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<ajjlmau>what should I use as a build-system for a package that is just a script?
<apteryx>ajjlmau: one reason would be that it comes with the usual configure and make scripts
<apteryx>how do I make guix package -u 'some-package' emit build logs? I'm trying with --verbose, but it doesn't help.
<apteryx>I used guix build to show the error, and now get: 'fatal: dumb http transport does not support shallow capabilities' when it attempts to build libssh-0.7.6-checkout... Any ideas?
<tune>guix pull: error: Git error: could not open '/home/brad/.cache/guix/pull/pjmkglp4t7znuugeurpurzikxq3tnlaywmisyr27shj7apsnalwq/.git/logs/refs/remotes/origin/wip-next-browser2' for writing: Permission denied
<tune>just got this during a guix pull
<tune>lots of weirdness with updates the last few days
<tune>saw a couple stray things were owned by root instead of my user. gonna try chowning/chgrping them
<apteryx>to reproduce, just try to: './pre-inst-env guix build libssh' on the latest guix master branch.
<civodul>tune: try "sudo chown -R brad:users ~brad/.cache/guix"
<civodul>you encountered the same issue a couple of days ago, right?
<tune>not sure if it was the same issue, but I've had other issues lately, two or three times I had to sudo rm a guix-current file or something of the sort
<tune>I already did a chown and chgrp and then the updates went through
<civodul>apteryx: i can reproduce the problem with: guix build "/gnu/store/f0i7bdcg1lksr9dhz0cidi3ym8r8a5wl-libssh-0.7.6-checkout.drv" --check
<civodul>could you email bug-guix Cc: Leo to report the issue?
*civodul -> zZz
<civodul>good night/day!
<emacsomancer>how do/can kernel modules work in guix? dkms doesn't seem to exist.
<rk4>is building a docker image from a docker file, and running docker images inside guixsd an easy thing? looks like docker-compose is packaged, but maybe not docker itself
<rk4>[docker.scm is just docker-compose and some python libs]
<apteryx>sneek_: botsnack
<apteryx>sneek_: sneeky
<apteryx>where's sneek?
<apteryx>rk4: we don't have docker itself yet, so not possible right now.
<apteryx>you can generate docker images from guix OS definitions, though, which is cool
<apteryx>or VMs
<emacsomancer>rk4: you could use the nix standalone package manager to install docker on guix
<apteryx>or participate in trying to get docker packaged for Gui
<emacsomancer>as a stop-gap, I meant :)
<apteryx>When trying out 'M-x guix-profiles' from Emacs-Guix, I get: "guix-profile->entry: No packages in ’current-4-link’. Is it a real profile?" Does it work for someone else?
<emacsomancer>apteryx: it seems to work fine for me
<emacsomancer>I don't get any message like that - it shows me profiles (3 - I don't quite understand what the first is, but the others are my user and system) with generations and packages
<rk4>ah. last question. if docker isn't a thing yet, i can always run docker in a VM (like all those OSX users...), i see there's a qemu package, am i correct in thinking kvm will work fine?
<rk4>[in guixsd]
<g_bor>hello guix!
<janneke>hello g_bor!
<luciddreamzzz>DOCKERS CRAP
***rekado_ is now known as rekado
<rekado>luciddreamzzz: this is not the kind of tone we want on this channel.
<rekado>rk4: yes, qemu + kvm usually works fine (depending on hardware).
<luciddreamzzz>sorry caps
<luciddreamzzz>docker is badly broken
<ajjlmau>I'm trying to package screenfetch. There is only one step to intsall it, "chmod +x screenfetch-dev". I don't really understand how I should build it.
<ajjlmau>I think I should use trivial-build-system but I don't know what I should use in the #:builder argument.
<thomassgn>ajjlmau: try looking at some other definitions that use trivial-build and do something similar. I keep a git clone of guix so I can 'grep' it for these kinds of things. I haven't understood or used the trivial-build system myself yet. Hope it helps :)
<ajjlmau>thomassgn: yeah thats what I'm trying to do
<buenouanq>ajjlmau: we already have neofetch if you just want something that does that
<buenouanq>not to discourage anyone from making new packages
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>ajjlmau: I've hade a look at this.
<g_bor>I would do a bin directory in the output, and copy screenfetch-dev there, then chmod +x.
<g_bor>also it would be nice to rename it to screenfetch.
<joshuaBPMan>morning guix!
