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<ison111>How can I modify the arguments of a package to insert a #:patches list? I can't seem to find documentation on it
<pkill9>ison111: here's an example of how you can do that
<ison111>pkill9: Great, thanks
<noobly>I just created a bootable usb with a guixsd.iso. Upon booting, I got a blank screen with a blinking cursor. This couldn't be because of any libre kernel issues, could it? I'm using a thinkpad x60
<XexonixXexillion>Does anyone have much experience with ibus on guixsd? I installed libpinyin and ibus-libpinyin and was expecting to see some sort of Chinese layout as an option when I opened up ibus-setup, but it's still the default list (which is rather lacking compared to what I'm used to seeing)
<XexonixXexillion>It's correctly placed a symlink to an xml file in ~/.guix-profile/share/ibus/component/
<mange>Is your ibus also from Guix? Searching through the IRC logs there is also a suggestion to set GUIX_GTK2_IM_MODULE_FILE and GUIX_GTK3_IM_MODULE_FILE, but I don't know what that really means.
<XexonixXexillion>If I want to refer to a git repo in a package file, can I just put the commit hash in the commit field of the git-reference? Also, to generate the sha256 do I just clone and then run `guix hash -rx .`
<mange>Yes, and yes. :)
<XexonixXexillion>mange: thanks, that worked. Now I just need to work out why it won't build :'(
<XexonixXexillion>does anyone know off the top of their head (or can give me a command to run) to find out which package glib-genmarshal is in?
<XexonixXexillion>this is a bit worrying, I fixed that and the first time I tried to build it, it failed. I ran the same command a second time with no changes and it just worked
<brendyyn>XexonixXexillion: it's in the bin output of glib
<brendyyn>guix package -i glib:bin
<brendyyn>XexonixXexillion: it's in the bin output of glib
<XexonixXexillion>so I'm trying to get a custom plugin for bitlbee working, and I just mostly copied what was in the bitlbee-discord package definition. I think I've got it building, but it doesn't work. I tried installing bitlbee-discord but I don't think that works either
<XexonixXexillion>(in case someone has a similar issue) I got both working through a custom bitlbee.conf which sets PluginDir=~/.guix-profile/lib/bitlbee
<XexonixXexillion>is there a way to tell guix to use substitutes for all but one package? I want to install texlive, but since it's a 2gb download I'd rather not be pulling it from hydra (because I only get ~150kb a second from hydra)
<efraim>You can do it in parts, 'guix build --no-grafts texlive --sources=transitive; guix build --no-grafts --no-substitutes texlive'
<efraim>Although I don't think you want --sources=transitive
<efraim>Maybe 'guix environment texlive -- echo "downloaded the inputs for texlive!" And then the build texlive command
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<roptat>hi guix!
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<roptat>so I've been working a bit on my scala compiler and it seems that I won't be able to compile to java source code, I'll have to compile to java bytecode directly
<roptat>the reason is that I can't figure how to express co- and contra-variance in java
<roptat>even the java decompiler produces java source that is not well-typed
<rekado>roptat: I think it makes sense to compile to Java bytecode directly.
<rekado>roptat: you could avoid a lot of trouble this way.
<rekado>all of the “guile” packages seem to be built from scratch, without the use of an existing bootstrap Guile. I wonder why.
<rekado>It seems to me that it would be better to add an existing Guile as an input to any of the later versions of Guile so that we don’t have to bootstrap the compiler each time.
<efraim>Do you mean the bootstrap shipped in the guile tarball?
<brendyyn>maybe andy wouldn't want that?
<rekado>brendyyn: I think you misunderstand Andy’s point.
<rekado>brendyyn: Guile can already use an existing Guile as the bootstrap interpreter.
<brendyyn>then i dont really know, perhaps it is a good idea
<rekado>the hackage importer seems to be broken: guix/import/cabal.scm:834:25: In procedure cabal-evaluated-sexp->package:
<rekado>Throw to key `match-error' with args `("match" "no matching pattern" ())'.
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<siraben>Hi all, how do I get Cabal to work with Guix?
<mbakke>siraben: You may be hitting
<mbakke>rekado: Great work on gnome-updates! I will try cherry-picking mozjs and updating polkit soon.
<siraben>mbakke: So it doesn't work currently?
<mbakke>siraben: I don't know :-) What error are you getting?
