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<EternalZenith>I assume that directly replacing the paths to the header files in the source isn't what should be done here?
<thomassgn>EternalZenith: look at some package definitions. I guess what you need is what usually is done with '(substitute ...)'
<thomassgn>I'd search for substitue* in the package sources, but I see where I'm currently there's one. Check it out with 'guix edit dbus-c++'
<AlishbaKabeer>I just installed guix but no X. I just installed i3 wm and suckless. I also installed xinit. but can't start X
<moaz>what's the error when you try to start it
<AlishbaKabeer>I don't have gpm
<AlishbaKabeer>let curl get installed so I could paste it somewhere direct from command line
<AlishbaKabeer>I have i3 but it says, can't open display
<mange>Is there any way that I can use guix system to build a VM in which I can run guix system commands? (In particular, reconfigure.) I get an error about changing ownership of /gnu/store when it's a read-only file system.
<thomassgn>mange: sound like a permission problem, do you have guix installed on a foreign distro?
<AlishbaKabeer>thomassgn: how can I start X on a new system with i3 and suckless only installed as WMs
<AlishbaKabeer>no DE installed
<thomassgn>cool, I'm not terribly familiar with that. But I'd check that the daemon is running and as the right user. Then check the manual for anything related to permissions setup.
<thomassgn>mange: ^^
<thomassgn>AlishbaKabeer: I've never tried. But you could ... hm
<thomassgn>if you haven't tried it yet, do 'i3'in BASH
<moaz><AlishbaKabeer> I have i3 but it says, can't open display
<thomassgn>(or whatever shell you have)
<AlishbaKabeer>I have bash
<AlishbaKabeer>and zsh
<thomassgn>cool; bash is better for guix support. or at least it used to be. a good year since last I tried another shell.
<AlishbaKabeer>interesting distro. if I install something as root I have to add it to path :P
<AlishbaKabeer>so now I'm gonna install things with normal user
<thomassgn>do you run guixSD (the distro) or just the package manager AlishbaKabeer ?
<moaz>she just installed guixsd
<thomassgn>awesome. Try adding ... lets see there's a service for i3 and stuff...
<AlishbaKabeer>I just installed guixsd.
<AlishbaKabeer>I had a file which I copied from installation media to /etc/config.scm then modified it and deleted the gnome and other things.
<AlishbaKabeer>and added i3 and suckless.
<AlishbaKabeer>theree was something like service in that file which was giving me errors so I erased it from .scm. maybe that's causing this
<AlishbaKabeer>dwm also says. can't open display
<AlishbaKabeer>created .xinitrc, did +x on it. still I can't open display
<AlishbaKabeer>do I miss something?
<AlishbaKabeer>oh yeah, I miss xorg-server. isnt it by default installed?
<thomassgn>cool, right, found it
<thomassgn>does your (services ...) contain %desktop-services?
<AlishbaKabeer>xterm too
<AlishbaKabeer>I had to remove it cos .scm was giving error for this file
<thomassgn>AlishbaKabeer: it's not installed by default. But it's part of the %desktop-services - which is a list "standard" programs for desktops, not including DE's
<AlishbaKabeer>should I uncomment it and do something again?
<thomassgn>what is the error you get?
<moaz>can't open display
<AlishbaKabeer>connection refused
<thomassgn>I have i3-wm in my packages list and a modified %desktop-services in my services
<thomassgn>ah. ok
<AlishbaKabeer>no xauth file
<moaz>is it possible to install a service from the package manager?
<thomassgn>what kind of hardware are you on?
<AlishbaKabeer>moaz: how can I redirect the stderr to a file?
<thomassgn>not that I'm aware.
<moaz>AlishbaKabeer> 2>file
<moaz>if you want to redirect stdout and stderr to the same file, then >file 2>&1
<AlishbaKabeer>I have X1 carbon lenovo
<AlishbaKabeer>thomassgn: here is the error.
<thomassgn>AlishbaKabeer: do you have emacs/info/guix manual available?
<AlishbaKabeer>no, its now downloading
<thomassgn>AlishbaKabeer: is that when you run i3 as a command?
<AlishbaKabeer>no, when I run startx
<AlishbaKabeer>startx executes .xinitrc where I just put exec dwm
<AlishbaKabeer>so what is the solution?
<AlishbaKabeer>should I install xfce? maybe I miss something that might fix it
<AlishbaKabeer>its gonna download 60 mbs download for xfce now
<mange>thomassgn: Thanks for the help on the VM! It turns out the manual has a helpful section called "(guix) Running GuixSD in a VM" which I should have read before asking.
<thomassgn>(slim-service-type (slim-configuration (startx (xorg-start-command))))
<thomassgn>AlishbaKabeer: ^^ I think
<thomassgn>mange: hehe, np. HTH :)
<moaz>where would she put that
<thomassgn>in services
<AlishbaKabeer>what is the path?
<thomassgn>usually at the bottom of the config, one of the last things are a '(services' and then several things can be there.
<thomassgn>path to what?
<AlishbaKabeer>the one at installation time? I mean the same path? /etc/
<AlishbaKabeer>echo "that blah blah" >> /etc/config.scm ?
<thomassgn>oh, no. I mean yes, but use an editor, not echo or the likes
<thomassgn>the config.scm can be wherever you want it to. I usually have several for testing and one with my current "working" setup.
<thomassgn>so 'nano /etc/config.scm' or 'emacs /etc/config.scm'
<AlishbaKabeer>I just gave an example. I would use vim
<thomassgn>haha, yes
<AlishbaKabeer>here is the config.scm i have.
<thomassgn>ah, then add '(services (slim-service-type (slim-configuration (startx (xorg-start-command)))))' before ;; Allow resolution of '.local' host names with mDNS.
<AlishbaKabeer>thank you. thomassgn
<thomassgn>I see it's missing a use-modules line
<AlishbaKabeer>that line added.
<AlishbaKabeer>yeah I had another error too. I think so I removed another line too. dunno which one.
<thomassgn>haha. :) I'm trying to figure it out here as well, it should be simple ish. :P
<AlishbaKabeer>here is the log file.
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm also gonna read it
<AlishbaKabeer>I think no video drivers
<AlishbaKabeer>guix init command to start some service like gpm?
<AlishbaKabeer>I have these errors. no modules fbdev. vesa
<thomassgn>services are generally managed with herd (the interface to shepherd our init/pid1/systemd
<thomassgn>you have wget or something ya?
<AlishbaKabeer>I have curl
<AlishbaKabeer>do you want me to paste something with wget?
<AlishbaKabeer>or fetch something?
<AlishbaKabeer>wget insalled
<thomassgn>that's one working config. or at least it builds.
<thomassgn>haven't had the time to try the VM yet
<thomassgn>I added a few services explicitly and some other things to make guix not complain, but there are a few services and other things in %desktop-services that are really nice to have.
<AlishbaKabeer># cp alish.scm /etc/config.scm ?
<AlishbaKabeer>I have downloaded it
<thomassgn>I'd just 'guix system build alish.scm'
<thomassgn>and then maybe 'guix system reconfigure alish.scm' or something
<thomassgn>if you have git you can clone my config repo from
<AlishbaKabeer>I have git but I wanna learn too :P
<thomassgn>it has a fair amount of ... things. It might serve as an example. e.g. you might look at how I modify the %desktop-services
<AlishbaKabeer>yeah I did a diff.
<thomassgn>hehe, indeed. I'm quite sure my config is not fit for, almost, anyone else... :P
<AlishbaKabeer>I like to have a minimalist setup with i3
<AlishbaKabeer>all ncurses :P
<thomassgn>haha, even web?
<AlishbaKabeer>no, I use qutebrowser for that :P
<AlishbaKabeer>or firefox with vimperator
<thomassgn>:) cool. Been trying to get 1.5.1 working in guix, but there's some problem with webengine/webkit I haven't got my head around yet.
<thomassgn>qutebrowser that is.
<AlishbaKabeer>I just downloaded it
<AlishbaKabeer>collision encountered warning. after building with alish.scm. is it ok?
<thomassgn>yes, collision warnings are not a problem
<AlishbaKabeer>so now the reconfugure? or startx?
<thomassgn>I think it's mostly guix being vocal about some package internals
<thomassgn>first reconf.
<thomassgn>the build is like a compile if you will - if that makes sense. the reconfigure is what needs root permissions. Cause it actually changes your system
<AlishbaKabeer>did both with #
<thomassgn>you could have ran reconf first and it would have built the system. But I didn't say it first cause it's code from the interwebz :P
<thomassgn>then I don't know. simplest is to reboot...
