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<snape>I find the "Home" button of quite useless, because it's the same location as the GuixSD logo. WDYT?
<snape>I don't remember if there was a specific goal about it in the future
<roptat>hi guix!
<civodul>hey there!
<roptat>hi :)
<kurimi>Hello how can i install grub with --removable flag? my motherboards need it to boot (UEFI)
<jlicht>hey guix!
<kurimi>any ideas?
<civodul>kurimi: hello!
<kurimi>hi civodul
<civodul>normally 'guix system init' runs grub-install on your behalf
<kurimi>grub is isntalled
<civodul>so there's no way to pass additional flags currently
<civodul>that should rarely be necessary though
<kurimi>okay... so how can i boot?
<kurimi>do i have go to bios, then to efi shell then find EFI and GuixSD and run grub manually?
<civodul>'guix system init' installs /mnt/boot/grub/menu.lst so you could run grub-install manually from that
<civodul>not sure what you mean
<kurimi>my motherboard is retarded
<civodul>if UEFI is enabled on your machine, the installation image detects it
<civodul>heh, ok
<kurimi>It is... but if im installing grub (on arch) i needed to do grub-install --removable
<mbakke>Perhaps grub-efi-bootloader can be extended to take a (removable? ) argument.
<pushcx>Can guix install packages from nix channels? I'm not having any luck with searches trying to look this up.
<Laalf>pushcx: just install nix.
<partj>hey, i just rm'ed /gnu instead of ./gnu, and apart from the store that is ro, i don't have anything else left in /gnu, what should i do? guix system init from a live distro? or something simpler?
<pkill9>i don't think there is anythingelse in the /gnu directory other than /gnu/store
<partj>oh cool, i thought i ls'ed it some time ago and found some other files
<partj>everything's alright then
<pkill9>yeah there's nothing else in mine other than /gnu/store
<partj>oh also, my guix info installation is kinda bad, the manual is only available in french
<roptat>partj, it may be because you have guix installed in your profile
<roptat>also, you should have ~/.config/guix/current/share/info in front of your INFOPATH
<roptat>(and I think you can still access the English manual with `info "(guix)"`
<partj>nah there's no guix in my profile, the variable is there, but your workaround works great so whatever
<kmicu>Hi pushcx, that’s not possible.
<roptat>civodul, I'm building a container, and using ./pre-inst-env I get an error in info-dir-builder. I can still build the container without pre-inst-env, where guix is at the same commit as my repo...
<roptat>any idea?
<jlicht>hello again
<cbaines>roptat, sometimes the .go files get out of sync. You could try deleting them, and running make to generate them again?
<Laalf>kmicu: you can indeed install nix and run some applications just fine
<roptat>cbaines, ok, I'll try that
<partj>I don't really understand the philosophy behind configuration with guix, should I use only package configurations or also use /etc for some packages?
<Laalf>partj: dont edit etc.
<pushcx>kmicu: thanks
<Laalf>did he just completly ignore my message before?
<kmicu>Laalf: that’s possible but not related to Guix (the package manager). (I assume the original questions was not related to running Nix on GuixSD).
<Laalf>kmicu: then guix import exists. i think for very simple programs it does work
<kmicu>(Also Guix was forked from Nix and have some misleading Nix compability paragraph in its manual.)
<kmicu>(where ‘misleading’ is to strong word and I should use ‘outdated’, sorry for that
*kmicu adds missing ) to calm lispers’ souls.
<partj>Laalf: so how should i go about running dnscrypt-proxy as a forwarder for dnsmasq? dnsmasq doesn't expose the required options afaik
<lovelyn>is there an easy way to add a directory to the store?
<Laalf>partj: go edit the package itself.
<Laalf>lovelyn: noone edits the editor, noone edits the /gnu/store
<lovelyn>Laalf: i meant like what guix download does, but for a whole directory
<Laalf>lovelyn: how would you imagine that to work? Ever tried to hash a folder?
<Laalf>this is not 9front. (sadly?)
<lovelyn>i'd imagine it would work like the git downloader only with a local directory instead
<Laalf>lovelyn: says nothing about that. i primarly used guix download for creating package definitions. i doubt there is a possibility to hash a folder. also over not git recursively downloading is painful
<lovelyn>i'm aware of the download limitation, that's why i was asking
<lovelyn>guix hash -r hashes folders
<samplet>lovelyn: I don’t know if you can do it with the command line interface, but in Scheme you can use the “local-file” procedure.
<lovelyn>samplet: i'll take a look, thanks
<samplet>It is documented in the G-Expressions part of the manual.
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<civodul>roptat: could it be ?
<roptat>civodul, rebuilding my repo did work
<roptat>ah, running the container, I get this error message every few seconds: Oct 6 22:36:22 localhost /gnu/store/knrgbc9r6bfdfylmj4bcqd33yjx4nakg-mingetty-1.08/sbin/mingetty[197]: tty2: No such file or directory
<kristofer>Heya! Is anybody using exim for local delivery of incoming mail from the internet? I'm wondering if my setuid for exim is incorrect. The exim daemon crashes on the local_delivery part of the process.
<kristofer>(setuid-programs (cons #~(string-append #$exim "/bin/exim") %setuid-programs)) leaves me with /run/setuid-programs/exim --