oh, s/so/thus lol<2>