<thomassgn>sneek: help
<thomassgn>sneek: later ask AlishbaKabeer Hope the setup and reboot works. I am sleep. but ping me if you like - I check in almost daily. Happy hacking :)
<thomassgn>thank you sneek
<buenouanq>how do I get cups to work
<buenouanq>just adding the service wasn't enough to be able to find my printer
<moaz>I'll convey thomassgn's message
<moaz>since I'm in touch with her out of IRC at the moment
<moaz>she says she can't type
<thomassgn>moaz: um, did she manage to log in?
<moaz>I mean
<moaz>let me show you her screenshot
<thomassgn>buenouanq: check the filters option for cups in the config. I use the web interface but couldn't make the printer print without the epson escpr driver/filter
<thomassgn>moaz: that looks like a shutdown sequence?
<thomassgn>I got the vm built from the config I sent and it gives me a login prompt
<thomassgn>there you can login as root if the 'z' user doesn't have a password yet. once logged in i3 or dwm should start
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<thomassgn>moaz: if the config does not work you can reboot and choose an older config in the GRUB menu, the boot menu - first thing when the machine boots.
<moaz>I'll convey your messages to her
<moaz>she's not responding though. perhaps she's in bed by now
<thomassgn>haha, cool. I realised I should have been sleeping 3+ hours ago... :) this happens.
<thomassgn>speak later then :)
<moaz>that happens to me pretty much every night
<moaz>I usually end up sleeping at 2am local time
<moaz>1am if I'm lucky :-p
<moaz>kids, don't procrastinate on your homework
<buenouanq>thomassgn: well, I'm now able to at least see/find the print - But getting the error ./base/gsicc_manage.c:1863: gsicc_verify_device_profiles(): Mismatch of ICC profiles and device color model
<EternalZenith>thomassgn: I was using substitute* earlier, the build was failing at 50% and with using (substitute*) to fix the paths it managed to get it to build to 66%
<EternalZenith>The issue was that the build would fail when the header files that I had to change the path to would themselves look for another file in the wrong path
<EternalZenith>If I would try to do the same thing again I would have to build the dependency, libevdev, using substitute* to change the paths it uses to refer to its own files in the #include's
<AlishbaKabeer>I can't start X guys. can someone help me? I'm new to guixsd
<sneek>Welcome back AlishbaKabeer, you have 1 message.
<sneek>AlishbaKabeer, thomassgn says: Hope the setup and reboot works. I am sleep. but ping me if you like - I check in almost daily. Happy hacking :)
<AlishbaKabeer>sneek: thanks :P
<AlishbaKabeer>setup isn't working.
<moaz>AlishbaKabeer> did you check whatsapp
<AlishbaKabeer>No, I'll check it now
<AlishbaKabeer>Just checked whatsapp and got disconnected as I shaked hands with phone. moaz
<AlishbaKabeer>this distro isn't working for me
<AlishbaKabeer>btw its cool
<AlishbaKabeer>can't open /dev/tty0: permission denied . now this is the error
<AlishbaKabeer>I can't even google due to not having firmware :P
<moaz>AlishbaKabeer> can you log in as root
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: Are you intent on getting startx working?
<EternalZenith>I tried to get it working right after I started using GuixSD, but I've been using the default display manager, slim, since then
<moaz>she likes having a mostly console-based desktop
<moaz>with i3 and all
<moaz>she doesn't like DEs
<EternalZenith>I'm using i3 now, and I was doing all that when I used Arch
<EternalZenith>Slim isn't related to any DEs, unlike sddm or gdm
<moaz>I see
<EternalZenith>It just sets up the x display and launches i3
<EternalZenith>Here's my /etc/config.scm
<EternalZenith>It's on my list to get startx working, but I have other things I wanted to get packaged and configured first
<AlishbaKabeer>yeah I'm logged in as root
<AlishbaKabeer>both accounts are working fine
<moaz>wait, you're getting the /dev/tty issue on root
<moaz>that's really odd
<moaz>"permission denied" should never happen for root afaik
<AlishbaKabeer>I have used slim
<AlishbaKabeer>yeah I wanna use startx. its provided by xinit-xorg in arch. here its just xinit. but still I don't know why its not working. EternalZenith ^^
<moaz>I use startx on my homeserver
<moaz>but the scary thing is that it's running as root
<moaz>because for some reason X no longer works for the unprivileged user on that machine :x
<EternalZenith>I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with startx now, since now that the issue has been brought up again it's bugging me
<moaz>(just to clarify, my homeserver is on trisquel, not guixsd)
<moaz>EternalZenith> file an issue with GuixSD perhaps?
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: startx isn't even working for you?
<EternalZenith>It's been troublesome whenever I've tried; I put it on hold while I worked on becoming more familliar with guix
<EternalZenith>I've only been using it off and on for a few weeks
<EternalZenith>It looks like xinit is looking for the X server in its own directory in the /gnu/store
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: do you know the alternative for "systemctl enable --now slim" in guix?
<EternalZenith>You just need to make sure %desktop-services is in your services list in /etc/config.scm
<EternalZenith>Or wherever your system config is
<EternalZenith>Mine looks like this: (services (cons* (screen-locker-service i3lock-color "i3lock") %desktop-services))
<EternalZenith>It should start slim in tty7 and switch to it on startup or whenever you end your x session
<AlishbaKabeer>lemme check
<AlishbaKabeer>welcome back EternalZenith
<AlishbaKabeer>here is my config.
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: ^^
<EternalZenith>I tried something which did not quite work
<AlishbaKabeer>you mean the pastebin link isn't working ?
<EternalZenith>No, something related to startx
<EternalZenith>For the services list, you should use "cons*" instead of "list"
<moaz>what does that do
<AlishbaKabeer>globbing ?
<EternalZenith>"cons*" turns the arguments into a single list, while "list" would end up giving you lists inside of lists
<moaz>I see
<EternalZenith>And to get slim working, along with other desktop things, you might want to add "%desktop-services" at the end
<EternalZenith>The end of the "(services (cons* ...))" list, that is
<EternalZenith>But I think I've found something related to the issues with startx
<EternalZenith>xorg-start-command - "Return a startx script in which modules, a list of X module packages, and fonts, a list of X font directories, are available. See xorg-wrapper for more details on the arguments. The result should be used in place of startx."
<EternalZenith>I'm going to have to figure out how exactly to do this, though
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: check it now
<EternalZenith>That looks about right
<EternalZenith>Two things though: in order for the lock screen to work, you'll need to install i3lock-color, and secondly, x11-socket-directory-service should probably have parentheses around it, but I'm not entirely sure it's necessary with the %desktop-services
<AlishbaKabeer>so I can recofnigure it now or I have to chroot into? I'm rebooted from installed system now
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: I once did reconfigure it and got virtual consoles stopped working
<EternalZenith>I think "guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm" should work
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: The reason the ttys stopped working was probably because you removed the %desktop-services
<EternalZenith>That describes what the %desktop-services variable contains usually, and it sets up elogind, which manages the virtual consoles
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: it says, error. *cons: unbound variable
<EternalZenith>It should be cons*
<EternalZenith>The asterisk at the end signifies that it's a modified procedure like cons, but with different behavior
<EternalZenith>cons creates a pair of two other symbols, cons* makes a list of any size
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: more than one target service of type udev
<EternalZenith>Try commenting out or removing "(udev-service) (service slim-service-type) (dbus-service)"
<EternalZenith>Those should all be contained in %desktop-services
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: more than one target service of type dbus
<EternalZenith>Could you post your current config on pastebin?
<EternalZenith>Make sure it doesn't have (dbus-service) in addition to %desktop-services
<EternalZenith> "(service slim-service-type)" and "x11-socket-directory-service" should be commented out
<EternalZenith>One thing to note about parentheses: whenever you have something surrounded by parentheses, that tells the lisp interpreter to evaluate that like a procedure (the lispy word for a function)
<EternalZenith>So, "(display)" tells it to call the procedure named "display"
<EternalZenith>While just putting "display" tells it to just return the value of that symbol without executing it
<AlishbaKabeer>I did a pull now its gonna compile python
<EternalZenith>It should have worked then
<EternalZenith>Python is a dependency for a lot of the things that would be required for those desktop services
<AlishbaKabeer>it was already theree btw
<AlishbaKabeer>reconf told me that I should do a pull before that.
<EternalZenith>Have you run "guix pull" as root today?
<EternalZenith>If you've run it recently, you probably don't need to do so again
<AlishbaKabeer>its the first time after install. I install system today
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm newb :P
<EternalZenith>I'm a relative-newb; I started using guix and GuixSD less than three weeks ago
<AlishbaKabeer>most of the commands run as normal users. the packages I installed as root first, weren't in my path so I have to install them again as my user
<AlishbaKabeer>3 weeks lol I think you're not newb then. at least if I were there I wasnt :P even after one week
<moaz>'ve figured out GNU/Linux in 8 months
<EternalZenith>"guix package -i" installs things as whatever user runs it, and "guix system reconfigure" installs things for the whole sysem
<moaz>I'm sure you could figure out GuixSD in less than a week
<EternalZenith>I feel like there's such a thing as reverse Dunning-Krueger syndrome
<EternalZenith>You start to underestimate abilities the more you gain them
<EternalZenith>nvm, that's probably just considered part of imposter syndrome
<moaz>lol yeah
<EternalZenith>I really need to go to sleep
<AlishbaKabeer>I don't understand enough english. so you can say whatever you like. I never mind
<moaz>AlishbaKabeer> we're saying you're humble lol
<AlishbaKabeer>didn't get what you guys said.
