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<lfam>I made a little shell function to conveniently sign commit ranges before pushing:
<lfam>Not much to it, literally just a convenience
<lrvick>That would be pretty crazy to do if you were using a gpg smartcard that requires a touch for signing.
<lrvick>which is a pretty vital security feature imo
<lrvick>might be better off signing the patch-id so the signature can survive a rebase
<lfam>What do you mean by 'patch-id'?
<lfam>lrvick ^
<lrvick>patch-id is literally signing the actual diff instead of the refs (which change) and can thus survive a rebase
<lfam>Interesting, I'll read more about it later. In general we never rewrite history. I have to go AFK for a while
<Diagon>I'm wondering if I can replace linuxbrew by guix. Does a guix install need root access? (Nix only seems to need it because they wired in the /nix directory, which seems odd.)
<lfam>Diagon: Guix does require root to install in order to work correctly, becuase it uses chroot(2) to set up an isolated build environment. It can be used without root but the experience will be very buggy and unsatisfying
<Diagon>I see. Off hand, do you know if nix similarly used a chroot?
<lfam>We are always evaluating the use of unprivileged user namespaces instead, but they are rarely enabled on other distros
<lfam>I don't know if Nix still does or not, but they at least did when Guix was founded
<Diagon>K. Makes sense. I'd love something to replace home/linuxbrew, though...
<Diagon>Thanks for your input.
<lfam>You're welcome!
<brettgilio>Hi gang. I am trying out GuixSD. I installed gnome-tweak-tool and some icons, but I can't seem to set my icons through the tweak tool. The option is grayed out and not clickable. Any thoughts?
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<brettgilio>`ani`: Hey
<`ani`>I installed GuixSD on an encrypted LUKS partition.
<`ani`>after rebooting and GRUB has shown, I get something about /gnu/store/*****/initrd not found.
<brettgilio>`ani`: Can you pastebin your config.smc?
<brettgilio>on or something
<`ani`>how do I do that from a TTY?
<brettgilio>not actual pastebin
<brettgilio> has instructions on their website
<brettgilio>Is there a way to prevent a specific package from installing with the gnome-desktop-service? For example, baobab.
<brettgilio>`ani`: looking
<brettgilio>`ani`: remind me your error
<`ani`>anybody here?
<divansantana>`ani`:have you tried an older boot version from the grub menu?
<`ani`>divansantana: there's only one.
<`ani`>I re-ran the init thing now.
<`ani`>gonna try a reboot again.
<g_bor_>hello guix!
<g_bor_>I need a little help.
<g_bor_>How can I set the volume in xfce?
<g_bor_>never mind, I installed alsa-utils.
<g_bor_>also I noticed that guix package -s alsautils does not return alsa-utils. Do we have any switch that can help here?
<nico202>After months I finally managed to install guix on my laptop (side by side with nixos for now). Before starting the heavy customization, is there something similar to home-manager?
<nico202>Also, anybody is using guile-wm or stumpWM? I want to take this opportunity to move away from i3 (that's working well indeed, but I want to try something different)
<g_bor_>nico202: we don't have home-manager or similar stuff yet. Some use stow to manage the dotfiles.
<g_bor_>I also remember someone is using guile-wm, but I don't use it.
<nico202>g_bor_: thanks, I'll take a look at stow!
<nico202>the thing I fear about guile-wm is that it's unmaintained
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>(brand new!)
<roptat>hi guix!
<roptat>civodul: the command you wanted me to run ended with "Unbound variable: define"
<g_bor_>civodul: cool, but the second page looks very empty...
<pw_>Hello, How to enable http_proxy/https_proxy for guix-daemon?
<civodul>roptat: what was it again? :-)
<civodul>g_bor_: everything fits on one page but paper sheets are two-sided ;-)
<civodul>pw_: you have to set these environment variables for guix-daemon
<civodul>are you on GuixSD?
<pw_>Yeah, I am installing GuixSD. I have not figured out how to set these env vars for guix-daemon.
<pw_>I've tried (1) export http_proxy=...; guix-daemon ... (2) http_proxy=... guix-daemon ... both ways didn't work.
