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<purna>Is there a Guix package to install all the Xorg stuff at once?
<quiliro>purna: gnome?
<quiliro>purna: guix package -s gnome
<nckx>purna: I doubt it.
<quiliro>guix package -i gnome
<nckx>quiliro: I assume they mean a selection of libraries and/or perhaps drivers.
<quiliro>in fact it exists
<nckx>quiliro: What does GNOME have to do with Xorg?
<quiliro>you are right...but gnome contains xorg
<quiliro>so i am right too
<purna>I'm installing just the raw stuff because I want to then install Stumpwm.
<purna>What nckx said, just the libraries and drivers.
<nckx>quiliro: Really? Does it pull in xorg-server? Why?
<nckx>purna: Guix has less of a convenience/metapackage culture (for lack of a better word) than most distros. It has its pros and cons.
<nckx>quiliro: It was a serious question?
<nckx>I guess they didn't agree.
*nckx shrugs and goes to bed.
<purna>nckx: It was a serious question. What makes you think otherwise?
<sturm>Guile noob question, what does ice-9 stand for? and where would I find out what is in the module? I can't see it here:
<sturm>lfam: ah I see, it's the global namespace. Between ice-9 and srfi-* it's a bit challenging for a newcomer!
<lfam>Indeed :/
<bavier1>uff da, been too long since my last reconfigure; I forgot the "system" bit in the command
<purna>I installed Guix on a Debian box, and everything worked fine. I installed several packages (wicd, sbcl, Emacs), which all worked. When I restarted the computer, however, everything disappear
<purna>Guix is still available, but I'm having to reinstall everything.
<wigust->purna: Do you have ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile ? You probably want to source it e.g. with ‘. ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile’ command.
<purna>wigust-: Wait, what command do I input?
<purna>I just make the folders and then do something?
<purna>They already exist.
<purna>Oh, hum. Running '. ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile' does appear to have solved the problem. Do I need to add this to my .bashrc?
<wigust->purna: yes, see also
<purna>wigust-: I followed everything on that page when I set it up. Why does it get deleted?
<wigust->purna: Sorry, I don't understand the question.
<purna>wigust-: I installed wicd, for example. Even now, after reexporting the paths that it asks for and sourcing ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile, it doesn't show up at all.
<purna>Do I have to enter something into the nscd config file?
<wigust->purna: no
<wigust->purna: I think you need to follow ‘For each user, a symlink ...’ in
<wigust->Instead of '. ~/.guix-profile/etc/profile'
<purna>Thank you very much! Adding those lines to /etc/profile solved the problem AFAIK.
<wigust->purna: np ;-)
<purna>Is there a guix package for Haskell's Stack tool?
<efraim>i don't think so
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<brendyyn>Anyone planning to add chicken 5?
<nckx>purna: Sure. I was referring to my question to quilirio, not yours.
<brendyyn>welp, chicken-install tries to install files to /gnu/store
<jlicht>hey guix!
<epicmorphism>apteryx: thanks
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<epimrphsm>I've sent an email to hopefuly it will be registered on the tracker eventually :)
<reepca>Hmm, after reconfiguring my system recently I can't seem to ssh in anymore - I just get "connection closed by port 22" all of a sudden
<reepca>it prompts for password and everything, but as soon as I provide it it just closes the connection
<efraim>reepca: iirc that happened to me when I reconfigured after the core-updates merge but hadn't rebooted yet
<tuete>Hey hey. I wonder how I can retrieve information about packages installed in GuixSD via the system configuration. So let's say I've configured htop among %base-packages in config.scm. How can I now use guix or guix package to find out which version is installed. Or how can I even find out which command belongs to which package? Like in debian: dpkg -S $(which free)
<efraim>readlink $(which htop)?
<efraim>We don't have anything like apt-cache or apt-file though
<efraim>sometimes I do 'find /gnu/store -type f -name foo' but it's not a great solution
<samplet>tuete: I just tried “guix package --profile=/run/current-system/profile --list-installed” and I think might be a good solution.
<efraim>I think the dpkg command is to see which package that binary came from
<efraim>Like 'clear' from ncurses
<samplet>efraim: You’re right. I was thinking about the “which version” part of the question.
<tuete>efraim: Thanks for the commands. That is a good start for me to investigate.. Like the readlink command.
<tuete>samplet: Thanks! That is also very useful. Can you please elaborate shortly what /run/current-system/profile is? I tried to understand it, but I missed it in the documentation.