<moaz>EternalZenith> yeah, I probably do too.
<moaz>EternalZenith> good night!
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: I hope your system works, I'll probably be around throughout tomorrow if you need help, but there are others who are probably more qualified
<AlishbaKabeer>nor I wanna understand btw :P
<EternalZenith>moaz: night!
<AlishbaKabeer>I have another home partition. so should I mount it through config.scm?
<AlishbaKabeer>guix pull gave me error fatal. dumb http transport doesn't support shallow capabilities
<g_bor>hello guix!
<AlishbaKabeer>how long it takes to complete guix pull?
<AlishbaKabeer>Its getting a lot of time. I think more than 1.5 hours
<luciddreamzzz>subsituet: updating substituste from ... stuck in loop
<luciddreamzzz>ok its doing somthing different
<AlishbaKabeer>I have booted to X. wow. say congrats to me. :P I would say congrats to you to having a new user in guix community :P
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<sneek>Welcome back civodul, you have 2 messages.
<sneek>civodul, rekado says: I don’t know how to process metapost files. For metafont we run “mf” on the files in build phases. Maybe you need to run “mpost” in a similar fashion.
<sneek>civodul, rekado says: The refcard is beautiful! I’d love to customize it. Will you push the sources to the maintenance repo?
<civodul>rekado_: precisely the refcard is waiting on the Latin Modern fonts :-)
<civodul>i tried using plain CM instead but for some reason that doesn't quite work (maybe lack of hinting or something)
<civodul>OrangeShark: thanks for the new guile-commonmark release!
<civodul>OrangeShark: i noticed that says "prerelease":true
<civodul>do you know how this can be changed?
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<rekado>civodul: so texlive-fonts-ec doesn’t work for you?
<civodul>oh i didn't know these, i had tried building the type1 by myself
<civodul>lemme see
<civodul>rekado: this package contains exclusively .mf files as well, and it lacks the CM fonts like
<civodul>i'm using texlive-fonts-cm, which does have this file, but building the type1 for that doesn't work well
<AlishbaKabeer>someone can help, how can we compile and install packages from source to guixsd?
<AlishbaKabeer>I still haven't successfully installed a browser
<civodul>AlishbaKabeer: to force source builds, use --no-substitutes on the command line
<AlishbaKabeer>Thanks civodul but I don't have a browser to check it out. that was the reason I asked you
<AlishbaKabeer>else 8888 is there
<civodul>oh i see :-)
<civodul>AlishbaKabeer: which problems did you experience while trying to install a browser?
<civodul>heya roelj!
<AlishbaKabeer>No module named. No module named 'PyQt5.QtWebEngineWidgets'
<AlishbaKabeer>civodul: ^^
<civodul>when typing what?
<AlishbaKabeer>and bash is /run/current-system/profile/bin/bash so I should replace the interpreter this way from all my scripts?
<civodul>could you email about the qutebrowser issue?
<AlishbaKabeer>civodul: ^^
<civodul>make sure to specify the version you run, the command, and its output
<civodul>note that in the meantime there are other browsers you could use, such as IceCat
<AlishbaKabeer>I think its not a bug. Its a dependency. I'll mail once I got mutt configured
<civodul>in your scripts you can use #!/bin/sh (as long as you don't explicitly require Bash)
<AlishbaKabeer>civodul: thank you
<AlishbaKabeer>and I can't change my shell to zsh using chsh. (error pam authentication). can I do that by editing /etc/passwd manualy? vipw also not working
<AlishbaKabeer>and what about default editor? I mean how do I set it? its also /home/z/.guix-profile/bin/vim
<g_bor>hello civodul!
<AlishbaKabeer>civodul: ^^
<g_bor>Yesterday I have seen some discussion related to npm, and some idea just came up to my mind.
<civodul>AlishbaKabeer: for the default shell, you'll have to specify it in your OS config, in the 'shell' field of 'user-account'
<AlishbaKabeer>I used to run most of my programs and env files, fonts using .xinitrc. but that wasn't working so I'm on slim now.
<civodul>for the editor, just do: export EDITOR=vim
<g_bor>I was thinking about this version bloat problem because of language sepcific package managers for a while.
<AlishbaKabeer>civodul: and then how to update?
<civodul>run 'guix system reconfigure /your/config.scm'
<g_bor>And I believe that we could use guix as a 'meta package manager' in these cases.
<AlishbaKabeer>it doens't affect the /etc/passwd file or reconfigure updates that too?
<g_bor>I mean, we could make the result of the recursive import a fixed output derivation, and the package source would essentially reduce to the import command.
<AlishbaKabeer>I couldn't find shell field there so I added this way in account field. (shell "zsh")
<g_bor>This way we could push the version bloat one abstrction level lower, and we can well hope, that the store deduplication features make it possible to keep storage requirements normal.
<civodul>AlishbaKabeer: it should be: (shell (file-append zsh "/bin/zsh"))
<AlishbaKabeer>and then reconf as my user. right?
<civodul>as root
<AlishbaKabeer>/etc/config.scm:23:16: error: zsh: unbound variable
<AlishbaKabeer>(use-modules (gnu packages shells)) solved the problem
<civodul>perfect :-)
<AlishbaKabeer>can I use sudo to recofigure or sudo su or su -l ?
<civodul>either way is fine, you can run "sudo guix system reconfigure ..."
<AlishbaKabeer>ty. I can't use my usb dongle. is my firmware not available? can I compile the kernel and use it? or some other solution?
<AlishbaKabeer>usb dongle for network connection. Also I don't have wireless interfaces.
<civodul>by default there's firmware for Atheros- and Broadcom-based WiFi devices
<AlishbaKabeer>civodul: here is my hardware.
<AlishbaKabeer>right now I'm connected with mobile tethering.
<AlishbaKabeer>civodul: in some other distros, I have to install usb_modeswitch to make it work
<civodul>AlishbaKabeer: Intel Wireless (iwlwifi) won't work out of the box, there's no free firmware for it :-/
<civodul>but that must be the built-in thing, not the USB dongle
<civodul>you'd have to run "lsusb" to see it
<AlishbaKabeer>out of the box? I mean if I try it will?
<rekado>g_bor: what does it mean to make the result of the recursive import a fixed output derivation? Do you mean to treat the bundle of installed files as *one* store item?
<rekado>civodul: I’ll try to take a look at the fonts later today.
<rekado>it’s possible that I missed something.
<rekado>there are some problems with fonts in our tex packages; they might be related.
<g_bor>rekado: I mean that if we can make sure, that the recursive importer gives always the same result, then those generated packages don't need to be commited to the repository at all.
<AlishbaKabeer>I also wanna have tamsyn fonts. but we don't have.
<g_bor>We could even generate a channel from the result, or something like that.
<civodul>rekado: here's what i have so far:
<civodul>metapost fails though
<civodul>i could download the zip that contains build results instead of the source from texlive, but that'd be cheating
<rekado>g_bor: how would people use this? When the packages are not part of the repository then how could we have packages that depend on node things?
<g_bor>Actually I mean that if we can 'generate' these packages, we don't need them to be in the repository. They will still have to be built, so that we have substitutes available.
<g_bor>We can also check that the generated list is the same using the hashing methods we already have.
<rekado>civodul: it fails with “input fontbase” because fontbase doesn’t exist. A file is part of this:
<g_bor>One problem janneke was facing using the npm importer is that hundreds of packages were generated, this amount is not acceptable if we want to include them in the repository, it just results in too big commits, and a bloat in code.
<g_bor>This is actually a type of package generator, like we already have for example for python2.
<rekado>I’m still not understanding how one would define a package that happens to depend on a large number of node packages.
<rekado>ah, I see.
<g_bor>rekado: Yes, that is an interesting point, I think that creating and union of the recursive dependencies, and then deduplicating the dependency dag would do.
<rekado>would the user-facing interface be something like this? –> (inputs `(("js-things" ,(npm-importer "package-name" "hash")))))
<AlishbaKabeer>rekado: how do I compile a package from git repo using guix?
<g_bor>i think yes, this interface would work.
<rekado>AlishbaKabeer: you would define a package value in the Guix sources first. You can use the “git-fetch” method.
<rekado>g_bor: do you know if it is possible to guarantee that this will result in a fixed output derivation?
<AlishbaKabeer>can you a bit guide me?
