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<rain1>I have a fresh install of GuixSD
<rain1>I want to make a package now and I am wondering if I need to build guix from source and stuff, or should I just make the package definition in a new file (and if so where is the guide for that)
<rain1>oh should I make my own channel for this?
<lfam>rain1: If you intend to contribute the package, or do further development, you should clone our Git repo and work within that. Otherwise you can make your package as a standalone file, either with channels or a directory in $GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<lfam>For the former, you want the first two sections here:
<lfam>Here are the docs for channels:
<lfam>GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH is simply a directory containing Guile modules with your packages
<lfam>It is superseded by channels
<rain1>thank you
<rain1>I see that node (js) is packaged
<rain1>but i can't find any applications that depend on it
<rain1>searching with grep -R node | grep -v '.po' | grep -v graph | grep -v '.cc' | less
<rain1>Is there any nodejs applications packaged I could use for reference?
<rain1>grep for npm gives few results as well
<safinaskar>i typed "guix graph --type=bag-emerged coreutils | dot -Tsvg"
<safinaskar>and i see two coreutils packages in output
<safinaskar>at the top of graph i see /gnu/store/ddlgwpishzb8985gwg5fdrydvllg254a-coreutils-8.30.drv
<safinaskar>it depends on "perl", which itself depends on coreutils, but this is another coreutils, namely: /gnu/store/9nf7ya3b3d1cqfs54w69rrhnlnrypah3-coreutils-8.30.drv
<safinaskar>why this is possible
<safinaskar>and how to construct graph starting from second coreutils, i. e. /gnu/store/9nf7ya3b3d1cqfs54w69rrhnlnrypah3-coreutils-8.30.drv ?
<safinaskar>*guix graph --type=bag coreutils | dot -Tsvg
<nikolice>wanted to ask: anyone has flash in "Epiphany" web-browser?
<nikolice>as it's in GuixSD "desktop" scheme install, with no need to add an "IceCat"
<nikolice>maybe it can be done by dropping some files into "gnu/store..." hell; but which plugin - PPAPI / NPAPI ?
<nikolice>(and, yes: in IceCat - flash is fine)
<thang>The loop described at isn't working.
<rain1>How do I search for a program? I want 'tree' right now for example
<rain1> i didn't see 'tree' here
<rain1>oh its on pg 3 but i still want to know a way to find programs
<nikolice>rain1, i try "guix package -s what_to_search"
<nikolice>rain1, some those basics are in a video on Guix main page (
<necrophcodr>Is it possible t limit building using guix package to a certain load average?
<necrophcodr>As is possible with make, and Gentoo's portage?
<efraim>You might be able to limit it with niceload from parallel
<necrophcodr>efraim, how would i use that? or rather, what is it?
<necrophcodr>How would one couple that command with running `guix package -i [package]` and have it work for all dependencies being built?
<efraim>necrophcodr: sorry, i'm on and off and around on my phone some of the time
<efraim>It's worked well enough for me to run 'nice guix package ...' and I haven't run into problems
<efraim>I do remember however that someone did actually 'nice' the daemon and ran into test failures on some packages that expected to be able to renice as part of a test suite
<efraim>instead of nice I sometimes use 'niceload --hard --noswap --nice 10'
<efraim>same nice value, much harsher on the build process
<epicmorphism>so still doesn't load for me. where can i report a bug on the web site?
<Formbi>what is this?
<brendyyn>I was able to update to this commit a few minutes ago without issue.
<tune>still getting red squares instead of checkboxes in firefox, and a bunch of pages are using my monospace font instead of a more normal one
<tune>also I've installed the ibm plex font and and fc-cache -fv and rebooted but still I can't see it as an option anywhere
<tune>s/and and/and done
<brendyyn>should glib-locales be installed to user profiles even on guixsd?
<brendyyn>/gnu/store/k7qnbby0czdjh0fyg0maj4airh1la983-grub-2.02/sbin/grub-install: error: cannot find a GRUB drive for /dev/sdc. Check your
<brendyyn>I'm getting this but it's the same os config i've been using for ages. have some breaking changes been made?
<brendyyn>Ah nevermind, looks like since one of my drives died, the lettering has changed. I'll have to figure out how to use the id instead
<bavier>tune: is the "use system fonts" config enabled in your icecat?
<apteryx>hello Guix! Would someone know which package provides 'chrpath'?
<tune>bavier: I've seen what you're referring to in the past, but I'm not seeing it so far
<tune>I had "Allow pages to choose their own fonts, instead of your selections above" checked under the advanced font preferences, but checking it doesn't change anything
<tune>had it unchecked I mean
<tune>currently I've searched 'font' in about:config and I'm looking for anything with status set to modified and then resetting it
<apteryx>chrpath looks like it's its own package, from Debian.
<apteryx>I'll give it a shot, must be an easy one.
<bavier>apteryx: patchelf might do what you want?
<apteryx>it's a requirement from bitbake (which comes from Yocto)
<apteryx>but thanks for the pointer :-)
<apteryx>Should we have our emacs snippets (for yasnippet) installed in ~/.config/guix/current/share/emacs/?
<apteryx>I used to refer to these by: ~/.guix-profile/share/emacs/yasnippet-snippets, but this requires to install the guix package itself, which is bad practice.
<bavier>apteryx: ah, I see
<apteryx>epicmorphism: to report bugs, simply send an email to You can browse the opened bugs here:
<apteryx>epicmorphism: the tracker while promising is still a work in progress
<apteryx>ugh. it seems the package only exists as debian sources, and I have no idea about how downloading the latest version of it. There's a git browser here:, but there doesn't seem to be a clone URL.
<apteryx>maybe I could fetch it from softwareheritage?