<pw_>No idea what to try next.
<snape>hi guix!
<civodul>hey snape!
<civodul>pw_: currently there's no easy way to do that in the installation image, see
<jas4711>has anyone attempted packaging Munin for Guix? i have my first guix server up'n'running, but i want to have munin monitorring of it
<civodul>howdy jas4711!
<civodul>jas4711: not that i know off unfortunately
<jas4711>civodul: hi :)
<civodul>it'd be very useful
<civodul>g_bor packaged the beginning of Prometheus IIRC, if that's an option for you
<civodul>g_bor_ even
<pw_>civodul: Thanks for the info.
<jas4711>civodul: prometheus seems interesting, but i have an existing munin installation that i'd like to support. is there a dummy guide for writing your first guix package definition? :)
<roptat>civodul: an exception in validate-runpath
<snape>Does anyone know how to install a foreign-language dictionnary with Icecat?
<civodul>jas4711: there's and someone is writing a new tutorial that should be on-line within a day or two
<snape>It's objectively way more complicated than with Chromium :p
<civodul>snape: for spell-checking you just need to install, say, hunspell-dict-fr
<snape>oh! great, I'll try that
<jas4711>civodul: thanks. i'll figure out how to get ipv6 to the machine first..
<civodul>DHCP or statically? 'static-networking-service' is limited in that respect
<snape>civodul: that doesn't seem to work ( I might report a bug.
<snape>(and I restarted Icecat)
<civodul>oh you might need export DICTPATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/share/hunspell
<civodul>rather: export DICPATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/share/hunspell
<g_bor_>civodul: istm that tomorrow I will have the chance to finally get my hand on a setup similar to berlin. I will try to come up with a working grub.
<civodul>g_bor_: "working GRUB", you mean with the external storage device that rekado_ was struggling with?
<snape>civodul: great! It works, thank you!
<g_bor_>civodul: yes, we almost have the same config in one of our local datacenters. We are upgrading now.
<civodul>snape: normally DICPATH is set by default on GuixSD
<snape>I'm on a foreign distro ATM
<snape>maybe that's why it didn't work?
<civodul>g_bor_: nice, i hope you can figure out what's going on
<snape>indeed DICPATH is set on my GuixSD machines
<jas4711>civodul: i'm trying with static-networking-service but i just get: service 'networking-eno1' provided more than once
<jas4711>is it possible to configure both ipv4 and ipv6 statically?
<civodul>not with static-networking-service i'm afraid, which is a shame :-/
<civodul>well something we should fix soon
<snape>but usually you rarely need to manually set an IPv6 address IIRC
<snape>it should be automatically configured, based on your MAC address
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<rekado>g_bor: I’m looking forward to the results of your experiments!
<rekado>my frustration with email slowly reaches a point where I’d consider self-hosting.
<snape>rekado: what happened?
<rekado>sending to just doesn’t always work. Many of my mails are delivered only after delays of a couple of days.
<civodul>rekado: it seemed to work fine lately
<snape>rekado: was it like the first time you sent the email to a list?
<snape>Well I guess you know it, but there is a human validation for every first email of every list
<snape>(at least some lists)
<jas4711>snape: ipv6 does not autoconfigure automatically on this box for me. i assume it was intentional? all other machines autoconfigure ipv6 so i guess it is an guix issue too :)
<g_bor_>snape: ?
<jonsger>rekado: seems to had/have some outages
<jas4711>civodul: ah, i see. and dhcp+static does not seems to work either. how do i get ipv4+ipv6?
<snape>(g_bor_: I just corrected your nick so that you get notified of the previous message)
<g_bor_>oh, fine, thanks :)
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<g_bor>:) better now :)
<rekado>snape: outages?
<snape>rekado: jonsger said this
<snape>not me
<rekado>snape: sorry
<snape>jas4711: both work on my machine, and I don't remember I did anything special
<rekado>snape: no, not like sending email for the first time. The email service I use for just claims not to be able to resolve And then emails are delayed and sometimes not delivered at all.
<snape>rekado: hm that's weird indeed
<rekado>jonsger: outages on I know that it doesn’t always decode debbugs responses correctly (because debbugs is pretty inconsistent).
