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<vagrantc>how long does it usually take something to land in master? #33283 was closed, but i don't see it in git.
<apteryx>I'm trying to test something and I'd need a network reachable VM (for an SSH server), but I have never managed to setup a wireless interface in a bridge. Has anyone a recipe for this?
<apteryx>have a recipe*
<rekado_>Hi Guix
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<rekado>we still have about 340 instances of the (zero? (system* …)) idiom in gnu/packages.
<rekado>and there are many instances of fetching generated volatile binaries from github.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>rekado: we should do something about this :-)
<rekado>I have just removed all these problems from bioinformatics.scm
<rekado>I’m moving on to music.scm now.
<civodul>should we add a lint check for generated tarballs?
<civodul>ok, that's something we can easily do
<efraim>It already checks for the name in the generated tarball, we could jsut change the warning itself to warn against 'archive' in the source url
<efraim>I might have something stashed
<snape>rekado, civodul: maybe we should consider s/https/http in since https doesn't work
<snape>(or fix https :-))
<civodul>rekado: "cerbot renew" on bayfront is currently stuck on an error i emailed to guix-sysadmin a few days ago, any ideas?
<efraim>civodul: rekado: here's what I have sitting around for unstable tarballs:
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>I did not see this guix-sysadmin list yet.
<g_bor>What is it about?
<efraim>TIL busybox has an ntpd implementation
<civodul>efraim: oh nice! looks like it's pretty much ready then
<civodul>efraim: you should probably use 'origin-uris', which returns a *list* or URIs, and perform the check on each of them
<civodul>also (eq? method url-fetch)
<civodul>and (string=? (uri-host (string->uri uri)) "")
<civodul>does that make sense?
<civodul>well you can send it to guix-patches if you want
<civodul>rekado: you had a poster giving an overview of Guix, didn't you?
<civodul>i'm giving a training session on Monday and it'd be a nice bonus to have it in place there
<roptat>hi guix!
<roptat>I'm having trouble using webgl in icecat, and it seems to be related to mozilla's sandbox
<roptat>I get this message: Sandbox: SandboxBroker: denied op=open rflags=2000000 perms=0 path=/gnu/store/f444wczkdh7507lp70fq2r80rpdjzjbm-mesa-18.1.5/lib/dri/ for pid=31671
<g_bor>hello roptat!
<g_bor>ISTM this is this bug:
<g_bor>It seems that it is fixed in firefox62.
<roptat>g_bor: I did compile firefox 62, but it still doesn't work
<g_bor>roptat: any you get the same error there?
<roptat>haven't checked the sandbox-related issue, but it's the same error on the javascript console
<roptat>yes, it's the same message from the sandbox too
<g_bor>also can you try some of the suggestions from here, to get some information about what is going wrong?
<g_bor>for example setting this MOZ_SANDBOX_LOGGING=1 environment might add something to the picture.
<g_bor>or this about:confgi setting security.sandbox.logging.enabled (boolean)
<roptat>that's what I've done, yes
<g_bor>also, does it work with the snadbox disabled?
<roptat>that's how I get the sandbox-related error message
<roptat>how do I disable it?
<roptat>found it
<roptat>it works with the sandbox disabled
<roptat>although it's not very performant
<g_bor>is it possible that mesa falls back to software rendering?
<roptat>it's better in my distro's firefox
<roptat>I'm using this:
<roptat>so it works in icecat, but we need to whitelist a few things
<g_bor>There was a mention in the firefox bug tracker, that this problem is only partially solved, and mesa might fall back if it does not have access, and that is not propagated up to the browser level...
<g_bor>Yes, that was also my guess.
<g_bor>Maybe we can get around with proper about:config settings, there is a whitelist at security.sandbox.content.read_path_whitelist
<roptat>I think we only need read whitelist for every lib/ folder in inputs
<roptat>g_bor: actually my guix version of firefox has good performance
<roptat>as long as I disable the sandbox
<g_bor>I see.
<g_bor>Nice to hear.
<g_bor>Would be nice to know what causes the performance regression when sandboxed...
<roptat>how can we add these options in the icecat build recipe?
<g_bor>I don't know yet, did not look at the recipe yet. Anyone?
<g_bor>I got interested in this, as I was just about to start creating a webpage where I would like to use webgl...
<g_bor>This was just about today morning :)
<lprndn>hello guix!
<roptat>g_bor: adding "/gnu/store/" (with a trailing /) to read_path_whitelist works, and it's a bit better than disabling sandboxing entirely
<civodul>is "123" invalid JSON?
<apteryx>I've got a serious font rendering issue on a foreign distro using the latest Guixes
<apteryx>I've tried the fc-cache -f trick but it is no cure :/
<lfam>apteryx: What's the issue?
<apteryx>Hmm, Gimp one seems resolved now (I rebooted)
<apteryx>lfam: blocky icones in place of text characters
<apteryx>it seems down to affect only icecat
<apteryx>The only two different "errors" output on the console when starting icecat are: 1541698785346 WARN Please specify whether you want browser_style or not in your browser_action options. and JavaScript error: resource://activity-stream/lib/Screenshots.jsm, line 102: TypeError: cache is undefined
<nly>apteryx for the font, try to mv .mozilla/icecat/ .bakup
<apteryx>Before rebooting I had cairo errors complaining about failing to maniputale the fonts (I forgot the exact wording) and to expect ugly output.
<apteryx>nly: still no go
<nly>Do you see squares instead of text?
<nly>in icecat?
