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<pkill9>yeah, qt also has to disable it
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<THFKA4>anyone ever run into an issue where install-grub-efi fails because it's looking for the i386 version of grub's instead of the x86_64-efi?
<THFKA4>i think it's because we don't pass any arguments to grub-install and it defaults to i386-pc
<THFKA4>time to learn how to file a bug
<civodul>Hello Guix!
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<janneke>hello Guix!
<janneke>civodul, rekado: on my core-updates @gitlab i have a fully mes-built gcc-core-boot 2.95.3, so with %fake == #f
<janneke>bootstrap-mes is (again) using a URL, we'd want to reproduce the mes-minimal-stripped-tarball anyway before blessing it to
<janneke>i would like to remove the %fake-bootstrap? hack entirely before pushing this to savannah
<janneke>when i have a succesful built with that, i'll mail the list too
<civodul>hey janneke!
<civodul>hope you had a good trip back and good hack on the train :-)
<civodul>so yes what you outline sounds like a plan
<civodul>telle rekado or myself when you have a commit from which we can run "guix build bootstrap-tarballs"
<civodul>regarding removing %fake-bootstrap, i suggested something using package-input-rewriting
<civodul>let me know if you need guidance on how this could be done!
<janneke>civodul: will do -- from my perspective this package-rewriting has no priority, we can do it later or when the need arises; i'll be sure to bug you about mlambaq of other magic ;-)
<janneke>civodul: i had a great trip+hack, thanks -- hope the same for you?
<rekado>I just got home about an hour ago.
<rekado>it was so great meeting so many of you again!
<janneke>i also want to test it all with the current pre-0.19 mes; if possible i'd want to upgrade mes to that but i suspect that's will need wor
<janneke>rekado: yes, it was so good!
<janneke>rekado: hope your trip was okay
<rekado>it seemed like a good idea at the time when I booked it. Not so sure about it now :)
<rekado>quite exhausting
<janneke>yes, i can imagine..long bus rides
*rekado goes to take a nap … :)
<civodul>hey rekado!
<civodul>sleep well, i guess you deserve it :-)
<civodul>janneke: sure, do what you deem appropriate, you're the bootstrap meister! :-)
<janneke>hehe, right :-)
<civodul>anyone has looked into packaging Geogebra? (it's in Java)
<brendyyn>I see you are looking at lzip compression. have you also considered too?
<notnotdan>What package is `egrep' in? I don't think there is a way to search for it with `guix package`?
<notnotdan>hm i think its part of gawk
<pkill9>for me it's in the 'grep' package
<notnotdan>oh could be. for some reason the egrep tool is mentioned in the gawk manual :\
<roptat>hi guix!
<civodul>hi roptat!
<civodul>hope you had a good trip back!
<roptat>civodul: I'm not back yet
<roptat>I'm still in Paris for the week-end
<civodul>oh nice, enjoy!
<civodul>roptat: did you look at Geogebra packaging by any chance?
<civodul>it's all Java
<roptat>civodul: not yet
<allana>Hi, is it possible to specify an additional guix channel in a guix system configuration file?
<roptat>allana: I think you can define an inferior as in
<roptat>then you should be able to use (first (lookup-inferior-packages inferior "guile-json")) for instance instead of any package name
<notnotdan> I am writing a package and whenever I install it, it doesn't seem that Guix is installing the dependencies for it. What could the reason for this be?
<notnotdan>I can see the dependency when I do `guix graph <pkg>`
<notnotdan>But there is no corresponding package in `guix package -I`
<roptat>notnotdan: that's intentionnal
<allana>roptat: Thanks so much for your response. This is something that can be in a config.scm, for example?
<roptat>normally, packages refer to their dependencies directly (/gnu/store/...)
<apteryx>notnotdan: unless your dependency is a propagated-input (which should only be used as a last resort), this is normal
<roptat>allana: I think so
<roptat>allana: I haven't tested though .)
<notnotdan>Hm, but I can't even find the dependency in /gnu/store
<roptat>it should be there somewhere
<roptat>you can always run guix build <the-name-of-the-dependency>
<roptat>the result of the command is the store path for the dependency
<notnotdan>maybe as the .drv file in /gnu/store?
<roptat>but why do you want to know that?
<apteryx>notnotdan: try running 'guix gc --references $(guix build your-package)`
<apteryx>err, this: "guix gc --references $(guix build your-package)" (but remove the double quotes)
<notnotdan>roptat: I am just curios about the location of the dependency
<notnotdan>also the thing I am trying to package is a library, anb it doesn't make much sense to have it without having the compiler
<notnotdan>is that an appropriate use of `propagated-input'?
