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<Romulus>Wish we had a libreboot package, maybe in the future?
<Romulus>That would be pretty cool.
<lsl88>emacsen: have you been able to solve it?
<shanemikel>What does the licensing of Guile mean? Is all system config code in guix/guile bound by the GPL?
<shanemikel>How about packaging code? what If I want to package my own programs for a guix system I hypothetically use just for dev purposes..
<lfam>shanemike1: Can you clarify your questions? I'm not sure what you are asking
<shanemikel>I mean I use guile source code to configure this system, right? But that code is compiled against a codebase licensed as GPL (the guix packaging library stuff).
<shanemikel>I mean the guix system config library stuff**
<lfam>Yes, Guile is used to configure the system
<lfam>shanemike1 ^
<shanemikel>Likewise If I write a program I want to install on GuixSD, it pretty much has to be "packaged" by writing a Guile/guix packaging script. Right? At least on NixOS it was very difficult to work against the system and use standard tools like Make because libraries wouldn't be discovered unless use used a Nix packaging script to get them in the build environment
<shanemikel>So the question is.. the system config scripts as well as software "packaging" code are built on top of a language and OS that is all GPLd, so does that mean my packaging scripts and system config stuff has to be GPLd?
<lfam>(If you want to use GCC and friends on GuixSD there is a package gcc-toolchain that will do the right thing)
<shanemikel>But that won't help if I want to link against libraries that I want to install with guix?
<lfam>That's what the gcc-toolchain package is for, if I understand you correctly.
<lfam>If you are going to distribute your packaging scripts and system config stuff, then you will need to think about the license. But if you are not going to distribute them then I think the question is irrelevant. However, I'm not an expert on software licensing. I believe the FSF offers advice about things like this
<lfam>If gcc-toolchain doesn't do what you need, you can also look at `guix pack` which creates portable self-contained applications using Guix. Kind of like "app bundles"
<shanemikel>huh ok thanks
<lfam>The best time to ask questions about Guix is during the European day. You might come back then for a better answer :) Or send mail to <>
<shanemikel>OK I will
<lfam>Great :)
<lsl88>emacsen: Here you have my steps:
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<brendyyn>gandi increased the price on a domain i put in my cart a few days ago, but when i look the domain up no tor its still at the lower price. what bullshit
<emacsomancer>On a foreign distro, `guix-all-packages` using guix-emacs doesn't actually seem to show all packages, unlike in GuixSD. Or am I doing something wrong?
<graftin>I'm installing GuixSD on my Thinkpad T400. I wired it up via Ethernet to my router. I ran "ip a" and "ifconfig interface up", where interface is the "e"-labeled interface from the ip command. "ping -c 2" gives "ping: unknown host". What do?
<pkill9>did you run dhclient graftin?
<graftin>pkill9: No, am doing that now.
<graftin>It works now. Thanks.
<pkill9>i'm trying out the new 'inferiors' feature and after running `guix build` with a package that uses it, it stays on 'updating channel guix from git repository ...', meanwhile my memory usage just keeps growing from ~500mb to ~7GB and then starts filling my swap memory
<pkill9>hmm using the example commit seems to be working
<pkill9>the guix commit that causes the issue when built using 'inferior-for-channels' is 68afb9dccf91cc1a58b6db405befa176b191d809
<graftin>I use Stumpwm with Slynk, and see there's a package for that (sbcl-stumpwm-with-slynk). I have my .stumpwmrc configured to start Slynk. Are there instructions for the package? Should I install Stumpwm from Quicklisp again?
<pkill9>hmm it's doing it again on the previous commit to the one that i mentioned is problematic, this time it built the channel but is stuck on: building path(s) `/gnu/store/p5xly9nxvrsarmq84935jadrgf1ldzzj-profile'
<pkill9>unless it actually finished that but the next phase doesn't output anything and is what's causing the issue..
<pkill9>unless I'm using it incorrecly
<pkill9>nope, it does the same thing when running the example given in the docs
<pkill9>unless i'm running an out-of-date version of the guix daemon for using inferiors?
<brendyyn>congratulations on 0.16. Last release until 1.0 hey? *crosses fingers*
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<rekado>Hi Guix
<rekado>I built gnome 3.30, but starting it is difficult…
<rekado>I’m sure it can be solved by propagating more things and turning off the xorg-service
<rekado>currently I start it directly with “dbus-run-session -- gnome-shell --display-server --wayland”
<rekado>previously that would be done by “gnome-session”, which doesn’t get me far.
