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<AppAraat>hello, is the info here still correct?
<AppAraat>because I'm getting 404 on those links:
<AppAraat>oh derp, I had to replace *system* with my arch
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<brendyyn>would be nice if guile-emacs could be made to build again
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<eubarbosa> - Browse With Freedom
<eubarbosa>it is kept updated with the latest Firefox version.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<roptat>hi guix!
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<rekado>civodul: I’ve pushed the new blog post and updated the blog, but I haven’t yet done the CVS dance.
<civodul>hi rekado
<civodul>i can do the CVS dance if you want
<rekado>civodul: I’d appreciate it
<rekado>(maybe we could automate this?)
<civodul>"we" should!
<civodul>not sure how
<civodul>i think Gnulib had a script to upload web pages, but i've never used it
<rekado>but maybe we needn’t bother if the DNS magic turns out alright and we can rid ourselves of CVS.
<rekado>so, I’ve been working on an NFS service.
<rekado>it almost works (mounting fails with permission denied), but I’m unhappy about the user interface.
<rekado>the nfs-service-type provides a list of shepherd services that need to be started together.
<civodul>(and yes, let's focus on getting rid of CVS...)
<rekado>but it also depends on the existing rpcbind-daemon service
<rekado>and on idmap-daemon
<rekado>for those we already have system services
<rekado>I don’t like that users have to add those obscure services to their configuration
<rekado>can we declare system service dependencies (other than extensions)?
<civodul>rekado: nfs-service-type could extend them, and that would caused them to be automatically "pulled in" if they aren't already present
<civodul>would that work?
<rekado>it might. I’ll give it a try.
<rekado>I hadn’t considered this, because it seems backwards to me
<civodul>i'd say nfs depends on these, and "depends" ~= "extends" ;-)
<rekado>yeah, that makes sense.
<rekado>not sure how to configure those extended services
<rekado>but I’ll play with this
<rekado>civodul: thank you!
<civodul>well, thank *you*
<civodul>should you send the link to rb-general?
<rekado>they posted links to participants’ reports on the website
<civodul>yeah i've seen that, that's nice
<bonfus>Hi! This is just to let you know that I managed to install guix on SailfishOS with this slightly modified verision of your script: . Now it's taking forever to build curl but everything seems to be ok on the package manager side!
<brendyyn>Where is restorecon?
<roptat>brendyyn, is that a package?
<rekado>it’s part of selinux.
<rekado>brendyyn: are you playing with selinux file system labelling?
<tune>if I can't ssh to my guix machine by host or ip from another machine, what service should I restart? 'sudo herd restart networking' did not do it
<vagrantc>there's a bug that causes ssh (or sshd) to not start sometimes
<vagrantc>so maybe just "sudo herd ssh restart"
<tune>ah okay
<vagrantc>sudo herd status
<vagrantc>will show you what isn't running
<tune>looks like ssh-daemon is running, just term-auto and user-homes are not
<tune>assuming the + is running and the - is not running
<vagrantc>maybe different issue, then
<tune>avahi-daemon is also running or else I may suspect that
<tune>although ip didn't work either so maybe that wouldn't have been up
<tune>oh darn it. I was getting the ip wrong. I forgot this router is .10 instead of .1 for second to last number
<tune>updated situation: I *can* ssh by ip, but not by host
<tune>and restarting avahi does not do anything either
<civodul>tune: you could try 'herd restart ssh-daemon', it might be that you hit
<rekado>civodul: nice use of inferiors. Should I reconfigure berlin?
<rekado>oh, new version of Blender is out! Any takers?
<civodul>rekado: not yet! i'm updating the guix package, but after that yes
<civodul>rekado: i'm starting pull/reconfigure on berlin in root's screen session
<tune>civodul: I tried restarting the ssh-daemon and had no luck still
<tune>I can ssh into the machine by hostname from itself, just not other stuff
<tune>maybe it's not broadcasting the hostname properly for some reason
<tune>not sure if this would be a guix problem or a router problem
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<cra044cra89>What's the status on the guile build daemon? Can we replace hydra with it yet?
<cra044cra89>nevermind. hydra is something else.
<cra044cra89>also, is guixSD using the guile based dhcp client?
<EternalZenith>I'm pretty sure it is
<amz3>cra044cra89: you have mistaken your login with a password
<cra044cra89>amz3: haha
<amz3>cra044cra89: you are getting started with guix/guile?
<EternalZenith>Is there a reason why sudoedit isn't in the %setuid-programs list by default?
<cra044cra89>amz3: I currenly use guix on Parabola. I'd like to use guixSD eventually.