<nly>hmm I think I've seen that twice on my desktop
<apteryx>I installed font-deja-vu and ran fc-cache -f but that didn't help
<nly>let me see if i can recreate the issue
<apteryx>OK, thanks for looking!
<nly>oh yeah
<nly>guix package -r font-tex-gyre font-dejavu font-
<nly>font-adobe-source-han-sans font-tex-gyre
<nly>I see the squares now
<apteryx>OK! I'll try to figure out which fonts are *needed*. Currently I have only font-hack and font-dejavu, and it's all blocks.
<nly>guix package -i font-dejavu fixed it for me
<nly>I have deja vu as my default font in icecat
<apteryx>hm... I wonder what is the default.
<apteryx>I can't "see" it now :)
<apteryx>maybe a grep in the settings, but it's probably binary
<nly>i think it should store it in .mozilla but you tried that already
<nly>grep might be a good idea
<apteryx>nothing useful comes out of grep
<apteryx>I did guix package -r font-hack font-dejavu and now I have the previous errors, such as: (/gnu/store/rdc5cgk89xz633pb8qdg6wmkgr38iig2-icecat-60.2.0-gnu1/lib/icecat/.icecat-real:16007): Pango-WARNING **: 18:00:20.212: failed to create cairo scaled font, expect ugly output. the offending font is 'Nimbus Sans L 9'
<apteryx>So the default font appears to be Nimbus
<apteryx>guix package -s tells me font-liberation contains substitutes for Nimbus -- I'll give it a shot.
<apteryx>nope :/
<apteryx>maybe we should have a baseline font package in guix and make sure it is sufficient to get any app up and running without further fonts.
<nly>that's a bit of a pickle to be in, since you can't even use the web browser to search for solutions
<apteryx>right. I'm down to finding what to add in the autocreated prefs.js preference file. Luckily I have another machine where I could customize the font to be dejavu, so this should give me a hint.
<lfam>Can't you rollback in order to use the web browser?
<apteryx>I tried but it was still broken (maybe because the settings got 'upgrade' by newer icecat)
<apteryx>even by putting this: in my icecat profile (user.js), it still doesn't help...
*apteryx scratches his head
<apteryx>(and of course I've reinstalled font-dejavu and reran fc-cache -f)
<nly>idk should I give you my configurations if it helps?
<nly>I can move .mozzilla/icecat/ to .bak then startup icecat to create a fresh configuration
<nly>with deja vu as default font
<apteryx>nly: if you move .mozilla/icecat to .bak and try it again, do you get into this catch? (looking for Nimbus fonts, but we can't provide it somehow)?
<apteryx>OK. So I expect anyone without prior use of Icecat to fall for this trap :/
<apteryx>(anyone who hadn't configured the default fonts to something else)
<apteryx>I'd be curious to compare your pref.js file with the default one to see which settings might do a difference.
<nly>ok gimme a sec
<nly>oh boy
<apteryx>so now I'm interested to know what in n39f4fmy.default/prefs.js :)
<nly>i'll archive it wait
<apteryx>OK :)
<apteryx>I'll try it now
<pkill9>can you add substitute servers/URLs that aren't running `guix publish`?
<pkill9>so just statically hosted archives or something
<pkill9>I don't think you can but I haven't looked into it
<apteryx>nly: I'm loading from that profile directly, and I see errors such as: (/gnu/store/rdc5cgk89xz633pb8qdg6wmkgr38iig2-icecat-60.2.0-gnu1/lib/icecat/.icecat-real:22557): Pango-WARNING **: 19:05:02.345: failed to create cairo scaled font, expect ugly output. the offending font is 'DejaVu Sans 9'
<apteryx>and: (/gnu/store/rdc5cgk89xz633pb8qdg6wmkgr38iig2-icecat-60.2.0-gnu1/lib/icecat/.icecat-real:22557): Pango-WARNING **: 19:05:02.345: font_face status is: file not found
<apteryx>it seems it cannot find my Deja Vu fonts
<nly>and I have the same icecat '/home/nly/.guix-profile/bin/icecat -> /gnu/store/rdc5cgk89xz633pb8qdg6wmkgr38iig2-icecat-60.2.0-gnu1/bin/icecat'
<apteryx>and the fonts are under: /home/mcournoyer/.guix-profile/share/fonts/truetype/
<apteryx>and i see it get stat'd with strace when icecat launches: stat("/home/mcournoyer/.guix-profile/share/fonts", {st_mode=S_IFDIR|0555, st_size=4096, ...}) = 0
<nly>try rolling back now though
<apteryx>maybe my fontconfig library is corrupted or something
<apteryx>although it's strange that it works in other applications such as Gimp
<apteryx>I'm out of ideas for now, but thanks for lending a hand!
<nly>np, hope you can fix it soon
<apteryx>ty :)
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<quiliro>hello guix
<quiliro>i did not get a response for
<quiliro>is there a reason for that?
<amz3>quiliro: good idea
<amz3>quiliro: the thing is that different person search for different things, that's why SO has a "duplicate question" feature
<amz3>StackOverflow, sorry.
<bitmapper>hey, uh, could i have some help with guixsd?
<bitmapper>i'm used to nix, is there a way to list all the system options?
<bitmapper>i know french
<pkill9>bitmapper: you mean all the available options in the configuration?
<pkill9>system configuation*
<pkill9>have a look at the manual
<bitmapper>why is the guix manual in french
<pkill9>you mean where? here is the french translation, but it seems large parts of it are still in english, hmm
<bitmapper>when i open it with info manual
<bitmapper>*info guix
<bitmapper>how do i add my own xsession