<rekado>gnome-shell starts, shows a mouse cursor, but then fails starting / finding some other dbus services
<tune>looks like python-ipython-5.5.0 is still failing to build
<tune>and ncmpcpp
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<wigust>Hello civodul
*vagrantc waves
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<janneke>Hello civodul, congrats on the release!
<jonsger>I get "filtered-port: failed to execute '/usr/bin/gzip -dc ': No such file or directory" errors while install hello with guix 0.16
<rekado>tune: are you familiar with ipython / jupyter? I don’t know if people are supposed to be using jupyter instead of ipython.
<rekado>tune: there’s an open bug report for ncmpcpp
<vagrantc>guix pull on aarch64 now fails on graphviz for me...
<vagrantc>or is it swig?
<vagrantc>i still struggle with figuring out how to debug "guix pull" failures ...
<civodul>vagrantc: apparently there are substitutes for both swig and graphviz on aarch64
<civodul>according to "guix build -s aarch64-linux swig graphviz -n"
<efraim>rekado_: does it make sense to try to start GNOME with x11 instead of Wayland?
<rekado>efraim: yes, I’ve tried that too, but there are problems with obtaining a display
<rekado>I’m currently building a VM so that I don’t need to do this testing work on my laptop
<rekado>efraim: does anyone know of a resource that shows exactly how the parts of GNOME are supposed to work together?
<rekado>it seems to me that I should still use “gnome-session” to start “gnome-shell” instead of using “gnome-shell” directly, but I can’t get it to work.
<efraim>I have no clue for gnome, I just know from login managers there's supposed to be an option for x11
<rekado>though wayland is the default; it can spawn an X session when it’s needed by a client.
<rekado>I’d like to make both of these ways work; currently neither does :)
*rekado still waits for qemu to be built
<rekado>civodul: can we get the channel dependencies patch merged soon?
<rekado>I’m hitting some problems with the shared Guix installation here at the MDC.
<rekado>telling people to use channels would solve this problem, but one of our channels extends the other
<civodul>rekado: definitely, i'm waiting for it! :-)
<civodul>were you waiting on me for that?
<rekado>I actually don’t know… it just fell on the side
<rekado>I guess I need it to print a warning in case of conflicts
<rekado>other than that it was ready.
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<civodul>yeah i think it was pretty much ready
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<rekado>okay, I’ll look at the discussion again in a few minutes and push a variant of that patch.
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<brendyyn>nss-certs substitute hash mismatch on mirror.hydra
<demotri>civodul: Have you answered Laura regarding FOSDEM?
<demotri>rekado: Or you?
<civodul>demotri: not yet!
<tune>rekado: I'm not too familiar with ipython/jupyter. I have heard of jupyter notebook and saw it used in a video once. I'm even less sure of what ipython is or why I've even got it installed.
<rekado>brendyyn: please see
<jonsger>civodul: no missing patch in this release :) guix weather works fine
<jonsger>does guix need gzip as run time dependency offered by a foreign distro as "/usr/bin/gzip" or can it use the one from /gnu/store?
<brendyyn>for package definitions do we prefer simpler verbose code or more compact complex code. like should I type out 5-10 simple lines, or write 4 lines with a for-each loop?
<rekado>arf, I don’t know enough about GNOME to debug it. Would someone like to help?
<rekado>I get to a point where the mouse pointer appears and can be moved, but that’s it :-/
<rekado>I’ll push this to wip-gnome3.30 soon
<pkill9>does anyone else get a memory leak (i think that's what it is, where the process stalls and just grows in memory size endlessly) when running the guix inferiors example here?
<vagrantc>with --substitute-urls= i get no substitutes, with --substitute-urls= i do ... but i thought they were the same thing
<vagrantc>could something have cached old substitute results in some way that prevented them from getting updated?
<vagrantc>it seems "guix archive --authorize" doesn't do any key de-duplication either
<civodul>rekado: ↑
<civodul>jonsger: heh, good :-)
*civodul goes afk for a bit
<apteryx>tune: ipython is a fancier Python interpreter environment; you have access to a few extra magic commands such as %timeit, have good auto-completion, module auto
<apteryx>reloading support, etc.
<tune>oh, looks like python-ipython is actually in my config.scm. I bet someone recommended it to me when I was learning python a while ago
<tune>I haven't really used it, so I'll just removed it and then hopefully the update will go through
<rekado>tune: I recommend not to add packages to the config.scm that are unrelated to the system itself.
<rekado>User packages best go to a user profile.
<tune>I use both, but I still left some stuff in config.scm
<tune>I kinda just split it up on gut feeling, like I could imagine other users benefiting from a programming language
<tune>although I'm the only one to use this machine
<tune>I think I left i3wm in there as well. I could see an argument either way on that being system-related
<rekado>sneek: later tell civodul Did you forget to push your changes to the website to the artwork repository? I can’t see the commits for changing the latest release version there.
