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<nckx>jas4711: ...phew, because that would have been a pain to debug remotely :-) Yes, our error messages still need work.
<jas4711>nckx: i made some other errors too. it is now installing at least...
*nckx → afk, good luck! Guix + md works great.
<mbakke>Actually, it does not work on EFI. I forgot to report that bug.
<jas4711>mbakke: yeah, i spent an hour trying to get md to work with efi and gave up
<jas4711>msdos disk labels never goes out of style
*nckx gets lured back in: ehmmm, no, I use UEFI.
<nckx>GPT, the works.
<jas4711>nckx: the error message i got when trying md+uefi was: grub-install: error: failed to get canonical path of `none'.
<mbakke>GRUB failed when I tried installing to a mdraid created on the 0.15 image.
<mbakke>Perhaps a recent regression? I really need to write those EFI system tests.
<mbakke>jas4711: I had a more specific error from GRUB (could not add required modules or something). It's possible we both screwed up :P
<jas4711>mbakke: it is more likely to be my fault. it could be a forgotten mapped-device then too
<nckx>jas4711: Wild guess, but that sounds like an error you'd also get when your bootloader-configuration's not up to snuff.
<nckx>Guess I won't be updating my servers any time soon... :-(
*nckx really has to go or will rightly sleep on the sofa tonite. xoxo
<jas4711>sigh. 'ERROR: In procedure scm-errors: pre-mount actions failed'. for some reasons the kernel says 'md0 stopped' before
*jas4711 giving up on md boot tonight, really need this machine (my backup server) in production before vacation
<mbakke>nckx: Do you have any special bootloader configuration outside of (target "/dev/foo")? Good night!
<mbakke>jas4711: Can you post your config?
<mbakke>jas4711: When are you getting that error? During `guix system init`?
<jas4711>see earlier commits of:
<jas4711>guix system init lead to grub-install: error: failed to get canonical path of `none'.
<jas4711>i saved my attempts for uefi here:
<mbakke>jas4711: Was the device node called "/dev/md0" in the installation image?
<jas4711>mbakke: yes
<mbakke>I've had weird errors when installing to a different device path than what was mounted.
<mbakke>Oh, okay.
<jas4711>it would be nice to see a copy of a working UEFI+MDRAID installation including config.scm
<jas4711>Or working non-UEFI MDRAID setup
<janneke>rekado/snape: the gnupg minibuffer signing recipe works for me -- thank you so much!
<snape>you're welcome :-)
<snape>There's something weird with rekado's config. My switch to the browser buffer is instantaneous.
<mbakke>jas4711: I think if we ask nckx very nicely he might just show us a glimpse. But we'll need to be tålmodig.
<janneke>snape: yeah, never saw that -- rekado is either running different bits than we are, or he is running the same bits in a different environment
<janneke>or...of course...magic
<snape>indeed! :-)
<janneke>snape: should we somehow describe this in the manual?
<janneke>i never imagined to install both emacs-pinentry, pinentry-emacs *and* pinentry
<janneke>also, i missed allow-loopback-pinentry in either the gpg-conf or emacs conf...don't remember
<snape>maybe. Actually, I don't even remember the role each of them play
<janneke>i was very close, but didn't manage to figure it out, and suffered the popup for over a month
<snape>haha :-)
<snape>I suffered from it too, for a long time
<janneke>then you have a feel for how happy i am!
<snape>that's right!
<snape>about the doc, I don't know. Isn't it more Emacs than Guix/
<janneke>(and grateful)
<janneke>snape: the packages to install are pretty guix'y
<janneke>we should maybe just bother civodul (or rekado after we help him to get this working...)
<snape>yes, I just don't know how where to insert this bit of doc
<snape>my configuration isn't perfect by the way
<snape>(did I forget to admit it? :D)
<janneke>well, give it your best try, post it to guix-patches and you'll get a friendly correction where how can do better?
