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<lfam>Getting frequent crashes of Audacity with 'gtk_box_gadget_distribute: assertion 'size >= 0' failed in GtkScrollbar'
<lfam>Or perhaps with ' PaAlsaStreamComponent_BeginPolling: Assertion `ret == self->nfds' failed.'
<civodul>lfam: BTW, did you find any clues regarding the "registering closures" slowness?
<lfam>Not yet civodul
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<OriansJ>Days like this, make me wish I knew more people who were critical about Microprocessor Instruction sets.
<ison111>Sorry, how do I get "guix lint" to recognize my package? It can't find it.
<mange>Just to check I understand the situation: you've cloned the Guix git repository, and added a new package, but "guix lint" isn't working on it? Do other commands like "guix build" work for it?
<ison111>No, I didn't clone it. I guess that's the problem.
<mange>Ah, okay. Is your package in a file on GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH?
<mange>If you can build it with "guix build $PACKAGE_NAME" then I would expect it to work with guix lint. If you have to use something like "guix build -f $PACKAGE_FILE" then I don't think lint will work.
<ison111>I was just using add-to-load-path
<ison111>mange: I cloned it and put my package in gnu/packages/ and running guix lint just errors out saying "no code for module (build-aux build-self)"
<ison111>Nevermind, I had to run pre-inst-env
<mange>You've got it working now?
<ison111>mange: Yeah, it's working. Thanks for the help.
<rain1>i didnt' manage to build any old gcc's
<janneke>rain1: how old? (i probably lack context)
<rain1>well i tried gcc-2 gcc-3.1.1 gcc-3.3 gcc-4.1.2 gcc-4.2.0
<rain1>just doing a norma ./configure ; make build (and trying a couple tweaks from googling error messages)
<rain1>it seems difficult to build old gcc using new gcc
<OriansJ>rain1: probably due the fact that gcc devs don't have strict language requirements and tend to use gcc bugs that later bytes us all
<OriansJ>eg code must be compilable by all c89 C compilers
<roptat>haiku uses gcc2 to build their system, maybe they can help?
<janneke>rain1: ah...yes i built 2.95.3 using tcc and 2.95.3 with itself -- never tried using a newer compiler
<rain1>well i can just use tcc for this, that should get me started. ty!
<janneke>i suspect that i created a circular dependency -- any ideas on how i can find it?
<janneke>mes bootstrap should be "almost" integrated...
<rain1>perhaps with the guix package graph visualizer
<rain1>currently I am looking into mrust in guix which was packaged by Danny Milosavljevic
<rain1>it seems that it actually builds rustc as well, but the install target is replace
<rain1>so im thinking of making a tweak to that so that it installs rustc and cargo which can be used as a build dependency for building rustc (instead of binaries)
<janneke>rain1: using graph on x86_64, where i686-linux has a probable cycle, is a very nice idea!
<janneke>think i'm making some progress again
<rain1>hmm i rebooted and no longer is sshd running :(
<rain1>wow i am trying guix system reconfigure again and it is building the linux kernel
<rain1>i don't want to build it...
<OriansJ>Did you remember to enable substitutes?
<rain1>i didn't change anything to enable them
<rain1> ill do this
<rain1>so after guix pull i find /gnu -iname
<rain1>an guix archive --authorize < those
<rain1>but it still wants to build the linux kernel
<rain1>when i do guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm
<janneke>rain1: what achitecture are you on?
<janneke>oh, esp then getting an unwanted kernel-rebuild is not good/nice
<janneke>rain1: i just checked
<janneke>linux-libre for x86_64 is not being served by, it is by though
<janneke>(substitutes for ...)
<rain1>I have tried to enable and reconfigure but it still builds linux
<rain1> my config file
<janneke>rain1: here's what happens when I build linux-libre:
<janneke>if you try to build linux-libre, you should see that too
<janneke>you did run guix pull, right?
<mange>civodul: I ran into an interesting problem trying to test my fixes to the Shepherd on my real system. Apparently using the Shepherd with commit 2756a92 leads to GuixSD not being able to start.
<mange>I think the issue is to do with udev and shepherd constantly trying to respawn it, because I get lots of errors about being unable to create things in /dev because they already exist.
<rozenglass>I'm in the install image, I made some changes to the operating-system definition that I want to initialize after I ran `guix init', do I have to run `guix init' everytime? or is there an equivalent of `reconfigure' that I can use? `reconfigure' doesn't accept a path to where the OS is as far as I see.
<rozenglass>init takes a long time re-copying things on every run. I just want to get to the grub install stage which it runs after copying.
<mange>I don't know of an alternative to init, unfortunately. To use reconfigure you'd have to boot into the installed system, which I assume you can't do if your problem is with grub.
<rozenglass>can chrooting possibly help?
<rozenglass>should set path stuffs, and run guix-daemon in the chroot maybe...