<roptat>jas4711: it's a bit of a hack, but I defined an iproute2-service-type in my config here:
<roptat>I use it to configure static ipv4 and ipv6
<rekado>other reliability problems would be down to only using a single web process for mumi. I should use fibers.
<roptat>(I don't have a dhcp server on that network)
<rekado>any objections to merging wip-haskell into master now?
<jas4711>roptat: thank you!
<snape>using a manual ipv6 address kinda goes againt the whole ipv6 idea that it should be simple to configure
*rekado merges wip-haskell into master
<snape>jas4711: are you sure all other machines on the same network autoconfigure ipv6?
<jas4711>snape: debian, ubuntu, chromecasts, androids, iphone's, ipad's, the works
<civodul>rekado: yay for wip-haskell!
<thomassgn>Hey Guix!
<thomassgn>I'm going to hold a presentation/demonstration of guix for some local devs on wednesday.
<thomassgn>Think I'll cover the basics of the store, packagemanagement and the configuration; then show guix environment and maybe system vm and if I have the time show a package build, maybe even have a participant pick a package. Theres only 6-ish people joining. Anything neat I haven't thought of?
<jonsger>rekado: 504 Gateway Time-out on
<civodul>thomassgn: that sounds like a very good start!
<civodul>there's a lot of ground to cover, so IME questions by the audience will guide most of your talk :-)
<thomassgn>thanks, that's sort of what I'm hoping :)
<jas4711>is a beagleboard x15 armhf (2GB RAM, 2x1.5MHz ARM Cortex-A15) of interest for use as a build server?
<civodul>jas4711: yes i think so
<civodul>we're in the process of switching build farms and it could come in handy
<jas4711>civodul: i could put it online with upstream custom debian image and give you ssh access for configuration
<civodul>jas4711: that'd be great!
<roptat>civodul: any idea for investigating the stacktrace in validate-runpath?
<roptat>after ,m(guix build gremlin) I can't use define anymore...
<roptat>or parse-elf, elf-dynamic-info, ...
<civodul>sounds like this module isn't found no?
*civodul has to go
<g_bor>jonsger: I also sometimes see nginx gateway timeout...
<rekado>jonsger: I think that’s because we have just one backend. Multiple people accessing it at the same time could easily lead to a timeout.
<jonsger>oke :(
<g_bor>rekado: that makes sense...
<g_bor>could we do something about that?
<rekado>hmm, there’s a problem with printing download progress for cabal revisions:
<rekado>looks like “transferred” can sometimes be #f, but we don’t check for whether it’s a number
<jlicht>rekado: I also see this happening
<rekado>this happens for very small files.
<rekado>I think we can fix this in guix/progress.scm, display-download-progress, in the “else” branch, by adding (transferred (or transferred 0)) to the let binding.
<rekado>…or we could try to track down the origin of that #f when a file is too small.
<jlicht>heh, how would you even start going about something like that?
<rekado>I guess it might be because “rate-limited” can return #f
<rekado>rate-limited is what is used to update the “transferred” value in progress-reporter/file
<rekado>good ol’ pk debugging shows that the value for “transferred” is fine at first and then becomes #f.
<rekado>so it’s likely due to “set!”.
<nly>supplementary group 'p' of user 'nly' is undeclared.
<nly>^What does this mean?
<lfam>nly: Where does that error message come from?
<nly>guix system init /../config.scm /mnt
<lfam>nly: Can you share your config.scm on <>?
<lfam>Or at least the (users) section?
<lfam>If that's inconvenient, you could also upload a picture of your screen
<jlicht>nly: you might need a `(groups (cons (user-group (system? #t) (name "p")) %base-groups))' in your config
<nly>I put the "p" in there after I got the error lfam
<jlicht>nly: also, there seems to be a literal `p' on line 36 of that config?
<lfam>jlicht's advice is good :)
<nly>Haha, sry
<nly>Substituting... :)
<lfam>That means it's working :)
<nly>Hmm lots of WARNINGS: compilation of /gnu/store/...guile-2.2.4
<nly>Booting guixSD.. For the first time
<jonsger>is it possible on a x86 system to create a disk-image with "guix system disk-image"?