<snape>it works not well if one edge case (when I enter my password as a result of a freenode password decryption)
<janneke>just a friendly suggestion
*ecbrown is chomping at the bit for that chromium commit
<snape>janneke: right, I write this in a TODO
<janneke>thank you
*janneke -> zZzzz
*snape -> zZzzz too
*kmicu 😴
<apteryx>janneke: I had that GTK pinentry bite me too, had to install emacs-pinentry.
<apteryx>and then put in your ~/.emacs: (pinentry-start)
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<reepca-laptop>How do --system and --target of "guix build" map to the --build, --host, and --target of autoconf? As far as I can tell, --target according to autoconf should specify what platform a compiler being built would compile for, for example. Is that right?
<ecbrown>wow. chromium patch built and runs.
<ecbrown>offload build to the beast in the basement
<ecbrown>most awesome
<janneke>apteryx: thanks, i was sent this link which indeed solved my pinentry popup:
<montxero>Hey guys, is it normal for programs installed via guix to be very slow. Paticularly emacs.
<mange>I haven't noticed Guix's programs being slow. How slow is very slow?
<montxero>mange: So slow, characters take between 2 to 5 seconds to show up on the screen (enter the buffer). So slow some characters are dropped
<mange>Yeah, okay. That's very abnormal. Are you on GuixSD, or are you using Guix on a foreign distro? Are other programs on the same machine also super slow?
<montxero>mange: Using Guix on a foreign distro. I haven't really noticed the problem in other applications. To be fair, I only have locales, hello world, guile and emacs.
<mange>Mmm. I'm using Emacs on a foreign distro and things are working fine for me. Sorry!
<montxero>Okay thanks.... maybe I'll unisntall and re install the package
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<rekado>montxero: this is generally futile with Guix as packages are reproducible.
<rekado>you’d very likely end up with exactly the same binaries as before and have the same problems.
<rekado>feel free to send a description of the problem to where people might be able to help you debug this.
<montxero>rekado: Damn this reproducible builds! whatever happened to good ol, here's a program, trust it for it is blessed
<mange>Is Guile also slow, or is it just Emacs? And are you using Emacs in a terminal?
<montxero>mange: Using emacs in a terminal yes. Will have to try out guile... Any ideas on how to test it out apart from writing and running a small scheme script
<mange>Well, the thing I was actually interested in what whether the issue was something to do with Emacs interacting with the windowing system poorly, so if you're using it in a terminal then that's clearly not an issue.
<montxero>rekado: I was kidding with what I said about reproducible builds
<montxero>rekado: I think it's brilliant
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<roptat>hi guix!
<civodul>hey roptat
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<roptat>I'd like to filter the result of find-files to filenames containing only one "/"
<roptat>is that possible?
<roptat>more precisely, I'd like to get the list of subdirectories of a directory
<jlicht>hey guix!
<mbakke>jlicht: Have you had any success building the 10.X series of Node?
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<rekado>I think we should have the installer script at a nicer URL
<rekado>how about
<snape>rekado: the problem is if users start using it without reading the manual first
<snape>roptat: I think you could use 'readdir', as in 'files-in-directory' from guix/build/union.scm
<snape>and add the 'file-is-directory?' check (just below)
<rekado>snape: I don’t want to *replace* the manual but I’d like to make the URL more memorable.
<rekado> is much easier to remember than some cgit URL.
<rekado>we could additionally do these things: 1) print the info command to read post-install instructions at the end of the script, 2) provide additional helpful error messages in case some configuration is missing (e.g. daemon not started)
<tune>can someone link me to the part of the manual about how to automatically mount a swapfile via /etc/config.scm?
<rekado>tune: in an info reader try ‘i swap RET’
<rekado>(i for index)
<tune>oh shoot. you told me that yesterday, didn't you?
<tune>I think I went to bed without doing it
<tune>I don't use info much, I'm not having luck with the i part
<tune>both emacs and the info command are telling me there's no index
<rekado>you need to be inside of the Guix manual in order to access its index.
