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<allana>What is the interpreter in this context?
<pkill9>/lib/ and /lib64/
<pkill9>i don't really know, but you change it with patchelf's --set-interpreter flag
<allana>pkill9: thanks
<allana>unrelated question, how does one set an environment variable for a package build? I am not sure how to search for examples.
<g_bor>allana: try to search for setenv
<g_bor>usually you do that in a separate phase
<g_bor>for an example you can guix edit openjdk, there the build phase is replaced and an env variable is set
<g_bor>there are a bunch of easier examples for sure
<allana>g_bor: thank you very much.
<g_bor>it might be that you find this in only one of them, but they are right next to each other :)
<pkill9>I'm getting a bad gateway when going on and
***catonano_ is now known as catonano
<janneke>rekado: i fixed a link on
<rekado>janneke: thanks, I pushed the update online.
<rekado>FYI: I’ve disabled the list of recently modified issues on to make the first page load faster.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>efraim: your overdrive is currently off-line, could you take a look?
<efraim>civodul: sorry, still out of the house
<TwistedFate>howdy folks
<TwistedFate>which de does guix use?
<TwistedFate>and init?
<TwistedFate>oh, shepherd
<civodul>indeed :-)
<rekado>TwistedFate: there is no default DE for Guix. You can choose from those that are packaged (such as GNOME, Xfce, …) or use a plain window manager (e.g. StumpWM, EXWM, …) or nothing at all.
<rekado>TwistedFate: this depends on your system configuration.
<jlicht>hey guix!
<civodul>hey jlicht!
<notnotdan>hi jlicht!
<notnotdan>jlicht: I saw that you are also interested in packaing up ocaml and coq libraries. Just wanted to say that I am also interested in that, and was wondering if oyu have any general thoughts on this :]
<roptat>notnotdan, if you're on the latest guix, you can use the importer for opam packages
<roptat>I've fixed that yesterday :)
<jlicht>notnotdan: My ocaml interest mostly came about as a way to bootstrap rust, back before the cpp-based bootstrap was available
<roptat>so "guix import opam <opam-package-name>" will give you a definition for the package
<jlicht>so I do not have any motivated interest in that anymore, besides curiosity :-)
<roptat>(please report any bug with it: I'm not very confident the parser of the opam files is correct)
<roptat>jlicht, it's better that way, because OCaml isn't bootstrapped
<notnotdan>roptat: oh that's neet!
<notnotdan>i will try this on some coq packages
<notnotdan>jlicht: ah i see. fair enough
<roptat>mh... coq packages are a bit different
<roptat>you might not be able to use the importer for them
<notnotdan>so the `guix import opam` thing produces something thar works with the ocaml-build-system?
<roptat>try "guix import opam zarith" as an exemple
<roptat>it produces a package definition that you just have to wrap around a (define-public ...), check the license and other fields
<roptat>it takes care of filling most of the fields for you
<roptat>notnotdan, you're using opam for coq packages? Is there a separate repository for them or are they in the default repository?
<roptat>would it make sense for the importer to have a --repository option to select the repo from which to get package info?
<notnotdan>i will update guix, but i need to finish this compilation first :)
<notnotdan>roptat: yes, there is a separate repository
<civodul>roptat: BTW, congrats on the new OPAM importer!
<civodul>PEG looks pleasant, it'd make me less wary of writing simple parsers :-)
<jlicht>The guile PEG module is really fun to play around with, and quite fast (in usage, not compilation)
<jlicht>btw, does the entire gash/geesh project make shell an EDSL for guile?
<janneke>jlicht: something like that is the goal; i think it was more of a priority (if not goal?) for Gash than for Geesh
<janneke>the priority of gash/geesh hash shifted to: complete the merger and target bootstrapping
<civodul>which is great
<civodul>looks like we'll have the best of both worlds sooner rather than later :-)
<janneke>civodul: fully agree
<roptat>notnotdan, I've looked at that repo, but that's an opam 1.2 repo :/
<_denisok_>Hi guys, I am newbie, running GuixSD from qemu image. I would like to reconfigure the system (dhcp client service and etc). Is there somewhere in that image the config that is currently running ? So I just modify it instead of doing config from scratch (from doc) ?
<notnotdan>roptat: oops yeah :[
<notnotdan>Hm, so the `guix graph' command doesn't recognize the `-L' option? How can I tell it to look at a specific module path
<civodul>notnotdan: you could set GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<civodul>_denisok_: the installation image runs the config defined in the (gnu system install) module
<civodul>namely this:
<notnotdan>thanks civodul
<notnotdan>So I've build Coq without the coqide support
<notnotdan>I prefer this because I don't want to pull in gtk+ and other stuff
<notnotdan>at least now I can actually render the dependency graph heh
<_denisok_>civodul: thanks, is there any way to query that from the live system so all current cofigurations could be dumped into the file. Or I just need to created some scm from that or default config and re-apply ?
<jlicht>Is there any way to get GuixSD's Xorg to load some config file, if it exists, without reconfiguring my system?
