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<pkill9>do the official build servers have eachother added as authorized substitute servers for eachother?
<pkill9>(just wondering, there isn't any problem related to this)
<mbakke>pkill9: The build farms are completely separate from each other (that is, Hydra does not use substitutes from Berlin and vice versa).
<apteryx>our CMake build system doesn't handle debug outputs the way the GNU build system does, correct?
<apteryx>it seems to be handled by the 'strip' phase of the gnu-build-system, which is used as part of the cmake-build-system, but I'm wondering if CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE should be set to Debug to provide the debugging symbols in the first place.
<ArneBab>How much is missing to get basic KDE support?
<ArneBab>is it a matter of creating missing packages by plain "manual" labor, or does it require deeper work?
<pkill9>i think it's just a matter of creating missing packages, but something like KDE might need exotic build flags and patches
<pkill9>i might be wrong about that actually
<ArneBab>pkill9: the first or the second point?
<pkill9>the second part
<pkill9>if you look at packages like gnome-shell and gnome-desktop, they show what i mean
<ArneBab>the first is something I can address step by step — I bought new hardware for my home(-office) system, and want to run Guix on it since I don’t ever want to lose hours to days because power failed during an update
<ArneBab>… again
<pkill9>ah damn yeah, guix is good for that
<pkill9>i think there is one part that could potentially botch your system up when upgrading, and that is when a new grub config is being written
<pkill9>(if interrupted i mean)
<pkill9>not sure of that actually
<pkill9>there are quite a few kde packages and libraries already packaged, so maybe there isn't too much work left to do
<ArneBab>I saw that python-pyqt is already there, so I can run what I require
<ArneBab>and quassel is also there
<ArneBab>(I currently use Guix as an overlay)
<ArneBab>(on top of Gentoo, which I will miss, but the critical time for total breakage got too big …)
<ArneBab>pkill9: so thank you for your answer! I’ll report back when my backups and preparations are done and I have GuixSD running …
<pkill9>you're welcome :)
*apteryx about cmake-build-system, it supports "debug" output the same as the gnu-build-system.
<apteryx>so, I've added "debug" to the outputs of our Gnucash package, and it added the symbols alright, but when doing: gdb /gnu/store/gl6vxy50h9v56fv5dsff3cl2ib9wbapm-gnucash-3.3/bin/.gnucash-real
<apteryx>it fails to find them (I have: set debug-file-directory ~/.guix-profile/lib/debug in my ~/.gdbinit as instructed per the manual)
<apteryx>my guess is because of the weird name of the binary? (.gnucash-real instead of just gnucash?). Any way to make gdb cooperate?
<apteryx>hmm, actually, it seems the .gnucash-real binary really does *not* have the debugging symbols.
<apteryx>miserable day; spent the day fixing the gnucash build, only to stumble on a bug in GTK which completely prevents me (anyone?) from using it.
<apteryx>so, the problem is triggered by IBus; in my case I had to launch gnucash with: GTK_IM_MODULE= gnucash
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>happy new year4
<brendyyn>Anyone else experience this guix pull error? If not I'll report it
<brendyyn>ERROR: In procedure %resolve-variable: error: meson-build-system: unbound variable
<brendyyn>I see, it was broken 6 minutes ago
<efraim>brendyyn: fixed
<brendyyn>ok id already sent a report, so i guess it can be closed
<apteryx>brendyyn: you can close it yourself by replying to your report and adding the "-done" suffix, as in:
<apteryx>I've closed it for this time
<danielszmulewicz>After a successful installation from the binary tarball, I notice that $HOME/.config/guix/current/etc/profile is read-only. Is this the intended behavior?
<danielszmulewicz>Setting environment variables like export GUIX_LOCPATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/lib/locale
<danielszmulewicz>goes in my .bash, not in $HOME/.config/guix/current/etc/profile, am I understanding correctly?
<efraim>Sounds right
<johnjay>hey what is this guix thing and does it need emacs ported to guile?
<danielszmulewicz>efraim: I'll assume that was meant for me. Thanks.