<sneek>Got it.
<rekado>sneek: botsnack
*rekado finally fixes the problems with links to the manual on
<bantan>Quick question: does guix pass the environment CFLAGS when it's building in it's chroot environments?
<tune> just got this nss-certs error. I'll try updating again with --fallback as it says
<rekado>bantan: the chroot environment is pure. Only variables declared by the build system are set.
<rekado>bantan: no variables of the current environment leak into the build environment
<rekado>tune: please see
<bantan>rekado: thought so. so when I want to pass CFLAGS, I have to modify the package to include it
<bantan>Probably not worth the hassle, but thankfully it's easy if I decide to
<rekado>you can also create a packgae variant, inherit from the existing package definition, and override/pass CFLAGS there.
<tune>can anyone point me to a good example config.scm so I can get a good idea of what to keep there and what to move to my manifest?
<rekado>tune: we include a couple of them with the manual
<tune>I went to the install part of the manual and couldn't find one
<rekado>6.2.1 Using the Configuration System has examples.
<joshuaBPMan>Hello, I've got emacs-org-bullets installed. Does this mean I no longer need to use this line:
<joshuaBPMan>(use-package org-bullets :defer t)
<joshuaBPMan>I think so, because guix creates autoloads for org-bullets...
<joshuaBPMan>to answer, my own question, I do not. haha
<tune>If I've got a package failing to build, is there a way to skip building it so everything else can update?
<tune>I considered the possibility of removing it/commenting it out, updating, then adding it back in later, although that leaves me without the program until it's fixed
<rekado>tune: your system configuration describes your system completely. You cannot skip any parts of it.
<tune>yeah, talking about my manifest in this scenario
<rekado>with your user profile you have more flexibility
<tune>ncmpcpp failing
<rekado>you can do “guix package -u . --do-not-upgrade ncmpcpp”
<tune>oh wow that's neat
<tune>thank you
<tune>will I still guix pull as normal? also if I'm doing "guix package -m ~/manifest.scm" will I add the -u in addition to the -m? or can I just put the --do-not-upgrade bit at the end of the -m command?
<rekado>no, you can’t use that with manifests
<rekado>a manifest can only be instantiated completely or not at all.
<rekado>while the package build is broken, though, you could just temporarily switch to “guix package -u…”
<rekado>and then later go back to using the manifest
<rekado>“-u” is for upgrading; it has a more stateful, traditional appeal
<tune>are you suggesting I remove ncmpcpp from the manifest and install it the other way, or that I move all my packages to the other way?
<rekado>you don’t need to move anything
<rekado>when you run “guix package -u . --do-not-upgrade foo” you update all packages except for “foo”.
<rekado>that’s almost the same as using “guix package -m manifest.scm”
<tune>interesting, alright
<rekado>(if the previous profile generation was built from the manifest, that is.)
<rekado>“guix package -u” is stateful in that its behaviour depends on the current state of your profile
<rekado>that’s not great, but it can be convenient in cases like yours
<rekado>because the working variant of ncmpcpp remains in your profile and won’t be removed.
<tune>I've just run into an issue doing a guix pull now
<rekado>tune: just checking: do you have a ~/.config/guix/channels.scm?
<tune> more hash mismatch....
<tune>I'll check
<tune>only thing in there is current
<rekado>I don’t know where “5227d938e2b7bda22e2a7aa733e1e09a6c726f18” comes from.
<rekado>something is telling it to fetch that commit, but it doesn’t seem to exist.
<tune>I see
<rekado>I’ll try to reproduce this.
<rekado>looks like a bug
<tune>looks like spacefm is failing to build
<rekado>this was done in commit 6eac835f178c0c78637b0db8a4585a617b2f7622.
<rekado>the guix package was updated to be built from 5227d938e2b7bda22e2a7aa733e1e09a6c726f18, but I can’t seem to find that commit in the repo.
<rekado>this looks like a merge error, actually
<rekado>I’ll fix it.
<rekado>should be fine now.
<rekado>thanks for reporting this problem!
<tune>no problem
<rekado>tune: re spacefm: please send email to
<rekado>for packages that are not used much by contributors it’s possible that nobody noticed so far.
<tune>ah that makes sense
<rekado>reporting these build failures to the bug tracker is the best way to have it fixed (short of fixing it yourself :))
<rekado>j3kyl_: you previously wrote “next-gtk-webkit is list in website packages, but guix package -s cant find it...”
