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<joshuaBPMan>what command do I need to install to turn down volume ? alsamixer doesn't seem to be installed by default
<joshuaBPMan>adfeno: I'll look that up...
<joshuaBPMan>adfeno: I'm not certain what that is. and guix package -s pactl doesn't show anything.
<reepca>try guix package -s pavucontrol
<adfeno>I wonder if GuixSD does use PulseAudio... wait a minute, I'll check it out
<joshuaBPMan>adfeno: I think it does by default
<joshuaBPMan>I think...
<adfeno>It's a great question since %base-services and desktop-services mention ALSA, not PulseAudio
<adfeno>Provided you have a keyboard with Tab key, you can use such key to look up some basic command completion
<reepca>"The ‘(gnu services sound)’ module provides a service to configure the
<reepca>Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) system, which makes PulseAudio
<reepca>the preferred ALSA output driver." - Guix manual
<joshuaBPMan>so pulseaudio is the default.
<adfeno>This way you can see if pactl is available.
<reepca>... now I'm curious how you would do that without a tab key
<reepca>I don't suppose 'which' will take regular expressions?
<joshuaBPMan>reepca: I actually can't use pavucontrol...My mouse at the moment is only going up and down. I am unable to make it more horizontally.
<reepca>hm, well the audio-service has an option 'PULSEAUDIO?' which is by default #t, which says that it causes ALSA applications to "transparently be made to use the PulseAudio sound server", so perhaps alsamixer would still work?
<adfeno>reepca: Although I hate man pages (since I find the info ones more powerful and easier to typeset/write), the `apropos` command seems to accept shell expressions
<adfeno>Sorry, I was mistaken
<adfeno>it accepts only literal phrases
<adfeno>or multiple phrases to match at least one of them, non-inclusive.
<adfeno>So one could write `apropos 'audio'` or `apropos 'audio' 'control'`
<adfeno>If one wants to match like a regex, one can do: `apropos --regex 'volume.*control'`
<adfeno>Oh.... nice thing, I was right in my first guess: --regex *is* the default, at least according to my copy of apropos
<ison111>I just did a fresh install of GuixSD and when trying to launch GTK applications (I tested icecat and gedit) I get an error saying libraries: /gnu/store/....-gtk+-3.24.0/lib/ file too short
<ison111>I have done a guix pull and reconfigure since installing, and I also tried gc --verify but the issue still remains
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<reepca>huh, after killing the frozen guix process from the end of downloading texlive and re-attempting a "guix package -u", it once again seems to have frozen right at the end of the download.
<reepca>anyone wanna try building /gnu/store/jxkw06q4wlb3ca6n2ygykv6ibc0nzm6d-texlive-20180414-texmf.tar.xz.drv and see if you get the same issue?
<roptat>Hi guix!
<janneke>Hi roptat!
<ferriswheel>hello, just joined and installed guix on gentoo linux.
<ferriswheel>first issue is 'info guix' is in french, my locale settings are en_AU.
<asterope>Hi, I noticed there's no "winetricks" package. Is there a reason for that or just noone packaged it yet?
<asterope>I tried, and wrote a working package for it btw, can I submit it to the guix repo?
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<rekado>asterope: Debian says this about winetricks: winetricks is not part of the Debian distribution, but is in the contrib archive area instead, because while winetricks itself is free software, its main purpose is to download and install mainly non-free software.
<asterope>so it's better that I would keep it to myself then, eh.
<rekado>yeah, I think we would come to the same conclusion as the Debian folks did.
<brendyyn>I think it would be sad to just keep it to ones self, rather we should build other repositories with these things via guix channels. there are thousands of useful programs that should be packaged, but not in the main repo
<asterope>you're right, I should make it a public repo (channel)
<asterope>can I link it here?
<rekado>we prefer not to have links to non free software on project communication channels
<rekado>(or software recommending the use of non-free software)
<brendyyn>oh so it's for downloading proprietary dll's?
<asterope>not exlusively, but yeah
<asterope>hmm, should I put some license in my channel and/or the pacakge definitions in it?
<kmicu>asterope: write a blogpost about it, create a repo with recipes and you will be the first hit for “guix winetricks) in a search engine. Guix is fully libre so you can modify it as you please and shere it with others (though not through official “pure libre” channels).
<brendyyn>I'm using mkdir-p to try create a directory if it doesnt exist. if it does it errors, but i thought it was not supposed to do that
<rekado>asterope: the license of your channel would have to be compatible with the license of Guix, because it is a derivative.
<rekado>other than that you’re free to do what you want with it :) Doing what kmicu suggests is a good idea.
<rekado>brendyyn: it shouldn’t throw an error when the directory exists.
<asterope>I'm entirely ok with gpl, but is adding the license to the tree root enough?
<asterope>I meant directory tree root
<rekado>asterope: It would be best to add the license header to the files themselves
<brendyyn>RROR: In procedure mkdir:
<brendyyn>In procedure mkdir: File exists
<rekado>just having the license file in the root directory is not quite enough
<rekado>asterope: the license header solution also ensures that the license is clear when the files are somehow separated from the repository.
<rekado>brendyyn: we’ll need to see more of what caused the error.
<rekado>so, I got the Overdrive 1000 and … it doesn’t seem to have a VGA/HDMI/DVI port
<rekado>how am I supposed to connect a monitor to it?
<efraim>You can ssh in
<efraim>There might exist a usb->video adapter
<rekado>how will I know the credentials to SSH into the machine?
<kmicu>asterope: TL;DR do your best and you should be good for a basic thing like a recipe.
<kmicu>(which is not copyrightable IMO b/c there is hardly any creativity in it)
<kmicu>(“only” amazing engineering effort which is very appriciated ヽ(*^▽^)/)
*rekado updates python-ipython
<asterope>hmm, I have a little problem with applying the license
<asterope>Should I write about "this file is free software" or "this program" and do I write about it being a part of the channel?
<roptat>your channel is a scheme library
<roptat>I'm having performance issues with my scala parser :/
<roptat>it takes forever to parse "T1=>T2=>T3=>T4=>T5=>T6=>T7=>T8=>T9=>T10=>T11=>T12=>T13=>T14=>R" as a type
<roptat>"forever" being 30 seconds
<roptat>but if I replace the '=>' token used in the expressions (which is completely unrelated), it goes down to 0.1s
<kmicu>asterope: look from the perspective of a (Guix) user. If they can understand the situation and are not confused then that wording/notice is acceptable. No need to be perfect.
<asterope>Ok, a public repo with the channel and the gpl3 license is ready...
<asterope>the package definition itself is free software - do I still can't link it here?
<asterope>winetricks is under gpl2
<reepca>bleh, anyone know any tricks to figure out the current task id in guile? I've got a file descriptor that isn't closing for some reason, but the guile process has 8 threads in it...
<efraim>bleh, messed up and ordered a mini-dp cable instead of mini-dvi
<rekado>reepca: does (@ (ice-9 threads) current-thread) do what you want?
<reepca>rekado: alas, it gives a thread object, not an id or anything, and I can't find any means of introspection in the documentation.
<reepca>I ended up just killing all of the threads
<reepca>and restarting
<reepca>on a related note, any idea why a pipe's file descriptors might be hanging around too long? I explicitly close the write side in the parent and the read side in the child process, and then the child (and all its descendant) end up dying, but still attempts to read from the pipe in the parent keep blocking.
<rekado>reepca: better ask this in #guile. I don’t know the answer.
<reepca>rekado: good idea
<nee`>On debian I would login as a user, run crontab -e, and set a @reboot entry for some simple services. On guix's mcron @reboot isn't supported. Is there some simple equivalent for setting up a service with around 1 line of config?
<kmicu>asterope: your work is technically free software and it’s a useful example of a Guix packaging. That’s perfectly ok here. I’m pretty sure some folks will not like ethical aspect of what is packaged (it’s a gray area) but they should not execute you on spot 😺
*kmicu thinks that cherishing Guix outweighs the gray zone risks
<asterope>then it's here
<asterope>looks pretty simple, but it was a good learing lexercise for guix.
<asterope>The documentation is surely lacking, I had to spend some time reading other package definitions
<kmicu>Putting in my newcomer glasses you could add a readme file explaining how to use it with existing Guix or link to relevant Guix docs.
<asterope>Oh right, that's a good idea
<kmicu>So in other words someone has ‘guix’ command in a shell and link to such repo but what next.
<kmicu>Also I like how Guix needs to clarify the notion of the channel and your work shows that.
<asterope>If I want to tell poeple how to add my channel then I think I should name it
<asterope>and yeah, channels are a great idea
<asterope>but I didn't found anything about adding a channel in the system definition file, that would be awesome
<kmicu>In Nix world each ‘channel’ usage has a different meaning. Though they added glossary recently so maybe that is fixed.
