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<EternalZenith>It's part of the sudo package, but doesn't function at all until you add it manually
<civodul>rekado: that works for me
<civodul>rekado: actually i found that i could just "guix copy" a recently pulled guix over some of the build nodes and make the appropriate symlinks
<civodul>that way they'll have ~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix repl
<EternalZenith>Has anyone else been having issues downloading substitutes from
<nikolice>Hello from an 'ii' - a minimalistic FIFO and filesystem based IRC-client.
<EternalZenith>I cannot seem to get the "git-reference" downloader for packages to work recursively
<nikolice>EternalZenith, for what it's worth?
<EternalZenith>I tried adding "(recursive? #t)" after the "(url ...)" and "(commit ...)" fields, but that doesn't work
<EternalZenith>nikolice: I'm trying to switch my polybar package to download the source directly from git, rather than using the github autogenerated tarball
<EternalZenith>It has a couple submodules that aren't cloned normally when using the git downloader
<nikolice>EternalZenith, I'm not such a user. I even have no polybar.
<nikolice>EternalZenith, what does the polybar? Is it a part of an I3?
<EternalZenith>nikolice: polybar is a status bar, like what i3 comes with by default on the bottom of the screen
<brendyyn>Merry Chrismas
<nikolice>EternalZenith, I don't want any WM on my laptop.
<nikolice>brendyyn, i live in Belarus: here we celebrate on 7th January.
<brendyyn>We aren't celebrating atm, we'll be doing something for Ukranian Christmas instead or there abouts
<brendyyn>So kinda similar
<nikolice>brendyyn, i am not sure but the longest night was on 21st of December. And maybe that's the Christmas.
<brendyyn>Seems like they just take a holiday for all of them \o/
<nikolice>brendyyn, that day the sun rose at 9:XX and went down at 16:XX - short day, a reason not to make people go through the darkness.
<brendyyn>Makes sense. We like in Australia though so it's stinking hot with long days
<nikolice>brendyyn, i am on the northern hemisphere.
<nikolice>brendyyn, st.Klaus in a swim-suit?
<nikolice>brendyyn, that was a 'Who wants to be a millionaire?' question for V.V.Zhirinowski & Roza Syabitova.
<nikolice>brendyyn, the variants: a. Shepherd, b..., c... d. Swim-suit.
<brendyyn>What's the question?
<nikolice>brendyyn, st.Claus's outfit for Christmas in Sydney.
<brendyyn>oh ok...
<nikolice>brendyyn, i watched it on YouTube. But now, i need to make it watchable through the framebuffer :)
<bill-auger>news flash: our sources have reported that jxself has just captured this intriguing photo outside his home in the Seattle area;a=blob_plain;f=Holiday+Deliveries.svg
<efraim>mpv --vo=caca?
<brendyyn>bill-auger: funny how the penguin is giving linux-libre. does this forshadow torvalds learning to oppose blobs in the kernel?
<amz3>funny there is not guix in the pack
<brendyyn>they probably used guix at the north pole to export the packs
<jlicht>merry festivities all
<nikolice>hello from Trisquel OS
<brendyyn>Hi from a wireless keyboard on Arch via synergy to my laptop with GuixSD
<nikolice>Что такое "синергия"?
<nikolice>(Whatis synergy)
<brendyyn>From the description synergy is: Synergy brings your computers together in one cohesive experience; it's software for sharing one mouse and keyboard between multiple computers on your desk.
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<jlicht>good news! I have the recently released Forge (for emacs) packaged for Guix! It works _amazingly well_, and I should be able to push my packages once tarsius creates proper versions of all dependencies early next year.
<roptat>so I'm trying to update our groovy package, and I need to update java-asm
<roptat>there's a cyclic dependency with java-jarjar, which doesn't build with the new java-asm
<roptat>jarjar is not developped anymore, but I found a fork that seems to be active
<roptat>I haven't tested yet, but I think it might build with the newer java-asm
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<rekado>could you leave the old java-asm around for jarjar?
<roptat>ah I'm just stupid, it's not a build failure ^^"
<roptat>so, rebuilding up to java-asm now
<roptat>the installation in jarjar referenced asm-6.0.jar, but it's called asm.jar now
<roptat>since I'm rebuilding everything anyway, I could also try to unbundle maven-plugin-api
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<brendyyn>I moved to protonmail, only to find it requires a local server to interact with mail clients, which only has windows and mac versions..... fantastic
<tune>lack of imap support on protonmail and tutanota is truly disappointing
<janneke>Hello Guix!
