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<thomassgn>kristofer: I don't know, but maybe running strace on the daemon would give more clues? I frequently use 'strace -o /tmp/strace.out -T -s 2000 -fp <PID>' for running processes. It gives you a nice overview of syscalls - including file errors and so on. If you drop the last -p you can change the <PID> part for a command.
<lovelyn>samplet: i wound up using (@ (guix store) add-to-store) which allows me to specify the basename as well. thanks for pointing me in the right direction
<kristofer>thomassgn: thanks for the suggestion.
<kristofer>strace reports that exim is unable set gid or uid so local delivery to kristofer dies
<kristofer>this suggests to me that I have not configured the setuid-programs is not configured correctly
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<kristofer>the exim binary in the store is actually a symlink pointing to ./exim-4.90_1-3. should I specify the binary instead of the symlink, like (setuid-programs (cons #~(string-append #$exim "/bin/exim-4.90_1-3") %setuid-programs))
<nly>Hi guix
<nly>How can I use the guix api in the repl?
<nly>Something like (package? bluez)
<lsl88>hi! Iḿ just instoducing myself. My name is Laura and I am applying to outreachy
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<nly> is informative
<janneke>lsl88: hi Laura, welcome!
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<efraim>irc is normally pretty quiet on Sundays
<efraim>program I'm trying to work on has bundled fonts
*janneke was working to release mes-0.18 but now stumbles over weird 64bit intel floating point problems
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<efraim>is it normal for cffi packages to bundle the source of the original package?
<Laalf>can someone tell me why xf86-video-amgpu isnt packaged yet?
<Laalf>ah fug. i forgot. firmware
<taylan>is there a way to directly add a package to the system profile?
<pkill9>like `guix package -p <system profile> -i <package>` ?
<taylan>I tried "guix package -p /var/guix/profiles/system -i foobar" but that doesn't seem to do it. it looks like there's another profile inside that profile?..
<Laalf>taylan: (packages (cons* nss-certs <package> %base-packages)) ?
<pkill9>yeah i don't think it's possible
<taylan>(in fact it looks like I broke things a little with that command I ran)
<taylan>Laalf: I mean without reconfiguring the system
<taylan>how do others deal with the fact that root and your normal user both need to run 'guix pull'? I have a "guix-user" pseudo-user with which I run 'guix pull' and the others' ~/.config/guix is a symlink to that one's
<taylan>and I don't really want to differentiate between root's and my user's packages either, so I add everything to the system declaration and reconfigure every time.
<Laalf>su; guix pull && guix system reconfigure; exit; guix pull; guix package -u
<taylan>both of my solutions are sub-optimal obviously. I think it would be great if guix had some support for "single-user" systems where the per-user package management isn't really needed
<taylan>Laalf: that way 'guix pull' has to run twice...
<Laalf>ye. i dont like it but thats my solution without thinking about it
<pkill9>Laalf: you could symlink your user's ~/.config/guix to root's, and change the permissions
<pkill9>that's what i did for awhile
<pkill9>but then i wanted root's guix to be separate from my user's
<Laalf>i still cant really guix pull && sudo guix system reconfigure.
*janneke starts the 7th mes-0.18 release attempt build
<janneke>hopefully, in time this gets less painful
<mbakke>janneke: Btw, I posted some fixes to the bootstrap GCC here:
<janneke>mbakke: yeah! I had been wondering and read them yesterday night. Exciting!
<janneke>mbakke: how far is wip-gcc7, do you think?
<mbakke>janneke: I am currently building 'guix', and am well on my way to 'gnome'. So it works pretty well!
<janneke>ohhh, nice!
<mbakke>But, the cross-toolchain is broken, so we probably need some other low-level fixes.
<janneke>ouch! did mes bootstrap break this? -- how do i reproduce this breakage/get more insight?
<mbakke>janneke: Not sure, haven't tried cross-compiling on 'vanilla' core-updates-next.
<mbakke>janneke: Try to 'guix build --target=aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu bootstrap-tarballs' (or any other triplet)
*janneke goes to try and adds to core-updates-next todo list
<wingo>hello guix!
<wingo>remind me: how do i use guix to set up a 32-bit compile environment on a 64-bit x86-64 machine?
<janneke>hey wingo!
<mbakke>wingo: You could use 'guix environment --system=i686-linux'.
<wingo>i will give that a try, tx
<janneke>guix environment --system=i686-linux gcc-toolchain
<janneke>mbakke: arm still building here -- my laptop is on the verge of melting :)
*wingo got a 2x10-core system on friday, whee
<jonsger>wingo: arm or x86?