<roptat>I don't think so
<notnotdan>Hm, 'guix gc --references' doesn't output anything
<pkill9>notnotdan: are you sure it's not an interpreter? when something gets compiled, it doesn't need the compiler in order to run
<apteryx>notnotdan you have to pass a store object (e.g. the path to your built package, /gnu/store/d34db33f-yourpackage)
<notnotdan>Yeah, but I guess so. But it's a Coq library and it doesn't make much sense to install it without having Coq installed
<notnotdan>apteryx: yeah I did
<roptat>but I still don't think it's appropriate to use a propagated-input there
<notnotdan>ok, I tried `guix build --check <pkg> --dry-run` and it says that it will download 202Mb
<apteryx>OK :-/. You might also try the --requisites or -R option of guix gc; it is supposed to include the references and their references, recursively.
<notnotdan>so I assume I didn't actually compile the package in the first place? hm
<roptat>you should be able to use it after you install it and coq in the same profile
<notnotdan>Ok, thanks for the hints
<notnotdan>Btw, in general, what are the things I should do to test a reproducibility of the package declaration I am writing?
<notnotdan>Short of just trying it out on a VM
<pkill9>it looks like coq is an ocaml package (i dunno what ocaml is), and there is an ocaml-build-system you can use in your package definition
<pkill9>so that might be what you want
<pkill9>i think `guix build --check` will build the package multiple times to check for discrepancies
<roptat>pkill9: the ocaml-build-system is not for coq packages
<roptat>we have some coq libraries and they use the gnu-build-system
<roptat>(ocaml is a language, in which coq is written, and coq libraries use the coq language, so the ocaml-build-system doesn't apply)
<pkill9>ok, i thought it might be because coq is in the ocaml.scm module
<notnotdan>yeah most of coq packages use some variant of the gnu build system iiuc
<roptat>I guess if we start to have more coq libraries, we should create a coq.scm for theme
<notnotdan>pkill9: so `guix build --check` will build stuff with unset environment varialbes?
<pkill9>guix will build everything in a container
<notnotdan>Oh I see
<pkill9>which has none of your environment variables
<roptat>is sbt non-free? it depends on, for which I can't find a license
<roptat>ah nevermind, there's a NOTICE file in a subdirectory that declares a license
<roptat>can I assume the license applies only to that subdirectory?
<madage>hello guix!
<madage>anyone else had trouble configuring guile-gcrypt?
<madage>autoreconf produces a broken configure script for me
<madage>I could correct the script and compile, but I can't find the source of trouble
<madage>autom4te traces point to guile.m4 as the culprit, but the same file could be used when configuring other code required to compile guix
<madage>the error I get is: PKG_PROG_PKG_CONFIG: command not found
<allana>Can anyone help me find the problem that I have when defining an inferior?
<allana>I get an error:
<allana>guix/channels.scm:195:36: In procedure build-channel-instance:
<allana>In procedure struct_vtable: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting struct): #f
<allana>I am new to guix and scheme in general, so it is difficult for me to know what is wrong. any help would be appreciated.
<rain1>hey allana
<pkill9> get the same error
<rain1>im comparing your code to the examples here
<pkill9>i get the same error*
<rain1>could it be that you are missing the commit field?
<allana>Is commit required?
<rain1>and ensure that you have use-module both (guix inferior) (guix channels)
<rain1>i don't know if it's required but it's the only difference i can see, so it may be worth trying for the sake of debugging
<allana>I do have the use-module for both and srfi-1
<allana>The weird thing is that it "works" when I cons it with %default-channels
<rain1>that's strange, maybe the documentation is out of date
<allana>and by works, I mean it doesn't complain and it continues to build lots of derivations for %default-channels beforeI kill it
<allana>rain1: I will try adding the commit hash
<rain1>my channels.scm file does not include commit, but it has branch instead
<rain1>and it does cons onto %default-channels
<pkill9>maybe you need to add the guix repository as well
<rain1>but im not using inferior-for-channels
<pkill9>which i assume %default-channels includes
<allana>For greater context, I am trying to include my custom packages when declaring a system configuration
<allana>They do work if I use ~/.config/guix/channels.scm
<rain1>it may be simpler to just put your package definitions in a folder and point to it with GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<rain1>but hopefully someone know who knows about channels can help
<pkill9>or use channels.scm
<pkill9>it does make sense to be able to add channels in your system configuration though
<pkill9>but then it might add conflicts between channels.scm and your system configuration
<pkill9>which i guess inferiors kinda work around
<pkill9>it makes a lot of sense to do that really in order to keep the channel dependency inside your system configuration
<allana>would it be interesting to see my config.scm?
<allana>It looks like both "branch" and "commit" are optional, as they have default values of "master" and #f
<quiliro>A guile warning ocurrs about `GUIX_LOCPATH'.
<quiliro>on a foreign distro
<quiliro>It is resolved by adding:
<quiliro>export GUIX_LOCPATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/lib/locale
<quiliro>to .bashrc.
<quiliro>It works for:
<quiliro>guix package -Iguix package -l-l and -I
<quiliro>But the problem persists even after this addition when executing:
<quiliro>guix package -i
<quiliro>what must i do. i followed the instructions in
<allana>how do you install packages to the system profile? run guix package -i as root?
<quiliro>allana: what gnu distro?