<tune>oh, I see. how do I get to the guix manual?
<tune>I usually view it in a web browser
<rekado>if INFOPATH is set up correctly doing ‘info guix’ should be fine.
<tune>awesome, that did work. thanks
<rekado>you could also use info -f /path/to/
<rekado>(the ‘info’ command provides a rather primitive reader; the info reader in Emacs is prettier)
<tune>I haven't used emacs much either
<tune>I know I can get to info with M-x info, but then what?
<rekado>it shows you the directory by default, listing all manuals you have access to
<rekado>from there you can do ‘m’ followed by the name of the manual you want to access
<tune>ah, okay. nice
<tune>thanks again
<rekado>or you could tab your way through the directory, or use C-s to search.
<rekado>info can be a bit weird at first, but what’s great is that you’ll have documentation that actually matches the version of software you’re really using.
<rekado>given a good manual you could access relevant information faster than through a web search.
<tune>I do like the thought of that
<rekado>this looks a bit like lisplistener / McCLIM:
<civodul>or a bit like Eshell
<janneke>civodul: again some progress (if you can call it that..%-/ on wip-bootstrap: i replaced glibc-mesboot 2.2.5 with the "old" %bootstrap-glibc; now binutils-cross-boot0 builds
<civodul>janneke: BTW, did you see my feedback yesterday afternoon?
<janneke>civodul: no! ... ouch
<janneke>here on irc -- i think i cannot find a log... :-( sorry!
<jonsger>interesting post about the "language" of guile/guix etc.
<janneke>civodul: can you please give me that feedback again?
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*janneke just found out that znc doesn't keep logs by default --thought it would
<tune>I think guix logs are publicly recorded at least
<janneke>ah, are they working again? great!
<tune>didn't know they were ever down, I don't actually check them myself. sorry if I got your hopes up
<rekado>janneke: I also found this out much too late.
<rekado>bayfront-log has been recording logs via znc for a couple of days now.
<janneke>well i found out how to enable them
<janneke>ok, great
<rekado>I just haven’t found time to publish them yet.
<rekado>(I wonder if it’s enough to remove strip off joins and parts to get rid of IP addresses.)
<janneke>rekado: ...i know this doesn't scale, but if you could send me yesterdays's log with civodul's comments that would be great
<rekado>janneke: will do.
<janneke>civodul: thanks for the patch; by not evaluating (%current-system) at load time, we don't have to develop in a guix-x86 vm anymore --that's great!
<wingo>does berlin have more substitutes for x86-64 than hydra? if so how do i ask for substitutes from there?
<wingo>afaiu only aarch64 defaults to berlin
<janneke>wingo: yes
<janneke> --substitute-urls=" ..."
<wingo>weird that the manual doesn't mention this as a recommendation
<rekado>(no substitute for qtwebkit, though)
<janneke>wingo: yes...real soon now i heard
<wingo>at least, i didn't see it when i looked
<rekado>I think it will be the default for the next release.
<wingo>ah nice.
<rekado>(in addition to hydra of course)
<wingo>already having a substitute for webkitgtk is a good thing
*wingo has rebuilt libreoffice twice in the last couple days :P
*snape needs an ERC plugin to hide Matrix infrastructure issues
<wingo>ok yay everything with the right pango now
<wingo>it is pretty sad that i need to worry about the security of my irc program to not leak my private keys!
<rekado>I keep getting a build error trying to build qtwebkit.
<rekado>the error is ‘EOFError: EOF read where object expected’
<rekado>I have 16GB free on /tmp and 22G RAM.
<rekado>and qtwebkit is required by pyqt, which is used a lot (for better or worse) in the scientific python stack.
<rekado>as a stop-gap we could add a python-pyqt-without-qtwebkit variant and use that in matplotlib.
<rekado>as it stands, matplotlib is currenty broken, and with it almost every package used for scientific computing with python.
