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<katco>hi, i think the common-lisp build system might be broken for "package-inferred-system" style common-lisp packages. the build system appears to find the dependencies, but then replace[1] "invalid" (within the context of the store) characters with `-`. i think this breaks asdf as it then cannot find the package. "package-inferred-system" packages almost always contain a `/` [2] which is flagged as an invalid character. does anyone have
<katco>any thoughts?
<katco>[1] -
<katco>[2] -
<katco>hm. this may be better as an email
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<sturm>On GuixSD, is it a problem that the "user-homes" and "term-auto" services don't start? I can't seem to find any info about these in the manual. The only output I can see is "Service term-auto could not be started." in /var/log/messages. Same for user-homes
<lfam>sturm: In practice it should not be a problem
<lfam>I see the same things on my system and it still works for me
<lfam>It would be good to figure out what's up and fix the services
<pkill9>I get that error too
<sturm>Thanks lfam, I've never noticed any actual problem, it's just that little voice in my head that doesn't like ignoring errors :)
<lfam>I agree, someone should figure out what's up :)
<katco>i went ahead and asked my question on guix-devel for anyone interested:
<dannym>If you have a system with a head, term-auto will not start and that's by design. gnu/services/base.scm default-serial-port tries to determine the kernel console (by parsing /proc/cmdline at boot). However, guix services are declarative - so the decision whether to include an agetty (and thus call default-serial-port) has to be made earlier (on reconfigure). But it doesn't have information there, and the only thing to do is to always
<dannym>start the service and then fail if there's no serial console after all.
<dannym>If you have a headless system it will probably boot with a "console=ttyS0" argument and then the agetty will also start up and enable you to login.
<dannym>But the decision of whether to boot with serial console is done by u-boot and/or the user, so it's not really known in advance.
<sturm>thanks dannym
<dannym>sturm: No problem!
<dannym>user-homes doesn't start up for me either - huh I've never noticed that before. Might be worth a bug report to ...
<AK_>mood: wow I'm there after some months :-)
<q6AA4FD>this is only sort of guile unrelated, but there's a build check that sed appears to be failing of it's own accord, would it be bad practice to make a package to replace sed that skips that test?
<civodul>hey hey!
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>janneke: %gash-bootstrap-guile and all, oh ooooh!
<civodul>rekado_: thanks for the texlive update!
*civodul finds sources of happiness on guix-commits
<janneke>civodul: yeah -- i found it finally time to share; however, it's not yet done i'm kinda stuck @gcc-4.7.4 right now
<g_bor>hello guix!
<civodul>janneke: oh, gcc causing troubles again?
<civodul>hey g_bor!
<g_bor>civodul: I am finally making some progress... It seems that I could overcome the jmod files in the openjdk, there are still differences, but it looks much better.
<g_bor>The video documentation project is going fine, the framework is almost complete, we would like to onboard roptat if possible to have a look at the video translation workflow, mainly to check if we should mark the strings in the svg files not meant for translation as such.
<jas4711>good morning! the manual has a lot of shell snippets, but it is inconsistent with use of shell prompts within them, like '$', '#' or nothing. Is it just my ocd at work here, or do people find it worth fixing? For example
<civodul>g_bor: that is good!
<janneke>civodul: the configure/make system has dependencies that are fulfilled by %bootstrap-coreutils&co, but breaks when using all gash+*-mesboot substitutes
<janneke>my strategy now is to replace tool by tool to see which one[s] break the build
<g_bor>janneke: iteresting...
<g_bor>do you have a build log to share?
<civodul>janneke: and i guess it breaks in non-obvious ways deep down in the build process?
<civodul>hey jas4711!
<civodul>jas4711: the issue was raised before, but i'm not sure what the outcome was :-)
<civodul>in some cases i find it useful to distinguish between root and user by showing a prompt
<civodul>or when there are several commands
<civodul>in other cases it's nice to be able to copy/paste directly
<civodul>so i'm not sure how to homogeneize
<jas4711>civodul: right, i understand. maybe there should be a texinfo macro that generate the # vs $ in a way that doesn't interact badly with cut'n'paste
<jas4711>ng0_: did you ever resolv the flashrom problem you had? i get the same segmentation fault on my x200 even on a debian machine. your post was the only one i could find.
<jas4711>ng0_: never mind. a bit more googling found the answer: boot kernel with iomem=relaxed
<civodul>don't miss the very nice video by rekado_ ↑
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<rekado>civodul: thanks!
<roptat>g_bor: I'll need more context
<roptat>What's the workflow you're thinking of ?
<jonsger>rekado: is this ICG conference something bigger? I'm not into the bio scene...
<roptat>Maybe there's something I can try?
<jonsger>civodul: the key is used for, am I right?
<g_bor>roptat: hello!
<g_bor>yes, there is.
<civodul>jonsger: yes, it's the same machine
<g_bor>we will have a discussion on the project at 12:00 UTC, and I will ask lsl88 to invite you.
<g_bor>Do you have an account on
<roptat>I do, but I need to check when 12:00 UTC is
<roptat>ah, I might not be available at 12:00, but I'll try to participate as soon as possible (12:15 maybe)
<Swedneck>i have added ~/.guix-profile/share to $XDG_DATA_DIRS to get menu entries from guix-installed packages, is there any way to make guix automatically modify .desktop files to append "(guix)" to the entry name?
<g_bor>roptat: see you then!
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<rekado>jonsger: yes, ICG is pretty big. It’s organised by BGI, which is one of the world’s biggest genetics research centres. (They also design and build sequencers.)
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<kmicu>( ^_^)/
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<janneke>civodul, g_bor: no i don't really have a build log; the errors are usually symptoms not causes and very silly; an awk script that is invalid because sed or grep or gash made an error while producing it
<janneke>my strategy now is to first find the tool that is problematic, resurrect the build and then try to find the real cause
<janneke>i'm really tempted right now to first repackage gcc-4.7.4 into a gcc-4.7.4-core (upstream stopped doing that after 4.6)
<janneke>hmm, would gcc-4.6.4 be good enough to build gcc-4.9.4? i could try that!
<civodul>janneke: heh, so many possible paths! :-)
<roptat>arg, I've got a step while building sbt that requires network access
<roptat>the tool uses a tool that uses protoc (protobuf from google), but instead of the system-wide tool, it tries to download the latest version from maven
<roptat>I have no idea how to disable that behaviour...
<janneke>civodul: yes -- i'm using gcc-core-4.6.4 now (at least to bisect), that's a lot faster/friendlier
<civodul>nice, good luck!
<civodul>roptat: newish build systems tend to do that kind of thing frequently...
<roptat>hm... actually not the latest, but the one it was compiled with
<janneke>:) tnx
<roptat>it's not even a build system, it's just a tool to generate some sources
<civodul>rekado: we need illustrations like for Guix & reproducible science:
<civodul>*like this
<jlicht>hey guix
<apteryx>civodul: yes, I have some things to try regarding the network-manager-openvpn issues. Yesterday didn't have much energy to attack this at night, but today is Friday... :-)
<civodul>apteryx: yay!
<civodul>i'm confident you'll get to the bottom of it very soon :-)
<apteryx>fingers crossed!
<apteryx>I got error 504, Gateway Timeout on; is this something we must manually take action on? (i.e. remove the file manually on the build server?)
<roptat>it works! I could embed protoc so it would be choosen instead of a remote one, and specify the version to prevent it from picking the latest instead of ours
<roptat>I had to fix an issue where a script was generated at runtime with /usr/bin/env too
<roptat>now the rest of the build continues and fails the *right* way :p
<ng0>jas4711: what flashrom problem?
<ng0>wow. 2-3 years ago.
<ng0>if I made no notes, I do not remember
<rekado>booting the kernel with iomem=relaxed is the fix
<ng0>doesn't guix have this in the manual these days?
<rekado>fellow humans! I’d like to push the GNOME 3.30 stuff to core-updates (because the glib update is required), but I can’t test it as core-updates seems to be in disarray. Python 2 doesn’t build, for example.
<rekado>is anyone feeling responsible for core-updates at this point?
<rekado>who would like to be the core-updates “meister” for this round?
<Swedneck>heads up: the ssl cert for the irc logs is expired since dec 30
<rekado>bavier: You added EXTRATESTOPTS=-j~d with parallel-job-count to Python 2 (on core-updates), but the check phase fails because it says that “-l” and “-j” cannot be used together.
<rekado>Swedneck: thanks. It probably isn’t actually expired; the server just hasn’t been reloaded.
<rekado>I’ll look into this.