<jlicht>As I have an external screen at work for my laptop which requires some config that one would normally put in `/etc/X11/xorg.d/', but I do not want to load these settings if I am not at work
<thomassgn>jlicht: I seem to remember there's a method of specifying devices that some section of settings applies to in xorg configs, maybe that's a way to just have them "always loaded" because the settings would only apply if the device is present. ?
<thomassgn>unless, the settings aren't for the device you connect at work. :]
<jlicht>thomassgn: sadly, no
<thomassgn>oh well.
<thomassgn>and it's not something you could achieve through *randr; like resolutions or something similar?
<jlicht>I guess somehow, but I just wanted to be sure there was no cleaner way to do it :-)
<jlicht>I would also be okay with having two systems that I can boot, namely the "work-system" and "perosnal system", but I am not sure this is doable using the current tooling for guixsd
<roptat>notnotdan, I've looked a bit at your packages, they look fine :)
<roptat>I think coq should be a native-input though
<thomassgn>yea, I couldn't think of any better now. :(
<roptat>other than that, you could submit them for addition to guix proper if you want
<civodul>_denisok_: the config file(s) cannot be queried from a live system
<civodul>so you could take gnu/system/install.scm and modify to fit your needs
<civodul>emacs-daemons looks fun
<wigust->it is, thanks for pointing on emacs-daemons :-)
*vagrantc just realized that "guix build guix" will continue to fail on aarch64 until "guix" is updated in guix itself...
*vagrantc tries building from source
*vagrantc has no luck
<vagrantc>gnu/system/locale.scm:124:0: In procedure private-lookup: No variable bound to glibc-for-target in module (gnu packages base)
<civodul>vagrantc: the answer to this last issue is "make clean-go && make -j4" :-)
<civodul>regarding the 'guix' package failure, i'll update it
<kristofer>hello! is there any guidance available about how to use openvswitch-configuration?
<kristofer>is it a line-delimited string of shell commands?
<vagrantc>... :( FAIL: tests/store.scm
<divansantana>hmm getting guix offload: error: failed to load SSH private key from '/root/.ssh/id_rsa': Unable to import a key from the file
<divansantana>but ssh -i /root/.ssh/id_rsa user@build-box works...
<CornBurglar>hey, I'm trying to install guix on a foreign distro (Fedora) and "guix package -i glibc-utf8-locales" fails, giving the error "guix package: error: failed to connect to `/var/guix/daemon-socket/socket': No such file or directory" Does anyone know how to fix this?
<divansantana>CornBurglar: cp ~root/.guix-profile/lib/systemd/system/guix-daemon.service /etc/systemd/system/
<divansantana>and systemctl start guix-daemon && systemctl enable guix-daemon
<CornBurglar>the .guix-profile directory does not exist
<divansantana>CornBurglar: I think you need to follow all these instructions from the top
<divansantana>my offload issue working now.
<pkill9>is there a way of keeping the build directory even when a build succeeds?
<pkill9>i know you can keep the build directory when it fails with -K
<CornBurglar>I ran the script provided at the top and that was successful
<divansantana>if one offloads builds to a build server, will the second time the exact package be built be quicker? So would the build server keep the now prebuilt package, or would it build from scratch everytime?
*dustyweb suddenly notices "tor browser" button in icecat O_o
<dustyweb>did we... get tor browser support? or?
*bavier not sure if messages are getting through...
<bavier>dustyweb: make sure to visit before doing anything serious
<dustyweb>bavier: probably wise :)
<bavier>last few times I've tried clicking the button, it's happily displayed the green icon, but not connection to the tor network
<efraim>It works for me, do you have a tor service running?
<bavier>efraim: yes; do you have additional tor configs?
<bavier>I just recently enabled a controller port, but haven't tried the button since
<efraim>Not for the service, but I do have the proxy settings set for tor proxy from before
<bavier>imho, the button should automatically query before going green, to prevent false expectations
<pkill9>divansantana: the build server keeps the built package
<divansantana>pkill9: great.
<pkill9>does anyone have a tool for creating guix packages that will automatically modify the package in common ways, e.g. adding/deleting a phase, adding configure/make flags, etc?
<OriansJ>pkill9: not that I know of; personally I just want a way to remove pulseaudio and just leverage alsa
<pkill9>woo is no longer 502'ing
<pkill9>efraim: do you have any idea what might be causing this blender issue? the GUI is blank and URLs aren't showing (I thought you might know since you recently updated the blender package)
<pkill9>I also get loads of errors
<g_bor>hello guix!
<civodul>hey g_bor!
<g_bor>yesterday I had an iteresting support case
<g_bor>Installation failed in init saying could not install bootloader
<g_bor>I created an alternative config using bare-bones as a template and it worked like a charm
<g_bor>I believe there was something wrong with the original config, but no error was reported until the bootloader failure.
<g_bor>I asked them to diff the configs later and come back through the help list.
<g_bor>I have a reasonably working openjdk11 package, now I will start the --rounds=2 dance wih that :)
<g_bor>I have to go now. Later!
<pkill9>yessss a blender built from an older commit works so it's not my hardware
<pkill9>older commit of guix*