<janneke>hmm, sqlite3.scm:558:11: Throw to key `sqlite-error' with args `(#f 5 "database is locked")'.
<apteryx>emacsomancer: thanks for letting me know; it could be a bug that slipped in the latest commits from the master branch of emacs-guix. I'll check the history.
<mbakke>civodul: Is Hydra supposed to be idle?
<civodul>hey ho!
<civodul>mbakke: not particularly, why?
<civodul>we can give it some work if you want
<mbakke>civodul: Just noticed the queue has been empty since yesterday.
<civodul>mbakke: oh, fixed now
<civodul>Mark had stopped it as the machine was being backed up (not sure if you've seen that on guix-sysadmin)
<mbakke>civodul: Oh right, so I suppose the switch on Monday is mostly just a reboot then.
<janneke>hi civodul!
<civodul>hey janneke!
<civodul>mbakke: well it will be turned off for half a day presumably
<ajjlmau>should guix pull be working?
<civodul>heh :-)
<civodul>it should, yes
<ajjlmau>it doesn't work with me
*janneke *just* built a fresh x86_64 %bootstrap-mes -- sadly the sha hash hash changed
<janneke>now waiting for x86 %bootstrap-mes
<janneke>*has changed
<civodul>janneke: it has changed because the build is not reproducible or because other things below have changed?
<janneke>yes, i changed things below -- it's not a content hash of course!
<janneke>i keep forgetting and also wondering about that
<janneke>whether we couldn't somehow add some dependency shortcuts/fork-points if content hashes are identical
<janneke>civodul: i'm not sure about the reproducible bit, but last time g_bor and you both got the same result as I did...
<civodul>sounds good
*janneke goes to grab some supper while x86 builds...
<civodul>ajjlmau: i just tried and 'guix pull' works for me (i updated to commit 227da3a4c5e8420927c1f69c6c87d7d2a62040fe)
<civodul>could you paste the error you got?
<ajjlmau>civodul: here:
<AlishbaKabeer>hola guys
<AlishbaKabeer>hope you guys are doing great.
<apteryx>what's is the difference betwen 'current' and 'latest' under ~/.config/guix/ ?
<apteryx>AlishbaKabeer: Hello! In #guix, we try to use more inclusive terms such as 'people' rather than 'guys'.
<AlishbaKabeer>apteryx: thanks for telling that
<AlishbaKabeer>I'd adopt it from now
<apteryx>no problem! It used to be new for me as well :)
<EternalZenith>Is that really an issue with the word "guys?"
<EternalZenith>Whenever I've heard it it ends up being used as a more friendly "people"
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: which one is friendly? people or guys?
<EternalZenith>I've always heard "guys" used as a more friendly, familliar way to say "people"
<EternalZenith>Although it can, depending on context, often be used to specifically refer to men
<EternalZenith>On an unrelated note: I take it "guix pull" is broken for everyone due to the issue with libssh?
<apteryx>EternalZenith: while it's true that in many places it became common to call a group of friends 'guys', no matter their gender, it doesn't really make the term more inclusive, especially in IT ;)
<EternalZenith>apteryx: Yeah, I understand that and I'm not trying to be confrontational
<apteryx>EternalZenith: Oh! Is this the shallow copy error thrown by git that I reported yesterday?
<apteryx>*shallow capabilities
<EternalZenith>I think so, let me rerun guix pull
<apteryx>Ludovic said it ended up working after 1-2 minutes of waiting; did you wait that long?
<EternalZenith>I probably should have waited longer
<EternalZenith>I tried running it with --verbosity=5 and it failed outright
<EternalZenith>Should the --verbosity flag affect anything regarding the build itself?
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: I forgot which package provides import command
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: Import command for what?
<AlishbaKabeer>in linux its used to grab screen
<EternalZenith>Huh, something I have has that included with it
<AlishbaKabeer>magick or something provides that. I think I just tried to install libmagick but got busy. and now tried to use import in same terminal. either I don't have rehash in .zshrc or I libmagick doesn't provide it
<EternalZenith>Imagemagick has it
<AlishbaKabeer>wow yeah thats
<AlishbaKabeer>I'd send you something :P
<EternalZenith>Anyone know if there is a suggested way to search through the /gnu/store? Right now I'm just using find and grep
<EternalZenith>Guix pull just succeded
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: @bar(input):button1
<EternalZenith>You're using guix in arch?