<siraben>I can't run "cabal
<siraben>"cabal", after installing cabal-install
<efraim>mbakke: I just built mariadb again for armhf, just 1 failing test this time, we'll see in about 2 hours if that's it
<mbakke>efraim: Great! Which test was it?
<siraben>mbakke: "command not found"
<efraim>Out of the house now, I'll have to let you know later
<mbakke>siraben: Woah. Can you run `guix build cabal-install` and inspect the contents?
<mbakke>efraim: Np, I'm on the road too.
<siraben>mbakke: Only doc
<mbakke>siraben: I have never tried running cabal interactively, so I don't know how it's supposed to work (if at all).
<rekado>mbakke: polkit has been updated as part of wip-gnome-upgrades. You can cherry-pick this along with the update of mozjs.
<mbakke>rekado: Oh, excellent. Did you try it on 'master' yet? I don't use GNOME, so I'm always very about upgrading core libraries.
<rekado>I’m currently building gnome again after having rebased it on top of core-updates.
<mbakke>I'll try it in a VM tonight and push if relevant system tests are happy.
<rekado>I’ve been building things on my laptop since yesterday.
<rekado>Once this is done I’ll switch from EXWM to GNOME to test things.
<rekado>this time the GNOME update took much too much effort because it required quite a few core lib updates that take very long to build.
<mbakke>siraben: cabal-install fails to build for me, actually. Are you on an old Guix revision?
<siraben>mbakke: No.
<efraim>mbakke: it was mroonga/storage.index_read_multiple_double
<rekado>siraben, mbakke If there is only the doc output then it’s likely that this package was installed before the bug was fixed that lead to build phase failures to be ignored.
<siraben>I did guix pull && guix package -u before installing
<siraben>cabal, but it didn't help.
<rekado>siraben: can you tell us the version of Guix you are using?
<rekado>no, I mean the exact version
<siraben>How do I find that?
<rekado>guix --version
<siraben>Yeah that is the version.
<rekado>“which guix”
<rekado>you are not actually using the version of Guix that you pulled.
<rekado>“guix pull” tells you that it installed the new version in ~/.config/guix/current/bin
<rekado>it also tells you do add that directory to the beginning of your PATH
<siraben>My path is = "/home/siraben/.guix-profile/bin${PATH:+:}$PATH"
<rekado>yes, this doesn’t help.
<rekado>“guix pull” tells you that you need “~/.config/guix/current/bin”.
<rekado>you really do need it or else you are not using the latest version of Guix.
<siraben>Hmm when I run guix pull I get no indication of the sort.
<siraben>I'll adjust my PATH accordingly.
<rekado>siraben: it really does print this information at the very end. Try again?
<siraben>Hmm I really doesn't.
<siraben>I'll paste
<rekado>it says “nothing to be done” because you already have the latest Guix in ~/.config/guix/current
<siraben>So what do I change?
<rekado>in the previous runs it probably did say that you need to add ~/.config/guix/current/bin to PATH.
<rekado>I already wrote above what you need to do: run Guix from ~/.config/guix/current/bin (or put this directory first on your PATH).
<siraben>Ok now it's set
<siraben>I'm running guix cc48997...
<siraben>Oh that means I've been using Guix wrong all along lol
<rekado>or put it first on your PATH so that this is used instead of /usr/local/bin/guix
<siraben>What's /usr/local/bin/guix for then?
<siraben>Now running guix pull && guix package -u makes it ocmpile a much of .scm files
<rekado>“all along”… well, this is the newish “guix pull” behaviour. Has been around for some weeks now.
<siraben>Did I forget to do something when I installed?
<siraben>I don't recall needing to do this step.
<siraben>My PATH was copied and pasted from the manual
<rekado>siraben: the release announcement included information about the change in the “guix pull” behaviour:
<rekado>but it does say what you need to do.
<rekado>most people seem to ignore the output, though.
<siraben>I remember following the "you may need to set the environment path..."
<rekado>siraben: here’s some more information about the new “guix pull”:
<siraben>Must've slipped through because I sometimes run it automatically
<siraben>rekado: Thanks for letting me know about this.
<rekado>ah, that must be it then
<siraben>Maybe Guix should just modify the environment by itself?
<rekado>you wouldn’t be able to see the suggestion in the output in that case.
<siraben>By the way, it is ok to use multiple hydra servers?
