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<EternalZenith>You should run it before, yes
<EternalZenith>Although it can take a little while, especially your first time
<cornburglar>Hopefully that fixes it
<EternalZenith>Is this your first try installing GuixSD?
<EternalZenith>I'll be away for about an hour, I'll try and do what I can if you need help when I get back
<cornburglar>I had it installed ~6 months ago. I'm switching back from OpenBSD
<cornburglar>New error:
<cornburglar>Not that link
<cornburglar>There we are
<ngz>I have a trivial question. What would be a simple way to copy the contents of a directory DIR, which contains files and sub-directories, to a directory OUT?
<ngz>For some reason, I only find convoluted ways to do that.
<cornburglar>cp -R dir/* out/
<cornburglar>Like that?
<ngz>Yes, that, but in Guix lingo.
<ngz>My convoluted way looks like (for-each (lambda (f) (unless (member f '("." "..")) (copy-recursively f OUT))) (scandir DIR))
<cornburglar>That's not too bad is it
<ngz>I was hoping for something more elegant.
<ngz>I could throw in a `match-lambda' ...
<EternalZenith>Is there a resource that shows which guix procedures translate to common shell builtins/utilities?
<EternalZenith>Are there any simple-ish example init.scm's for shepherd?
<luciddreamzzz>hey how do i prevent it keeps downloating to /gnu/store
<moaz>that's kind of how guix works I think
<luciddreamzzz>i just want to install grub actually
<luciddreamzzz>yeah.. i think you are right
<moaz>you would install grub and then grub-install [device]
<moaz>where [device] is the appropriate device as shown by lsblk
*apteryx zZzz
<luciddreamzzz>i have nothing in /boot/efi either that's right
<luciddreamzzz>i tried chrooting but couldnt find a profile
<luciddreamzzz>now i just figure backup /gnu/store but whats the point
<luciddreamzzz>did guix system reconfigure
<luciddreamzzz>it started downloading
<luciddreamzzz>there was possible error in config i used (uuid="abcd-1234") 'fat32
<luciddreamzzz>instead of 'fat
<luciddreamzzz>dunno if that was going to work either
<luciddreamzzz>it gets all the way through no errors but never installs grub because it i dunno
<luciddreamzzz>it should be ok with a ext2 /boot though correct?
<luciddreamzzz>need to pass --only-bootloader option
<luciddreamzzz>wait i mean i used 'fat like in docs
<luciddreamzzz>is that why it couldnt find it wants 'fat32 instead im thinking
<luciddreamzzz>isnt gpt efi most common scenario?
<luciddreamzzz>if not i wont bother and use bios dos
<luciddreamzzz>i spose i could just setup substitute server of my own and publish em
<luciddreamzzz>not to hard
<luciddreamzzz>anyone ever do thator no
<luciddreamzzz>why doesnt it calculate hash on substitutes in store and not re-download them moaz
<luciddreamzzz>am i missing something?
<luciddreamzzz>i suppose the build environment and dependancies come into play when doing that...
<moaz>I'm not sure I understand the question tbh
<luciddreamzzz>its all good
<luciddreamzzz>its not just sha256
<luciddreamzzz>of substitute
<luciddreamzzz>hashes of hashes
<luciddreamzzz>i think dont quote me
<moaz>i think im too sleepy to understand whats being said
<luciddreamzzz>saw nix when it was new but never gave it a try so im learning
<luciddreamzzz>hey do you use bios or efi
<moaz>bios now
<moaz>I used efi on parabola
<luciddreamzzz>I'm thinking if this fails I will try bios/dos
<luciddreamzzz>ok that looks good parabola
<luciddreamzzz>i want btrfs and i am wondering if it would be better to use ext4 /boot
<moaz>I use xfs for everything
<luciddreamzzz>i know btrfs works with uuid
<luciddreamzzz>ok cool docs say only ext4 and btrfs are working
<luciddreamzzz>may have misread
<moaz>well to be fair I dont use guixsd
<moaz>that said, I'm not sure why only those two FSes would wörk
<luciddreamzzz>no? just guix?
<moaz>not even that ;-p
<luciddreamzzz>XFS is a good choice I think you're on to somethign
<luciddreamzzz>that's cool nix?
