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<pkill9>gnucash fails to build :<
<pkill9>oh nevermind, i forgot i haven't run guix pull in a while
<reepca>hmm, why is dconf an input and not a propagated-input of ibus? I can't save any settings in ibus-setup (like, say, enabling a single language...) until I install dconf into my profile
<apteryx>I have a makefile trying to chown the install dir to 'root', and it fails... saying chown: invalid user: ?root?. Shouldn't this work?
<lfam>apteryx: Within a Guix build chroot?
<apteryx>pkill9: yep, Kei fixed it! you know whom to send your thanks to :)
<apteryx>lfam: yes
<lfam>apteryx: There's no root user in the chroot. Just the build user and 'nobody'
<lfam>See 'nix/libstore/'
<apteryx>that explains it :) thank you
<lfam>reepca: Maybe there is a good reason, maybe nobody else found the bug yet. Can you send a patch or file a bug report?
<reepca>lfam: aye, I guess I could
<reepca>okay, sent bug report
<reepca>also, is there an easy way to search through the logs for this channel? I know I was troubleshooting something similar to this awhile ago when I was setting up pinyin input on my laptop, but don't remember exactly when it was
<lfam>reepca: Not that I know of. There are the logs available for download at <> but no searchable interface
<Gamayun>The logs are here as well:
<lfam>My IRC client keeps scrollback forever, I think. I've had some luck searching them locally. The logs are searchable, but stopped being recorded a couple months ago
<Gamayun>I think had fiddled with a search query for ddg to just bring up log results. Maybe just restrict it to those sites..
<lfam>Ah, that sounds useful!
<xelxebar>I just noticed that 0.15 announced armv7 support. Has anyone gotten guixsd running on an rpi yet?
<brettgilio>Hi all
<brettgilio>Is anybody available to help atm?
<brettgilio>I frequently get this error, from tasks like trying to run binaries to compiling with GCC.
<brettgilio>error trying to exec 'as': execvp: No such file or directory
<brettgilio>Hi all. I am trying to hack on nautilus. When I attempt to build it using meson it is returning this error.
<brettgilio>ERROR: Native dependency 'tracker-sparql-2.0' not found
<brettgilio>I am not sure what I need to install to fulfill this dependency issue.
<brettgilio>I think I figured it out. I believe it is because the tracker package is out of date.
<g_bor>hello guix!
<brettgilio>g_bor: Hey
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<roptat>hi guix!
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>One great option for video editing would be using Blender.
<g_bor>However it needs a plugin for subtitle handling. How do we currently handle Blender plugins?
<roptat>aegisub is also a great option for subtitles
<g_bor>nice :)
<g_bor>currently I am bending towards creating the subtitles, the video and the audio tracks as separate files, and assemble them later.
<g_bor>I'm trying to come up with a usable procedure for doing this, so it will be possible to focus on content creation.
<g_bor>so +1 for aegisub :)
<roptat>as long as it works ;)
<roptat>I remember it didn't work well for me, but that was more than a year ago
<g_bor>roptat: i will have a look at that the.
<HarvettFox96>Hola (hello) here, but unfortnately, jwm (Joe's Window Manager) didn't exist in the list of packages.
<snape>HarvettFox96: do you want to give a try at packaging it?
<HarvettFox96>umm... si (yes)?
<snape>it shouldn't be too difficult: all the dependencies are already packaged
<ng0>do we have a merge time for core-updates? For a newer fossil version I need a newer sqlite version which also needs a variant of sqlite.
<ng0>lfam, Gamayun, reepca: yes, I now have a time to start again on the logs, which would be next month. there's a deadline this month focusing on something else.
<Gamayun>ng0: Cool :)
<ng0>what I meant by core-updates is, I already have this, I just need to apply it to guix master and send patches.
<ng0>the best would be to use core-updates or core-updates next for it, but this might involve bumping sqlite again
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<rekado>reepca: AIUI dconf should be provided at runtime, but isn’t that supposed to be done through other means, e.g. via dbus activation?
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<xelxebar>Hello, civodul!
<pkill9>is there a way to run `guix environment` and just return the store path for the environment?
<pkill9>like --search-paths just returns the search paths
<roptat>guix environment ... -- echo $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT
<pkill9>i tried that but it's blank
<pkill9>i must be doing soething wrong
<civodul>maybe: guix environment -- sh -c 'echo $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT'
<pkill9>i tried escaping the dollar sign as well
<civodul>but! be aware that it's bad™
<pkill9>oh, why's it bad?
<civodul>because the thing could be gc'd behind your back
<civodul>whereas the profile cannot be collected as long as 'guix environment' is running
<pkill9>ah, it's no problem, it's for a quick 'n' dirty build script
<pkill9>that worked thanks
<xelxebar>Getting "no code for module (gcrypt hash)" on any guix invocation. Started happening after a guix pull today. First pull in several months.
<xelxebar>Am I just doing something wrong?
<blish>Where can I find an updated list of RYF-certified hardware? Sorry to ask here - I couldn't find an IRC channel for free hardware.
<pkill9>also some on here:
<blish>pkill9: Is that site updated?
