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<pkill9>why do you need it to start in order for it to stop?
<pkill9>oh you probably want it disabled
<apteryx>the services are always started automatically (not configurable?) AFAICT
<apteryx>I've read in the shepherd manual that enabled? #f prevents the service from being started at all, so this is not what I want either.
<ArneBab>is there a way to get ffmpeg 4.1 (with AV1 suppert)?
<ArneBab>… but before that: my Guix system is operational! The basics I need are in place. Thank you!
<apteryx>ArneBab: it's already at 4.1 in latest guix
<apteryx>av1 or avi?
<ArneBab>ah, there are two
<ArneBab>av1 (av one)
<ArneBab>I have a new box with 8 times the speed, so I want to test the compression ratio of a codec with 1000x the encoding time :-)
<ArneBab>ah, but not yet with libaom support
<apteryx>ArneBab: it seems we'd need to build it with dav1d as input
<apteryx>(which we already have packaged)
<ArneBab>well, I need the encoder :-)
<apteryx>I see, dav1d is for playback only
<ArneBab>(need is a too strong word here: I’d like to test it is the better wording)
<apteryx>didn't know :-)
<ArneBab>time to sleep — thank you for your help in finally making the jump to Guix!
<apteryx>see you!
<apteryx>my system is building *a lot*. Is something wrong with the build farms? I'm on Guix from yesterday morning.
<Formbi>did you enable substituting?
<apteryx>it's GuixSD -- I should be on by default (and i do get some from or or
<apteryx>right now it's building /gnu/store/v9p37plzihh92pvfbpm1jz7npd2r7szf-subversion-1.10.2.drv
<Formbi>maybe it's building derivations?
<Formbi>I think it is always so
<apteryx>it built tar, git, gtk earlier
*apteryx has to go
<apteryx>Formbi: thanks
<cnmne>to modify configs for packages like st or xmonad (which require recompilation on every edit, even outside of guixsd), is it possible to define the config files short of making a new package definition?
<pkill9>what do you mean?
<cnmne>for st, there is a config.h header file which you edit; `make clean install' recompiles the program with your new settings
<pkill9>ah ok, what you probably want is to make a package that inherits from the st package definition but patches the config file in the source. Here's an example:
<pkill9>instead of the clipboard patch you'd want to use your own that modfies config.h
<bavier`>or add a phase that patches the existing config.h
<cnmne>i think that's exactly what I'm looking for
<cnmne>this would be used with `guix package -f st.scm', and it would replace the previous st?
<pkill9>actually that file won't work with that, it needs at the bottom "(package (inherit st-with-patches))"
<pkill9>to work with `guix build -f`
<cnmne>`guix build -f xyz' outputs a package (?). would I want that instead of `guix package -f xyz', which i think installs as well ?
<cnmne>anyway, thanks for the snippet! I'm going to tinker and read a lot more before I ask any more questions :]
<pkill9>if you want to install then use `guix package` yeah
<pkill9>i meant the `-f` flag to load froma file
<tune>seems that herbstluftwm is not packaged
<bavier`>davexunit: when you created the patch for MINETEST_SUBGAME_PATH, was there any discussion about handling mods similarly?
<apteryx>I'm trying to add network-manager-openvpn to my network-manager service but I'm failing it seems
<apteryx>it looks like this:
<apteryx>how can we filter a list of packages in a service?
<apteryx>it fails on my contains->polkit? predicate
<reepca>apteryx: that would make sense, since you're trying to string-append a <package> to a string.
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<reepca>you could do package->derivation and then look up the derivation-output associated with "out", and the predicate would work, but its results wouldn't be guaranteed to be accurate, since there's no guarantee the output path even exists yet.
<reepca>the only way to verify what's in a package's output is to build it, y'know?
<apteryx>I've moved pass this roadblock now:
<apteryx>well, kind of walked pass to it
<apteryx>but it should be an improvement over the network-manager service. The goal is to make the dbus system files of the network-manager *plugins* available.
<apteryx>because currently attempting an openvpn connection fails with an error like: Error: Connection activation failed: The VPN service
<apteryx> 'org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.openvpn' was not installed.
<apteryx>it builds my config, but sadly doesn't improve the situation :-(
<apteryx>and I ran out of gas trying to make this work
*apteryx goes to bed
<roelj>Why do I get "guix environment: error: clone: 1006764049: Invalid argument", when the daemon runs as root? Do we need user namespaces AND the daemon running as root?