<Laalf>arm with some power is still stupidly expensive. sadly
<Laalf>and many arm hardware needs blobs to even init.
<wingo>jonsger arm eventually but x86 for now
<janneke>Laalf: i'm pretty lost in the field of arm
<Laalf>janneke: the only risc platform id personally buy is power8/9. most other platforms require so much shitware in your kernel. maybe risc-v will get a free memory controller. then risc-v will be an option. or lowrisc finally gets some more power or at least something to show.
*janneke just (finally) released mes 0.18
<OriansJ>Laalf: actually the direction of using FPGAs and Libre Hardware is becoming a more viable option but we must support the hardware that people need
<astronavt>is there any hyperpolygplot-style comparison of nixos and guix functionality?
<janneke>astronavt: nixos is probably more "functional"
<astronavt>janneke thank you. its really hard to tell which one to start with (i want to try both eventually)
<astronavt>ill probably go w/ guix though. setting up a vpn on hetzner seems like a nice simple project to get my feet wet
<janneke>the features of GuixSD would be: more hackable, respecting the user's freedom
<astronavt>mm i like hackable
<pkill9>i find the package definitions to be a lot more readable
<pkill9>in guix
<pkill9>and the command line interface more intuitive
<astronavt>good to know
<astronavt>still would be nice to see a side by side comparison of common operations
<janneke>astronavt: just find out what you like best
<janneke>the url by snape is kinda nice
<astronavt>like side-by-side packaging of a simple "./configure; make; make install" piece of software
<astronavt>janneke that is my plan. i guess i can write the comparison myself :)
<pkill9>hmm nice idea
<pkill9>i might create that
<pkill9>for now though, just check out the git repositories and compare a package
<astronavt>yeah thats what i meant by hyperpolyglot -- e.g.
<astronavt>ah good idea
<astronavt>where are package sources hosted?
<pkill9>astronavt: here's a comparison of the figlet package: and
<astronavt>perfect thank you
<pkill9>note that usually multiple guix packages are put in the same module, for some reason figlet get sit's own module
<astronavt>module meaning a source file? im not experienced w/ scheme
<pkill9>yeah, a separate file
<astronavt>ah i see related stuff like tcc and pcc are in the same package
<apteryx>hello :)
<janneke>hey apteryx!
<apteryx>I have to catchup with what happened as of late; (new) life has been keeping me busy :)
<lsl88>hi! I have already introduced myself. I am applying for outreachy. In process of installing guix. I'm even kind of new to IRC too
<lsl88>is it ok to be running the script for the binaries?
<lsl88>I run the script under
<janneke>lsl88: ah, didn't think of that, yes that should work -- whichever you suits best
<lsl88>but then, in the outreachy site there is another link,
<lsl88>Reading the documentation, I find that guixSD, and I see this: is not production-ready.
<Laalf>lsl88: officially its still beta. i heard someone here uses it in a company, i have yet to encounter a stability problem and i even did the unthinkable sin
<lsl88>but reading the outreachy project, I see that both links are included in the installation guide, so I don't understand very whether I should install it too or not
<Laalf>lsl88: is all the software you need available? install it. not? just install the package manager and play around with guix system vm
<Laalf> here is the top of my config for bringing ovmf to a patched qemu in libvirt and virt-manager. this does not build at the moment. i am pretty sure that the config file that i create in libvirt-ovmf is just dumb and that i create the patch for qemu wrong. it shouldnt be needed to replace the entire source. i also think that the syntax there is wrong. if someone wants to take a look.... (yes the imports are too much. i know)
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<rekado>lsl88: many of us are using GuixSD. It also powers the build farm at or my laptop.
<rekado>lsl88: you don’t need to install GuixSD to use Guix.
<rekado>GuixSD is a GNU+Linux system built around Guix and its ideas.
<rekado>Guix can be used as a software management tool on other GNU+Linux systems.
*wingo gives the guix userland binary install script a try on a new box
<wingo>worked grea, meant to say
<wingo>*great :)
<lsl88>rekado but for outreachy should I install it?
<rekado>lsl88: it is a good exercise to install GuixSD, even if you do this in a virtual machine.
<rekado>lsl88: as you follow the instructions from the manual you will probably find things that are not clear enough
<rekado>lsl88: this could be a valuable impression that could give you some ideas about how to approach the topic in a different format.
<OriansJ>lsl88: here is an example setup of guixsd on qemu
<rekado>lsl88: for an easier way into Guix you could install Guix on top of any GNU+Linux system and then play with “guix system” to build virtual machine images running GuixSD.
<OriansJ>lsl88: here is an example of a stripped down GuixSD System configuration that touches on several questions you might have: