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<vagrantc>civodul: i seem to have gotten 5 near-identical emails on Subject: firejail ...
<vagrantc>civodul: from you
<civodul>vagrantc: oops!
<civodul>something was wrong on my side at that time, but i wasn't sure what
<civodul>sorry about that!
<pkill9>does anyone know what this could mean? guix gc: error: build failed: executing SQLite statement: FOREIGN KEY constraint failed
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<brendyyn>should ecryptfs ecrypted home directories be implemented as a file-system?
<hilquias>hi. how to disable the installation of documentation on guixsd, is there something like a "USE flag" for doing this?
<brendyyn>How can I have environment variables set for logging in via SSH, so that guix offload works?
<brendyyn>Ok I was able to fix that by putting them in /etc/environment instead of ~/.profile. Now I'm trying to authorise a signing key but it hangs.
<brendyyn>Nevermind it wasn't hanging, guix archive --authorise just takes piped input instead of a file for some reason
<brendyyn>Alright, I was able to import keys both for signing, and pass guix offload test. Now, trying to build a real package fails with
<brendyyn>private-key-from-file: [GSSH ERROR] The file does not exist or permission denied: "/root/.ssh/id_rsa"
<brendyyn>I see, it was the defaault private key path being set to roots key instead of the current users...
<brendyyn>So I take it build slots are acquired through some other communication, I had assumed I was already loggin in via ssh at that point.
<brendyyn>It's now successfully offloading to my desktop, but then while the desktop is building stuff, the laptop client kinda just sits there waiting for the package instead of building other things in parallel, kinda defeats the point?
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<rekado_>brendyyn: the point is to offload builds, not to parallelize. That’s handled by a different knob.
<rekado_>the daemon’s “--max-jobs” option determines how many jobs are managed at the same time.
<brendyyn>rekado_: i had assumed it would due to the existence of the speed factor
<brendyyn>Do you mean to say if I configure --max-jobs, I will get my desired parallelism with offload?
<roptat>Hi guix!
<brendyyn>How can I change the default --max-jobs system-wide on a GuixSD install?
<rekado_>brendyyn: with (modify-services %desktop-services …) you can modify the guix-service-type and change the configuration.
<rekado_>I have a shepherd service here for a daemon that cannot run in the foreground and that will not produce a PID file.
<rekado_>It can start any number of processes, so there would be more than one PID anyway.
<rekado_>How can I track this with shepherd?
<rekado_>With make-forkexec-constructor shepherd does not consider the service started.
<lsl88>Hi guix! a quick question. My guixSD has no sound, does anyone know how to tell qemu to do so?
<roptat>Maybe it's muted? Have you tried alsamixer or similar?
<lsl88>I tried vlc
<lsl88>roptat: both with .mp4 and .mp3 files
<wigust>lsl88: ‘QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=pa QEMU_PA_SERVER=/run/user/1000/pulse/native’ environment variables and ‘-soundhw hda’ qemu's flag
<lsl88>wigust: thank you :) it worked!!!
<lsl88>roptat: thank you too!
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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<nckx>lsl88: I was just reading your blog. Very interesting!
<lsl88>nckx: thank you :)
<roptat>sneek_, later tell marusich I'd like to reply to you but since I'm abroad gmail rejects my replies :/
<roptat>ah, does it work?
<roptat>sneek_, botsnack
<roptat>sneek_: botsnack
<tune> it would be cool to have this packaged. Fork of st that seems a little more usable out of the box, and supports a normal config file.
<wigust->tune: We have ‘st’ package, which probably could be used to build ‘xst’ by inherit. Do you wish to hack on it? ;-)
<tune>I have yet to do any package building, and I'm not very experienced
<tune>if no one else is interested, perhaps I can try later on
<EternalZenith>Has anyone been able to get flatpak working? I see the package was recently added but it seemed to be missing some gnome-related dependencies whenever I tried to get it to work
<quiliro>is there a foreign distro guix emacs newbie guide?