<janneke>samplet: you've got mail; anything you want to discuss please do!
<samplet>tuete: It is the profile constructed for the currently running system. Just like you have a profile, the system has a profile, too. It has all the packages used as part of your “operating-system” declaration.
<tuete>So it does not belong to a particular user..? Thank you.
<samplet>tuete: I just looked at “/var/guix/profiles”, and there is the system profile (and its generations) and a “per-user” directory, so no. It belongs to the system. You’re welcome!
<tuete>And I have another one :). Which command do I need to invoke to suspend my system? And which one would be the one for hibernate?
<samplet>tuete: “loginctl suspend” and “loginctl hibernate” AFAIK.
<tuete>There is no loginctl at all in my system :D.
<samplet>tuete: Maybe I got it as part of GNOME. I’m not sure how to do it without it.
<samplet>janneke: I am happy to pull Gash into Geesh. I think you are right that we should start with a message to guix-devel. I will write it later tonight (Eastern time).
<samplet>I imagine that we would keep the “Gash” name (since it is better).
<tuete>samplet: I think elogind-service might be of help. I am not using X, so it wasn't installed. I will install it now and see.
<roptat>don't look at gradle-docs :p
<efraim>I just use 'shutdown' to shutdown, I think Shepherd intercepts it
<rain1>I'm packaging a bash script which invokes wvarious commands
<rain1>this is the approach i've been using
<rain1>is that the right way to do it?
<rain1>i replace occurences of the program in the script with a full path to the binary from the input
<epimrphsm>roptat: are you Julien? If so thanks for writing the ocaml.scm module
<efraim>Would (which "tree") work rain1?
<rain1>oh to simplify the code a bit, i see
<rain1>i'll test it
<rain1>I assume the overall approach correct though?
<roptat>epimrphsm: I am :)
<efraim>rain1: I might wrap it in a let but yeah, it's good
<rain1>How should I use gpg on guix? I have installed guix package -i gnupg but i can't generate a key
<rain1>gpg: agent_genkey failed: No pinentry
<jackhill>rain1: there are several pinentry programs (guix pacakge --search=pinentry). Presumably you'll need to install one of those.
<jackhill>I haven't verified that, but if I remember correctly, newer gpg requires external pinentry
<pkill9>rain1: also you need to specify pinentry-program in ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf
<rain1>it worked with pinentry-tty once i put it in gpg agent conf
<rain1>I tried building chromium from source with the channel but unfortunately my computer failed, gnome crashed and stuff
<jlicht>hey guix, I've been playing with g-expressions, but using `run-with-store' does not actually seem to realize my derivations
<jlicht>are g-expression currently not supported?
<Formbi>when will the gnutls error be fixed?
<samplet>jlicht: Last time I played with gexps I wrapped the gexp in “gexp->derivation” and that with “run-with-store”.
<samplet>That made a derivation that I could actually build with “build-derivations” or “guix build -f”.
<jlicht>herp >.<
<jlicht>I guess I was confused about the 'build-derivations' stap, I though that was what run-with-store was doing
<jlicht>thanks samplet!
<samplet>I think I’ve made that exact mistake twice now, so I am happy to help. :)
<jlicht>samplet: what would I pass to `build-derivations' in that case?
<rain1>is firefox package or must i use icecat?
<tune>you must use icecat unless you want to package firefox yourself
<pkill9>jlicht: i posted to the bug mail list about inferior-packager kernels not working so hopefully someone will fix it
<rain1> I'm packaging password manager, if anyone would like to check or test it
<pkill9>rain1: pass is already packaged, it's called 'password-store' in guix
<rain1>oh thanks
<rain1>i didn't find it before
<rain1>I'm looking at the thread "Packaging a free Firefox"
<rain1>but it's not clear what the current situation is
<rain1>I assume nobody has yet done the rebranding, but that's probably not very hard
<tune>I was hoping for a while that we could have firefox nightly packaged, but in the end I just sorta got used to icecat being really old
<tune>I read on hn recently that new firefox lets you select multiple tabs, so I was a bit sad that icecat is several versions behind
<rain1>it seems there is difficulty packing the rust parts
<ng0>btw, Guix on *BSD hosts could be easy. It all depends on if the ELF compatibility layer supports everything guix needs.
<ng0>I don't see myself doing it any time soon, but just for fun I'll try and build guix on FreeBSD maybe this month.
<ng0>there's just the guile dependencies in the way, so this month could turn into nay/more months.
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