<AlishbaKabeer>yesterday my laptop wasn't going above one hour. even it died once I tried to install a browser. today I haven't plugged it since morning and now its 22:35 here still its at 40%
<AlishbaKabeer>no EternalZenith I came back :P
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm poor girl, have only this laptop. and we aren't allowed to work too. I can't afford this distro.
<ajjlmau>EternalZenith: guix pull fails on my machine
<EternalZenith>ajjlmau: Is it completely failing, or is it just giving you an error and continuing?
<ajjlmau>here is the error
<EternalZenith>ajjlmau: It did that for me a couple times, and then somehow succeded
<ajjlmau>well I'll try again
<EternalZenith>ajjlmau: That is a completely different error from what I had
<ajjlmau>Maybe I should try to reinstall GuixSD. I was planning to do that anyway.
<EternalZenith>ajjlmau: It looks like something got corrupted in the download? I'm not sure
<EternalZenith>Are you on another distro right now?
<ajjlmau>I'm on guixSD
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: me?
<EternalZenith>no, ajjlmau
<EternalZenith>Is there much reason to do a full reinstall of GuixSD? Most things seem to be fixed by just rerunning "guix system reconfigure", and "guix gc" cleans up old, unused things in the store
<AlishbaKabeer>someone using postfix ?
<AlishbaKabeer>I use it to send mails from my gmail.
<AlishbaKabeer>I was just thinking of just encrypting my home dir
<AlishbaKabeer>I have to save my password in plain in /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd
<AlishbaKabeer>so I was thinking about a hack
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm gonna explain it now.
<AlishbaKabeer>gpg -er UID /tmp/password
<AlishbaKabeer>so its now encrypted for me now.
<AlishbaKabeer>none can see it.
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: I'm not sure if this is the best idea, but you could symlink the file
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: how?
<EternalZenith>Have the file stored in your home, and symlink it to /etc/
<AlishbaKabeer>wow. that's great idea
<ajjlmau>EternalZenith: I'm planning to reinstall because I want to use encryption.
<AlishbaKabeer>so postfix will only work if my home is unencrypted. else it won't
<EternalZenith>ajjlmau: Ah, that makes sense
<EternalZenith>ajjlmau: Are you going to encrypt your whole root directory?
<pkill9>EternalZenith: i needed to reinstall it to write to the uefi part of my laptop or something
<AlishbaKabeer>I have been using encryption for so long but now I think I should only encrypt my homedir
<pkill9>i'm sure there's a way to write that wthout reinstlaling though
<pkill9>would be good if `guix system` provided a way to do that
<ajjlmau>EternalZenith: Yes with unencrypted /boot.
<EternalZenith>I had a bunch of pain getting my encryption working because of how I wanted to have by encryption set up
<AlishbaKabeer>if you have uefi system, you can use your own keys and and enable secure boot
<EternalZenith>That would be something interesting to look into
<EternalZenith>One of the things that attracted me to NixOS/GuixSD was how you could have complicated things like that configured with a couple lines in one file
<EternalZenith>Although GuixSD seems to be kinda lacking in how many things you can do in that way right now
<ajjlmau>btw EternalZenith I'm trying to learn defining packages with screenfetch. How should I define the build-system when the only step to install screenfetch is "chmod +x /usr/local/bin/screenfetch-dev".
<ajjlmau>I know I have to use trivial-build-system but I don't know how I should define #:builder.
<EternalZenith>ajjlmau: I'm trying to figure out how to do something like that with another package
<ajjlmau>oh, okay
<EternalZenith>I'm trying to find a package in the official collection that does that
<EternalZenith>*uses that method
<AlishbaKabeer>I've to reboot. lets meet after I come back
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm back
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm wondering how people hate systemd :P
<AlishbaKabeer>its the time with encryption. even with lenovo firmware. I can save some more seconds if I do librebot
<EternalZenith>My firmware takes 10-15 seconds to get to the bootloader
<AlishbaKabeer>I use efistub
<AlishbaKabeer>NO external bootmanager I use
<EternalZenith>I messed around with that a bit
<AlishbaKabeer>if you have efi installed, the thing you're calling 'bootloader' is cheating on you
<AlishbaKabeer>that's not really a bootloader.
<AlishbaKabeer>that's just a bootmanager.
<AlishbaKabeer>it creates enteries in ESP
<EternalZenith>It's useful sometimes
<EternalZenith>On GuixSD, it allows you to boot into old states of your system
<EternalZenith>Select a different boot entry, get a different system state
<AlishbaKabeer>I was hearing about that yesterday yeah
<AlishbaKabeer>I think by you
<EternalZenith>But yeah, so often you don't really need a bootloader if you spend a half-hour configuring your kernel to boot on its own
<AlishbaKabeer>I was thinking about something.