<rekado>j3kyl_: this means that you need to update your version of Guix with “guix pull”
<j3kyl_>rekado: oh, thanks. Indeed, just installed it! :D
<j3kyl_>wow, your erc is open since yesterday... I close/open it at least five time hehehe
<jlicht>hey guix!
<jlicht>happy Friday
<rekado>j3kyl_: I’m always connected via znc :)
<rekado>doesn’t mean I’m always online, though... ;)
<j3kyl_>:D erc way
<rekado>I use erc-znc in Emacs to connect to ZNC.
<j3kyl_>znc?! interesting...
<j3kyl_>hey, what is the guix 1.0 roadmap? I want to make sure to translate guix before it, if possible! hehe
<j3kyl_>300/7k done
<j3kyl_>if I translate 70 lines per day what(30m/day) I can make it in less than 100 days hehe
<rekado>j3kyl_: are you doing this via the
<jlicht>j3kyl_: There is a ROADMAP document in the git repo, but I am not sure if it has seen much love recently
<rekado>jlicht, j3kyl_ a better source is doc/ in the maintenance git repository.
<j3kyl_>rekado: yep. tp. ok!
<j3kyl_>I hope I will do it in time
<rekado>j3kyl_: what language do you translate?
<j3kyl_>rekado: en>pt
<j3kyl_>Ive been talking with my mons english school if they could help in those translation, should be a good project for eng newbies...
<jlicht>How does one get (emacs-)exwm to show up in the SLiM screen? Neither adding it to my list of additional packages in my system config, nor my personal profile seems to help
<joshuaBPMan>Hello, how would I go about setting up a guix script? I think that is where you can install a package and specify what happens when you call it's name. Specifically I would like "emacs" to run a script that tries to run "emacsclient -nc", if emacsserver is running...
<joshuaBPMan>Also, I think it would be cool to have an Emacs service definition! haha
<tune>getting "guix package: error: deluge: unknown package" when trying to update, but deluge still shows up fine in a search
<brendyyn>I just have a function in my .bash_profile called emacsc which runs emacsclient -a "" -c $@
<brendyyn>the -a "" means it'll start a new one with the empty name if it isnt already running
<joshuaBPMan>brendyyn: thanks
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<bavier>hello guix
<bavier>yay for the 0.16 release! great work all around
<tune>getting unknown package errors for two packages in the middle of my manifest. update going through after commenting them out. both show up in a 'guix package -s' with the name I'm using
<tune>how do I troubleshoot this
<tune>the packages in question are "deluge" and "sbcl-next"
<tune>possibly a temporary issue, I've now uncommented deluge and I'm not getting the error again so far
<bantan>bzip2-1.0.6 has a hash mismatch for the derivation - is there a way to force a substitute to be installed?
<civodul>bantan: you can use --fallback in this case
<sneek>civodul, you have 1 message.
<sneek>civodul, rekado says: Did you forget to push your changes to the website to the artwork repository? I can’t see the commits for changing the latest release version there.
<bantan>I'm on 0.15, last "pull" left some things not working, so I'd rather not update for the time being
<civodul>rekado: oops, fixed
*civodul has to go
<bantan>civodul: "When substituting a pre-built binary fails, fall back to building packages locally"
<bantan>civodul: but I want to use a substitute instead of a build (so, a derivation? Guix introduces a lot of new terms)
<tune>so I'm about to report a bug. should I include the build log, or is it enough to just say my guix version and that it failed to build
<bavier>tune: the version might be enough, but some relevant info from the build log might be useful
<tune>I notice it refers me to a .bz2. is there a program to open that without uncompressing it?
<bavier>bantan: without a 'guix pull' I think there's no good way to fix a hash mismatch error
<bavier>tune: bzless
<tune>nice, thanks
<bavier>(transparent decompression)
<tune>I don't have the eye for which part of this is useful, but I'll grab a line or two that says error in hopes of it being useful
<bavier>tune: whoever triages can ask for more details if necessary
<bantan>bavier: crap. well, here goes. lets hope I didn't waste the day
<bavier>bantan: the new software-heritage integration should help with hash mismatches like this
<bantan>software-heritage, derivation, store monad, substitute, module - before reading most of the manual, guix may as well be black magic
<tune>I've been using it all year and it still feels like black magic
<tune>although I must confess I have not read the manual much
<bavier>the manual is useful read
<bavier>s/is/is a/
<bantan>I did read the parts I needed at that point, but it's pretty extensive
<tune>yeah exactly
<tune>I read it a lot during the initial install, but it was a bit thick and intimidating to dive deeper into
<j3kyl_>jlicht: .xsession?