*rekado tries building python-matplotlib with the new python-pyqt-without-qtwebkit before pushing
*janneke just built libstdc++-boot0-4.9.4, with the added %bootstrap-glibc debt/cheat
<civodul>janneke: just saw you commits to wip-bootstrap: for testing, i just do: "guix build -e '(@@ (gnu packages commencement) gnu-make-boot0)'
<civodul>and similar
<janneke>civodul: ow, nice :-)
<janneke>i made small commits, so that we can easily remove them
<civodul>yeah no big deal
<janneke>i'm almost finished writing an email to guix-devel, i think we're done
<janneke>err, functioally speaking...lost to cleanup and do :-)
<rekado>can’t build python-scipy
<rekado>tests abort for some unknown reason
<janneke>civodul: i'm almost done building gcc-final
<civodul>i thought i'd be done with the guile-gcrypt migration today but... looks like not
<grafoo>hi! i sent a new package patch to but forgot to add a file.
<rekado> is now also available via HTTPS.
<grafoo>can i just amend the commit an resend the patch?
<rekado>grafoo: yes. Please send it as a reply to the bug number that you received in the confirmation message.
<jlicht>rekado: it looks really nice! I'm really liking the colour scheme. Also yay for https
<jlicht>the mailto: links are a nice touch as well
<grafoo>rekado: how long does it usually take to get a confirmation?
<snape>rekado: there are some encoding issues, see
<snape>grafoo: average is 2-3 days if it's your first patch
<grafoo>snape: alright. thx.
<snape>grafoo: also, your first email to the list will be subject to human verification
<snape>so it's normal that it takes time to arrive
<nly>Got guix working yay!
<janneke>nly: yay!
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<RetardedOnion>what mail clients do you use? i know mutt is packaged but i am definitly not competent enough to configure it
<janneke>i'm using gnus
<mbakke>Why does qtbase propagate 'which'?
<oitofelix>Hello everybody!
<oitofelix>Does GuixSD support Lemote Yeeloong?
<jabranham>RetardedOnion: I use mu/mu4e
<jabranham>... but I kinda wish I used gnus
<tune>RetardedOnion: I recently installed claws-mail. it's not as nice as thunderbird, but it works
<RetardedOnion>since i am not that interested in learning emacs, i will check out claws-mail. and maybe get around and find out wtf i am doing wrong with mutt
<apteryx>what's the correct incantation to start Emacs in a pure guix environment with some emacs packages right now?
<tune>can I system reconfigure while in the middle of user-level updates? I'm trying it
<tune>>waiting for locks or build slots...
<tune>heh okay maybe I can't
<janneke>the guix-daemon has a --max-jobs argument, you may want to use that
<tune>I'm using 99% of my cpu already so I'll probably just wait it out
<tune>feeling a little regret starting this *before* installing a package quick
<tune>actually I guess I can maybe ctrl-c out of it
<janneke>tune: that's always safe
<janneke>all installs and updates are atomic
<oitofelix>No one running mark's port (branch wip-loongson2f), that could point me in the right direction to get it running on my Yeeloong? (I wonder why it wasn't merged into master)
<atw>oitofelix: to both points, I would guess it's because not many people have that hardware
<tune>I actually like that it'll wait for build slots and then automatically start
<tune>I just started the reconfigure and then restarted the user updates so they'll start again after the reconfigure ends
<tune>my brother has a lemote yeelong, but he's not actively using it. I think it's got debian on it
<tune>if guixsd turns out to work okay on that hardware, maybe I'll ask him if I can borrow the laptop to install it
<apteryx>here's a crude hack for launching Emacs in an environment with the emacs libraries available: for p in $GUIX_ENVIRONMENT/share/emacs/site-lisp/guix.d/*; do export EMACSLOADPATH+="$p:"; done; emacs -Q
<oitofelix>atw: Indeed.
<oitofelix> Are there instructions on how to install GuixSD from scratch (starting from a git clone)?