<lfam>jonsger: Can you clarify what you mean? Creating disk images is what that tool does
<Laalf>can someone tell me what magic i have to do to get screen-locker to run? maybe even ovmf in libvirt?
<roptat>I'm running a small script to draw a dependency graph of the nmp registry
<roptat>I'm running it on coffeescript and it's alread at depth >300, with more than 500 packages...
<roptat>it's very depressing
<roptat>oups it just failed with Bad Date header: Mon, 11 Sep 2017 4:08:53 GMT
<lfam>roptat: Had you read jlicht's GSoC project on NPM?
<roptat>ah no I didn't
<roptat>where can I find it?
<lfam>Indeed... the dependency graph is immense
<lfam>Also, it's a cyclic graph IIRC
<roptat>I found that though:
<roptat>also I'm trying to get the graph and see where we can cut it if that's necessary
<roptat>for instance, if we don't run tests, we might not need all dependencies
<jonsger>lfam: doing a "guix system disk-image gnu/system/examples/bare-bones.tmpl" on a x86 machine and then use the iso to install a system on ARM device?
<nly>I am getting lots of source file newer than compiled, how can I get rid of these messages
<rekado>nly: what are you doing?
<rekado>nly: if you’re using a git checkout you need to compile the source files.
<nly>Just installed guixSD and booted it up
<rekado>nly: you get those messages while booting?
<nly>Every time I try to use the guix command I see a lot of these messages
<nly>While booting too
<nly>I am trying to `guix pull`
<roptat>how did you install GuixSD?
<nly>guix system init from another distro with guix
<nly>I ran it twice too
<roptat>did you run it from a git checkout (with ./pre-inst-env)?
<demotri>Outreachy Chat with Mentors and former Interns started. Live Twitter here:
<roptat>did you configure guix-daemon to be something else than the default?
<Laalf>is it just me that doesnt want to create a twitter account for that?
<nly>roptat: No
<roptat>mh... that's weird
<roptat>at least you sholdn't see these messages at boot
<roptat>what does `which guix` tells you?
<nly>[20:10] nly: Hmm lots of WARNINGS: compilation of /gnu/store/...guile-2.2.4/... .scm failed
<nly>^at boot sequence
<roptat>I'd try to run "guix pull" then "guix system reconfigure ..." and see if that's gone
<roptat>I think I'll pull the whole npm registry at this rate...
<demotri>Laalf: For reading, you don't need an account.
<joehillen>Is there a way to force a package to be rebuilt. I want to make sure it's reproducable
<roptat>joehillen: guix build --check
<roptat>I'm really pulling the whole registry, now at 6000 dependencies (including dev dependencies) for coffeescript, and counting
<roptat>why do I need mongodb-js-fmt to build coffeescript? T.T
<joehillen>Node.js, Not Even Once
<joehillen>roptat: thanks
<demotri>roptat: Fun with node :-) I'm also always surprised about the dependency graph in npm!
<roptat>I'm already counting 9 testing frameworks
<demotri>npm: The problem I think is that few care about bootstrapping and building all from source. As long as npm works (with binaries) people are satisfied. That's the difference between free software and open source.
<roptat>well, I should really not try to work on coffeescript, it's written in coffeescript...
<vejetaryenvampir>Can you guys see my messages?
<roptat>vejetaryenvampir: just now
<vejetaryenvampir>I'm a matrix user and I was trying to fix that. Thanks a lot to mbakke :)
<vejetaryenvampir>I want to report a bug. Can all guys see my messages)
<nly>I can
<nly>vejetaryenvampir: I can see your messages upto 7 mins earlier
<snape>joehillen: --check --no-grafts
<brettgilio>Hey all.
<bavier>hello guix
<`ani`>a few things.
<`ani`>you don't have support for JFS, XFS and a lot of other filesystems in the install media.
<`ani`>I can't even boot because it can't find /gnu.
<`ani`>using LUKS.
<`ani`>the editors sucks ass.
<`ani`>all in all the install didn't go through.
<`ani`>so I'm not using GuixSD.