<rekado>AlishbaKabeer: here’s a packaging tutorial:
<g_bor>rekado: I am not sure, but if it does, then this could work for other language specific package managers.
<g_bor>I think this only depends on the code on our side, if we use the exact commits.
<rekado>g_bor: I’m a little uncomfortable with this as we would throw away the package and build system abstractions, even though we still have to build things.
<rekado>unless you only want to use this for producing source code.
<g_bor>rekado: Actually I don't think we have to. Another possible interface would be to create a package (the description on how to generate the packages), and a build system to specify the steps to get this going.
<rekado>so the “npm-importer” thing would fetch the complete source code bundle, which would then be ready for compilation *at once*.
<g_bor>I have to go now, be back in half an hour.
<AlishbaKabeer>rekado: I'm on this page. but I can't understand the git reference. I wanna compile this repo.
<rekado>AlishbaKabeer: what is it you don’t understand about the git reference?
<rekado>the git-reference expression describes how to get the source code.
<rekado>it has two fields: url and commit.
<AlishbaKabeer>where should I clone this and guix would clone itself and how to do it if it itself does that?
<rekado>“url” would be “”
<rekado>“commit” would be the tag or commit hash.
<rekado>AlishbaKabeer: you don’t clone it at all.
<rekado>AlishbaKabeer: you only need to write a package definition that uses git-fetch and git-reference.
<rekado>then when you build the package (with “./pre-inst-env guix build my-package”) the sources are downloaded and compiled.
*rekado goes afk for a while
<pkill9>do you need to run `make` in the guix git checkout in order to be able to build package definitions you add to it?
<rekado>pkill9: you don’t but it’s strongly recommended.
<rekado>pkill9: without compiling the modules Guile will have to interpret the Guix sources, which is much, much slower.
<rekado>You’ll also get lots of annoying output by default.
<AlishbaKabeer>rekado: is there a way to use wifi with guix. I have lenovo machine X1 carbon
<rekado>AlishbaKabeer: the wifi hardware must be supported by linux libre.
<rekado>AFAIK Lenovo uses Intel wifi hardware, which requires proprietary blobs to function.
<AlishbaKabeer>so I can't use wireless in this machine if I use this distro, right?
<rekado>you may need to use an external Wifi adapter with a chipset that does not require proprietary software.
<AlishbaKabeer>I don't have another one. I use dongle which also have a wlan module. I can't even get a connection if I connect it to machine. I'm using my phone ethernet.
<ajjlmau>I believe that you can also use different kernel which contains proprietary blobs
<AlishbaKabeer>ajjlmau: yeah I think that's the only option now
<rekado>Guix provides Linux libre, which does not include proprietary blobs.
<rekado>on this channel we cannot assist you with the installation of an unsupported kernel.
<AlishbaKabeer>rekado: okay. thanks for the help.
<rekado>AlishbaKabeer: I’d recommend getting a little USB wireless dongle. The Lenovo BIOS will prevent you from booting after replacing the internal Wifi card. Lenovo is pretty hostile.
<g_bor>rekado: I've been thinking about your suggestion to use the method I mentioned for assembling the source only.
<g_bor>That could be done, and I would be ok with it, but having the possibility to build parts and cache the build results would be nice.
<g_bor>Furthermore, it is actually give, we already have the infrastructure for that.
<g_bor>I rather think about this as a further level of abstraction on top of guix.
<g_bor>I've been also thinking about how can we automate upgrading jdk as much as possible.
<g_bor>We could do something like: bootstrap latest jdk, then recursively walk form the leafs of the dag until we have packages with ant-build-system, specifiying the latest jdk, check if it builds. If not, try to set source and target to the previous jdk in make-flags. If after that it still does not build, we can mark it as needing inspection.
<g_bor>I expect there is only a few of this. (Like it was when Map got an incompatible signature in java8, or when we use the in repo build.xml, and we need to patch the javac tasks there)
<g_bor>Once we resolve all these, we can flip the default jdk, and remove the jdk specifications from the packages.
<AlishbaKabeer>got disconnected while kernel compilation during ethernet drivers
<civodul>rekado: oh thanks, i briefly tried to see where fontbase comes from but didn't find it
<civodul>turns out "guix import texlive metatype1" fails :-)
<AlishbaKabeer>what provides 'clear' ?
<AlishbaKabeer>civodul: font tamsyn?
<civodul>AlishbaKabeer: can you make a full sentence?
<civodul>if you're looking for a package, please see
<civodul>or simply run "guix package -s KEYWORD"
<thomassgn>if you mean the clear command in shell, often executed with C-l (ctrl+l) it's a builtin in the shell, sp bash/zsh/fish ...
<g_bor>AlishbaKabeer: most probably ncurses.
<AlishbaKabeer>with zsh, Ctrl+L is still working even with vi bindings enabled
<g_bor>did not test that, though.
<AlishbaKabeer>but with bash, ctrl+l only works if you don't use vi keybindigs which unfortunately I do
<efraim>sneek_: later tell AlishbaKabeer you can add 'Control-l: clear-screen' to .inputrc and then control+l will clear the screen
<civodul>rekado: i've committed the refcard:
<civodul>i took a shortcut for Latin Modern
<ajjlmau>my xsession freezes when I try to change my virtual terminal
<AlishbaKabeer>civodul: I'm newb. write somethig for me to compile i3-gaps and polybar :P
<ajjlmau>does anyone else have the same problem?
<civodul>ajjlmau: no, what desktop environment or window manager do you use?
<AlishbaKabeer>I don't have such problem. I tried to use severeal time
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm using i3 without gaps :P
<ajjlmau>it also freezes in the slim login manager
<AlishbaKabeer>some lightweight app to try whatsapp web ?
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm also using slim. logged hours ago. still having loging in prompt on empty workspaces
<AlishbaKabeer>As salamu alykum. welcome moaz
<AlishbaKabeer>moaz: what's that app you use to open whatsapp in ?
<AlishbaKabeer>compton isn't running. maybe I don't have a wallpaper set.
<moaz>wa alaikum assalam, thx :-p
<AlishbaKabeer>oh shit I haven't installed meh feh :P
<moaz>apparently my ethernet cable had gotten unplugged from my homeserver at some point
<AlishbaKabeer>mine hasn't unplugged since morning :P
<AlishbaKabeer>maybe not for next some days until I decide to live with it or leave :P
<civodul>gentlefolks, here's the Guix reference card:
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm sure I'll live with it at least for some days.
<moaz>see my ethernet cable is like 1m. and my laptop is underneath my bed maybe 110-120cm from the ethernet port?
<rekado>looks like “guix pack” doesn’t work?
<rekado>I get this error: guix pack: error: corrupt input while restoring archive from #<closed: file 45b8e70>
<AlishbaKabeer>ref card? whats this used to? to invite someone in meetings :P
<AlishbaKabeer>moaz: you know I can't use polybar here too :P
<AlishbaKabeer>in slackware I had it somehow. :P
<AlishbaKabeer>methinks I have to leave it for now.
<civodul>AlishbaKabeer: see the link above
<civodul>rekado: how do you get that error?
<AlishbaKabeer>someone guid me to compile browser so I can see it
<rekado>I ran “guix pack -f squashfs hello”
<rekado>same with “-f docker”
<AlishbaKabeer>oh no, i3-gaps and polybar
<rekado>I do this on the cluster, not on my workstation, so it could be related to that.
<civodul>rekado: works for me; you may have offloading enabled, no?
<rekado>no offloading
<rekado>I also ran it with --no-build-hook; same error
<AlishbaKabeer>civodul: I would check it once I get a good browser
<AlishbaKabeer>guix kernel has efistub enabled by default?
<rekado>I’m presenting now to cluster users; will investigate later.
<AlishbaKabeer>welcome back EternalZenith
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm on i3 but without gaps EternalZenith :P
<EternalZenith>I just packaged i3-gaps a couple days ago
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: can't I have it?
<EternalZenith>I was going to try and get it added to the main repository along with a couple other packages today and tomorrow
<EternalZenith>One sec
<ajjlmau>I once tried to package i3-gaps but it didn't go well
<AlishbaKabeer>what about polybar ?
<EternalZenith>I have that packaged too
<AlishbaKabeer>wow omg I won't leave this distro then :P
<AlishbaKabeer>I can live without wifi but can't live without these two apps :P
<EternalZenith>I'm in that exact situation
<civodul>rekado: that's with GUIX_DAEMON_SOCKET set?
<EternalZenith>I have packaged a bunch of other things, but haven't gotten around to building a kernel with my wifi drivers yet
<AlishbaKabeer>same thing here.