<luciddreamzzz>im just trying to get a build environment
<moaz>sorry im not a powr user :-(
<luciddreamzzz>Fedora's good
<luciddreamzzz>hows Wayland :)
<luciddreamzzz>I had Fedora actually in vm it seemed good actually
<moaz>I think I use x11
<moaz>because I have redshift running
<luciddreamzzz>ok yeah nice feature
<luciddreamzzz>they are pushing Wayland so it gets more testing
<luciddreamzzz>i noticed some glitches and didnt like Gnome3
<moaz>I use xfce4
<luciddreamzzz>i mean it wasnt bad just too much like a touchscreen
<luciddreamzzz>mm that works
<luciddreamzzz>wth there is something in my EFI dir
<luciddreamzzz>yeah not sure why grub install failed
<moaz>is your drive encrypted
<luciddreamzzz>efi flag set
<luciddreamzzz>im going to recheck partitioning
<luciddreamzzz>esp flag rather
<luciddreamzzz>hmm not shure what deal was but now super grub2 boot disk detects guixsd
<luciddreamzzz>im all set
<luciddreamzzz>yep so guessing i can do grub-install after this crap finishes
<luciddreamzzz>first time in i3 wut am i doin here
<moaz>congrats I guess
<luciddreamzzz>yeah thanks it works
<luciddreamzzz>i think maybe efi needed a scan?
<luciddreamzzz>not sure why grub iso wasnt picking up on it
<luciddreamzzz>waht the hell never had to mess with EFI shell either
<luciddreamzzz>maybe i did and forgot but efi must have been there whole time
<luciddreamzzz>'fat is supported then hmm
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<rekado>Hi Guix!
<janneke>hey rekado!
<efraim>i got distracted from core-updates by qt failing on core-updates, and now I'm working on a new qt-updates branch
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>I was looking at strip-jar-timestamps in ant-build-system, and realized that it uses jar to extract the files.
<g_bor>In the java bootstrap we don't have that yet.
<g_bor>I don't think any problem would arise if we changed this function to use zip instead.
<g_bor>That way we could use the code in the java bootstrap unchanged.
<janneke>g_bor: sounds like a good way to break the bootstrap loop
<rekado>g_bor: “jar” has some special behaviour when a manifest is involved (e.g. creating it when it is not provided). If that’s no concorn here then using zip would be fine.
<rekado>looks like it’s only used to unpack
<janneke>indeed, g_bor: what are your concerns?
<rekado>to repack we already use zip
<rekado>so I think it may be fine.
<g_bor>rekado: ok, thanks, just wanted to know if you already have some exeprience with this.
<g_bor>I will prepare a patch then.
<g_bor>did you also notice that debbugs breaks lines?
<g_bor>It cause me some headaches yesterday...
<janneke>haven't noticed
<g_bor>I had a patch sent inline in an e-mail, and the context contained a long line.
<g_bor>That was one line in my mail client, but it was wrapped on debbugs.
<g_bor>I downloaded the mbox from there, and used git am on that.
<g_bor>It complained that the patch is corrupt, and indeed it was, as the wrapping created a line starting with no space + or -.
<g_bor>rekado: I intend to target these java bootstrap related patches to staging, after core-updates merge. Is that ok?
<g_bor>In the meanwhile, can I help on core-updates? Is there anything that is priority before the merge?
<rekado>g_bor: targeting staging is fine. core-updates really should be merged soon.
<rekado>we’re a quite some time behind schedule.
<rekado>what everyone could do is to reconfigure their own systems on core-updates.
<ajjlmau>What does the invoke procedure do?
<rekado>ajjlmau: it spawns a process and raises an error if the process fails.
<rekado>we are using it instead of the (zero? (system* …)) idiom.
<ajjlmau>How can I find the definition of it?
<ajjlmau>or where can I find it
<rekado>ajjlmau: it’s defined in (guix build utils)
<ajjlmau>rekado: thanks
<ajjlmau>I'm trying to package screenfetch. Where is my definition:
<ajjlmau>When I try to install it, it says "no code for module (screenfetch)"
<rekado>how do you try to install it?
<rekado>There is no module (screenfetch). Your module is called (gnu packages screenfetch).
<rekado>(I recommend putting it into an existing module instead of creating a new one.)