<nly>`ani`: I have a LUKS home partition, I am also in the process of installing guixSD
<nico202>Hi, it's me again :) (continuing the slow migration from NixOS to GuixSD). Is direnv well supported by guix like it is with nix?
<nico202>on nix is just: "echo 'use nix' > .envrc; direnv allow" and the shell.nix is activated when in this folder
<Laalf>does someone have qt5ct packaged?
<bavier>nico202: I don't think direnv has support for guix like that, but idk. our direnv package is a bit out-of-date too
<rekado>nico202: you can install a profile into a target directory and then do “source $PWD/.guix-profile/etc/profile”
<pkill9>nico202: from searching the direnv code for 'use guix' it looks like they support it, i don't know though:
<snape>jas4711: the beagleboard is *very* slow
<snape>I honestly don't think it will be very useful as a build server
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<nico202>pkill9: wow if it works it'd be cool, I'd suggest everybody who never tried it to give it a shot. I was always like "Ok enter the project directory, nix-shell. Move to another directory... wait, why I don't have this program?". Also, direnv is supported by emacs too. That means that's possible to have org-mode run different program versions in different files
<nico202>There's no default naming for config files in guix? like default.nix/shell.nix?
<demotri>`ani`: If that helps: You can always build your own installation medium. With your favorite editor included. And your customized kernel, if that helps. And if anything missing, please contribute. Guix is WIP.
<nly>Ohhh yahhh! guixSD is installed. :D
<janneke>nly: \o/
<nico202>nly: yeah! I installed it yesterday after months of "I really should" :) happy GuixSD-day
*nly dances in celebration
<mbakke>nico202: cbaines has done some work on direnv + guix, see
<pkill9>nico202: config files typically end in .scm
<pkill9>but i think nix has more config files, the only ones i can think of in guix are ~/.guix/channels.scm and the system configuration
<pkill9>i assume shell.nix is configuration for nix's shell, guix doesn't have such a configuration file afaik
<nico202>pkill9: yeah, if I call nix-shell in a dir it will look for a shell.nix file. If not present, it will look for a default.nix. So calling nix-shell is shorter than guix environment shell.scm (not sure this command is right)
<pkill9>oh i see
<pkill9>the equivalent in guix is `guix environment --load=FILE` or `guix environment -l FILE`
<nico202>Maybe it's just me that's nix-shell junkie :D but I mostly have different sets of programs for each org file (eg. for configuring the latex export with the required packages and so on). The same for each c++ project.
<pkill9>yeah it doesn't search for default.scm/shell.scm
<nico202>pkill9: oh I was missing a -l then
<nico202>I have a deadline tomorrow so I'm on nix right now (blaming the nonfree wifi chipset)
<pkill9>you could always make a wrapper that searches for a default.scm/shell.scm of course
<pkill9>nico202: yeah, the first argument for `guix environment` tells it to create an environment consisting of the inputs for that specified package
<bavier>"guix.scm" is used by several projects in their source repositories
<pkill9>so `guix environment PACKAGE` would add the packages required to build PACKAGE to the environment
<nico202>pkill9: I might use a wrapper, but I think I'll judge when I'll start living in guix more time. Oh in nix it would be `nix-shell -p PACAKGE`
<pkill9>and if you want to add specified packages to the environment (instead of their build requirements aka inputs), you use `guix environment --ad-hoc PACKAGE1 PACKAGE2 ...`
<pkill9>bavier: `guix environment` doesn't automatically search for that does it?
<nico202>bavier: I'll stick with guix.scm then
<nico202>the best thing on guix is that every repository I can find with user configs instead of having the has the and I feel home :D
<Laalf>where would i find default pulse configs like in /etc/pulse on normal distros?
<mbakke>Laalf: Try `guix build pulseaudio`.
<terpri`>Laalf, do you mean configuration files for guixsd services? (that are kept in the store instead of /etc)
<Laalf>thanks. i guess i still need to edit the package itself because whenever i put the configs in my ~/.config/pulse/ the server doesnt start anymore. or i just cant use module-native-protocol-unix with guix for some reason
<bavier>pkill9: no, just a loose convention
<ng0> is nice art :)