<allana>I want a few new packages installed to the global system profile, available to all users without rebuilding the entire system's config.scm
<quiliro>change the config.scm file and run guix system reconfigure
<quiliro>oh, without reconfigure? i have never done that
<allana>Thanks quiliro. Unfortunately I am trying ot avoid that.
<allana>I have a feeling that I am trying to make guix do things that it wasn't designed for :-)
<quiliro>allana: perhaps you might get a better answer on the forum
<quiliro>where are PATH and GUIX_LOCPATH supposed to be put on Debian?
<vagrantc>quiliro: probably the user's ~/.bashrc
*vagrantc wonders if there's a $GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile that could be sourced on foreign distros
<quiliro>vagrantc: how about .profile ?
<j3kyl_>hey, Ive installed locale and export locpath it still recommend to that...
<j3kyl_>maybe that is why icecat is display utf8 squares instead of fonts?
<vagrantc>quiliro: might be fine as well ... not 100% sure of the best place to put things
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<floam>Hi, I'm with the fish project ( We have a little dealio with installation instructions for Guix users at Go Fish -> Linux on that website. The best URL that we were able to come up with to link there was
<quiliro>vagrantc: worked on .bashrc
<floam>Now, that's 404ing, and it looks like doesn't have a #fish anchor? What's the best thing to use for a permalink?
<vagrantc>last i heard there wasn't a good link for a specific package :/
<floam>there's, but it would require us to try to track your tree and continually update it. I'm hoping we just missed something obvious.
<allana>question: I have successfully ran "guix pull" and it pulled my channel as defined in ~/.config/guix/channels.scm. How do I install custom packages? guix package -i <my-custom-package> does not seem to find the package
<j3kyl_>that *should* be as easy as that...
<allana>Well I am baffled
<allana>Is there a way to debug my channel? The repo,if it is added to my guix package path works fine
<civodul>allana: does 'guix describe' list your channel?
<civodul>is your channel consistent between .scm file names and module names?
<civodul>floam: is that to refer on your web site or to do downstream tracking?
<civodul>for the latter, you could follow
<civodul>not ideal but that's until we have a better story on the main site
<floam>we don't track anything, the only packages we have a good idea of how much use they get are, I believe, are the nightlies we provide ourselves. We're not really interested in that.
<allana>civodul: no, I get an error
<floam>This is just to take the users to ideally some kind of reasonable page with information about the package to. aid installation.
<allana>guix describe: error: failed to determine origin
<civodul>allana: how do you run guix exactly?
<allana>civodul: "guix pull"
<civodul>floam: ok, makes sense; you could link to for the time being
<allana>civodul: then, "guix package -i my-package"
<civodul>allana: i mean the "guix describe" command that failed, did you run it straight off $PATH?
<jonsger>floam: btw fish is great :)
<allana>yes, straight off of path
<civodul>could you paste the output of "strace guix describe"?
<allana>civodul: sure, I will create a new paste and share the link momentarily. Thanks
<floam>civodul, that looks like the kind of thing I'd expect to be able to land at! How does that site relate to what I assume is the official one?
<allana>civodul: even weirder, when ran through strace I actually get the output listing the channels!
<floam>jonsger, thanks.
<jonsger>floam: GuixHPC is kind of an official "side" project of Guix
<allana>civodul: the paste is pretty big, I can't paste it in
<floam>I've passed on the suggestion (verbatim), thanks. We have an issue tracker on a separate repo for the site tracking this here:
<civodul>allana: could you paste just the last ~100 lines?
<civodul>allana: well 'guix describe' is working here as can be seen in strace :-)
<allana>funny enough, it does not output the results when run without strace
<civodul>oh, i know: could you try "hash guix" and then "guix describe"?
<civodul>or just: "~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix describe"?
<vagrantc>hrm. getting tracebacks when trying to search for packages on aarch64:
<vagrantc>with a recent pull..
<vagrantc>same commit on x86_64 works fine
<allana>civodul: that seems to have made a change. it does complain about locale
<allana>it now outputs the channels
<allana>now I'm not sure how to debug my channel
<civodul>vagrantc: bah,this is caused by d870cc5e8ac, i'll push a fix
<civodul>allana: do you still have the initial problem?
<allana>civodul: that seems to have fixed it. Do you know what was wrong?
<allana>civodul: and thanks by the way
<civodul>allana: when you run 'guix pull' for the 1st time, it adds ~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix
<civodul>however, Bash has typically memorized that the "guix" command's full file name is, say, /usr/local/bin/guix
<civodul>so after "guix pull", running "guix" will actually run /usr/local/bin/guix, even if you've adjusted PATH in the meantime
<civodul>"hash guix" tells Bash to forget about its cached PATH lookup
<allana>civodul: wow, thanks
<vagrantc>civodul: ok, glad you know the issue so quick :)
<civodul>there was a similar issue recently with another package, that's why :-)
<vagrantc>civodul: seems to affect: guix package -A .