<apteryx>oitofelix: there are, see the Guix info manual.
<atw>apteryx: It strikes me as odd that you have to construct EMACSLOADPATH yourself as I have done guix environment --ad-hoc some-emacs-package -- emacs successfully. Does running emacs with -Q cause packages available in the Guix environment to not be loaded? Is emacs -q a viable alternative?
<ng0>out of the apparently many ways we have to find out which package is referenced why, do we have a short and memorizable line for when someone asks "why guix does my profile update tell me qtwebkit is getting in the way of upgrading (failing) when I have no qtwebkit installed by myself?" ?
<amz3>hello #guix
<jabranham>hi amz3
<nly>Hi amz3
<reepca-laptop>Whenever I try reconfiguring my system now, it tries to build mariadb, and fails a bunch of tests. Anyone else experience that?
<mbakke>rekado: We might have to remove the "--no-feature-renameat2" flag from qtbase on core-updates.
<rekado>sneek: later tell snape I’m aware of the encoding problems. I haven’t yet implemented a multipart email parser. I might do this later tonight.
<sneek>Got it.
<rekado>mbakke: what does it do?
<mbakke>Which means qtbase will require kernel 3.16.
<rekado>I remember that.
<nly>Wow rekado, how do I become a pro like you?
<mbakke>It prevents use of a kernel 3.16 interface.
<rekado>why is it needed though?
<mbakke>However, the same function was added in glibc 2.28. So when qtbase tries to redefine it, it fails.
<rekado>I see.
<rekado>can we patch this?
<rekado>qtbase is needed by pyqt, which is needed by matplotlib, which is needed by the whole scientific python stack.
<mbakke>The glibc implementation also requires kernel support.
<rekado>meaning: when renameat2 is required CentOS 6 can’t use the scientific Python stack.
<mbakke>The only way I see to patch it, is to #ifdef all <stdio.h> includes in qtbase all the way down to src/corelib/io/qfilesystemengine_unix.cpp.
<rekado>can we patch qtbase so that it checks for the feature in glibc before redefining it?
<mbakke>Actually, I think it will be okay to remove the flag. Are you able to test core-updates on RHEL6 rekado?
<janneke>@ build-succeeded /gnu/store/v6bh5551q8jc9fww3wal4qj6y8vj8j6j-hello-2.10.drv -
<rain1>what's the graph of the hello package look like?
<janneke>rain1: hard to see... guix graph hello is just "hello"
<janneke>guix graph --type=bag is *very big* (eog crashes)
<janneke>rain1: this is guix graph --type=bag gcc-final:
<rain1> im viewing it in here, looks good!
<janneke>you're aware that i dropped the ball on glibc for now; but everything up to the first gcc-4.7.4 is built without the %bootstrap-glibc
<janneke>i feel this is pretty exciting!
<rain1>yes :)
<nly>janneke: what is exciting? I am a newbie
<RetardedOnion>i still have problems with my screen lock when closing my lid. my config is here: . i know the imports are overkill. please someone tell me what i am doing wrong. thanks!
<janneke>nly: some of us have been working for ~2y over at #bootstrappable, to create a fresh build of guix, starting without a binary binutils, glibc or gcc
<nly>Ooh nice!
<janneke>i just built `hello', which kind of means a major milestone -- we cheated here and there, that will to be addressed later
<nly>how does anything start building without any binary?
<janneke>of course, that's not possible -- you need at least one binary
<janneke>currently, we still start with several binaries; the major achievement is that binutils and gcc have been removed from the initial binaries
<janneke>instead, we now only have a binary macro assembler and hex linker; we also added the generated assembly of a tiny scheme interpreter
<nly>I will read
<nly>Congrats janneke :)
<janneke>nly: thank you!
<jabranham>so I have cloned the guix repo, and changed the version number on a package. How do I try to build it then? Doing guix build pkg@newver just results in "package not found for version newver."
<jabranham>Do I have to modify GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH to point to my clone?