<AlishbaKabeer>if we encrypt the / and enable efistub. won't it ask for unlocking?
<ajjlmau>I use libreboot
<AlishbaKabeer>I mean it has ability to ask for password?
<EternalZenith>The kernel does
<AlishbaKabeer>so it will work right
<EternalZenith>Yeah, that is how I had it on arch
<AlishbaKabeer>without grub?
<AlishbaKabeer>or with it?
<AlishbaKabeer>grub can ask. but I never tried it yet with efistub
<EternalZenith>I was using systemd-boot
<EternalZenith>But it doesn't handle disk encryption
<AlishbaKabeer>that also creates an entery 'linux boot manager'
<EternalZenith>If your /boot is encrypted, grub can and will decrypt it
<AlishbaKabeer>so your / was encrypted when you were using bootctl
<EternalZenith>Systemd-boot and efistub both rely on using the kernel's inbuilt luks/cryptsetup support
<AlishbaKabeer>so we just have to have a kernel with these modules enabled?
<EternalZenith>That doesn't work with GuixSD, because it stores the kernels in /gnu/store, which would be encrypted
<EternalZenith>On GuixSD, you need to decrypt your root so grub can load the kernel, then the kernel needs to be given the passphrase/key so it can access the partition
<EternalZenith>So you have to enter the passphrase twice
<AlishbaKabeer>and you know in arch we can have LTS with upstream. so if with efistub if something goes wrong just press F12 while booting
<AlishbaKabeer>and you get the thing done
<AlishbaKabeer>same way any custom bootmanager does
<ajjlmau>I had encrypted guixSD earlier. It was really annoying to enter the passphare twice.
<EternalZenith>ajjlmau: Yeah, especially since grub is quite slow when loading the encrypted root and requires you reboot if you enter it incorrectly
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: Bootloaders aren't strictly necessary any more with efi, but they are more flexible, potentially more reliable considering the state of some computers' firmware, and often more convenient
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm distrohoper and I can say alot about this distro but I don't wanna lose this channel :P I have got many nice people helping here
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: that idea is working. I just checked it.
<AlishbaKabeer>I dont use mail very much. so I don't start it at boot. I just do systemctl start postfix when I need it
<AlishbaKabeer>someone using mpd with ncmpcpp ? I was thinking of have album art in terminal
<ajjlmau>AlishbaKabeer: I'm also a distrohopper and I wouldn't want to hop from this distro. But I have to say that this is a hard distro to use.
<AlishbaKabeer>ajjlmau: I love the hard part as it gives you a lot to learn. but for me I didn't have wifi. and I don't feel good having libre distro and using other kernel
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: I got wifi working surprisingly painlessly yesterday
<EternalZenith>I'm not sure how much this channel would permit me to say, given it's an official GNU thing
<AlishbaKabeer>with this kernel you got that? congrats
<EternalZenith>I had to compile a custom kernel and firmware, but it was fairly easy
<EternalZenith>You can find package definitions on github/gitlab that have it
<AlishbaKabeer>hmm nice
<janneke>civodul: more bootstrap spamming ;-) all built again
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: I'm not good at english but I think your name has eternal in which muslims, jews believe. isn't it?
<AlishbaKabeer>+ christians too.
<moaz>that's not what eternal means
<moaz>eternal sort of means something that lives forever
<AlishbaKabeer>moaz I also meant that
<moaz>they're different concepts
<moaz>though I can see the connection
<AlishbaKabeer>in forever life only muslims, jews and christians believe
<moaz>but I think you're referring to the hereafter
<AlishbaKabeer>yeah that's the forever life.
<AlishbaKabeer>They all have different views but share samething about it. AFAIK
<AlishbaKabeer>welcome back moaz
<moaz>my internet tho -__-
<AlishbaKabeer>lets talk on whatsapp
<moaz>i hate my isp
<AlishbaKabeer>lol I love mine
<ajjlmau>EternalZenith: I think I found the problem with guix pull. I don't have ~/.config/guix/current
<ajjlmau>When I was installing GuixSD I copied some files to ~/.config so maybe I accidentally deleted something
<amz3>what's up guix? when is 1.0 coming? :troll:
<rekado>amz3: probably by the end of this year or early next year.
