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<ison111>Trying to make a xf86-video-amdgpu package. Seems pretty straightforward by just copying some existing definition in xorg.scm, and it builds successfully. However, when booting I still see "couldn't load module amdgpu module does not exist", so I'm guessing there's more to it?
<ison111>lspci reports that I'm using kernel driver "amdgpu", but if I try to configure it (with xorg-configuration-file) then I get the error that there is no amdgpu module. Since guixsd seems to not have a xf86-video-amdgpu package I figure that's what I need to do.
<reepca>ison111: could you post the snippet of your system configuration?
<ison111>Trying to disable vsync
<ison111>But even without any of that lspci will still report amdgpu as being used, so that seems to be what it wants by default.
<reepca>ison111: try putting #:modules (cons xf86-video-amdgpu %default-xorg-modules) in the xorg-start-command and xorg-configuration-file call.
<ison111>reepca: ok I'll try that, thanks.
<reepca>on an unrelated note, it'd be great if the spinner from "guix package" cleaned itself up when it was done... I was very confused when I saw "-168 packages in profile".
<ison111>reepca: That did it. Thanks a lot
<reepca>info pages are great
<leungbk>i'm trying to package an emacs plugin with the command: guix download
<leungbk>and i get:
<leungbk>Starting download of /tmp/guix-file.lnEEmc
<leungbk>X.509 certificate of '' could not be verified:
<leungbk> signer-not-found
<leungbk> invalid
<leungbk>failed to download "/tmp/guix-file.lnEEmc" from ""
<leungbk>guix download: error: download failed
<leungbk>with http instead of https, it downloads properly; how can i resolve the certificate issue?
<apteryx>leungbk: Have you set the env var for the nss-certs package as explained in the manual?
<apteryx>reepca: there's already a bug about the spinner
<leungbk>no, i'll try it right now
<reepca>apteryx: good to know
<reepca>anyone else wanna try to guix download It keeps getting stuck for me, which is annoying since it's the first step in a guix package -u at this point.
<reepca>and it works just fine with wget
<apteryx>it's a huge file. is your connection stable?
<reepca>as far as I can tell, yes. I've managed to download a bunch of other stuff just fine, including that same file twice now with wget.
<reepca>it's getting stuck at 100%
<reepca>(also it's gotten stuck at 100% about 4 times now)
<johnjay>someone told me in another ch annel that guix is very actively developed
<johnjay>is that something you can measure like with commits per day or something?
<efraim>It looks like openhub is down. Maybe check someone's github mirror for a graph?
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<rekado>reepca: if wget works fine try “guix download” on the downloaded file
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<reepca>rekado: as in "guix download"? or as in "guix download file:///home/reepca/texlive-20180414-texmf.tar.xz"?
<rekado>the latter
<reepca>update successfully continues! Thanks. Although now I wonder whether we have a bug in guix download. guix --version reports 707efe171a4e0e542a7d969c130195fa94b5d615.
<rekado>reepca: it might be a bug.
<rekado>I want to use “guix pull”, but I need to make one change to the configure flags before building the new Guix.
<rekado>I wonder how this can be done.
<rekado>(I need to override the localstatedir configure flag)
<janneke>rekado: can't we have configure be smarter to ddrt wrt localstatedir?
<rekado>in my case localestatedir is set to /gnu/var/guix; I don’t think there’s a sane way to detect non-standard locations.
<janneke>wouldn't it be safe to assume that the current guix's localstatedir is the best default?
<janneke>if so, we'd have to find a way to extract localstatedir from it
<rekado>I don’t think we can assume that. Generating a VM, for example, that includes Guix should not use the host system’s localstatedir.
<janneke>sure, but wouldn't it do as a better default than /usr/local/var/guix? you'd override that anyway?
<g_bor>hello guix!
<rekado>janneke: yeah, the configure default is bad. “guix pull” overrides it.
<rekado>the only people affected by this bad default are those who build from source.
<janneke>'s only us -- hehe
<nly>`guix system build config.scm` cannot build `xf86-video-intel-...` given my config here:
<nly>i don't know which service/package contains the culprit package, maybe i can remove it?
<rekado>oof, I think I’m in trouble…
<rekado>guix build: error: build failed: getting attributes of path `/gnu/store/3aigj659vsjxcrhn0r0vmkbjh3kj5pbs-guile-2.0.9.tar.xz': No such file or directory
<rekado>I’m still trying to switch from the old pre-inst-env shared Guix installation to one based on “guix pull”, but it’s tricky.
<rekado>especially because of this localstatedir issue.
<rekado>nly: why can’t it be built?