<efraim>kodi@18.0rc1 randomly failed test 439, kodi@18.0rc3 its test 449
<efraim>roelj: I'm pretty sure yes on both
<efraim>unless you disable chroots for the daemon
<reepca>roelj: do you mean you only get that error when the daemon runs as root, or you get that error "even" when the daemon runs as root?
<roelj>reepca: "even" when the daemon runs as root.
<reepca>does your system support user namespaces?
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<reepca>well there's your problem, guix environment unconditionally attempts to call clone with CLONE_NEWUSER.
<reepca>daemon plays no part in it
<roelj>Alright, so the client-side calls "clone".
<roelj>efraim: Thanks!
<efraim>i'm testing merging master into staging
<g_bor>hello guix!
<jlicht>hey guix!
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<jonsger>hmpf. while trying to build bootstrap-tarballs for powerpc64le I run into
<nly>I have a vague question, how do you go about hacking guix?
<nly>for instance, maybe something like auto exporting guix-paths to a file whenever i install a package?
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<rekado>nly: what problem are you trying to overcome?
<rekado>when I work on Guix I mostly just package things; for that task “./pre-inst-env” is usually sufficient.
<rekado>nly: if I need to update search paths I simply “source $profile/etc/profile”.
<nly>i want to update guix-search-paths every time i install somethinng
<jlicht>nly: maybe direnv integrations could solve your problem in a different way
<jlicht>I know there is some direnv+guix+emacs solution somewhere that allows you to adapt the environment when changing project directories
<nly>rekado do i need to pay attention to guix path recommendations when i install something?
<nly>the usual output export xyx etc after a transaction
<rekado>nly: usually not, because etc/profile contains all of the environment variable definitions for you.
<rekado>(I’m actually inclined to suggest that we remove those hints and recommend the use of etc/profile instead)
<nly>but you say "usually not"
<rekado>if you use a shell other than Bash you may need to update the environment variables manually.
<nly>oh thhanks :)
*civodul sends patches for a useful --verbosity flag
<g_bor>hello rekado!
<g_bor>you now have access to the video makefile repo on gitlab.
<lsl88>hi guix!
<lsl88>I am having an issue with my Makefile :)
<lsl88>it is the only part that when testing everything everything everything does not behave as I would like to, and I don't know why :/
<rekado>lsl88: could you give us a bit more detail?
<rekado>hey, any GNOME users here who could test the wip-gnome3.30 branch?
<lsl88>rekado: yes! I was waiting for someone to answer :)
<rekado>Rene wrote on the mailing list that GNOME 3.30 works fine, but I haven’t been able to make it work on my laptop, so I’m interested if other people can test this.
<rekado>Don’t want wip-gnome3.30 to go stale (again).
<lsl88>I have different make cleans for each "part : ie: one for deleting videos, one for deleting translation files, and so on. In the one for cleaning the "slides"(the svgs for the given locale sent to the makefile) I check with an ifeq the value of the variable LOCALE_LANG (it was your original LANG) so that it is not en_US, since then my bare .svg files are deleted, and I only want to delete the svgs that are created for any other locale.
<rekado>lsl88: okay
<lsl88>rekado: i have just figured out that instead of a ifneq I used ifeq
<lsl88>rekado: :-/
<civodul>rekado: agreed, that would be sad; what's wrong when you test on your laptop?
<lsl88>rekado: i forgot the n,
<rekado>civodul: GDM starts up and I input my credentials, but after hitting “Sign in” the mouse cursor skips around and then … I’m back in GDM.
<lsl88>it was deleting the files because I did not put the n in between
<rekado>I can’t find any logs that would explain what happens in the background.
<rekado>lsl88: good you figured it out :)
<rekado>lsl88: BTW when you write git commit messages, please leave one empty line after the first line.
<lsl88>rekado: I am cursing myself for that n
<rekado>lsl88: the first line is supposed to be a short summary; the explanations can follow on the third line. The second line should always be empty.
<lsl88>yes, I was wondering if I should follow the commit standars we used for the contributions or not.
<rekado>lsl88: I’ve made similar mistakes in the past: using “and” when I meant “or”, or using “unless” when I meant “when”, etc
<rekado>lsl88: no need to follow the strict format, but leaving an empty second line is pretty much universally accepted for git commit messages.