<jlicht>j3kyl_: hmm, perhaps. It seems that the exwm package has it's own xsession-related .desktop file, but this is not picked up by SLiM.
<jlicht>I'll try with xsession then :-)
<j3kyl_>jlicht: I had only exwm installed so I could call it with .xsession...
<j3kyl_>guix pull wont update from .15 to .16
<fps>Migrating profile generations to '/var/guix/profiles/per-user/fps'...
<fps>guix pull: error: symlink: File exists: "/var/guix/profiles/per-user/fps/current-guix"
<fps>oops. that's the error i get when running "guix pull" as user
<tune>I'm getting that constantly lately
<tune>both as user and root
<tune>I've been deleting the file with sudo rm and then rerunning my pulls
<tune>but the fact that it keeps happening tells me there must be a better fix
<fps>tune: ok, thanks. so i didn't screw it up..
<pkill9>that's basically what i've been doing, although renaming it instead of deleting it
<pkill9>i get that error onnevery `guix pull` lately
<pkill9>on every*
<rekado>pkill9: you shouldn’t get this error.
<rekado>pkill9: is there a bug report about this?
<tune>hash mismatch with nss-certs
<pkill9>i'm not sure, I haven't looked, I thought it was a common issue
<rekado>if you’re talking about “guix pull: error: symlink: File exists:” then no, that’s not a common issue.
<rekado>it has affected people upgrading from old versions of guix, but it is not something you should live with.
<rekado>this can be fixed.
<tune>how is it fixed? happens to me daily
<j3kyl_>hehehe, I aint that dumb as I think... Installed guix myself hehe
<fps>first occurence was for me while i ran guix package -i gnome-terminal in another terminal
<g_bor>hello guix!
<pkill9_>i found the memory-consuming problem, it's when i created a package which inherited an 'inferior'-generated package (which fails when i run `guix build -f package.scm` anyway), and include that package in the GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH (I think the problem occurs when gui automatically compiles that module)
<pkill9_>I think it occurs when guix compiles the module, because it says 'updating from guix commit ...' every guix command i run when it's included in the GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH, which made it look like the problem occured when trying to build the example manifest in the docs on the 'inferiors'
<lsl88>hi guix!
<lsl88>I am running guix system reconfigure with my .scm file. I only added a ssh service, but it fails.
<g_bor>how does it fail?
<lsl88>g_bor: I am trying to figure out what is wrong. I guess I only forgot to guix pull with my unprivileged user before reconfiguring
<lsl88>g_bor: I guix pulled with root account instead, then realized that :/
<g_bor>for another way to get clipboard integration you can try the spice-vdagent service
<g_bor>I did not see that recommended yet,
<j3kyl_>lsl88: share yar scm file?
<lsl88>j3kyl_: yes, I was going to share it. I wrote it fails because I was trying to remember the sequence of things that failed
<lsl88>And before that I ran `guix package -i openssh`
<g_bor>lsl88: there does not seem to be an ssh service in this config
<lsl88>g_bor: you are right, I messed the files.
<g_bor>I have to go now, see you later!
<lsl88>sorry, this is my
<lsl88>And I am also adding the error I am getting afterwards
<roptat>lsl88: somehow it's failing to build the guix package
<roptat>there might be more info in the log file: /var/log/guix/drvs/7d/8bgd866j9kllsrqr5mahqx72z3p59a-guix-0.16.0-3.6ddc63e.drv.bz2
<roptat>it doesn't seem related to your adding of an openssh service
<lsl88>roptat: I will take a look and copy that too
<lsl88>roptat: this is the second time this happens with my machine today. It crashes by not repsonding. I had enough time to open the log file and I get that there is no more space in the device. Cannot copy it, will have to exit and run my machine again
<lsl88>roptat: yes, I am new to qemu, but I created a raw image, of 50GB, I check the image and it has a size of 53GB, but my partition has only 10, and in fact it only has 500MB unused
<roptat>so can you grow the partitionQ
<civodul>rekado: sorry for the package-management.scm change!
<civodul>i didn't intend to commit it
<lsl88>roptat: it is the partition where I have everything , except for boot partition and swap
<roptat>lsl88: I think so, but i'm not sure what your setup is
<roptat>civodul: did you break something? could that be related to the failure lsl88 had when building guix?
<lsl88>roptat: I have just broke everything. BUT i have a backup I made this morning (my morning)
<roptat>my train is arriving, see you soon :)
<roptat>lsl88: sorry :/
<lsl88>roptat: nevermind, I will try to fix it with my backup or otherwise... still learning to install guixSD ;)
<civodul>roptat: i did but i noticed that rekado pushed a fix for that
<civodul>so i guess it was broken for a couple of hours