<EternalZenith>And here's polybar:
<AlishbaKabeer>lemme install links :P
<EternalZenith>To install those, put them in some directory, I use .guix-packages, and set the GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH environment variable to that directory
<civodul>EternalZenith: neat! i encourage you to submit Polybar for inclusion in Guix proper
<AlishbaKabeer>right now its empty
<civodul>it may need a bit of polishing, but not terrible
<EternalZenith>civodul: I'm working on a couple other packages right now, that was the first I did
<EternalZenith>I'm having a bunch of trouble with one in particular
<civodul>see for the guidelines
<civodul>if you have specific issues, you can ask for help here or on
<EternalZenith>I asked here the other day, but not many people were on
<EternalZenith>I'm about to try building the package again
<EternalZenith>Alright, so, when you have a package that looks for C header files in the wrong path, should you patch it using "substitute*"?
<EternalZenith>I tried doing that, but then the library that those header files were part of themselves started looking in the wrong path
<EternalZenith>In file included from /tmp/guix-build-interception-tools-0.1.1.drv-0/source/uinput.cpp:14:0: /gnu/store/a66ld37hcwj5gv69g1pgwi84wg3ydgdw-libevdev-1.5.9/include/libevdev-1.0/libevdev/libevdev-uinput.h:30:31: fatal error: libevdev/libevdev.h: No such file or directory
<EternalZenith>I must be doing something wrong, since if I tried fixing this error how I tried to fix the other, I'd have to tell libevdev where to find its own header files
<EternalZenith>Here's how I have the package now:
<EternalZenith>Using those "substitute*"s I managed to get interception-tools to compile to 66%, where before it was failing around 50% when it couldn't find the location lf libevdev.h and libevdev-uinput.h
<EternalZenith>I'm lost as to what I should do next
<mbakke>EternalZenith: Try to patch CMakeLists.txt instead, like so: (substitute* "CMakeLists.txt" (("/usr/include/libevdev-1.0") (string-append (assoc-ref inputs "libevdev") "/include/libevdev-1.0"))).
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: I have those two files in my home subdir which I call sys.
<AlishbaKabeer>now I should do GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=~/sys
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: Yeah
<AlishbaKabeer>right, now?
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: You should probably put it in your .zshenv file if you use zsh
<EternalZenith>That way you don't need to do it whenever you want to install another guix package
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: I haven't rebooted since I reconfigured after I added shells in .scm
<EternalZenith>You might need to do that, then
<AlishbaKabeer>for now, I can echo "export GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=~/sys" >> ~/.bashrc ?
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: That should work
<EternalZenith>mbakke: When I do that, it just tells me that "inputs" is an unbound variable
<AlishbaKabeer>Now how should I install them ?
<EternalZenith>mbakke: I tried ensuring the "inputs" fild was specified before the "arguments", but to no avail
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: Just like you'd do any other package, "guix package -i i3-gaps"
<EternalZenith>Make sure you don't have i3 installed at the same time as your user
<AlishbaKabeer>right now I'm running i3 wm
<AlishbaKabeer>so I have to pkill X and login back with dwm
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: Did you install it in your /etc/config.scm, or with guix package -s?
<EternalZenith>If you did it with /etc/config.scm, you might not need to do that
<AlishbaKabeer>I installed all packages with guix package -i package
<EternalZenith>Er, yeah, that's what I meant to say instead of -s
<AlishbaKabeer>guix package: error: polybar: unknown package
<AlishbaKabeer>with -s and with -i too
<EternalZenith>Is polybar in that ~/sys directory?
<AlishbaKabeer>in same dir I'm too
<AlishbaKabeer>yeah in ~/sys
<EternalZenith>Try running "export GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=~/sys"
<AlishbaKabeer>same thing again
<EternalZenith>Try opening a new shell?
<AlishbaKabeer>same thing
<AlishbaKabeer>echo $GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH returns with /home/z/sys
<EternalZenith>Did you name the files polybar.scm and i3-gaps.scm?
<AlishbaKabeer>oh no, I didn't
<EternalZenith>That't it, then
<EternalZenith>The files need to have the same name as the module
<EternalZenith>The first line of the file: "define-module (polybar)" tells guix to look for the package in a file called "polybar.scm"
<AlishbaKabeer>started :P
<AlishbaKabeer>thanks again
<EternalZenith>I've been stumbling around trying to get these things working for several days
<AlishbaKabeer>In arch we can install i3-gaps. and once we are done with AUR job, we get a coflict prompt. so that doesn't apply here?
<EternalZenith>It sort-of does
<EternalZenith>Guix will tell you if there is a conflict with the executable files that two packages install
<AlishbaKabeer>sorry, for other packages. i3-gaps is in community now (arch)
<EternalZenith>But only after the package has been compiled
<ajjlmau>I just ran guix pull and got "guix pull: error: You found a bug: the program '/gnu/store/mz6xlwswxcjcb5qmyygqk9qfvna45wks-compute-guix-derivation'"
<mbakke>EternalZenith: You also have to change the "(lambda _ ...)" form to read "(lambda* (#:key inputs #:allow-other-keys) ...)".
<ajjlmau>failed to compute the derivation for Guix (version: "e7b2937d1907ad1fa11b6237bbda9da303160c41"; system: "x86_64-linux";
<ajjlmau>host version: "0.15.0"; pull-version: 1).
<ajjlmau>Please report it by email to <>.
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: so I can go with i3-gaps too without killing the X ?
<EternalZenith>mbakke: "lambda*" is just a modified version that can handle keywords, right?
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: You'll need to exit whatever window manager you're in to start up i3-gaps
<AlishbaKabeer>omg its gonna compile like I used to see in other distros :P
<AlishbaKabeer>I mean I can compile and install. then I can kill X. or I should compile using othe WM?
<mbakke>EternalZenith: Pretty much.
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: You should be able to just kill the current wm and open i3
<EternalZenith>mbakke: That worked, thanks
<mbakke>EternalZenith: Yay! :)
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: wow I'm done with poly moly :P
<EternalZenith>Great, everything is working
<AlishbaKabeer>yeah just my scripts are having interperter errors which isn't a big deal
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: Make sure to change anything that has "#! /bin/bash" or something like that to "#! /bin/sh"
<EternalZenith>I had to do that when I switched over from Arch
<ng0>AlishbaKabeer: also ncurses has 'clear'
<AlishbaKabeer>that I have changed the sh but what for python?
<AlishbaKabeer>ng0: thank you
<AlishbaKabeer>/usr/bin/env bad interpreter
<AlishbaKabeer>its a python script
<EternalZenith>Install direnv, and change "/usr/bin/env" to "/bin/env"
<EternalZenith>You should probably put "direnv" in your packages list in your system configuration
<AlishbaKabeer>thanks again
<EternalZenith>It comes from the shellutils module
<AlishbaKabeer>after that I again have to reconf?
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: All the things you're asking are things I was trying to figure out less than a week ago
<EternalZenith>You need to do that after every change to your system config
<AlishbaKabeer>haha we are in same boat
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm lucky I have got your
<EternalZenith>I feel like I should put together a guide for emigrating Arch-ers
<AlishbaKabeer>why do you think so if you and me from arch came here, everyone will :P
<AlishbaKabeer>we should create a blog for them :P
<ajjlmau>I think there should be a bit more guides and examples of guixSD
<OrangeShark>civodul: I mark it as a pre-release. I can easily turn that off.
<AlishbaKabeer>ajjlmau: definitely
<AlishbaKabeer>just like arch wiki :P
<AlishbaKabeer>no matter which distro you use, arch wiki helps you
<EternalZenith>Using PKGBUILDs from the AUR helped me get a couple of these packages working
<AlishbaKabeer>its pacman is so fast too.
<ajjlmau>does anyone have any ideas what should I do with this guix pull problem?
<AlishbaKabeer>ajjlmau: what is your pull problem? do I know?
<ajjlmau>guix pull: error: You found a bug: the program '/gnu/store/mz6xlwswxcjcb5qmyygqk9qfvna45wks-compute-guix-derivation' failed to compute the derivation for Guix (version: "e7b2937d1907ad1fa11b6237bbda9da303160c41"; system: "x86_64-linux"; host version: "0.15.0"; pull-version: 1). Please report it by email to <>.
<ajjlmau>there are some messages about data being corrupted
***happy is now known as Guest97141
<EternalZenith>ajjlmau: I'm probably not qualified to provide help, but I'd try "guix package --roll-back" and then try "guix pull" again?
<ajjlmau>i'll try
<ajjlmau>I just installed GuixSD
<pkill9_>what aare you trying to do?
<pkill9_>+ what have you done/
<AlishbaKabeer>like pacman and all other package managers if they are insalling / pulling one package, we can't install another one untill that .lck is there. is this the case with guix too?
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: No, but it is far safer than pacman
<ajjlmau>I'm trying to run guix pull. I have installed some packages. I haven't done anything special I think.
