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<apteryx>anyone understand how the guix build --with-source option works?
<apteryx>I just get: guix build: error: sendfile: Broken pipe
<rekado>apteryx: can you show the full command you tried?
<imme>Hey, how/where do i configure guix-daemon (in guixSD)? Because i would like to use berlin.guixsd.oprg as default substitute-server.
<brendyyn>imme: in your os configuration
<brendyyn>you'll add to your services (guix-service-type config => (guix-configuration (inherit config) (...))) to do it
<brendyyn>I mean, that goes in (modify-services ...)
<imme>I tried that .., replacing '--gc-keep-derivations' with '--substitute-urls='
<imme>i tried it without '=' though ..
<imme>now retrying with it .., using: 'guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm'
<imme>seems to, at least initially, still use
<brendyyn>Hmm, is it not a a configuration from the client too?
<imme>yeah, it is .. perhaps it's using that at the moment .. defaulting to what it was before the reconfiguration .
<imme>I'll let it run and see what happesn afterwards :)
<rekado>imme: FWIW and point to the same machine.
<rekado>(as does
<imme>xD okay .. I already thought things where quicker then before with .
<imme>well .. it's good to know that if this config change does not work, i can lay it to rest :)
<imme>okay, apparently that had no effect, it's still using #fyi
<rekado>imme: can you show us your configuration file?
<roptat>hi guix!
<imme>ah .. i probably forgot to include 'my-services', rekado. I will check first, if still not working, I'll show config.
<roptat>finally, I have an updated groovy :)
<imme>rekado: so, at services i tries insering my-services in several ways .. but they all gave errors :/ so apparently i'm missing something about how to configure .. a "working" config:
<roptat>imme, %my-services is a list that replaces %base-services
<roptat>have you tried using the same thing as some example config, but replacing %base-services with %my-services?
<rekado>imme: your services are (cons* a b %desktop-services)
<efraim>Here's mine as an example
<rekado>this means: add “a” and “b” to the list of services in %desktop-services
<rekado>your “%my-services” variable processes %base-services, but you don’t use either.
<rekado>so, replace %base-services with %desktop-services, and then replace %desktop-services near the bottom with %my-services
<rekado>i.e. (cons* a b %my-services)
<imme>ah, so desktop-services "extends" the base-services, makes sense. I made some attempts to merge those two lists xD
<imme>okay, cool, no errors, so far so good. thanks.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<davidl>Is anyone working on an ldap service for GuixSD?
<roptat>ah, there's a build date in antlr2
<civodul>davidl: not that i know of
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<ChrisAbela>visudo is complaining that no editor was found (/usr/bin/vi). I installed nvi which is located in /root/.guix-profile/bin/vi How do I install vi for all the system?
<ChrisAbela>Do I create a symlink?
<ChrisAbela>Yeah, it works
<pkill9>ChrisAbela: add it to your guix system configuration packages and then reconfigure your system to make it available to all users
<pkill9>root has it's own guix profile just like any other user
<pkill9>(this is assuming you're running GuixSD)
<ChrisAbela>pkill9: Correct, the tin says GUIXSD
<ChrisAbela>pkill9: vi as the default editor is OK
<ChrisAbela>pkill9: It's only the path that is incorrect
<ChrisAbela>pkill9: visudo is used only by root
<roptat>visudo shouldn't try to look for things in /usr
<roptat>I think
<roptat>there's a /usr/bin/vi hardcoded in the binary
<roptat>the correct path can be passed in the sudoers file it seems
<janneke>civodul: thanks for the non-intel bootstrap fix on core-updates
<rekado>davidl: yes, I have an ldap service
<rekado>davidl: i.e. a service for setting up ldap authentication, not for running an ldap server (I think).
<rekado>re visudo: it’s not really used on Guix systems; instead you’d modify the configuration and reconfigure the system to add sudoers.
<rk4>morning. i've installed icecat, but it seems to not find any fonts. there some other unexplicit dependency that i'm supposed to install? [new guixsd install, relatively barebones]
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<tune>I've had a lot of problems with icecat and fonts
<tune>also my checkboxes are blank red squares whether they are checked or unchecked. have had these issues for weeks without finding out what the deal is
<tune>a lot of webpages default to some sort of monospace font instead of a more normal web browser font regardless of my settings. I also installed the ibm plex font package but none of my programs can find that font
<rk4>in my case icecat is entirely unreadable, as not a single symbol is successfully rendered! in either the menu or the default homepage
<rk4>apart from that, guixsd has been pretty smooth sailing :)
<rekado>tune: have you installed fonts via Guix and ran “fc-cache -f”?
<tune>rekado: yeah
<tune>other fonts I installed in the past work. I just can't install new ones it seems
<tune>I also have that recurring problem of having to delete guix-current files to do a guix pull
<tune>I'm sure I've got some cleanup to do since my guixsd install is from about a year ago now
<rekado>tune: better write to about this; it’s not normal
<tune>I suppose I could do that. never mailed them before, though
<rekado>that’s just us, but in a format that is a little less ephemeral than IRC ;)
<tune>Should I try to split up issues into multiple email threads? fonts, red checkboxes in icecat, guix-current guix pull issue
<rekado>the guix current issue should go in a separate email; the other two icecat things could go in one email.
<tune>kind have two font issues, although they may be related. icecat showing the wrong fonts on web pages, but also that none of my programs can see/use my ibm plex font
<civodul>rekado: hey! did you send the link to the report to rb-general@?
<rekado>civodul: no, sorry! I thought you were offering to send it. Miscommunication!
<rekado>I can do this tomorrow morning.
*rekado –> zzZ
<civodul>rekado: oh i can do it, sorry!
<civodul>apologies for the confusion