<reepca>is it just me or is the "time" test in gawk non-deterministic? It only passes if "gettimeofday - systime = 0". But there's an inherent race condition there. For example, it failed for me just now because gettimeofday - systime = 1.
<pkill9>is there a command in emacs that will re-format all the indentation of a guile module?
<asterope>Do you have problem with tabs or just formatting generally?
<janneke>pkill9: C-x h M-x indent-region
<janneke>or M-q for just the toplevel expression you are in
<janneke>(M-q supposing you are using paredit)
<rekado>pkill9: you can also use etc/indent-code.el
<asterope>or guile-devel-mode
<rekado>asterope: in a operating system configuration you simply load the modules declared by the channel.
<rekado>asterope: if a channel provides the module (asterope packages) then you’d add (use-modules (asterope packages)) to the top of your configuration file.
<rekado>actually fetching the channel is done via the channels.scm file (which is respected by guix pull)
<rekado>see the manual for more information on the channels.scm file.
<pkill9>sweet thanks
<pkill9>asterope: so far my package definitions have been a mix of automatically indented and manually indented
<asterope>But when building the system from livecd, my channel isn't known. I want to embedd my channel into /etc/config.scm
<rekado>asterope: you can also add it to GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<rekado>or you could use inferiors, but that’s trickier and maybe a bit too much effort when alternative solutions exist.
<asterope>I know how do use a channel in existing guixsd installation, but what about adding it to a stateless system configuation
<rekado>you can use inferiors.
<asterope>in the system definition?
<pkill9>yeah you can use inferiors almost anywhere where you can use packages
<pkill9>that reminds me of a question: what's the oldest revision of guix that can be used as an inferior-channel?
<pkill9>because for guix commit e90ce1157794bfecfe93f7c31dc4bd631dd710fb i get this error:
<pkill9>guix/channels.scm:284:36: In procedure build-channel-instance:
<pkill9>In procedure struct_vtable: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting struct): #f
<pkill9>oh actually nveremind, it does that fo rthe latest guix so it's probably my manifest file
<pkill9>oh i worked out the problem, it's because i didn't give the channel name 'guix'
<pkill9>is this a bug? or did I not use the 'name' field correctly?
<asterope>I just read the channels.scm, and it defines a function that checks if some channel's name is 'guix'
<asterope>maybe it has something to do with your problem
<rekado>pkill9: you must have a “guix” channel. Otherwise you don’t have Guix at all.
<rekado>it’s defined in the list of default channels
<rekado>so unless you want to override Guix itself you are better off adding to the list of default channels instead of replacing it.
<apteryx>anyone wonders what happens to the bbdb-mail-aliases function in the new emacs-bbdb? It's no longer defined.
<rekado>apteryx: I don’t know but the build log for emacs-bbdb might provide us with a clue.
<apteryx>rekado: will look it up later; it seems to be broken, I can't even do M-x bbdb like I used to.
<apteryx>I managed to fix the GnuCash test error
<apteryx>Patch incoming
<efraim>bullet was a rabbit hole I wasn't expecting
<efraim>I think I got the blobs and bundled libs
<apteryx>efraim: it seems many things turn out to be rabbit holes
<apteryx>especially when wanting to do things right (unbundling, etc.)
<efraim>'guix package -I | cut -f1 | sort -u | xargs ./pre-inst-env guix refresh --recursive' gave me a list 800+ long, ~160 after filtering out only the ones we have checkers for and have updates
<apteryx>efraim: according to, Guix would have ~2000 outdated packages:
<efraim>i figured I'd start with the ones that affect me directly :)
<apteryx>rekado: re bbdb, it works OK. I had to restart my Emacs server for some reason.
<adfeno>Hi there
<adfeno>It seems that my copy of `guix describe`fails to determinte the origin
<adfeno>not even guix describe -f human
<adfeno>I can do it if doing the following way: guix describe -p $GUIX_PROFILE
<adfeno>which GUIX_PROFILE is: ~adfeno/".guix-profile"
<adfeno>And it lists the installed pcakages like `guix package -I`. But wasn't `guix describe` supposed to tell me which version of the channels `guix pull`downloaded?
<pkill9>does running `guix package --dry-run --upgrade` cause the build server to try to build the substitutes?
<pkill9>the build server from the substitute urls i mean
<pkill9>or, add it to the queue of substitutes to build
<mbakke>pkill9: yes, that should suffice for guix-publish to create the NAR.
<pkill9>ok nice