<EternalZenith>Pacman needs to do that because it directly changes the system
<AlishbaKabeer>sorry, ajjlmau I cna't help with it. I installed today yes. had some problem with pull too. my advice just don't pull if you just installed
<EternalZenith>But guix doesn't actually change anything until the build and install finishes
<kristofer>I'm trying to investigate this PAM authentication stuff, it is not well documented. I thought by extending pam-root-service-type with (unix-pam-service "name") I would get a pam configuration for the service in /etc/pam.d/name -- any help or guidance on this?
<AlishbaKabeer>it took me more than 2 hours to guix pull done
<pkill9_>ajjlmau: what's the output of `guxi --version`?
<AlishbaKabeer>guix (GNU Guix) 0.14.0-13.7af5c2a
<ajjlmau>Maybe the problem isn't caused by me if AlishbaKabeer has problems with guix pull too.
<h4ppy>wow, this is way old
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: You really need to run "guix pull", then
<pkill9_>hmm i wonder if the install version of guix (0.15.0) fails to update to the newer versions of guix
<EternalZenith>Try doing it with "sudo -E"
<AlishbaKabeer>I did in morning. and internet speed is slow for pull, -i . dunno why
<pkill9_>you shoudlnt' need to be root to run guxi pull
<ajjlmau>I also get this message: "xz: (stdin): Compressed data is corrupt tar: Skipping to next header tar: Child returned status 1 tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now"
<pkill9_>since there are per-user guix versions
<AlishbaKabeer>someone told me I should run it with sudo
<h4ppy>sorry to kind of hijack, but does anyone else experience problems with running conkeror? I have installed and instantly fell in love, but subsequent pulls "destroyed" it. now, whenever I want to start it, it throws a gtk error and doesnt start
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: did you run it with "sudo -i"?
<EternalZenith>Or while logged in as root?
<AlishbaKabeer>I ran it with sudo simple
<AlishbaKabeer>now the reconf is also runnnig with sudo
<AlishbaKabeer>but now I install packages with my user.
<EternalZenith>"guix system reconfigure" needs to be run with sudo, but you might want to try running "guix pull" as a regular user
<EternalZenith>It hopefully shouldn't take as long this time
<AlishbaKabeer>guix (GNU Guix) 7277d06d8b956263ef1773c5f61e53dc65583ddd
<AlishbaKabeer>this one is the output running as root
<ajjlmau>here is the whole message
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: the i3-gaps.scm isnt working
<AlishbaKabeer>guix package: error: i3-gaps.scm: unknown package
<EternalZenith>Is GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH set correctly?
<AlishbaKabeer>its in .bashrc
<EternalZenith>And is i3-gaps in a file called i3-gaps.scm?
<AlishbaKabeer>again setting it
<ajjlmau>should the i3-gaps.scm be installed with package -f ?
<AlishbaKabeer>yeah its i3-gaps.scm
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm trying to do it with -i
<civodul>OrangeShark: alright, because it's an actual release, no?
<ajjlmau>-f is --install-from-file
<EternalZenith>-f is for when the file does not export a package module
<EternalZenith>The (define-module at the top does that
<ajjlmau>ahh ok
<AlishbaKabeer>maybe I have i3 installed.
<EternalZenith>I'll be away for a few hours, hopefully everything works
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: you know I haven't slept and you came back after a sleep. :P
<AlishbaKabeer>take your time l
<moaz>what time is it there
<AlishbaKabeer>i havent set it yet
<AlishbaKabeer>I mean the timezone
<AlishbaKabeer>isha azan is done half hour ago
<moaz>ah I see
<moaz>are you sure it was half an hour and not one whole hour?
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: compiling start when I removed .scm from i3-gaps in invoking command
<AlishbaKabeer>no, I'm not sure. lemme ask
<AlishbaKabeer>none is around
<AlishbaKabeer>finally i3 is compiled with gaps :P
<AlishbaKabeer>I think I should pkill the X now
<AlishbaKabeer>I'll be back
<ajjlmau>AlishbaKabeer: I have i3-gaps.scm in GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH. Should I be able to install i3-gaps with guix package -i now?
<AlishbaKabeer>oh no, another compilation is running
<AlishbaKabeer>ajjlmau: you should put .scm in a dir. then cd to it. and do, export GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=$PWD ;
<AlishbaKabeer>and then guix package -i i3-gaps
<ajjlmau>AlishbaKabeer: thanks
<AlishbaKabeer>my pleasure.
<h4ppy>is anyone running conkeror and experiences problems? Since the update to 1.1.0, it seems to not work anymore
<AlishbaKabeer>is theree an .xinitrc alternative? which should start some startup apps like xbindkeys? I don't use i3 kesbinding for apps like terminal emu invoke.
<AlishbaKabeer>I came this time from virutal console
<AlishbaKabeer>tty7 is a black screen
<AlishbaKabeer>i3 with gaps has started
<moaz>is there a ~/.Xauthority file
<AlishbaKabeer>that is read at startup?
<AlishbaKabeer>I can touch it if it doesn't exist
<AlishbaKabeer>welcome back ajjlmau
<ajjlmau>AlishbaKabeer: i3-gaps is working fine :)
<AlishbaKabeer>yeah for me its also working but in config I don't have super + enter for terminals.
<AlishbaKabeer>oh maybe I should try to commment the dmenu line in config using tty
<AlishbaKabeer>I use xbindkeys for keybindings. this way even if I don't have a WM. I still can use some apps start with xinit and control with xbindkeys
<AlishbaKabeer>I had to comment the super + return in config so now working
<AlishbaKabeer>Xauthority deletes those enteries I enter
<AlishbaKabeer>I added those line in .zprofile too but still no effect
<AlishbaKabeer>lemme remove thme .
<moaz>I wonder if it's something in the Xsession file
<AlishbaKabeer>there is somethig like pam_environment which is read at startup even before all the other files
<AlishbaKabeer>but I never tried such stuff there. I used to use it for some env there
<AlishbaKabeer>maybe its not systemd :P
<AlishbaKabeer>can an old member tell me this sheperd command to run a process like mpd at startup as me? I mean as my user, not mpd, not as root
<AlishbaKabeer>for systemd I used to do it like 'systemctl enable --now --user mpd'
<AlishbaKabeer>ta na zaaar shmaaaa
<AlishbaKabeer>lol nothing
<AlishbaKabeer>just enjoying music as my eyes are gonna closing now :P
<AlishbaKabeer>lol just got zsh prompt working so I said so
<AlishbaKabeer>I don't know its english alternative. in urdu they say tum sy qurban :P
<moaz>there was a sitcom by that name a few years ago wasn't there
<moaz>nvm, it was called "tujh pe kurban" I think
<AlishbaKabeer>sitcom ?
<AlishbaKabeer>what that sitcom is?
<moaz>you know, comedy shows that have a new situation every week, etc.
<moaz>do you know bulbullay?
<AlishbaKabeer>I don't like TV shows or something like news. I live in my own world
<AlishbaKabeer>who cares about me? why should I ?
<AlishbaKabeer>what should I do for such messages? The following environment variable definitions may be needed:
<moaz>can you post the lines *after* that? :-p
<AlishbaKabeer>I have quit that window now
<AlishbaKabeer>these users know about it.
<moaz>well, presumably you'd need to add the appropriate environment variables and export them
<AlishbaKabeer>I just hit right click thrice and then do a middle click for it.
<apteryx>ah, it's sad that GNU Global doesn't support Bash.
<apteryx>falling back to etags
<civodul>apteryx: you mean to create tags for Bash code?
***h4ppy is now known as olivuser
<AlishbaKabeer>apteryx: you mean we should use bash?
<AlishbaKabeer>I don't know enough zsh. but I use it for tab completion and prompt and other features. even it annoys me sometimes
<apteryx>AlishbaKabeer: no, sorry if I wasn't clear; I'm working on a Bash program/scripts and was experimenting with GNU Global and emacs-ggtags, sadly to find out it doesn't support Bash.
<apteryx>That said, using etags $(find -type f) seems to work OK to generate a TAGS file that can be used with Emacs.
<AlishbaKabeer>apteryx: its okay. no need to say that. you're already disturbed
<olivuser>can anyone read what I write? I registered with freenode yet when I join the channel I'm on "+Ri".
<AlishbaKabeer>I don't know enough about it. moaz does.
<moaz>olivuser> I can read it, yes
<olivuser>moaz: thank you :)
<moaz>olivuser> +R just means that only registered users can PM you
<AlishbaKabeer>and yeah I can read. olivuser . If you weren't allowed to send something, you could get something , can't send to channel
<rekado>guix pull seems to be broken right now. Something about (gnu packages lisp) refering to “license”
<moaz>and +i means that people can't see which channels you're in, etc. unless they share those channels with you
<AlishbaKabeer>moaz: I have +cnt
<moaz>AlishbaKabeer> those are different. those are channel modes
<olivuser>alright, thanks a lot. earlier I wrote something with another nick and was under the impression that no one could read what I write ;-)
<moaz>+c = no coloured messages (:-( ), +t = only ops can change topic
<olivuser>then let me come back to my question: is anyone else experiencing problems with conkeror since the 1.1.0 update?
