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<rekado>so many packages depend on this proprietary piece of software.
<joehillen>have you read the license? it doesn't seem that restrictive from what I've skimmed
<roptat>joehillen: at least it doesn't allow you to redistribute the software
<Formbi>which piece of software?
<roptat>(without the right to sublicense)
<rekado>roptat: do you have a list of the actual classes that are needed?
<joehillen>that doesn't seem possible. how could spring depend on it if they can't distribute it. There is also
<roptat>joehillen: with conditions on the implementation and what you can do with it
<roptat>like you can't implement other classes in than specified in the spceification
<rekado>roptat: there is a reference implementation under ASL2.0:
<rekado>but I guess you can’t use it because it needs the money-api from
<roptat>joehillen: I don't think they distribute it: it all goes through maven-central
<roptat>also the dependency is optional (only needed at build-time)
<rekado>roptat: you might be able to stub it out.
<roptat>yes, I think my plan is to throw an exception when these methods are called
<roptat>and stub
<rekado>sounds good
<roptat>actually, I can also remove these classes completely and not register them at all in DefaultFormattingConversionService
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<janneke>Hello Guix!
*janneke goes afk
<roptat>hi guix!
<iyzsong>hello :)
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<rekado>the URL for the mariadb sources appears to have changed
<roptat>oh no not again :(
<roptat>another dependency requires
<mbakke>roptat: What does Debian do for those?
<roptat>mbakke: simple, they package an older version that doesn't depend on that
<mbakke>Can we do the same?
<roptat>oh actually I wasn't on the correct page
<roptat>they have a patch for that
<roptat>same as what I did actually :)
<mbakke>roptat: Nice :-)
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<roptat>oh and there's a dependency cycle :(
<roptat>actually two of them
<civodul>hey there!
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<kmicu>Uuuu, IceCat 60.2.0 Pre-release ヽ(*^▽^)/
<ng0>was there a problem with CC-BY before version 4 in compatibility with GPL3+ when you include deriviates of CC-BY in your repository?
<ng0> only mentions 4
<ng0>from text there seems to be no problem
<ng0>"Attribution — You must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use."
<nly>Hi guys
<nly>I am trying to convince devs to include guix in their distro
<nly>Unfortunately I couldn't demo it today
<nly>What should I show them that can sell it instantly?
<nly>Eg. How does it make their lives easier, (packaging) etc?
<nly>I wanna know your ideas :)
<ecbrown>first i'd ask how to get any distro to include guix
<ecbrown>i believe that guix is on track to be a realization of the/a GNU system, and so my arguments would be ideological
<pkill9>nly: maybe explain how it's a very useful build tool
<pkill9>e.g. rapidly create build environments with whatever dependencies with `guix environment` so it's easy to quickly work out what's needed for building a software
<pkill9>and easy to reproduce that environment
<nly>They are using docker as the build tool atm
<nly>Today itself they ran into an issue where the main machine's docker image was not able to compile some pen-tool-lite but a different machine was able to
<ecbrown>i'd encourage them to abandon proprietary software and throw in behind a free OS. GuixSD is such an example.
<ecbrown>after all, it seems to be (merely) a platform for "indian" languages and community. they could build on a GNU system instead.
<ecbrown>IMO their problems are bigger than a broken build box
<nly>The guys I met today are more like we need something that works, of course there are GNU purists but it doesn't include everyone.
<nly>I have talked about free(as in freedom) infrastructure with another guy, he liked it :)
<ecbrown>awesome! i would try to poach him from their project.
<mbakke>I'm trying to set up a Guix channel, but upon pulling from it I get "no code for module (git)". Sound familiar?
<Acou_Bass>hey everyone, has anyone had any luck running guixSD on a pinebook? can't find any info on it but figured I'd ask :D
<Acou_Bass>i see there's an u-boot package for pine64 so i suppose that part might be OK
<nly>I had an intense argument against a guy who thinks free software is equivalent to 'open source', I made my points without being rude :)
<nly>This is offtopic, but how often do you guys have to explain free software vs open source. I am scared it's just too many times.
<tune>I've had to do it sometimes in person and it gives me anxiety
<tune>I don't even like to say "GNU/Linux" out loud, but I also don't want to say the alternative
<tune>I try to sort of phrase around it, but it usually comes up eventually
<tune>also sometimes it feels like I'm not doing the argument justice because I can't explain it properly, and then that person who barely cares at all isn't going to go read more on it later
<tune>so I worry I'm doing the world a disservice with my spotty explanation
<mbakke>"open source" as defined by OSI does include the "four freedoms", only worded differently.
<nly>Yeah, I always feel like I am not properly explaining it or hesitating cause I am scared the other person will just shut his ears
<ecbrown>nly: free software always *on topic* for a GNU project
<ecbrown>the FSF has a lot of resources which can help gird you for battle
<nly>And it's hard to say free software even in the context of Gnu(even GNU/Linu users) people take it to mean free of cost.
<nly>In my language the word for freedom is 'Azad', how does it sound?
<nly>But then again, the software is not free, it's giving you freedom
<nly>"Software that gives freedom"
<nly>Is there any phrase or word that encapsulates that? :P
<nly>'Azad karne wala software' - hindi
<tune>I sometimes bring up the libre/gratis thing when explaining free software to people, but I think they lose interest when I use words they aren't familiar with
<nly>I will keep that in mind tune
<nly>I guess it's important to talk in native language
<nly>And bring analogies from home
<nly>Not a far away land
<ecbrown>except "freedom" is sort of an odd word to use -- it is not anarchism and lack of terms and conditions
<ecbrown>there are many terms and conditions, which are effected by copyleft, which effects the wishes of AUTHORS of software who voluntarily enter the agreement -- that certain things must be done
<ecbrown>by others, especially other authors
<nly>I think that's liberty, to put some restrictions on the tool so that the freedoms may not be taken away.
<ng0>nly: depends on the context and the people you talk to. most of the time I just avoid giving it a name unless I know the people I talk to are familiar with it or they want an explanation
<ng0>in CVs or applications I state both, Free Software and Open Source
<ng0>so like there are really people who are totally unaware of Free Software. this capitalist I once talked too, CEO or CTO of some company, all he knew was Unix and BSD back then, and that at some point in the 90s Linux has been in the news.
<ng0>thought linux basically never lifted off
<ng0>funny and interesting discussion :)
*ng0 away again
<nly>Haha :)
*kkebreau is working on a gnucash update.
<ngz>It looks like updating wine64-staging fails.