<Swedneck>fwiw matrix also logs the irc channel
<rekado>it’s fine now. Thanks again, Swedneck
<Swedneck>can confirm the ssl cert works
<Swedneck>ah, it seems the matrix logs for this channel aren't viewable for guest users
<bavier>rekado: yes, it worked at the time, but some update in python@2 broke later
<bavier>rekado: iirc someone has a fix, maybe efraim
<rekado>oh neat
<rekado>I won’t touch it then.
*rekado feels an itch to write a tiny Guile frontend for the logs
<janneke>samplet: i have just reached until gcc-4.6.4 with the Scheme-only/Gash bootstrap; just updated Gash again and rebuilding world in the hope we are feature complete for the bootstrap
<samplet>janneke: Wow! I saw your work on Awk. Very impressive.
<janneke>samplet: thanks! both sed and awk are not yet good enough to bootstrap until gcc-4.x; but grep is! we can improve on those lateron anyway
<janneke>i tried a fully functional approach for awk, i guess we'd better rewrite that using set! and a global %variables alist or so...
<janneke>...and it would be so nice if we could tree-il SED and AWK execution (... and SH?)
<samplet>janneke: I have been thinking about that a bit, too.
<janneke>samplet: oh?
<samplet>janneke: Don’t get too excited. Just idle thoughts. :)
<samplet>I want to split things up a bit, still, though.
<janneke>samplet: a little bit excited, is that ok? ;-)
<janneke>when my wip-bootstrap branch builds somewhere this weekend i intend to mail gash/bootstrap status to guix-devel; i think we may need to fully support guile 2.0 and want to plan for a real 0.1 release (update doc, compile warning cleanup, dead code removal, ...)
<samplet>Do you think we could pull out the utilities to a separate project before then?
<samplet>We could start with the wip-merge branch, so all the Autotools stuff is in place.
<ibanja_>Hi... I just discovered guix while searching for a way to distribute my admin scripts to some of my computers which run on two different distros--void and devuan. Would this be a good solution for what I am trying to do?
<samplet>Then, break of gash/commands.scm from the shell.
<bavier>ibanja_: guix could work for that, esp if there are supporting packages that need to be installed too
<janneke>samplet: oh, i forgot about that; yes i have no real hurry -- what split do you have in mind exactly (esp: utility/library wise)?
<ibanja_>bavier: so does it handle dependencies from the underlying distro, or from guix?
<janneke>i exposed a couple of "built-ins/*" as shell commands too; that's necessary for the bootstrap
<bavier>ibanja_: on a foreign distro, the only thing guix uses from the host system is the kernel
<janneke>false, true and pwd come to mind -- it would be nice if the interface of both built-ins and command were the same (now they are just very alike)
<samplet>janneke: I’m currently thinking about three projects: gash (the shell), file-utilities (e.g., rm and chmod), and text-utilities (e.g., grep and sed).
<samplet>The reason for splitting up the commands is because I want to do something like this for the text-utilities:
<ibanja_>bavier: ok... thanks for the feedback
<ibanja_>bavier: that might work for me.
<samplet>janneke: You mean that non-shell programs are exec'ing false, true, and pwd?
<bavier>ibanja_: great, let us know if you have other questions
<janneke>samplet: hmm, not sure -- either that or might a bootstrap BASH be doing that? i should have taken notes but will investigate
<janneke>true, false and pwd are part of coreutils I think? but it would be good to know...hmm
<samplet>janneke: I ask because false, true, and pwd are all “geesh” built-ins from before, so the shell should be able to use them.
<janneke>yes, i understand -- a C program exec'ing would be a reason we need them externally; i'll try to look it up where it happened
*janneke needs to go afk for a bit
<samplet>rekado: Did you have a chance to look at my Haskell reproducibility patch: <>? There’s no rush, but I don’t want it to fall through the cracks. :)
<rekado>samplet: I haven’t yet looked at it, but I’ll check it out soon.
<samplet>Okay. Take your time and thanks!
<davidl>has anyone has anyone been able to install Guix as a package manager in a linux that runs in WSL (windows subsystem for linux)?
<lsl88>Hi! i need some help with guile :)
<rain1>lsl88: you can ask here or in #guile if you like
<lsl88>rain1: it is just something quite silly, I am changing a script a little
<lsl88>did not know about that channel
<janneke>samplet: read your pastebin, i think i see what you are pointing at -- some line-based unixy template to implement all(/some of) these tools
<janneke>that would need some thought... :-)
<apteryx>I can 'save' an environment with the --root option, but how do I "reactivate" it?
<janneke>apteryx: you source its profile: . ~/the/root/etc/profile
<apteryx>janneke: but this leaves me in an impure environment -- what if I want it pure?
