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<tune>Is .profile a valid spot to put all my environment variables? I also noticed /etc/profile seems to reset environment variables for some reason
<tune>I'm currently fighting with ibus trying to get japanese input to work, and it says to put some variables in .bashrc if it doesn't work
<tune>but I put them in .profile
<tune>>(ibus-setup:973): dconf-WARNING **: 17:47:42.988: failed to commit changes to dconf: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name ca.desrt.dconf was not provided by any .service files
<tune>getting this error: GLib-GIO-Message: 00:20:43.759: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend. Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications.
<tune>and my settings for my file picker in icecat never save
<tune>okay, fixed the file picker problem. just had to install dconf
<jervi>I can't install the cabal-install package because ghc-conduit fails to build.
<jervi>I am supposed to install cabal-install to get cabal, right? Is there a stack package?
<reepca>Question, what does the RECURSIVE? field of a <derivation-output> mean? Is it just whether the output is a directory or not?
<brendyyn>I've been reading pam.scm for a while trying to figure out how to add some lines to the pam configuration but it's all rather complex
<jervi>Anyone else have trouble installing cabal-install?
<efraim>In services or in packages?
<brendyyn>I want to add ecryptfs to mount home directories
<wigust->jervi: cabal-install seems to failed to build according to ‘M-x build-farm’ in Emacs
<wigust->hm, but the substitute is available
<wigust->seems to installed successfully and ‘cabal --help’ works
<wigust->Guix Git hash is d15211c9b5b46b96c5b658329624942b6ff5c917
<jervi>wigust-: Sorry about not responding earlier. How do I specifically install a substitute?
<jervi>I installed a Guix binary using the script provided on the website and thought it set Guix to use substitutes by default.
<wigust->jervi: Do you mean etc/ script?
<jervi>wigust-: yeah
<jervi>I'm running it atop Debian.
<wigust->jervi: Did you try to ‘guix pull’?
<jervi>wigust-: Yeah, I did that and "guix package -u" before trying "guix package -i cabal-install"
<jervi>I'm pretty sure I installed the substitute for Emacs because I didn't spend all day compiling it, but I did have to compile Icecat (and I'm still trying to fix the fonts; it's all boxes right now)
<wigust->jervi: Does ‘pgrep -fa guix-daemon’ shows ‘--substitute-urls’ with a or ?
<brendyyn>Seems odd that base-pam-services is a procedure instead of a list
<jervi>wigust-: No, it does not.
<jervi>If I'm not using substitutes, then I guess that means Emacs compiled phenomenally fast, which maybe shouldn't be surprising because only the core is in C.
<wigust->jervi: Thats why no substitutes are used. You could edit your guix-daemon service or pass a ‘--substitute-urls=’ to ‘guix package’ command.
<jervi>wigust-: you mean "guix package --substitute-urls="?
<wigust->jervi: yes, plus "-i cabal-install"
<jervi>wigust-: I entered the command and tried "guix package -i cabal-install", but it's still unsuccessfully trying to build ghc-conduit (which is the package which blocks the install because it fails)
<wigust->jervi: try ‘guix package --substitute-urls= -i cabal-install’ :-)
<jervi>I also tried that. Same result.
<jervi>I'll try it with the berlin url
<jervi>Nope, trying to build ghc-conduit again.
<wigust->jervi: try --substitute-urls=''
<jervi>wigust-: It works! Thank you very much!
<jervi>(I used --substitute-urls=, which got me a substitute for ghc-conduit)
<wigust->jervi: you could add this --substitute-urls flag to guix-daemon for less typing with e.g. ‘systemctl edit --full guix-daemon.service’
<jervi>wigust-: Thanks!
<brendyyn>Somehow I wrote some code and it just worked the first time.
<buenouanq>M-x do-exactly-what-i-want-mode
<pkill9>is there a way of listing all packages that depend on a particular package?
<wigust->pkill9: ‘guix refresh --list-dependent PACKAGE’
<brendyyn>pkill9: guix refresh --list-dependent
<pkill9>ah thanks
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>i was glad to address ENOSPC handling in guix offload but unfortunately that makes a Guile-SSH bug more visible than before :-/
<civodul>as a result berlin hasn't been building much over that last two days
<brendyyn>gnu/packages/commencement.scm:84:11: error: gnu-make: unbound variable
<brendyyn>Seems I caused a cycle by adding commencement to linux.scm
<brendyyn>Now I'm wondering how I can add gcc-toolchain for a package in linux.scm
<rekado>brendyyn: add (gnu packages gcc)
<tune>where are default configs stored? I'd like to use i3blocks but I can't find a default config
<rekado>tune: there are example system configurations in the manual.
<tune>this is for a specific program, not my config.scm
<rekado>if it’s part of the package then you might find it in the package’s output directory
<tune>I noticed /etc/skel is empty, there's no /usr either
<tune>how do I know the package's output directory?
<nckx>tune: Try ‘readlink `which i3blocks`’.
<tune>hm I think it just points to a binary
<tune>ah I see now bin was in the path and I was able to go back a bit
<tune>although I still don't see any default configs
<nckx>tune: Maybe i3blocks doesn't have a separate defaults file?
*nckx uses i3 but not -blocks.
<efraim>Unrelated, backticks are apparently discouaged, $(eval me) is now preferred
<nckx>efraim: I was a $() absolutist for years. I sometimes use backticks now. Fight the system.
<efraim>I only learned about it recently
<efraim>then again I was reading some source code a few months ago and found out one of the authors who's name I recognized had died in the 80's
<nckx>I know that feeling.
<nckx>Pretty sure I know all the feelings by now.
<rekado>I like $() because it can be nested.
<efraim>I fixed librime on staging
<efraim>then I had to fix yaml-cpp to not provide or
***Elon_Satoshi is now known as Copenhagen_Bram
<tune>anyone have tips for getting ibus and ibus-anthy working?
<amz3>seems to me we could replace sqlite with lmdb
<rekado>amz3: what would we gain from the change?
<amz3>it seems supported by 32bit archiectures but limited to 4G
<amz3>finer indexing and finer queries
<amz3>guix itself use sqlite?
<amz3>it seems like guix doesn't rely on sqlite, but cuirass does
<amz3>and it seems to put heavy worklowd on it that it can not handle both in terms of size and queries
<amz3>how big is cuirass database?
<amz3>I read previously something around 1G or 2G
<amz3>also the advantage of lmdb or rocksdb is that it easy to setup, no need to spin a pgsql
<amz3>but that might be a weak argument
<rekado>the daemon also uses sqlite.
<pkill9>rekado: i don't usppose you have any idea what causes this error?: `guix gc: error: build failed: executing SQLite statement: FOREIGN KEY constraint failed`
<pkill9>i get that after running `guix gc`
<rekado>this could be a sign of store/db corruption
<pkill9>ok, is there a way to rebuild/repair the db?
<rekado>you can try “guix gc --repair=verify,contents”
<pkill9>ok thanks, just to note, it's actually `guix gc --verify="repair,contents"`
<pkill9>rekado: unfortunately it still fials with that error after running `guix gc --verify="contents,repair"`