<siraben>I'm using and
<rekado>siraben: yes, that’s okay.
<siraben>rekado: and... cabal-install is failing
<siraben>Building it
<quiliro>i tryed to boot guixsd 0.15 on a macbook air from 2009 (EFI)
<quiliro>But it would not boot
<ecbrown>i just installed guixsd on my same model macbook air, it works
<quiliro>i wonder why a previous version did boot. Maybe it was 0.13
<quiliro>perhaps something else then
<ecbrown>are you trying to install from thumbdrive?
<quiliro>i removed the efi partition and recreated it
<quiliro>i have problems checking the signature
<ecbrown>when you installed did it give an error about bootloader
<quiliro>but i have the same problem on this machine with another iso that worked on another machine
<quiliro>no error
<ecbrown>somewhere i think you had to have mount /dev/sda1 /boot/efi
<quiliro>just white screen
<ecbrown>and then use the efi versions from config
<quiliro>but it would not show me the command line yet
<quiliro>you mean i boot from another distro such as Debian?
<ecbrown>people may laugh but
<ecbrown>yes, exactly. you can "prep" the disk by first installing debian
<quiliro>Debian 9 booted but Debian 8 or PureOS 8 did not boot
<ecbrown>well you only need one
<quiliro>I managed to install PureOS with rEFInd
<ecbrown>anyway i would install debian then come back and install guixsd. it worked for me, typing this now in emacs on gnome :-)
<ecbrown>eventually i learned how to use gdisk
<ecbrown>and fdisk -l
<quiliro>so you did not boot from thumbdrive with GuixSD?
<ecbrown>yes, thumbdrive.
<ecbrown>i just dd the image onto it from a mac i had running
<ecbrown>i also installed from one usb to another usb
<ecbrown>that was fun
<quiliro>but i did the same
<quiliro>dd and the EFI partition exists
<ecbrown>i dunno, maybe you have to mkfs.fat on the /boot/efi
<ecbrown>and maybe post your config.scm somewhere if you are still stuck
<quiliro>the EFI partition boots PureOS 8
<quiliro>so it is formated
<quiliro>i do not have a config.scm because i do not boot GuixSD yet
<ecbrown>that was a trick question
<quiliro>ecbrown: was my trick answer good?
<cryptocat1094>Does one need to deanonymize to send patches?
<nckx>cryptocat1094: As in provide your legal name? No.
<cryptocat1094>nckx: Ah that's good.
<cryptocat1094>I tend to be more comfortable with pseudonyms.
<nckx>No idea what (if any) the legal implications of ‘Copyright © <pseudonym>’ are, but Guix as a project certainly has no problem with them.
<cryptocat1094>Worse case I'm willing to privately authentify. Just prefer to avoid doing so in the open when unnecessary.
<cryptocat1094>GNU stuff is not the worst sort of thing to be associated with, if it gets out.
<amz31>btw people there is a screencast showing how to use guile-gnunet at youtube-dl
<cryptocat1094>Oh goody.
<ata2001>I suppose I can use the file-system object to specify a swap partition in the config right?
<quiliro>Will GuixSD thumbdrive work boot on Mac EFI?
<pkill9>ata2001: you just add something like this in your operating-system declaration, outside of the file-systems declaration: (swap-devices '("/dev/sda2"))
<ata2001>pkill9: thanks for the answer
<ata2001>although I already started the installation
<ata2001>I guess I can add it manually
<rain1>hello #guix!
<amz31>here is the code from that video
<rain1>what can i code to contribute to guix?
<amz31>for instance, you can make it so guix download fetch it's package from gnunet
<amz31>this is documented in the repository the gnunet part
<amz31>the upload process is also documented in gnunet-guile2
<amz31>c3b2 for `code crafting code' b2
<cryptocat1094>Don't we have a bug tracker?
<cryptocat1094>Ah right, there it is:
<quiliro>is the usb guixsd capable of booting on mac efi?
<tune>guix failed to build teeworlds. here is all the log:
<pkill9>tune: here is a fix for that:
<pkill9>there's a link to the bug report at the top
<pkill9>it fails due to newer version of freetype
<pkill9>i made that module a while ago when i didn't know how to dynamically add an input to an inherited package
<tune>ah okay, thanks
<database>ls cannot find -lc
<database>ld cannot find -lc