<lsl88>rekado: the ifeq and ifneq is horrible, it is just a typo! I'd rather have only ifeq and then a not, ! or whatever to make false my condition. Thank you, will take into account the commit stuff, did not know that.
<jonsger>I'll try to build bootstrap-tarballs for powerpc64le. For that you need gcc >= 6.2. While building libstdc++-6.5.0 it fails. I wonder know which definition of libstdc++ is built here: one from gcc.scm or from commencement.scm?
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<civodul>rekado: that could be a GDM issue not specific to the branch, no?
<rekado>it could be, but I would find that surprising given that Timothy made changes to the GDM service and has been using this successfully for some time now.
<rekado>besides, even without GDM (using .xsession) I can’t get GNOME to start.
<civodul>oh, that sounds bad
<civodul>i'll try to try it later today :-)
<civodul>did you test in a VM?
<rekado>I tried, but … it’s incredibly slow!
<rekado>It takes minutes before I can even try to log in.
<rekado>it’s all snappy until GDM starts up.
<rekado>yes, it takes a long time before I can even begin to input the user name.
<civodul>without GDM it works at a reasonable speed for me (with KVM)
<rekado>and then it writes 2 characters per 30 seconds or so.
<civodul>did you add "-m 512" or similar?
<civodul>it could be that it thrashes
<rekado>I think this might be a graphics acceleration problem.
<rekado>I’ll try with more RAM now
<civodul>but anyway, can you reproduce the issue in the VM?
<rekado>well, it’s so frustratingly slow and it switches VTs after a certain amount of time has passed…
<rekado>ah, no such problem with -m 1024…
<civodul>heheh :-)
<civodul>i think the default uses 256M of RAM
<rekado>ugh, should have tweaked that first before reading about PCI passthrough and whatnot
<civodul>oh :-)
<rekado>let’s see…
<rekado>oh, GNOME starts!
<civodul>yay! \o/
<rekado>hmm, so why doesn’t it work on my laptop?
*rekado shakes fist at the state
*rekado is now on a watch list
<pkill9>when you use a manifest and/or a system configuration with an inferior, does the channel that that inferior is built from get garbage collected? (assuming that the profile/manifest that package is in is pinned like all profile generations are)
<rekado>only 558 CRAN packages to add before we can add all of Bioconductor!
<civodul>pkill9: no, the channel doesn't get collected
<pkill9>ah, nice :)
<civodul>it's cached in ~/.cache/guix/inferiors even
<civodul>rekado: it took less than 15mn between push time and build time for the R packages:
<pkill9>ok, so if i removed ~/.cache/guix/inferiors it would garbage collect the inferiors?
<civodul>push at 15:44 and eval #2613 completed at 16:03
<civodul>pkill9: they could be gc'd (if you run "guix gc"), so next time you'd effectively rebuild them
<civodul>it's really just a cache
<pkill9>oh yeah i mean the next time i run `guix gc`
<rekado>civodul: sweet!
<divansantana>hmm. What provides bin godoc?
<civodul>divansantana: i'd say "go" itself?
<divansantana>civodul: seems not so. Or I'm going crazy. Only .guix-profile/bin/go .guix-profile/bin/gofmt
<civodul>hmm, dunno
<Formbi> what is going on?
<Formbi>I'm having errors like this all the time
<divansantana>perhaps not packaged. I used go get -v for now.
<jonsger>Formbi: are you on a foreign distro or on GuixSD?
<Formbi>foreign distro
<jonsger>through the AUR package?
<Formbi>(i replaced the AUR guix-daemon with the one from Guix)
<jonsger>do you use guile-2.2? like /usr/share/guile/site/2.2/... ?
<Formbi>it is there, but I don't think it's in use
<Formbi>should I remove it?
<jonsger>is there a usr/share/guile/site/2.0 folder?
<jonsger>oke, then I don't know. I'm not a guile expert
<rekado>Formbi: this is likely this bug here:
<rekado>Formbi: you may need to use a different variant of Guix to run “guix pull” again.
<civodul>Formbi: which version of Guile does the AUR package use?