<janneke>rozenglass: guix system init takes a directory to initialize, guix system reconfigure assumes that / is the system to be changed
<rozenglass>simply chrooting isn't enough, even ls is not in PATH
<mange>I had wondered about chrooting, and I think you could get it to do what you want, but I don't know enough to tell you how to do it.
<mange>The was a message sent to the mailing list a little while ago about chrooting into a GuixSD system. Let me see if I can find it.
<civodul>hey mange
<civodul>not being able to boot sounds problematic indeed :-)
<rozenglass>Thanks mange, but I think it's assumed that the guixsd system booted at least once. On mine /etc is empty, and there's no current profile in /run, among other differences.
<rozenglass>I can't figure if there's a way for me to set the right PATHs.
*civodul goes afk for a bit
<janneke>civodul: i made a next iteration on wip-bootstrap; i removed the shadow 00/01 tree and moved all mesboot packages into commencement.scm and hooked it up to the x86 guix bootstrap. ./pre-inst-env guix build --system=i686-linux gcc-mesboot runs fine...however in my x86 VM, guix hangs -- i think i created a circular dependency somewhere.
<rozenglass>Anyways, I think I might have solved the grub thing, I'll reboot and see what happens. Thanks again.
<mange>civodul: I've got to go now, but I'm going to revert the problematic commit. I'll try to look into it some more later, but I don't really understand what's going on at all.
<OriansJ>After Executing 17,012,700 instructions; cc_x86.s has successfully compiled M2-Planet v1.0!!!!
<OriansJ>nckx: The crazy part is that it looks like it is also the FIRST C compiler EVER HAND WRITTEN IN ASSEMBLY!
<nckx>Hey now
*nckx wrote one in Z80 assembly for their TI-83 when they were a teen, but it probably wasn't fully ANSI-compliant. ;-)
<OriansJ>nckx: I'd love to see it
<OriansJ>it also supports structs, unions, inline assembly, gotos, labels, breaks and builds the C version of itself that is self-hosting.
<OriansJ>Big thanks to everyone on #bootstrappable for this success :D
<OriansJ>It also has the distinction of running on bare-metal (no operating system nor firmware required)
<ng0>does anyone of you know if gitolite conf/gitolite.conf supports something like includes of other files? I'm reaching a horriblem length on my server
<ng0>I could probably settle on listing some of the repos on one line, but that'll get long too
<civodul>OriansJ: thumbs up, quite an achievement!
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<rekado>civodul: I don’t have an x220, unfortunately.
<civodul>oh ok
<civodul>but you have an x[0-9]+, right? :-)
<rekado>I used to have one, but no longer.
<rekado>it fell apart and I didn’t put it back together
<civodul>oh that rings a bell
<rekado>I still have a T60, though.
<civodul>then you got the fancy Purism
<civodul>hmm T60?
<rekado>it’s too heavy to carry around, but it’s still in use.
<rekado>also an old Thinkpad.
<janneke>i have guixsd running on an x60 and x230
<ng0>eeepc series 1, t440s, t60, x220, T400 and I think I've forgotten some were able to run guix (not sure if all would be able to use vanilla Guix, but should work out too).
<rain1>i cant update because it says i run out of space but i have 16G
<vagrantc>is /tmp on some other smaller filesystem?
<rain1>i don't know
<rain1>it doesn't seem to be
<lfam>rain1: I would check if you are out of inodes using `tune2fs -l $filesystem`
<lfam>I would also poll disk usage during that grafting operation... maybe it actually needs 16G?
<lfam>Changing the subject, has anyone ever noticed Perl's taint mode (`perl -T`) interacting poorly with Guix-wrapped Perl executables?
<lfam>I'm packaging Monkeysphere, which uses `perl -T`, but I noticed that Nix patches out taint mode, and it does seem to be necessary
<rain1>oh it says bad magic number in super block
<rain1>oh wait thath was sda, it works on sda1
<rain1>inode count is 1048576
<rain1>free inodes 488243
<vagrantc>lfam: monkeysphere! unfortunately it still only supports rsa keys as far as i know.
<lfam>vagrantc: Yeah... it's a dependency of a tool for generating OpenPGP short keyid collisions
<lfam>So, I don't really intend to use it "productively"
<lfam>Or at all... more of a "huh, I wonder how long that will take"
<lfam>(It takes a few minutes)
<lfam>Thinking about this bug report:
<civodul>lfam: it's a lot of fun
<civodul>it looks like the story of rushed automation
<civodul>Dockerfile-ish in spirit :-)
<lfam>It's also another chapter in "don't try to use `gpg` as a library"
<lfam>Also, I can add it to my prologue of "Debian adopts Guix" ;)
<libertyprime>nckx: i wrote a drugwars game for TI-83 when at school. not nearly as impressive as a c compiler
<civodul>lfam: heh :-)