<rekado>ajjlmau: to anticipate future errors: your builder needs to end on #t and (use-modules (guix build utils)) because “invoke” is defined in that module.
<ajjlmau>I have set GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH to the path of screenfetch.scm and I'm trying to install it with guix package -i screenfetch
<rekado>the path to Guile modules must match the module name.
<rekado>for a module named (gnu packages screenfetch) you need to place it in $GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH/gnu/packages/screenfetch.scm
<janneke>i get an error compiling gnu/tests/install.scm
<janneke>ERROR: In procedure string-drop: Value out of range 0 to 27: 38
<ajjlmau>rekado: I changed builder to `(#:builder (invoke "chmod +x screenfetch-dev") #t)
<ajjlmau>Now I'm getting "Invalid keyword: #t"
<g_bor>rekado: Ok, I will reconfigure on core-updates.
<janneke>g_bor: could you tell me if this works for you?
<janneke>rm -f gnu/tests/install.go; srcdir=. /gnu/store/2w5kxhmkq4zkamsgx1b40vr3ii1z4dxb-profile/bin/guile -L "." --no-auto-compile -s build-aux/compile-all.scm gnu/tests/install.scm
<janneke>, choose your own /gnu/store/...bin/guile of course
<rekado>ajjlmau: wrap this all in (begin …)
<Laalf>does anyone run reverse prime on guixsd?
<pkill9>does anyone know if a tool exists that reads a configure file to find a list of all dependencies required?
<ng0>the human mind :)
<ng0>and sometimes the output of ./configure --help
<janneke>let's hear it for mixing code and data, yay!
<efraim>Reposurgeon is dead to me, broken on core-updates as-is and ported to go in the newest version
<efraim>On the plus side my qt-updates branch might be ready for hydra
<EternalZenith>How do you launch shepherd services as a user?
<EternalZenith>According to the manual, the socket for users should be found in /run/user/<UID>/shepherd/socket, but that doesn't exist
<EternalZenith>And again, as soon as I ask a question I figure out the issue...
<EternalZenith>I forgot to start shepherd in my user
<EternalZenith>What is the recommended way to start shepherd on login? I'm trying to replace my startup scripts with services
<efraim>EternalZenith: I haven't gotten around to doing it yet, but here's what I have for a reference:
<EternalZenith>efraim: How are you starting shepherd in the first place, though? I don't want to have to run "shepherd" each time I log in, and there are things I would like to have started whenever I log on, even if I don't have X started
<pkill9>i know some services allow you to specify a user to run them as
<pkill9>for example the mpd service
<pkill9>although that one in particular failed to work with pulseaudio last time i tried
<EternalZenith>pkill9: I've seen that, but I'm trying to use shepherd services to run everything I have in the background
<pkill9>that's what i want to do EternalZenith, unfortunately the only way i know of is running shepherd as a user
<EternalZenith>e.g. compton, emacs --daemon, network-manager-applet
<efraim>perhaps something with .profile and making sure it's only running once, but i'm really not sure, we don't have anything automatic like systemd user services built in
<pkill9>perhaps there could be a shepherd service for shepherd, lol
<EternalZenith>I was thinking about tossing "shepherd &" in .zprofile, but I'm not sure if it's honored when logging in through SLiM
<EternalZenith>I'm planning on trying to figure out how to use startx on GuixSD, but I have a bunch of other things I want to figure out
<efraim>startx isn't easy, some other people have looked into it in the help-guix maillinglist
<pkill9>to get the startx command, just add `xorg-xinit` package to your profile (system or user profile i assume is fine)
<pkill9>oh is it not?
<pkill9>ah well
<EternalZenith>pkill9: I have all that, but startx on here has a lot of issues when using it normally
<EternalZenith>I've seen there is a service provided to create a config you should use, but I'm not exactly sure how to configure it
<emacsomancer>I haven't had the chance to dig into it, but shouldn't shepherd allow for (guile) configuration of services?
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<cbaines>I think shepherd hates me...
<cbaines>Does it normally error, when trying to report errors? I'm seeing: ERROR: In procedure scm-error:
<pkill9>what does the error say?
<cbaines>I've wrapped the whole start gexp in a (catch #t ...) expression now, so at least it doesn't crash when I start the service now
*janneke starts two more world rebuilds -> zZzz