<nly>I can show you the log
<rekado>nly: “Segmentation fault”
<rekado>that’s not okay
<rekado>are you building this on a machine with little RAM, maybe?
<rekado>(not that this would excuse a segfault)
<rekado>nly: have you disabled substitutes (on purpose)? You may get a built binary for this package from
<nly>hi thanks for looking into it
<nly>I have 8gb
<nly>I think I have enabled substitutes
<rekado>is this a reproducible segfault?
<nly>i ran the command guix build -f config.scm
<nly>I was not trying to test reproducibility if that's what you are asking
<rekado>no, I’m asking if this happens again when you do this a second time.
<nly>I have authorized following the manual, same error
<janneke>aaarghh; a patched source needs xz, which proves severely non-trivial to bootstrap
<janneke>now that i have `patch' somewhat working, upstream only provides `.bz2'
*janneke is waay too discouraged to go down that rabbit hole right now, repackaging...
<mckinley>Wondering if anyone has knowledge on packaging Docker (engine/cli) for guix? Whether it has been undertaken before?
<davexunit>I recently saw patches for docker on the mailing list
<rekado>here they are:
<mckinley>:davexunit :rekado wow, thank you both so much!
<janneke>well, binutils also only ships .bz2 -- what a mess
<janneke>what are these people thinking?
<janneke>i guess i'll first add bzip2-mesboot0 too, then :-(
<bavier>janneke: could we adjust 'patch-and-repack' to compress to something other than xz?
<janneke>bavier: that might be helfpul...but wouldn't it break the build if .xz source is already present?
*janneke is debugging a hanging patch-2.5.9 -- apparently it was heavily patched by disto's
<bavier>janneke: I guess I was thinking a configurable compression type, which could be used just for early bootstrapping
<janneke>that would be nice
<janneke>hmm, patch-2.6 is from 2010 and needs awk
<mbakke>Is it OK if a Guile-Git dependency is fetched using "git-fetch"? I suppose it will lead to bootstrapping issues.
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<roelj>Is there a way to see the build log while a build is running?
<quiliro> there some newbie tutorial for useing ruby to communicate with an FTDI device?
<thomassgn>hehe, I got some kind of notification sound that goes off once in a while. And I can't figure out what it's from or for.... :)
<_tibbe>Hi, is there a way to remove a substitute server from the list of trusted servers?
<thomassgn>are you on guixsd or guix?
<thomassgn>I mean foreign distro with guix package manager?
<bavier>_tibbe: you can adjust the default authorized keys in your system configuration, see 'guix-configuration' in 'Base Services' in the manual
<bavier>_tibbe: otherwise you can pass a custom --substitute-urls to each invocation, or via the GUIX_BUILD_OPTIONS environment variable
<_tibbe>thomassgn: As well on guixsd and guix on foreign distro
<_tibbe>bavier: Thats is what I do right now but there must be some place where guix stores the certificates that where once passes to guix archive --authorize and way to remove them
<thomassgn>ah, I don't know about the certificates. But as bavier says check base services: I've commented out the substitute thing, but I guess you could leave out the %default-substitute-url. < _tibbe
<_tibbe>I will try that... But will still not work under Debian (the foreign distro). After all the daemon needs to fetch the urls from somewhere.
<bavier>_tibbe: there's an acl file that the deamon uses, I forget where it resides...
<bavier>_tibbe: /etc/guix/acl by default, it is human-editable, see 'Invoking guix archive'
<bavier>I'm assuming we'd eventually want 'guix archive' to have a '--deauthorize' option at some point
<_tibbe>bavier: Yes I was wondering whether there was some hidden option for it which I just could not find
<_tibbe>Some kind of interface that can list, add and remove substitute urls would be nice
<_tibbe>bavier: And that file is not part of the store and can just be edited in place?
<bavier>_tibbe: right, at least on a foreign distro; I'm not sure about guixsd
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<pkill9>also it would be good to be able to add a note or something to the key, so you know who's it is
<bavier>pkill9: spki specifies a comment field; at this point it would need to be added manually
<leungbk>when i run make check, i fail the guix-pack and guix-download tests; would someone help me debug this?
<leungbk>unshare: unshare failed: Operation not permitted
<leungbk>appears in guix-pack.log
<leungbk>and in guix-download.log, i actually appear to download something for the `guix download http://does.not/exist` test
<leungbk>i am on debian, and run
<leungbk>$ guix environment guix
<leungbk>$ ./bootstrap
<leungbk>$ ./configure --localstatedir=/var
<leungbk>$ make check
<rekado>leungbk: the “unshare” thing probably means that on your system you cannot use user namespaces (“container” features)