<lfam>johnjay: Guix is a package manager that can be used on any glibc-based GNU / Linux distro. Guix can also be used as a full operating system. It doesn't require Emacs to be ported to Guile
<johnjay>ok well i won't bother then
<johnjay>but it has a snazzy name
<janneke>johnjay: it has such a snazzy name because it's the snazziest package manager/distro ever ;-) what were you looking for?
<johnjay>janneke: haha just what i said actually
<johnjay>people were talking in #emacs about making guilemacs (edwin) a new emacs or something
<johnjay>and somehow guix came up when people started talking
<johnjay>i guess related to nix as well
<janneke>oh, we do have a guile-emacs package, but it's "just" what is available right now -- guile-emacs in not being actively developed atm
<janneke>guix could be seen as a GNUish+Guile'ish Nix
<bavier>imo the relation to Nix is often overblown, mostly by people who have only a cursory understanding of the two projects
<janneke>samplet: found a pretty ugly bug and i don't really have an idea where to look:
<samplet>janneke: It exits with nonzero status?
<samplet>I will look now. It’s more fun than what I’m currently doing. :)
<janneke>it seems that the $? gets reset or so before TEST in if looks at it
<janneke>oh, haha "great" :)
<janneke>making very slow progress with Gawk, Mes C Lib needed quite some features
<janneke>never had imagined this would be so tricksy, but Gawk does everything with floats -- we never really needed/had those until now
*samplet is afraid to ask...
<janneke>...why not implement gawk in Guile?
<samplet>No. What on earth is Gawk doing with floats? (Which makes me more afraid of Awk in Guile.)
<janneke>i didn't look very closely, but it seems float is used as a the universal "number"
<samplet>A bit like JavaScript, then.
<janneke>yeah or perl...look how handy everything is a string or int or anything -- very often exactly what you wanted
<janneke>anyway, i think we could do with an awk that does not handle floats; we do probably only text processing?
<bavier>janneke: libtool at least uses some trivial integer variables and for set-like operations
<janneke>bavier: yes, integers would be fine
<janneke>almost tempted to have a look at busybox's awk
<janneke>i would like to stay with GNU, but ... floats ugh
<samplet>janneke: For the Bash build, Awk was only used for one specific thing. If that is true generally, it could be replaced by a very short script.
<samplet>janneke: Also, I found the bug. It’s pretty embarrassing, but at least it’s easy to fix.
<janneke>samplet: \o/
<janneke>samplet: hmm, awk was only introduced into auto* in 2007/2008 -- so we may just yet postpone building gawk until after we have glibc-2.2.5+gcc-2.95
<bavier>janneke: does mescc not do float/double types?
<janneke>bavier: that's right, well it "parses" float but produces code as if they were int
<janneke>i added float support to the Mes C Library (to be used by the bootstrapped tcc), but apparently Gawk doesn't like it yet -- or i need a full rebuild world including tcc...hmm
<bavier>got it.
<janneke>but if we have a gawk real early on, that gives us more room to play, eg bump the initial gcc from 2.95 to possibly 3.4 or 4.1
<janneke>samplet: it would be nice if you would rename your repo too and could use my wip-bootstrap branch?
<samplet>Okay. I will try and do at least the former by the end of the day.
<samplet>janneke: Fix pushed!
<janneke>samplet: great! yeah, i can imagine -- the ignoring of errors is tricky, esp. with set -e
<janneke>this is going to help, hopefully with some configure fixups i had to do :-)
<adfeno>Hi there
<adfeno>How to enable debugging of our icecat package in gdb?
