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<pkill9>in this case it hung on which is down or something i believe from reading irc messages
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<rekado>sneek: later tell snape I’m still traveling and can only take a closer look at Berlin on Sunday.
<rekado>sneek: botsnack
<rekado>civodul: Hi!
<rekado>civodul: is there really something wrong with right now?
<rekado>I can’t see anything obvious.
*rekado prepares for flying back home from Shenzhen
<rekado>oh, later messages say that berlin is busy again, so I take it that all is good now.
<civodul>rekado: nope! it's alright
<civodul>have a good trip back!
<emacsomancer>I've having trouble with `guix package -u`, xmlsec-nss-1.2.27.drv is failing, apparently a dependency of libreoffice
<brettgilio>Hello, all.
<nckx>emacsomancer: The tests are failing due to certutil (i.e. nss:bin) missing from xmlsec-nss. Should be an easy fix. [Dangerous words...]
<nckx>Yup, that solved it. I'll push a fix soon.
<nckx>o/ brettgilio
<brettgilio>nckx: How are you?
<nckx>brettgilio: Well but tired, thanks (it's 4:40 here). Yo'self?
<brettgilio>nckx: Currently cringing looking at the list of over 687 apps built using electron. Jesus christ
<nckx>I consider that language to be appropriate. Who's list?
<nckx>'Who's' — definitely bed-time.
<nckx>emacsomancer: Done. LibreOffice should start building soon. Fingers crossed.
<brettgilio>nckx: The official electron list, on their website.
<brettgilio>People have made pretty much everything short of an Emacs front-end for electron. Who wants a calculator that runs on 500mb of ram????
<nckx>Electron, like Chrom*, repulses me on a deep physical level. You'll find no disagreement from me.
<brettgilio>nckx: We will get along very well. Ha!
<nckx>The word 'lightweight' appears three times on that list. I do believe the end times are near.
<nckx>And with that I'm off to dream of electronic sheep.
<emacsomancer>nckx: cheers!
<tune>I keep having to delete /var/guix/profiles/per-user/USER/current-guix. anyone else having this issue?
<tune>I think I've had to do it both for my user and for the root account at least twice lately
<tune>"guix pull: error: symlink: File exists:" is the error
<tune>and I can sudo rm the file and then do guix pull and all that just fine, but why would it happen more than once?
<civodul>tune: by deleting it manually, you're probably confusing 'guix pull': now it thinks it has to migrate things that in fact have already been migrated
<bzp>hi guys
<bzp>I have some files with extension '.scm' that made in 'scheme' and they indicate to me that I can use 'guile', how can I compile and execute this file from emacs? What should I install and configure?
<atw>bzp: you may find helpful though emacs is not the only way -- if you want, you can also run guile from the command line
<civodul>efraim: your OverDrive is off-line :-)
<jlicht>hey guix!
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<nckx>Ouch: 'systemd-networkd is vulnerable to an out-of-bounds heap write in the DHCPv6 client [...] resulting in a denial of service or potential code execution.'
<nckx>GuixSD: security through hipster obscurity.
<Laalf>soooo... guixsd will awake mir from the dead because wayland is no fun and xorg is broken? will it also bring a good alternative to pulseaudio?
<efraim>Mir is also positioning itself to be a Wayland compositor for projects that don't want to implement everything
<Laalf>oh wow. mir was its own display server that looked pretty promising the last time i checked. but that was a few years ago
<Laalf>also "lets build the next generation display server. based on opengl. because that is not getting old, right?" is a bit funny.
<ranjanified>Hi Guys
<ranjanified>I need some help booting guixsd
<ranjanified>I installed after a lot of hassle
<ranjanified>but the success came with --no-bootloader option
<ranjanified>now I gotta boot it along side my preexisting dual boots?
<ranjanified>I already have Ubuntu and Windows on other partitions of my hard drive
<Laalf>ranjanified: ls /sys/firmware/efi/efivars shows if you can write to efivars. if the folder efi doesnt exist, you are booted in legacy mode.
<ranjanified>I think mine is not EFI
<ranjanified>but, let me check that
<ranjanified>ls: cannot access '/sys/firmware/efi/efivars': No such file or directory
<ranjanified>iyt says that..
<Laalf>(bootloader grub-efi-bootloader) (target "/boot/efi") is something you would use for efi, (bootloader grub-bootloader) (target "/dev/vda") for bios
<ranjanified>ah.. I am currently in my ubuntu
<Laalf>so you specify the bootloader as grub-bootloader and the target as the drive you intent to boot from
<ranjanified>in my config I specified grub-bootloader
<Laalf>the right drive?