<civodul>i'd recommend running 'guix pull' and then using the ~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix
<Formbi> 'guile>=2.0.9'
<Formbi>I removed the Guix I got from AUR
<Formbi>only left the systemd service
<civodul>yeah it's easier for us if you install Guix from the binary tarball we provide
<jonsger>civodul: is there are a reason why guix doesn't use libgit2 0.27.7? It's still using 0.26.8
<Formbi>it worked with an older Guix
<Formbi>oh, not really
<jonsger>Sleep_Walker: :)
<apteryx>has anyone bothered making their trackpad click when using GuixSD ?
<apteryx>I seem to recall it'd be something to do with the synaptic driver in a Xorg config or such.
<pkill9>what do you mean making the trackpad click, apteryx?
<civodul>jonsger: no particular reason, i guess we should just upgrade
<civodul>jonsger: the upgrade seems to work so i'll probably push it if it passes on ARM as well
<asterope>I thought about writing some service now, to learn more about guix and guile
<asterope>a compton service would be good? With some configuration capability...
<asterope>I don't really know yet what services can do, and if they can do per-user configuration
<efraim>civodul: there's more to a libgit2 update than just libgit2
<efraim>after git-grep'ing the source it looks like guile-git and python-pygit2
<efraim>2609, my master->staging merge, didn't get evaluated on berlin
<efraim>... i take it back, python[2]-pygit2 isn't used by anything
<apteryx>pkill9: re the trackpad, I meant click by touching on the touch surface rather than using the physical switches
<pkill9>i've set some settings for my touchpad
<pkill9>i set it using xorg configurations yeah
<pkill9>also i set it to use libinput which is more updated i think
<davidl>how can I get the source code of a build on hydra using the cached source code instead of downloading from the package-defined urls?
<apteryx>pkill9: OK! could you share an example of such config?
<pkill9>possible options are in the libinput manpage
<pkill9>well from here
<rekado>yay, GNOME 3.30 works
<rekado>the crash came from a stale ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/
<jahb>Hi #guix. VLC (on a foreign distro) segfaults when trying to play video. Has this been seen before? backtrace:
<bgardner>Hey all, I have a VM install of 0.16 (my first) that I'm stepping through the instructions on, and it is hung(?) on "building /gnu/store/x8f<bunch of digits>910n-mutter-3.24.4.drv..."
<bgardner>Except not really hung as the little spinner is still spinning. Pinned at 100% CPU but no movement for hours.
<apteryx>pkill9: this looks like it! ClickMethod clickfinger :-)
<apteryx>thanks a bunch
<lfam>jahb: I haven't seen that, and I'm using VLC from Guix on Debian
<rekado>jahb: can you try a different rendering backend?
<lfam>bgardner: How did you start the VM?
<lfam>bgardner: It's possible that it's working but very slowly due to a lack of RAM
<bgardner>lfam: I allocated 2G to it, with a rootfs of 5G
<lfam>Okay, I think that should be enough
<jahb>lfam: that's good to know, thank you.
<jahb>rekado: will try that, thank you.
<lfam>bgardner: It will probably be a pain now but I would make strace available (`guix environment --ad-hoc strace`) and attach to the guix-daemon process to see what it's doing
<lfam>Something like this (untested): `strace -f -p $(pidof guix-daemon | head -n1)`
<lfam>bgardner: It's a QEMU VM? With KVM?
<bgardner>lfam: It is, exactly that - on a Core i7 that I confirmed ahead of time had extensions
<lfam>All in one: `$(guix environment --ad-hoc strace)/bin/strace -f -p $(pidof guix-daemon | head -n1)`
<lfam>bgardner: The other question is ... why is it building mutter? I would expect a substitute to be available if you had authorized the substitute signing key for
<bgardner>So break this 'guix system init' call or open a new tty?
<lfam>I would do it in another TTY in case it's almost done :)
<bgardner>lfam: No idea, like I said, my first time with guix and following the installation steps to boot the install in a VM
<lfam>But, I think it's stuck or something, because it shouldn't take hours to build mutter on an i7 VM with KVM
<bgardner>lfam: Hmm, any advice on how to get a new tty to do that? I'm trying to migrate away from Virtualbox so I'm starting new and not familiary with KVM
*lfam tries it
<bgardner>lfam: Ah-ha, Ctrl-Alt-F3 does it, stand by while I try
<jahb>rekado: it works fine with XVideo (XCB) and X11 (XCB) output modes.