<tune>I get an error when trying to use :bulkrename in ranger
<tune>it's supposed to ask me what editor to use and then open the filenames in my editor
<tune>but it says something about not being able to find the files 'file' : 'file'
<tune>like, it actually says file. not sure what it's trying to do
<janneke>jabranham: ./pre-inst-env guix build <package>
<rekado>mbakke: testing core-updates on RHEL6: I could maybe give it a try on Sunday, but more likely Monday. Would that be okay?
<rekado>janneke: beautiful work!
<janneke>rekado: thank you!
<janneke>of course, there's lots of work to do: cleanup, glibc, x86_64, ...etc but hey
<jabranham>janneke: I still get the same message
<rekado>jabranham: has the code been configured and built?
<jabranham>rekado: I did git clone <the guix git repo>, cd guix, guix envionment guix, ./bootstrap, ./configure --localstatedir=/var
<janneke>jabranham: and also: `make' ?
<janneke>the abstract recipe you give us: pkg@newver, should work...maybe you should make it concrete and present the diff you made on
<jabranham>janneke: ah, looking back over "make check" it appears as though I accidentally interrupted it. I'll do that again and hopefully it'll work this time
<rekado>jabranham: you don’t need to run ‘make check’
<rekado>jabranham: it will run all tests, some of which might fail (which is no reason for concern)
<rekado>jabranham: but you should run ‘make’ to compile the Guile modules.
<jabranham>rekado: Good to know. The manual says I do though: "Finally, you have to invoke 'make check' to run tests" under building from git
<rekado>jabranham: yes, that’s generally a good idea, but I know that there are a few tests that do currently fail.
<rekado>running the tests also won’t have an effect on the problem you reported.
<jabranham>ah, so I get the error: ERROR: In procedute %resolve-variable: error: gzip: unbound variable
<rekado>jabranham: this sounds like a bad configure.
<jabranham>rekado: OK, I'll try again from a clean git checkout
<jabranham>wow magit-status is basically unusable from the guix repo, huh :-(
<rekado>how so?
<jabranham>it's super slow
<rekado>it’s possible that it’s because of automatic changes to the ‘po’ directory.
<jabranham>I think it's trying to highlight all the po/guix
<rekado>this happens sometimes after a new build. Haven’t seen this during day to day development, though.
<jabranham>aren't these po/ files regenerated all the time though? wouldn't this be a problem whenever anyone modifies anything?
<jabranham>rerunning make from a clean git checkout failed with the same error :-(
<rekado>did you run ./configure first?
<jabranham>rekado: yeah. ./bootstrap, ./configure --localstatedir=/var, make
<jabranham>all in guix environment guix
<rekado>and you get ‘gzip: unbound variable’ when running make?
<jabranham>in procedure %resolve-variable: error gzip: unbound variable
<jabranham>in guixsd in a VM if that matters
<rekado>‘configure’ did not print any errors, right?
<snape>jabranham: did you change the environment from your .bashrc?
<sneek>Welcome back snape, you have 1 message.
<sneek>snape, rekado says: I’m aware of the encoding problems. I haven’t yet implemented a multipart email parser. I might do this later tonight.
<jonsger>I think guix doesnt like guile2.0 :(
<snape>rekado: great :-) nice work anyway
<snape>(well, I just wish I could filter by submitter, but that seems close to impossible)
<jabranham>rekado: no, no errors from configure
<jabranham>snape: the .bashrc file is the one that came with guixsd
<rekado>snape: I’ll work on this after fixing multipart parsing
<jabranham>well I deleted that guix clone, rebooted the computer, and guix clone'ed anew. Seems to be working now.
<jabranham>OK, so on to the next error. If I change the sha256sum of this package, I get: invalid-base32-character [character: #\e string: <the sha256sum>]
<jabranham>ah, nevermind. I forgot about "guix hash"
<reepca-laptop>specifically mariadb's "rpl.rpl_multi_engine" test seems to be failing