<pkill9>i dunno
<blish>I know the FSF link hasn't been updated in a while. Their SoC page was also in a state of disrepair for a long time.
<pkill9>blish: what kind of hardware ar eyou looking for?
<blish>pkill9: Headphones. I'd like some noise-cancelling ones, but the reviews are all raving about whether they connect to Google Voice or not. Who knows what else is in there?
<blish>pkill9: I'm considering making my own at this point.
<efraim>I've thought about buying a Bluetooth receiver with headphones out and using that
<xelxebar>I'm kind of dead in the water. Any guix command complains, "no code for module (gcrypt hash)"
<xelxebar>Probably just doing something silly, but could someone point me in the right direction?
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<bavier>xelxebar: do the commands work inside 'guix environment guix'?
<janneke>civodul: celebrating?
*janneke starts working on documentation todos for core-updates-next
<civodul>janneke: no no, i was just probing the channel :-)
*civodul has to go
<lsl88>hi! I'm trying to download and install GuixSD, but when I run i get: bash: No such file or directory
<lsl88>I am following the instructions from here: any ideas?
<lsl88>I just opened guix site and started downloading from there
<pkill9>lsl88: you need to put `wget` in front of that URL
<lsl88>pkill9: thanks! I guess my problem is that I use to use wget with http/https
<janneke>half an hour and counting, looking at stuff like (--verbosity=99)
<janneke>| | substitution of `/gnu/store/18pqz5nph5qbvsgi08p4vl4za3mhbb5k-expat-2.2.6': init
<janneke>| | acquiring write lock on `/var/guix/temproots/9548'
<janneke>| | downgrading to read lock on `/var/guix/temproots/9548'
<janneke>| | substitution of `/gnu/store/18pqz5nph5qbvsgi08p4vl4za3mhbb5k-expat-2.2.6': trying next substituter
<janneke>no clue what's going on, how to predict if there's an ending to this
<nly>Still building from guix system build?
<thorwil>hi guix!
<thorwil>since thunderbird made patches look corect locally, but actually linewrapped ...
<thorwil>i'm trying to set up git send-email
<thorwil>apparently it's not part of git itself ... which packages does provide it for guix=
<thorwil>no hits with `guix package -s git-send` or guix package -s `git-email`
<mbakke>thorwil: The send-email functionality is in a separate output: try guix package -i git:send-email.
<thorwil>mbakke: thanks! i wonder how i managed to not find any mention of that fact
<mbakke>It would be good if guix package --search somehow matched outputs. So bind-utils would match bind:utils, and git-send would match git:send-email.
<vagrantc>i'm seeing really weird behavior with icecat ... like not rendering part's of dotted numbers like chapters of the guix manual (or arbitrary other content on the internet) ... e.g. chapter 6.2.1 will only display .2.1, 5.8.7 will only display .8.7, etc.
<vagrantc>listing a table of contents is remarkably confusing :)
<vagrantc>since the switch to icecat 60+
<thorwil>any tricks/tips on speeding up smtp troubleshooting for git send-email?
<vagrantc>i don't actually use it much, don't see it on Debian ... so wondering what in guix would do that
<pkill9>i think icecat 60+ is alpha software, might be wrong
<pkill9>i'm not getting that glitch vagrantc on guixsd
<pkill9>vagrantc: can you upload a screenshot of it ?
<vagrantc>pkill9: not currently at the install where it's happening, but can remember to do so later
<ng0>guix package -i git:send-mail
<ng0>or whatever the output was
<ng0> ^ thorwil
<ng0>okay, nvm
<thorwil>eek. i thought `git send-email -2` would send the patch for the 2nd last commit, but it seems it does that and then continues with the last commit!?
<thorwil>ng0: better late than never, ty! ;)
<pkill9>i can't seem to get substitutes for gnucash even though I've run guix pull in the past few days and it's built on the build farm according to this
<pkill9>plus it keeps trying to build webkitgtk on my machine, so it's failing to get subsittutes for that also
<lfam>pkill9: On your computer, what do you get for `guix build --derivations gnucash`? Is it the same derivation used in those builds on Hydra? You can check in the Details tab of those builds
<lfam>Also, I recommend using both Hydra and the substitute server at <>, so that you have a greater chance of getting substitutes when you want them
<pkill9>i already use berlin
<pkill9>but there is no search funciton on berlin's build server page
<pkill9>lfam: wheni run that it tries to build webkitgtk
<lfam>It builds webkitgtk when you run the command I gave?
<pkill9>now i'm running 'guix build --derivations webkitgtk'
<pkill9>yeah lfam
<lfam>What system architecture are you using?
<pkill9>i'm on guix commit 68afb9dccf91cc1a58b6db405befa176b191d809
<pkill9>nvm i quickly made a package for homebank
<pkill9>gonna submit my package definitions sometime soon
<brettgilio>hi all
<apteryx>how do I know if a compiled C program dependency needs to be added as an native-input, or simply an input? How do I know if a library is used dynamically versus statically (such as header files vs .so objects).
<apteryx>brettgilio: hello
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