<jahb>lfam: what's your video output mode set to? does it work ok in OpenGL mode?
<bgardner>lfam: I think it's dead, Jim. Other consoles are all accessible, but won't respond to keystrokes. Info docs on tty2 also locked and cannot be navigated.
<lfam>:/ Dang
<lfam>jahb: I'm not sure :) How do I find out?
<bgardner>lfam: Anything useful I can get for you here before I wipe the partition and restart?
<lfam>bgardner: No, I don't know enough to go much deeper. If it was my thing I would probably try to spend some time figuring out if the VM is really stuck or just "paused" or something, but it would probably be faster to start over. Sorry
<jahb>lfam: In preferences, video tab, display section, output drop down.
<bgardner>lfam: No worries at all, just trying to contribute any info I can - I'll report back later :)
<lfam>jahb: "Automatic". Any way to figure out what it picked?
<jahb>lfam: 'fraid I don't know. Can you try it in OpenGL mode though?
<lfam>jahb: Works fine in that mode
<apteryx>hello; would someone know of a CVE scanner? Does such a tool exist freely? I'd be interested.
<jahb>lfam: aha! thank you, it must be something unique-ish to my machine then.
<lfam>apteryx: `guix lint` checks package versions against the CVE database and tries to report vulnerable packages
<lfam>Is that what you meant?
<lfam>metasploit (and to some degree nmap) can probe for the actual vulnerabilities
<apteryx>lfam: this is nice, but I was talking more about some source code scanner that finds pattern and matches them to CVEs.
<lfam>I haven't heard of a tool like that
<lfam>I don't think the CVE database includes code samples
<apteryx>yeah, I don't think either. It's just version strings
<apteryx>so someone would have to go and build that version -> source snippet map
<apteryx>they do it for viruses though, so it should be possible ;-)
<apteryx>(except instead of sources the signatures are blobs)
<lfam>I think you might run into the same problem as the virus scanners which is that it doesn't really work :/
<civodul>efraim: i built guile-git on all 4 arches after upgrading libgit2 and it went well
<efraim>civodul: oh good
<efraim>i updated python[2]-pygit2, but only the python2 version built
<civodul>oh ok, thanks for checking it
<civodul>& fixing it i gather
<civodul>(i checked guile-git because obviously it's a dependency of Guix)
<bgardner>lfam: Restart going better - I didn't provide swap first time around so this time I added a token 200MiB swap and it is zipping along.
<apteryx>ouch; I've caused by system to loose sudo because of an error in the setuid-programs service
<apteryx>it crashed in the middle of populating it because I used (file-append mtr "/bin/mtr") instead of (file-append mtr "/sbin/mtr"), and now I only have one binary which has setuid (no longer have sudo there).
<apteryx>looks like I'll have to reboot
<apteryx>maybe we should protect against this?
<apteryx>yikes, sudo reboot ;-)
<apteryx>time to make use of my btrfs journaling
<civodul>apteryx: could you report the issue to bug-guix, explaining how you ended up "losing sudo"?
<civodul>oh that's because the thing is copied at activation time, right?
<lfam>Challenge to get root with that one setuid binary ;)
<Formbi>my bash completions from Guix disappeared
<Formbi>can I somehow fix it?
<civodul>lfam: yup :-)
<civodul>Formbi: is that on GuixSD?
<civodul>how did you get them in the first place? :-)
<civodul>you need to source the file again, i gues
<Formbi>they worked
<bgardner>lfam: Installed without a hitch
<bgardner>lfam: Thanks for the help!
*rekado attempts to merge staging into core-updates…
<lfam>bgardner: Great :)
<jackhill>Hi, it looks like my experiments with GuixSD have been noticed at work, and I've been asked to produced a list of installed packages and versions.
<jlicht>jackhill: you make it sound like you are in trouble
<jackhill>(for "security" auditing). I don't think anything like this exists, but I guess the garbage collectors live-paths would ba good place to start
<jackhill>jlicht: heh
<jackhill>the problem with that is it is just store paths, but I also want the package versions and to filter out things that aren't packages.
<jackhill>I'm happy to use the scheme API (that why I'm using Guix afterall), but could use some help identifying how I might proceed.
<civodul>rekado: we should merge staging in master rather than core-updates no?
<civodul>i think that was the goal but we all dropped the ball
<rekado>right, but later master would be merged into core-updates, no?