<jlicht>hello o/
<brendyyn>I first had, which suddenly died, then I ran my own server, which was traumatising, then, which i donated to when it was free, suddenly became monetised, which i paid for only for it to die for months, not that it ever ran well in the first place
<jlicht>I like posteo, for the reason they (claim to) use green energy, and promote encrypting your email, while still offering everything I need :)
<ChrisAbela>Does guix system reconfigure works?
<jlicht>ChrisAbela: guix system reconfigure needs a system configuration file as well
<brendyyn>you need to provide the config file
<ChrisAbela>Is the same one that I needed for the installation?
<bill-auger>brendyyn: that particular penguin is 'freedo' the linux-libre mascot
<brendyyn>oh ok
<bill-auger>it is usually depicted as bathing
<jlicht>ChrisAbela: sure, you can feed it the same one you gave to guix system init :)
<jlicht>or any other valid system configuration file for that matter
*rekado reconfigures a bunch of build nodes
<janneke> a single command with his experimental wip-deploy hack? ;-)
*janneke does some hacking while on vacation, preparing Mes for M2-Planet
<rekado>sadly, the Guix running on the build nodes is too old for that!
<janneke>now that's a great excuse :-)
*janneke has to go again
<ChrisAbela>I managed with bare-bones.scm but desktop.scm keeps raising errors of invalid field separators
<rekado>ChrisAbela: can you show us the full error message?
<rekado>can you show us the complete “desktop.scm”? (As a text file please.)
<rekado>the error looks like you have misplaced parentheses
<ChrisAbela>How do I install sshd
<rekado>ChrisAbela: by adding “(service openssh-service-type)” to the list of services
<jlicht>ChrisAbela: there is something weird going on with your file-systems declaration
<rekado>%base-file-systems should not be part of (file-system …)
<jlicht>you should move one of the ')' on the line with %base-file-systems to the line above it
<ChrisAbela>jlicht: That's it!
<ChrisAbela>jlicht: Thanks. It works.
<ChrisAbela>rekado: Thanks to you as well!
<jlicht>to notice these kinds of issues in the future, try to set up your editor of choice to properly format s-expressions so you can quickly see suspicious indents for cases like these, ChrisAbela. I use emacs, but I think most editors have some plugin or command to do this for you.
<pkill9>jlicht: you can use inferior packages for the kernel now
<jlicht>pkill9: I noticed, very exciting news indeed!
<ChrisAbela>jlicht: I prefer vi
<ChrisAbela>What determines the root partition size?
<ChrisAbela>I can see that mine is only 2GB
<amz3>way too small
<ChrisAbela>amz3: Yes it is
<amz3>are you on arm?
<ChrisAbela>amz3: No this is on VirtualBox
<amz3>ChrisAbela: root partition is ... '/' basically, but '/home' has its own partition. In the end, what matters is that the packages you install will occupy space in the root partition
<amz3>ChrisAbela: if you are not constrainted by space I think 20G is good
<ChrisAbela>My HD was partitioned well
<ChrisAbela>From where is the / partition determined/configured?
<rekado>ChrisAbela: it is not configured through Guix at all.
<pkill9>i would bump it up to 50G if you can
<ChrisAbela>pkill9: Are you referring to the HD partition?
<pkill9>the root partition with /gnu/store
<ChrisAbela>Clearly something decides the / partition size, right?
<pkill9>guix generates a lot of waste, so it's good to not need to run `guix gc` regularly
<pkill9>or maybe it's just me, lol
<rekado>ChrisAbela: you need to partition the disk yourself. Guix doesn’t do this.
<ChrisAbela>rekado: Done
<ChrisAbela>rekado: But the mount points are inconsistent with the partitioning scheme
<ChrisAbela>May I know what entry I need to /gnu/store in /etc/fstab ?
<ChrisAbela>* for gnu/store
<ChrisAbela>Do remount on the HD partition manually?
<roptat>I got past the groovy-java-bootstrap, so I might be able to update groovy after all :)
<efraim>where do zsh completion scripts go?