<moaz>I forget what +n does
<AlishbaKabeer>I think in some channels you can write even if you're not registered
<AlishbaKabeer>moaz: she is gone. now come.
<moaz>AlishbaKabeer> oops. I forogt
<nixo_>this is my first connection from guixSD on wifi :) Found a compatible 150N device for 20€ in the 10th shop I went, it was my last choice but finally ^^
<moaz>is it TP-Link?
<nixo_>moaz: yes, TL-WN722N v1.10
<moaz>wow very cool
<moaz>I have the exact same one
<moaz>it's pretty nice, isn't it
<nixo_>I found a lot of WN822N but v4,v5 and v6 .-. all but the supported. Yeah it's nice, and luckily they include the usb cable in the box
<moaz>that cable is somewhere in my room lol
<moaz>it's nice. most cables are much thinner
<moaz>so lower power
<rekado>can anyone confirm the compile failure? I think it’s something to do with the recent additions to (gnu packages lisp) by Pierre.
<ajjlmau>rekado: guix pull fails with me
*civodul hasn't pulled yet
<civodul>what's the error like?
<civodul>it's ok to just revert the faulty commit and ask Pierre to follow up
<nixo_>moaz: ahah on my laptop the second usb port would be impossible to use without the cable, so I'm happy with it inserted
<AlishbaKabeer>he is gone now nixo_
<moaz>I've wrecked most of my USB ports
<moaz>usually what happens is crash into the wall with my laptop just so happening to be facing in the direction of the wifi adapter
<AlishbaKabeer>I have only two of them
<moaz>the adapter survives but the port gets killed
<rekado>civodul: I don’t know yet which commit broke it.
<rekado>it crashes with “error: license: unbound variable”
<moaz>kids: don't crash into walls
<rekado>unfortunately no location data available.
<rekado>maybe a quotation problem.
<civodul>the libgit2 build error that ajjlmau reported is a different thing (potentially worrying)
<jonsger>how can I get more debug information from shepherd, because ssh-daemon doesn't start after booting
<jonsger>"ssh-daemon could not be started.
<AlishbaKabeer>rekado: how to start mpd as my user at startup ?
<AlishbaKabeer>how it looks there guys. I have no browser yet.
<civodul>rekado: i found the culprit, i will push shortly if nobody beats me
<AlishbaKabeer>who provides pacmd ?
<joshuaBPMan>Hello, I'm trying to get guix to authorize substitutes.
<joshuaBPMan>[root@dobby guix]# pwd
<joshuaBPMan>[root@dobby guix]# guix archive --authorize
<joshuaBPMan>is just hanging
<AlishbaKabeer>python always gives me error. command not found. python3 doesn't
<apteryx>AlishbaKabeer: try installing the python-wrapper package
<AlishbaKabeer>also /usr/bin/env: bad interpreter
<rekado>AlishbaKabeer: that’s because the “python” package does not provide the “python” executable. It only provides “python3”. That’s what upstream does.
<AlishbaKabeer>rekado: I can alias python as python3?
<apteryx>AlishbaKabeer: that's what python-wrapper package does
<rekado>sure, but I wouldn’t do that.
<AlishbaKabeer>what would you do that? rekado
<joshuaBPMan>ahhh thanks!
<rekado>what apteryx says is best.
<AlishbaKabeer>Try upgrading both `python-wrapper' and `python', or remove one of them
<AlishbaKabeer>from the profile.
<AlishbaKabeer>apteryx: it says this when I do guix -i python-wrapper
<civodul>rekado: the unbound variable issue should be fixed now
<civodul>you can all 'guix pull' again :-)
<apteryx>AlishbaKabeer: try; 'guix package -i python python-wrapper'
<civodul>joshuaBPMan: should be: guix archive --authorize <
<civodul>noticed the "<"
*civodul has to go
<nixo_>how do I try a change I made on a service? I added the channel to .config/guix/channels.scm but switching still uses the standard one
<AlishbaKabeer>apteryx: how to start a service as start in this init?
<AlishbaKabeer>like I wanna start mpd at boot as my user so it will read my config. and not from /etc
<joshuaBPMan>civodul: thanks
<AlishbaKabeer>and what to do for such messages that appear after some programs are installed.
<AlishbaKabeer>The following environment variable definitions may be needed:
<apteryx>AlishbaKabeer: For user centric services, you can define a user service to be used with Shepherd
<AlishbaKabeer>export PERL5LIB="/home/z/.guix-profile/lib/perl5/site_perl${PERL5LIB:+:}$PERL5LIB"
<apteryx>AlishbaKabeer: you would keep the shepherd user services defined in ~/.config/shepherd/services.scm
<apteryx>example of mine here:
<apteryx>and then you also need an init.scm file to start these automatically when shepherd starts, mine looks like:
<AlishbaKabeer>init.scm path?
<apteryx>lastly, you then only need to run the command 'shepherd' to start your user services, for example by calling it into your ~/.bash_profile file.
<apteryx>AlishbaKabeer: also under ~/.config/shepherd
<apteryx>you're welcome
<AlishbaKabeer>apteryx: about those exports? should I ignore them?
<AlishbaKabeer>those appear at the end of some programs after they are installed.
<joshuaBPMan>apteryx: You use jack? Cool. Isn't that a bit of a pain to set up?
<apteryx>AlishbaKabeer: are you using GuixSD?
<AlishbaKabeer>yeah I'm using guixsd
<apteryx>joshuaBPMan: I thought it would be, but no, it's fairly simple. I think I've even add a small snippet somewhere in our Guix info manual about how to do it.
<apteryx>AlishbaKabeer: If you use GuixSD you don't need to worry about the exports (but you may have to spawn a new shell to get those IIRC).
<joshuaBPMan>apteryx: but what's the benefit over alsa? or pulseaudio?
<apteryx>joshuaBPMan: I use it only for music software which requires it; the purpose is to have a very low latency; you wouldn't want your guitar sound to come out 1 s after you've struck the chords.
<AlishbaKabeer>apteryx: you use it in mpd?
<apteryx>I don't
<apteryx>I haven't setup'd mpd yet, but would like to!
<AlishbaKabeer>I use it and I love it.
<AlishbaKabeer>but I use PA
<AlishbaKabeer>ncmpcpp as frontend
<AlishbaKabeer>also mpc for scripts
<AlishbaKabeer>I have installed font awesome but still have no icons in status bar. should I do fc-cache something like that?
<moaz>would that solve it? wouldn't i3 need to reload for that?
<apteryx>yes, installing fonts often requires a manual fc-cache namual command. Search the command in our guix manual to find the exact incantation (I keep forgetting it).
<AlishbaKabeer>polybar restart after fc-cache made it. fc-cache took -r as argument
<AlishbaKabeer>welcome back moaz
<AlishbaKabeer>still the same error, bad interpertor
<AlishbaKabeer>for /usr/bin/env python
<AlishbaKabeer>apteryx: ^^
<apteryx>AlishbaKabeer: do you even have /usr/bin/env? If you're on GuixSD, you shouldn't.
<apteryx>That' would explain why that fails.
<AlishbaKabeer>so what should I put there?
<AlishbaKabeer>apteryx: ^^
<apteryx>I think '#! python3' should work
<apteryx>or, you could use an extra-special-file service to define /usr/bin/env, such as:
<apteryx>but unless you really need that I would refrain, as when testing builds manually (outside the guix chroot), it may confuse you.
<AlishbaKabeer>ok I won't use it
<AlishbaKabeer>bad interpreter: /python3: no such file or directory apteryx
<AlishbaKabeer>with a space between them. python3: can't open file '
<apteryx>ah, you're right this doesn't seem to work.
<apteryx>it seems to want an absolute path
<apteryx>you'll have to substitute $(command -v python3) for python3 in your shebang.
<apteryx>or use the /usr/bin/env special-file-service trick I described earlier
<apteryx>(the absolute file name of the python3 interpreter returned by the command command -v python3)
<AlishbaKabeer>apteryx: whenever I do reconfigure, it again starts to download the same kernel again. is it normal?
<pkill9_>if you install python to your profile then env will find it, that might help
<AlishbaKabeer>its installed in my profile
<ajjlmau>how should I configure my system to use getty instead of slim? And use something like startx to start wm.
<ajjlmau>Any tips or examples?
<AlishbaKabeer>ajjlmau: I spent 4 hours to figure it out but no success
<EternalZenith>AlishbaKabeer: Are you still trying to figure out how to get mpd to start?