<moaz>oh its troll time
<moaz>can i play steam on guix
<rekado>troll time is over.
<amz3>that's nice!
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: I chose my pseudonym "EternalZenith" because I thought it sounded cool several years ago
<EternalZenith>Eternal - meaning neverending, constant, perpetual, and zenith - meaning highest point, height of power, etc.
<civodul>amz3: see
<civodul>a number of items were marked as "DONE" in the past weeks!
<EternalZenith>civodul: So it's mostly web and administrative stuff that needs to be done?
<EternalZenith>And guix will be about feature-complete for a 1.0 release when 0.16 releases?
<civodul>mostly, there are also non-trivial things under "core", but we're getting there
<EternalZenith>civodul: I only started using GuixSD recently, but aside from packaging things, is there anything fairly easy to contribute that is really needed?
<civodul>EternalZenith: some of the "administrative" and web things listed there, for instance, should be quite easy
<civodul>on the more technical side there's also bug triage and some easy bugs (a few bugs are marked as such)
<EternalZenith>I might try to look into some of those bugs
<EternalZenith>Is it planned to have system configuration done how it is in NixOS?
<rk4>rekado: cheers :)
<EternalZenith>GuixSD seems to have some amount of that as with the fields in (operating-system ...) but NixOS has a lot more you can do with it
<rk4>kvm working means i can hopefully run guixsd at work
<civodul>EternalZenith: NixOS certainly has more services, options, etc. but overall the two systems are comparable
<civodul>the big difference is that in GuixSD the whole system configuration is a first-class citizen in the Scheme language
<civodul>so you can perform arbitrary computations, etc.
<civodul>in particular, GuixSD statically checks a number of things that could otherwise go wrong at run time
<EternalZenith>That's really what make me come here
<EternalZenith>I really wanted to do everything in one language that's useful outside of just operating system configuration
<civodul>yeah i think that can unleash our creativity :-)
<EternalZenith>I wasn't sure if GuixSD was planning on doing things differently with configuration options, or if it was just the differences in maturity of the projects
<pkill9>yeah i like that it's all in one language designed ot be extensible
<EternalZenith>I like how I can have one language for system configuration, service definition, package building, scripting, and pretty much everything in between
<pkill9>i like how the package definitions can be read like metadata, but are actually code, which you can understand vaguely without any knowledge of lisp
<civodul>EternalZenith: if you've used NixOS, shows the familiar declarative style but also and different kind of programming interface compared to NixOS
<EternalZenith>I've read through most of the manual, and I think it would be nice if the Guix project had something like the Nix project's interface to search through packages and configuration options
<EternalZenith>Like here:
<EternalZenith>Although a guix subcommand would be really convenient, too
<EternalZenith>Discoverability seems like it'd be a big issue once you have thousands of options and packages
<civodul>i agree!
<civodul>there's 'guix system search', which could probably be improved to show options
<civodul>there's no web interface, though
<EternalZenith>Huh, I didn't know about that
<cornburglar>Hey, I'm trying to invoke guix system init and I receive "guix system: error: failed to load '/mnt/etc/config.scm':" with no other information. How might I figure out more precisely what the error is?
<EternalZenith>cornburglar: Does that file exist?
<cornburglar>cat /mnt/etc/config.scm succeeds
<civodul>cornburglar: can you try: guile -c '(use-modules (guix) (gnu))' -l /mnt/etc/config.scm ?
<civodul>it should definitely show more details
<cornburglar>That appears to succeed
<civodul>if you don't get an answer here, can you post the config and the details to
*civodul -> zZz
<civodul>in the meantime you can see if there are obvious differences compared to the templates provided in the installation image
<cornburglar>Also neither Ethernet or rndis work after ifconfig iface up
<EternalZenith>cornburglar: Are you still having trouble?
<EternalZenith>Make sure to run dhclient -v <interface>
<EternalZenith>You need to do that to initialize the dhcp daemon after you bring the network interface online during installation
<EternalZenith>Make sure <interface> in "ifconfig <interface> up" and "dhclient -v <interface>" is the correct name for your ethernet device
<EternalZenith>the name should be given with "ifconfig -l"
<cornburglar>Forgot dhclient
<EternalZenith>Yeah, I had trouble with that as well when I was installing
<EternalZenith>It looks like it's part of the wireless setup in the manual
<cornburglar>I do get a new error when I have internet and try to run guix system init
<cornburglar>Are you supposed to run guix pull during the installation process?