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<cryptocat1094>An upcoming CVE regarding SSH, infoleak.
<lfam>cryptocat1094: Already fixed in Guix:
<cryptocat1094>lfam: My bad, it was in the logs and I didn't notice.
<cryptocat1094>lfam: Good to know the maintainer is on the ball.
<lfam>Fixing Guix packages is something we can all help with :)
<cryptocat1094>I am aware, though I figure folks probably spend most of their time working on a select few projects they like.
<nckx>cryptocat1094: That's unavoidable, but note that current Guix really doesn't have ‘maintainers’ like other distros. Anybody's welcome to send patches without worrying about stepping on anyone's toes! :-)
<cryptocat1094>nckx: Yeah, I've been hanging around Debian for too long. Old habits die hard.
<nckx>lfam is just a CVE-eating monster.
<lfam>Lol. The pantry is overflowing
<cryptocat1094>Hail lfam
<nckx>+1 to that.
<nckx>Is Guix/someone here privy to the distros list nowadays?
<nckx>(Blink twice for ‘not officially’.)
<pkill9>this can be lfam's logo
<lfam>nckx: Not as far as I know. It was discussed a while back but I felt like the commitment was a little too much
<pkill9>i wanted to print that out as a sticker and stick it on my keyboard, lol
<lfam>Being on the distros lists comes with some reponsibilities related to how the list operates, and I didn't feel ready to handle them
<nckx>lfam: I don't blame you. I had the same reaction when it was discussed. That makes me even more impressed with how on-the-ball we tend to be, in general, when it comes to security bugs.
<lfam>Besides, there is no shortage of bugs that are not subjecto embargo ;)
*nckx meanwhile:
<lfam>Could work in some Nabokov allusion
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<lfam>I still use hexchat from Debian since the (ostensibly identical) font looks different in the one provided by Guix
<lfam>Sometimes these computer systems seem impossibly complicated
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<nckx>Fonts are the devil's work. I have 3 terminals installed, with the exact same font settings. None of them even render at the same size.
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*rekado just made mumi work with guile-debbugs
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<rekado>mumi can already be used as a local debbugs client
*rekado –> zzZ
*nckx looks up mumi
<rekado>nckx: it was a quick demo of a prettier, easier debbugs web interface
<nckx>Ah, that explains the lack of results.
<rekado>I hope I can invite collaborations by the end of this week.
<rekado>it’s simple and stupid, but it might make it easier for people to find (and later report) bugs and read patches online.
*rekado —> zzzZZZ for real
<lfam>That sounds great