<apteryx>arf... there's an API
<apteryx>I was expecting some direct link.
<apteryx>oh well :-) time to move on
<bavier>hi janneke
<bavier>awesome work on mes lately!
<tune>what do I do if my newly installed font doesn't appear anywhere even after fc-cache -fv and several reboots and such? something must be misconfigured or something
<tune>I wonder if some of these problems are due to having an old install that didn't deal well with some changes
<janneke>bavier thank you!
<THFKA4>is there a GuixSD channel for ARM?
*janneke has to leave for dinner with R-B folks
<efraim>THFKA4: we haven't split up so much as yet, so here's probably the best spot
<THFKA4>cool, thanks
<efraim>anyone know how many characters we wrap the manual at? it looks like 72
<bavier>what's this with software now using the date as the release version?
<efraim>YYYYMMDD works quite well
<efraim>i'm more concerned about figuring out how to merge master into core-updates, that's like 1500 commits
<efraim>although I suppose now would be a good time to have libstdc++-boot0 for aarch64 be gcc-5 and not gcc-4.9 since we don't need the intermediate step
<pkill9>i have a package that has the 'target' argument set as 'i686-linux' with glibc as an input, and I'm getting an error message: "In procedure inputs: In procedure private-lookup: No variable bound to glibc-for-target in module (gnu packages base)". I think it's because 'glibc-for-target' was removed in guix commit 2d546858b139e5fcf2cbdf9958a17fd98803ac4c
<pkill9> (
<bavier>pkill9: I got that a few days ago, needed to 'make clean-go' from my git checkout
<pkill9>ah, I deleted ~/.cache/guile and that fixed the problem, thanks
<pkill9>when you use channels, does guix have to compile all the channels into one channel, so for example, it has to recompile guix itself each time? i'm guessing no
<efraim>i experimented with making a channel, a typo made mine fail
<efraim>in the mean time there had been no new commits to guix proper so it skipped rebuilding that package cache
<Formbi>what it going on with «;;; missing interface for module (gnutls)»?
<tune>Migrating profile generations to '/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root'...
<tune>guix pull: error: symlink: File exists: "/var/guix/profiles/per-user/root/current-guix"
<tune>how do I stop this from always happening?
<apteryx>Is there a way to used a gunzip'd diff as a patch?
<pkill9>i have the same issue tune
<pkill9>but with current-guix-n-link
<kkebreau>Formbi: I'm not sure, but I've gotten that message a few times in the past.
<bavier>apteryx: I think gnu-build-system will automatically handle origin's that are listed in the 'patches' field, but I'm not certain
<apteryx>bavier: doesn't seem to unzip gunzip'd files automatically
<apteryx>We have an example as libpng-apng
<apteryx>But now I'm hitting something truly weird; patches succeeds when I do it manually, but when I call the same command through (invoke "patch" ...) it fails on some hunk. I could recreate the issue at the REPL; it makes no sense.
<apteryx>bavier: if you'd like to see it to believe it, try:
<apteryx>crossing my fingers that I'm just doing something silly :-)
<apteryx>maybe some locale/encoding issue... ?
<kkebreau>If the method for installing a kernel is signing and writing it to its own partition, can the GuixSD installation code do that?
<apteryx>Can I load a persistant profile in "pure" mode?
<apteryx>Because: unset GUIX_PROFILE && source ~/.config/guix/some-profile/etc/profile will mix that profile with my current user profile
<quiliro>A guile warning ocurrs about `GUIX_LOCPATH'.
<quiliro> on a foreign distro
<quiliro>It is resolved by adding:
<quiliro>export GUIX_LOCPATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/lib/locale
<quiliro>to .bashrc.
<quiliro>It works for:
<quiliro>guix package -I
<quiliro>guix package -l
<quiliro>-l and -I
<quiliro>But the problem persists even after this addition when executing:
<quiliro>guix package -i
<mbakke>efraim: I tried merging master into core-updates and hit no conflict.
<efraim>Last time I tried I had some missing patches or extra patch files in gnu/local
<mbakke>Oh, interesting. Didn't finish building yet, I'll push the merge if it looks good.
<kkebreau>Having stability issues with PrawnOS on the Asus C201. :(
<mbakke>kkebreau: Ooh, I hadn't heard of PrawnOS before. What kind of issues?
<mbakke>Maybe I should brush the dust off my C201 :P
<kkebreau>mbakke: Seems like USB power shuts off instantly and the system freezes. I just rebooted it.
<kkebreau>mbakke: Btw, PrawnOS is just a Debian setup specifically for the C201.
<kkebreau>No blobs or anything funky like that.
<bavier>apteryx: could you get by with just `gunzip revision_patch.diff.gz`, i.e. without the redirections?
<bavier>apteryx: too bad (@ (guix packages) patch-and-repack) doesn't handle gzipped patches. It'll handle origin patches though.
<apteryx>bavier: I need the redirection (as in libpng-apng) otherwise gunzip tries to modify the source file in place (that doesn't fly since the gunzip'd patch is under /gnu/store)
<bavier>apteryx: you could copy the file to the build directory
<apteryx>yes; I'll try it, but I don't think that is the problem (the error message is a hunk failure -- other hunks succeeded)
<apteryx>the hunk failure only happens when using Guile with invoke
<apteryx>let me try :-)
<bavier>oh ok, right, that'll require some more work then
<kkebreau>Hmmm, I'll be back in a few hours.
<apteryx>yeah, the problem is not with gzip, this part work alright
<apteryx>it really only has to do with the patch invocation through "invoke".
<hurozh>If I install a Guix binary as root via the shell script given on the site for it and run `guix package -i emacs`, it'll only install Emacs for the root, right?
<apteryx>yes; guix works per user