<adfeno>It seems there is no :debug output in the package definition (and I don't know how to enable it), and gdb is asking me to load a symbol file first
<adfeno>Even though I run gdb with: SHELL="/gnu/store/q19l04vd2za80mk1845pz7r8cz29qk43-bash-minimal-4.4.23/bin/bash" gdb -ex 'set environment XDG_DATA_DIRS="/gnu/store/q9qrh9xkd3clh06qq48d9y889gxskppv-gtk+-3.24.0/share${XDG_DATA_DIRS:+:}$XDG_DATA_DIRS"' -d "Downloads/icecat-60.3.0" "/gnu/store/x9c8vysvvivx4bc1xa4gz7sl37y3i2k6-icecat-60.3.0-gnu1/lib/icecat/.icecat-real"
<adfeno>"Dowloads/icecat-60.3.0" is the extracted contents of `guix build -S icecat`
<bavier>adfeno: iirc, debug symbols will be moved to a "debug" output if it's declared, but you'd need to add it, e.g. '(outputs '("out" "debug"))'
<adfeno>I tried debugging with Firefox's (remember, I'm running IceCat) `--start-debugger-server' method but even though I connect to the debugee and see the Main Process console, I can't seem to find which parts of the execution are actually related to the wrong font selection for the general UI
<johnjay>janneke: yeah i was basically wondering how useful it would be
<johnjay>if you expanded edwin/guile-emacs to be more featureful
<johnjay>it sounds like a lot of the system is written in guile-scheme?
<adfeno>Oouch! Building IceCat with debug symbols takes 5 GiB?
<adfeno>That's why the packagers disabled it then :D
<bavier>we've done that with many packages
<tune>looks like "info" is failing to build
<adfeno>OK, I'll try building IceCat with debugging enabled, I just hope my setup is up to the task :D
***rekado_ is now known as rekado
<rekado>tune: no, that’s a failing profile hook
<rekado>tune: I’m also affected by this.
<adfeno>Sorry, I closed the window
<rekado>tune: it’s a miscompilation problem. Very strange.
<rekado>tune: it’s this bug:
<tune>rekado: Should I do a guix gc then? I don't know how to tell what to point -d at
<tune>oh no comments in a few months
<rekado>tune: how did you get the bug?
<rekado>tune: are you using Guix from a git checkout?
<tune>Not consciously. Just doing the ol' guix pull like usual.
<tune>I did just shrink my /home, move partions around, and enlarge my / partition. shouldn't matter, but maybe there was corruption or something. gparted did warn about data loss
<tune>also hadn't done a guix pull in a few days, though, so that's not necessarily related
<rekado>tune: can you use an older Guix to do the “guix pull” again?
<rekado>this is a tricky bug in Guile.
<tune>I don't think I know how to do that
<rekado>e.g. ~/.config/guix/current-1-link/bin/guix pull
<tune>hm I may have deleted my other ones
<tune>I think I had an error about current-1-link earlier and removed it
<rekado>you could do “ls /gnu/store/*-guix-*/bin/guix” to find another variant.
<tune>oh yeah plenty of them there
<tune>so do I just copy the path of one of them and put 'pull' after it?
<rekado>but use a more recent one if you can.
<tune>hm the dates are all december 31 1969...
<rekado>but the directory name will tell you what version it is.
<tune>I think my system guix is up-to-date. can I use that one to update my user stuff somehow?
<tune>oh I see
<tune>alright doing it now
<rekado>yes, you can also use the system guix
<rekado>any Guix should do that isn’t suffering from a miscompiled guix/profiles.go file
<tune>ugh... this isn't going well so far
<tune>I think I've tried two or three (including the system one just now) with no luck
<tune>16.0-8, 16.0-6 I tried at least
<rekado>do you happen to have ~/.config/guix/latest?
<rekado>if so, rename it please.
<tune>only thing in there is "current"
<tune>I finally got it to succeed with 0.16.0-3
<tune>now should I pull again normally or move on to installing from my manifest?
<rekado>you don’t need to pull again
<rekado>that pull should have updated “current”, so you can use ~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix now to install your manifest.
<adfeno>Hm.... my custom package definition for Icecat fails to build
<adfeno>The only thing I changed was replacing "--disable-debug" and "--disable-debug-symbols" with "--enable-debug" and "--enable-debug-symbols"
<adfeno>It fails with:
<adfeno>error: Could not compile `encoding_c`. [ ... some other text that says it's finishing other jobs... ] make[3]: *** [/tmp/guix-build-icecat-60.3.0-gnu1.drv-0/icecat-60.3.0/config/ force-cargo-library-build] Error 101
<adfeno>I wonder what that means
<adfeno>As I have never seen an error code (101) from Bash, so I don't know if it's from that program.
<adfeno>Hm.... it seems to be an error from Cargo, although searching its repository for "101" gives so many results... ... :(