<rekado>I wanted to merge wip-gnome3.30, but it causes so many rebuilds that it should rather go to core-updates.
<civodul>oh, i see
<civodul>i though wip-gnome3.30 was also targetting master :-)
<civodul>so gdm works for me on master, but i cannot choose a non-GNOME session
<rekado>it was, but I forgot about glib :(
<rekado>right, that’s what Tim wrote
<civodul>oh, glib
<apteryx>civodul: I see you were the one who added the vpn-plugins to the network-manager-service; do you recall if you had successfully created/connected a VPN connection with this?
<apteryx>(the configuration of said service)
<rekado>I can try to build GNOME again, but this time without the glib upgrade.
<rekado>then it could go either to staging or even master.
<rekado>I’ll try this tomorrow.
*rekado —> zzzZ
<civodul>apteryx: i think it never quite worked but i never figured out why
<civodul>i remember discussing it with ng0 and you
<ng0>what where how? I just connected after weeks
<civodul>apteryx: i saw your message on help-guix and it looks like you're making good progress :-)
<civodul>hi ng0!
<civodul>we were discussing the openvpn plugin for NetworkManager
<ng0>oh, networkmanager
<apteryx>civodul: yeah I thought my suspicion might bear fruit, but it didn't :-/
<apteryx>(suspicion being: the plugins themselves must extend the dbus service with their own dbus definitions to be usable)
<ng0>I didn't use the vpn plugin. when I was working on this I tried to connect to the other plugin I needed for the university vpn
<apteryx>ng0: OK
<ng0>s/connect/package but didn't work/
<ng0>which is probably the case here?
<apteryx>I see; they (your university) were not using openvpn but another package.
<apteryx>(hence you trying to package it)
<ng0>i didn't try, I succeeded. it's just broken wrt system integration
<apteryx>has anyone debugged dbus errors before? Anything I should look at? strace is not very useful
<ng0>i mean if you want another usecase, I can zip it up
<apteryx>ng0: ah, OK. So you managed to package the vpn tool, but didn't succeed in integrating it with the network-manager service? So you ended up using that tool directly?
<ng0>i think it was vpnc
<ng0>I'm in the middle of weeks of backups >.< no work accessible
<ng0>more or less, yes
<ng0>I think you are right with dbus. other systems hinted at that
<apteryx>yeah the error message is strictly about the dbus definition of the network manager pluging not being *installed* (in other words, it's not found).
<apteryx>so I extended the dbus-system-service as part of our network-manager service hoping it would fix this error, but it didn't
<civodul>apteryx: which .service file is not found again?
<civodul>it's that one that you should add as an extension of dbus-root-service-type, i think
<apteryx>org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.openvpn; it comes from network-manager-openvpn
<apteryx>you can see what I try to make it discoverable in the bug 33832
<apteryx>basically instead of just passing the network-manager package itself to our dbus-root-service-type, I give it the list of network-manager
<apteryx> + its plugins: `(,network-manager ,@vpn-plugins)
<serichsen>When I have created a config.scm which after a seemingly successful `guix system init …' turns out to be unbootable, do I have to delete everything before trying again, or can I do something like `guix reconfigure …'?
<apteryx>serichsen: you should be able to guix reconfigure!
<jlicht>what was the super url for the fancy web interface to the ML again?
<serichsen>apteryx: but it seems that reconfigure cannot take the additional argument to specify the target directory, like init does.
<apteryx>serichsen: it should be safe to rerun guix system init otherwise.
<apteryx>hopefully the items it had already cached under /mnt will still be there and it will be speedy
<civodul>apteryx: right, passing the list of nm + plugins looks good... then again you could strace dbus-daemon to see where it's looking for that .service file
<apteryx>civodul: good point! I didn't know what to strace. Thanks.
<civodul>it's a sledgehammer but it often works well in situations like this :-)
<civodul>jlicht: may be what you're looking for
*civodul -> zZz
<apteryx>sneek: later tell civodul with my patch, I can see that the dbus-configuration used by my system generation contains a system-local.conf file which has a new entry: <includedir>/gnu/store/gw3ckmw2pihc44d23lc8pipfw7wr16g7-network-manager-openvpn-1.8.0/etc/dbus-1/system.d</includedir>
<apteryx>so it should have the necessary dbus file