<apteryx>or in a container?
<rekado>apteryx: you can do “/path/to/env /path/to/bash --init-file /path/to/profile/etc/profile”
<apteryx>rekado: thanks. This addresses the pure environment. I feel there should be a -p flag to 'guix environment' the same there is a -p flag for 'guix package'.
<apteryx>I'll ponder about it
<rekado>“-p” to enter a given profile?
<samplet>janneke: Yeah. I would like to work towards a more Scheme-focused approach for the text commands, and I think that defining them in terms of SRFI 158 (generators) would be a nice way to do it.
*janneke has to look at generators; in python those are something like "broken coroutines" ;-)
<samplet>Right. They are not the greatest, but they work really well with ports.
*samplet is tired of writing read-line loops.
<lfam>Oof, LZMA decompressing a Git checkout of Stellarium is sloooooow
<lfam>Oh, I see that it's actually recompressing it to apply a patch
<samplet>janneke: I made a new repo for planning Gash 0.1. Maybe we can use it wiki-like to keep track of what we need to do (and what can wait). You should be able to push to it.
<samplet> <>
<janneke>samplet: OK!
<janneke>aah, note that I did the geesh->gash transition on wip-bootstrap; it would be nice if we could salvage that somehow
<janneke>samplet: 3a0ab42 Move geesh into gash, some doc updates.
<samplet>janneke: That’s good! Yes. We will keep it.
<apteryx>rekado: yeah (about -p on guix enviromnment)
<pkill9>i don't suppose anyone has a way of generating a list of the required module imports in emacs when writing a package definition?
<pkill9>i.e. have it read all the package inputs and generate a list of the modules they're from
<rekado>apteryx: sounds good to me. Go for it!
<bavier>pkill9: I don't know of an existing solution, but you could possibly use (guix discovery) like the unbound variable error procedures do
<roptat>it's the second time I see a software that's not able to handle a modification time of 0...
<roptat>if (srcLMD == 0) throw ...
<roptat>and of course tests fail because of that :/
<roptat>ah, the test makes sense: java returns 0 in case of error in getting the last modification time
*janneke -> zZzz
<bgardner>Hey all; I finished a clean install EFI install and after rebooting got into a situation where "guix reconfigure" was hanging. I decided to wipe the root partition and reinstall, but now I can't get the installer to write the boot information. It does "copying to /mnt" for about 15 minutes and then gives: "Could not prepare Boot variable: No such file or directory", then "[...]/grub-install: error: efibootmgr failed to register the
<bgardner>boot entry: Input/output error."
<bgardner>Any suggestions?
<samplet>bgardner: Maybe your EFI partition is not mounted or is not mounted where your configuration file expects it.
<bgardner>samplet: I did check that, it is mounted at /boot/efi and is the correct type. I also rewrote the partition and reset the esp flag on it to be completely sure it was right.
<bgardner>I also added a stanza to the (file-systems ) block per the documentation to refer to the EFI by UUID. Didn't change the error.
<samplet>bgardner: I think the important part is the “target” field of your “bootloader-configuration”. It probably already points to “/boot/efi”, though.
<bgardner>It does, yes - and like I said this install worked once. I'm sure I've done this to myself in some fashion with leftovers from the prior install but I feel pretty confident I blanked both partitions. I'm puzzled.
<bgardner>samplet: I'm going to blank everything and try again, thanks for the response
<samplet>Good luck!
<bgardner>samplet: Thanks!
<cnmne>/help /me
<ArneBab>how do you package something which changes the tarball hash every time you download it? wget -O - | sha256sum
<bavier>ArneBab: is there a vcs repo somewhere that could be used instead?
<bavier>from the
<bavier>that can be used with the git-fetch method
<ArneBab>that tarball is built from the vcs
<ArneBab>bavier: thank you!
<ArneBab>I now copied the git-fetch part from another package and just adjusted the URL :-)
<ArneBab>let’s see whether it just works …
<bavier>ArneBab: good luck
<ArneBab>(I want libaom to get ffmpeg with AV1 support)
<ArneBab>(because I now have a fast Guix machine at home, so I want to experiment with AV1 encoding)
<ArneBab>(sidenote: did you know that most students nowadays don’t know plausible bitrates anymore? Only very few realized that 0.1kbit/s is much too low for music, though 15 years ago I’d have been very intrigued if someone told me that we could stream HD video at 200kbit/s)