<ranjanified>with the /dev/sda which is my hard drive
<ranjanified>and then I did guix system init
<ranjanified>but when it finally said copied and some operating system in /mnt..
<ranjanified>after that it guix system error: grub cannot be installed
<ranjanified>something like that
<ranjanified>then I ran the same command with --no-bootloader option, which did not give me any error, so I presumed that OS is installed
<Laalf>i am pretty sure you could install grub from another distro.... are you sure that your drive is mbr and not gpt?
<ranjanified>grub is already there
<ranjanified>as I have Ubuntu and Windows already running on the laptop
<Laalf>on the same hard drive?
<ranjanified>but when I reboot I don't see any options for guix..
<ranjanified>yes, but have like 10 partitions
<Laalf>i dont know if the grub-bootloader can handle gpt
<ranjanified>3 primary and 6 in the extended one
<Laalf>you are the first one to tell me that gpt works on bios platforms
<luciddreamzzz>just need bios boot partishen
<luciddreamzzz>on gpt right?
<ranjanified>there is a separate and dedicated partition for /boot
<luciddreamzzz>grub may not have entry for guixsd
<ranjanified>so now I have like 1 partition for /boot. 2 for windows(NTFS), 5 for Ubuntu, and 1 I have installed guixsd after a lot of trouble
<luciddreamzzz>you could try super grub2 iso see if it finds guixsd
<ranjanified>@luciddreazzz true, it does not have one
<luciddreamzzz>i use that for quick troubleshoot of grub
<ranjanified>hmm.. Ok..
<Laalf>does guix's grub have os-prober to detect other oses?
<luciddreamzzz>but there were some server issues a day or 2 back im surprised ytou got it installed
<luciddreamzzz>Laalf, i do not know but i doubt it
<ranjanified>mate, it took me 2 days..
<luciddreamzzz>yeah i am not sure if something is broken on mine i cannot open emacs
<ranjanified>504s have troubled me so so much
<luciddreamzzz>i know it is installed on my user
<Laalf>i still have issues with python since i dont have enough ram. time to get a new notebook.
<luciddreamzzz>did guix pull, no problem but stuff no working
<luciddreamzzz>ooh yeah python install
<Laalf>guix pull compiles python
<Laalf>so i cant even guix pull
<luciddreamzzz>more swap?
<Laalf>swap doesnt get used and linux kills it. on my notebook it just swaps and then nothing works anymore.
<Laalf>i should log off and run guix pull in a tty and see what happens.
<ranjanified>just a quick info, from last 2 days, I got so many HTTP 504(Gateway Timeouts) , plus coupld of 404s,a nd few more..
<Laalf>when i go to sleep
<ranjanified>who to check with?
<Laalf>ranjanified: hydra is getting upgrades. that is why
<luciddreamzzz>i think it is A-OK now
<ranjanified>-) anyways I put both hydra and berlin in the command.. :-D
<ranjanified>but some faile deven with that
<Laalf>even berlin had some downtime i think. or at least some issues
<ranjanified>finally --fallback, which ran almost a day long
<luciddreamzzz>yeah that was the upgrade time
<luciddreamzzz>bad time to be new user (like me)
<ranjanified>Even I am so so new
<Laalf>bad time to not have masses of ram
<ranjanified>@luciddreamzz I will try that tool out tomorrow
<ranjanified>what if id doesn't, or any next steps suggestions?
<luciddreamzzz>yeah i mean otherwise look at your /boot/grub/grub.conf file
<luciddreamzzz>maybe try manually adding guixsd
<ranjanified>Like the other ones about Ubuntu that I have alredy, the entries have the name of kernel image and initrd image..
<ranjanified>any idea where this could be located, in guixsd?
<ranjanified>or any hint?
<luciddreamzzz>well.. the hmm
<luciddreamzzz>in your guix config.scm file
<luciddreamzzz>that is where you told "guix system" to put everything
<luciddreamzzz>the no brainer way is to boot off that "super grub2 disk" and see what it finds :)
<ranjanified>sure, I will do that tomorrow, and will be back for any more help
<ranjanified>hope to see you again :-D
<ranjanified>bye for now
<luciddreamzzz>its small download, OK good luck
<luciddreamzzz>yeah i'm probably be in here :)
<ranjanified>yeah, but I can hardly keep my eyes open
<ranjanified>see you next time then
<ranjanified>take care
<luciddreamzzz>ok yeah i'm going outside its still early afternoon here
<civodul>rekado: did you manage to verify the signature for guile-sdl2?
<civodul>it was broken for me when i tried