<civodul>rekado: on berlin i see things like: "make: gnu/system/examples/lightweight-desktop.tmpl: Timestamp out of range; substituting 2514-05-30 01:53:03.999999999"
<rekado>civodul: yes, I saw that too.
<rekado>I don’t know where this comes from.
<rekado>I checked all the build nodes and their times are within reasonable ranges.
<rekado>(they aren’t all in sync, though, which is odd.)
<EternalZenith>Does vanilla Firefox licensing prevent it from ever be included with the other packages in the main repository?
<amz3>EternalZenith: it's not (only?) a licensing issue, see
<EternalZenith>Heh, I just looked that project 5 minutes ago
<amz3>IIRC the license is ok, but the trademark is not.
<EternalZenith>I wasn't aware that trademarks like that made something be considered non-free, although that makes sense
<EternalZenith>I've read about that fiasco before, hence why I was asking whether Firefox would ever be available by default
<EternalZenith>I've had some issues with Icecat and addons, and beside that I don't really want to be stuck on an esr release
<amz3>seems to me the gnuzilla page explains well why icecat exists
<EternalZenith>That makes more sense
<lfam>Is it possible to specify a local Git repository as a package's git-reference?
<lfam>I tried with and without a 'file://' prefix but it still says "fatal: '/home/lfam/foo' does not appear to be a git repository"
<amz3>EternalZenith: Someone on #guile made good progress to bind gnome-introspection aka. gi. That might mean that a guile powered browser might be reality
<amz3>EternalZenith: I don't know about the support of web developper tools in that "future web browser"
<EternalZenith>Next Browser and Qutebrowser are interesting projects, but I've heard they have quite a few security issues
<EternalZenith>Not sure how valid those claims are, though
<EternalZenith>e.g. they completely lack sandboxing of content
<civodul>heya lfam
<lfam>Hey civodul!
<civodul>lfam: it should be possible, yes
<amz3>EternalZenith: by sandboxing, I assume it's processus sandboxing where each tab or group of tab get its own process
<amz3>EternalZenith: javascript is supposed to be sandboxed already...
<EternalZenith>amz3: I need to remember to prefix my messages with usernames
<amz3>not necessarly :)
<amz3>EternalZenith: that. is. alarming.
<EternalZenith>Gah, I did something earlier and now emacs keeps crashing
<EternalZenith>amz3: I saw a moment ago that the issue might be partially rectified soon:
<EternalZenith>Whenever I've run "guix gc" in the past, it always fails partway through with "guix gc: error: build failed: executing SQLite statement: FOREIGN KEY constraint failed"
<pkill9>EternalZenith: I'm getting that error
<EternalZenith>pkill9: I've always gotten that error whenever I run it, but I've never seen anyone mention it anywhere before
<pkill9>I haven't run guix gc in ages, but i needed to a few days ago and i found that i get that error almost every time, unless i specify -C 1M which limits it to a megabyte of space to free up, so I don't know when i got it
<pkill9>when the bug affected me i mean
<civodul>EternalZenith, pkill9: that's really fishy, you should report the issue
<EternalZenith>civodul: Do I just send a message to the bugs-guix mailing list?
<civodul>EternalZenith: yes please, but also make sure to state what version you're using and how you installed it
<EternalZenith>civodul: Is there any specific format the message needs to be in, or should I just try to make the report clear and descriptive?
<rekado>EternalZenith: no specific format needed.
<civodul>rekado: i realized that our build nodes have old versions that lack 'guix repl', so offloading doesn't work right now
<rekado>I’ll try to upgrade them soon
<civodul>sorry for the mess!
<EternalZenith>Alright, hopefully I sent that bug report correctly
<EternalZenith>Also: has anyone gotten flatpak working? The package was added a few days ago, but I haven't been able to get it to do anything
<EternalZenith>It seemed to be missing some dependencies, but I found those and all it does is segfault
<rekado>what do you mean by “I found those”?
<EternalZenith>rekado: I installed those manually, seperate from the package itself
<rekado>with Guix?
<EternalZenith>I think it was just gnutls, glib-networking, and gsettings-desktop-schemas
<rekado>are you using Guix on a foreign distro?
<EternalZenith>I'm on GuixSD
<rekado>could you please also report this as a bug?
<rekado>no package should segfault
<EternalZenith>I'll do that
<EternalZenith>I was just wondering if anyone else had it working, and if I might have done something wrong
<EternalZenith>Should I make the missing dependencies a seperate issue, or lump them together into one report?
<rekado>EternalZenith: let’s keep them in one report; we’ll figure out if they are related later
<rekado>civodul: looks like Guix on the build nodes is also too old for “guix copy” to work…
<EternalZenith>Is there any reason why "sudoedit" isn't included among the default %setuid-programs?