<EternalZenith>I'm trying to catch up on the irc logs
<AlishbaKabeer>EternalZenith: yeah
<AlishbaKabeer>I want it to start on boot as my user
<EternalZenith>The guix manual tells you how to do that
<EternalZenith>You add that in your "(services ...)" list in your /etc/config.scm
<AlishbaKabeer>okay EternalZenith
<EternalZenith>How do you reference a module stored elsewhere in GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH in your system configuration?
<rekado>EternalZenith: in the system configuration you need to add (use-modules (the name of your module))
<rekado>GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH should be set to the root of the module directory.
<rekado>when running “guix system …” while GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH is set, the (use-modules …) clause will succeed.
<EternalZenith>I have that, but it's just telling me "no code for module (zenith linux-nonfree)"
<EternalZenith>I had the "linux-nonfree" in the root of the directory in my GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<EternalZenith>And it still did not work
<AlishbaKabeer>I'm sorry guys but I feel like I can't afford this distro anymore. I travel a lot and I don't use phone very much.
<EternalZenith>I assume "(use-package-modules ...)" acts the same as "(use-modules (gnu package ...))"?
<rekado>EternalZenith: that’ for Guix packages only. Use (use-modules …) for your own modules instead.
<EternalZenith>Yeah, I tried that at first and it didn't work, although use-modules isn't working for me either
<EternalZenith>It just says that "linux-nonfree" is an unbound variable
<rekado>that’s not right.
<EternalZenith>The path to the file containing the package matches what is in the (define-module ...) header, which matches what is in my system configuration
<rekado>the stuff in (use-modules …) should not be evaluated like this. The “unbound variable” error makes it seem like a syntax error.
<EternalZenith>Should I upload my config so you can see it?
<rekado>yeah, go ahead
<rekado>and for this you get the “unbound variable” error?
<rekado>I don’t see a syntax error here.
<EternalZenith>Hence why I'm really confused
<rekado>EternalZenith: this is what the head of my config looks like:
<rekado>(custom packages mine) is my staging module.
<rekado>this works just fine.
<rekado>I don’t know what’s wrong here; you could try to load the module in a Guile REPL and see if that works fine.
<rekado>e.g. with ,use (the module)
<EternalZenith>I think the issue is in my package module, not my config
<EternalZenith>Yup, I had the package definition messed up
<EternalZenith>It was called linux-nonfree-kernel, not linux-nonfree as I was referring to it
<EternalZenith>That seems to have worked
<EternalZenith>What command is used to suspend the system to ram?
<EternalZenith>I assume that isn't done by herd, but it works when I close my laptop or press the sleep button
<EternalZenith>That worked
<EternalZenith>I now have working wifi
<rekado>EternalZenith: this is done by elogind
<EternalZenith>I saw that in the guixsd manual, but not how to manually trigger it
<pkill9_>EternalZenith: the `loginctl` command is what you want
<pkill9_>e.g. `loginctl suspend`
<EternalZenith>I somehow figured it out right after I finally decide to ask
<EternalZenith>I somehow figured out how to do it right after I decided to ask
<ajjlmau>I would love to learn more about guile and guix but there isn't too much documentation about them so it's little hard to approach them. Is there really any other good resources than the manuals?
<EternalZenith>ajjlmau: Learn Scheme in Fixnum Days
<EternalZenith>I found that to be a nice, concise reference for it
<ajjlmau>EternalZenith: I meant specifically guile and guix but thanks anyways I'll check it out.
<EternalZenith>ajjlmau: Are you already familliar with scheme? I've found that to be the most useful thing to learn about regarding Guix for me
<ajjlmau>EternalZenith: Well somewhat familiar
<rekado>ajjlmau: the Guix manual is quite comprehensive. Is there something you are missing?
<apteryx>is there a way to install the packages referenced by a package to a profile?
<apteryx>the way guix environment somepackage would build a profile, but save that profile away.
<rekado>you can save that profile with “--root”
<ajjlmau>rekado: I think that the manual is pretty good. I'm just having a bit hard time with it for example when I earlier tried to change slim to getty. But I think that might just be me.
<EternalZenith>I agree with that, the manual has most of what you need to know, but compared to things like the Arch wiki it feels lacking
<EternalZenith>I think a lot of that is probably due to the age and maturity of the projects
<rekado>it doesn’t have a lot of examples, that’s true.
<apteryx>rekado: oh, thanks!
<EternalZenith>I wonder if it might also be partly due to how the project communicates
<EternalZenith>Most other things use forums, reddit, stackexchange, while guix uses mailing lists and irc
<EternalZenith>Those former things tend to be more searchable and accessible to most people
<apteryx>do I need to use any care when deleting a profile? just rm -r should do it, right?
<EternalZenith>apteryx: Why do you want to delete a profile? Couldn't you just use "guix gc" to clean up what you don't want?
<rekado>apteryx: without the “-r”. You can just remove the link.
<apteryx>EternalZenith: I'm playing with the guix package --profile switch, and it won't overwrite the profile if it already exists
<apteryx>So I needed to manually clear it.
<EternalZenith>Oh, I think I had to do that the other day because of how I was using "sudo" with "guix pull"
<EternalZenith>How does everyone here set up emacs when writing their package definitions and system configuration?
<EternalZenith>Is there a way to get geiser-mode to be aware of the guix-related procedures and symbols?
<kristofer>EternalZenith: the perfect setup:
<EternalZenith>Of course I skipped that section when reading the manual...
<EternalZenith>It even comes with snippets!
<kristofer>EternalZenith: if you made it that far you're one of us lol
<EternalZenith>kristofer: I have several package definitions that I'm going to submit this weekend
<kristofer>EternalZenith: excellent, I hope they are well received by the maintainers!
<EternalZenith>I have a couple things I'm not exactly sure how to build; they seem to need the trivial build system
<EternalZenith>Are there any good examples of how that is done?
<apteryx>how can I update my emacs-guix with a custom build using its latest sources? I've cloned it under ~/src/emacs-guix, and trying with the command `guix package -u emacs-guix --with-source=/home/mcournoyer/src/emacs-guix'; is this the right incantation?
<civodul>EternalZenith: there are uses of trivial-build-system in the code that you could look at, but no real doc
<civodul>though make sure to look at if you haven't already!
<civodul>apteryx: yes, that should work
<EternalZenith>civodul: I read through that before it was officially released, and it's helped a ton when I was trying to figure out how to package things
<civodul>so trivial-build-system is really for when you don't need phases, you have few commands to invoke, etc.
<civodul>it's "trivial" in the sense that it does very little
<civodul>it's its implementation that's trivial
<EternalZenith>Yeah, the thing I'm trying to package ( has one command to run to generate locales, and a shell script to run it
<apteryx>civodul: it fails on ./ line 3: autoreconf: command not found
<lfam>As we slowly transition from Hydra to Cuirass, I wonder if we can adjust the "on-master" package rebuilding limit up from 300 packages per commit?
<lfam>I have an update for the suite of Opus audio packages, and they will trigger 332 rebuilds per-archictecture
<apteryx>possibly the git sources of emacs-guix have the autoconf file while the archive tarball would have the configure script directly, or something along those lines
<civodul>apteryx: ooh i see, you need to add autoconf to the inputs, which is not (not yet) possible through the command line
<civodul>kinda annoying
<apteryx>civodul: OK :)
<ajjlmau>I should try to package something too. But I doubt if I'm able to package something more complex than hello lol
<civodul>lfam: why not, though i suppose some might be reluctant
<civodul>perhaps ask the question on the list?
<civodul>350 (say) would be fine with me
<lfam>Sure, will do. Seems like the build capacity has increased, and the number of packages as well
<rekado>350 is fine with me as long as these 50 extra packages aren’t super expensive to build.
<EternalZenith>When would you use "(define-public ...)" and "(define-module #:export (...))"?
<EternalZenith>They seem to be exchangable, is one preferred?
<rekado>you’d use #:export when the majority of variables wouldn’t be exported.
<rekado>for packages we usually want to export almost all of them, so we use define-public.
<rekado>repeating the package names in a long export list just doesn’t look nice
<EternalZenith>At the end of the build process, is whatever that is left considered the output?
<apteryx>I'm trying to redefine a newer emacs-guix package of my own, to test updating to latest git sources; this doesn't fly:
<apteryx>any idea?
<emacsoma1>hello guix
<emacsoma1>apteryx: what happens?
***emacsoma1 is now known as emacsomancer
<apteryx><unnamed port>:196:2: In procedure struct-ref: Wrong type argument in position 1 (expecting struct): "emacs-guix"
<apteryx>ah, it's my inherit!
<apteryx>it takes a symbol, not a string as its argument
<emacsomancer>apteryx: I was looking through it, but, yes, that looks like it
<EternalZenith>I feel like it would be a good thing to have something like GNU Stow rewritten in Guile and integrated with Guix and Shepherd
<apteryx>emacsomancer: yep, it was that
<apteryx>thanks for looking!