<wigust->quiliro: do you mean emacs interface for guix?
<quiliro>wigust-: yes :-)
<wigust->quiliro: it's on
<quiliro>wigust-: thank you!
<quiliro>M-x guix
<quiliro>will try it
<quiliro>wigust-: M-x guix-info
<quiliro>M-x guix
<quiliro>gives me an error
<quiliro>guix-geiser-eval: Error in evaluating guile expression: <unnamed port>:17:23: In procedure module-lookup: Unbound variable: %max-returned-list-size
<quiliro>M-x guix-about
<quiliro>works well
<quiliro>but Emacs-Guix does not work
<quiliro>guix pull
<quiliro>should I: guix pull && guix package update
<quiliro>on root?
<wigust->quiliro: yes on foreign distro to upgrade your guix-daemon
<pkill9>note it's '--update'
<quiliro>i get this error for all guix commands on emacs:
<quiliro>While executing meta-command:
<quiliro>no code for module (gcrypt hash)
<quiliro>thanks wigust- , pkill9
<ajtos>sorry for offtopic, but can you limit number of daily digests for help-, devel-guix. or the opositte way - can you change the number of emails per daily digest?
<ajtos>i get way too many digests, often with just one email - that kinda defeats the purpose.
<quiliro>i see that emacs-guix has been upgraded
<quiliro>possibly that will solve my problem
<quiliro>how is upgrading recommended on root of a foreign distro: 'sudo guix pull && sudo guix package --upgrade' or 'sudo -i' then 'guix pull && guix package --upgrade'?
<quiliro>just did: 'sudo guix pull && sudo guix package --upgrade'
<quiliro>hope it is ok
<wigust->quiliro: also don't forget to restart guix-daemon service
<quiliro>wigust-: worked...thank you!
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<th-end>Would any of y'all happen to know the name of the console (tty) font for GuixSD? it has a quirky upturned lowercase L that I like
<atw>sneek_: later tell th-end, though I can't find what package provides that
<th-end>im talking about the font that is on the guixsd installer image version 0.16
<th-end>any way to print the loaded console font? might as well boot guixsd and find out that way (if its possible)
<OriansJ>out of curiousity is there a file that one can use to pin packages to particular commits or versions as I would like to be able to run guix package -u without having to specify particular packages to exclude
<pkill9>OriansJ: inferiors might be what you want
<pkill9>although i dunno what happens to them when you run 'guix package -u'
<OriansJ>pkill9: something to explore I guess but thank you for the link
<pkill9>OriansJ: there's also an environment variable that you can add default flags to, i cna't reember what it is though
<pkill9>so i think you could add `--do-not-upgrade` to it
<OriansJ>pkill9: yes --do-not-upgrade is what I have been using but sometimes I forget about icecat and my update ends up taking quite a while
<pkill9>ah i found it, it's at the bottom of this page:
<rekado_>roptat: hey, have you been able to prepare a little snippet for
<rekado_>I’d love to put it online for reference.
<rekado_>doesn’t need to be long
<atw>th-end:, though I can't find what package provides that
<th-end>atw: thanks! i did some sleuthing of my own and via google i found its the font called lat9u-16.psfu that has the upturned l that i like :o)
<atw>also th-end, sorry I haven't responded to your reddit question yet. I'm package definition of ratpoison-jcs based on what you started but haven't had much time
<th-end>oh its ok i figured it out myself... perhaps i will close the thread or post a solution later :P
<th-end>i didnt realize this until a day or two ago but at the end of my package declaration i have to put ratpoison-jcs
<th-end>as in, calling the package i created
<th-end>or else guix package --from-file fails silently
<atw>oh nice! one thing that I definitely wanted to point out was inheritence, that is, the ability to make the definition of ratpoison-jcs re-use the definition of the ratpoison package, without copy paste
<atw>so my attempt starts like (define-public ratpoison-jcs (package (inherit ratpoison) ...))
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