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<cryptocat1094>pkill9: It could theoretically have vulnerabilities. w3m did.
<pkill9>rekado: what's wrong with using a graft to do what i wanted?
<cryptocat1094>And honestly, given the topic, I"m not particularly interested.
<pkill9>cryptocat1094: what was w3m vulnerable to?
<cryptocat1094>pkill9: Some parser bug.
<cryptocat1094>Anyway got to go.
<ng0>depending on the content the domains could violate tucows or the TLDs policy
<lfam>pkill9: w3m had a huge number of bugs fixed by the current maintainer, who works within the Debian umbrella. The bugs were typical for older C code. Probably there are more bugs. I don't know how closely anyone is looking at those older niche browsers.
<lfam>pkill9: I found this message alarming back when I read it:
<lfam>Unfortunately, the "canonical" w3m organization on SourceForge is defunct. w3m is maintained within various distros. I picked Debian's since it seemed to be the most actively maintained and they have a process for removing unmaintained packages
<lfam>At the time we switched to Debian's w3m source (commit 674a0f955809d40c2fe3e5092b2927c4c96e8351, November 2016), there were some relevant w3m patches languishing on an OpenBSD mailing list. I don't think they were ever applied by any distros
<lfam>I like these simple browsers but I can't recommend them from a security perspective. Nothing is perfect, of course
<RetardedOnion>any strong opinions about qutebrowser?
<lvmbdv>i used it for like a few months
<RetardedOnion>why did you switch to something else?
<lvmbdv>small stuff like videos not working on twitter
<lvmbdv>it was ok 90% of time
<lfam>No, I haven't read about qutebrowser. Bugs are everywhere but I feel more comfortable using the browsers that have big teams with some resources behind them. They are really pushing the state of art of bug-finding and fixing
<RetardedOnion>i feel like with what mozilla did and google does all the time that the "big browsers" arent worth my time or my data. icecat might be slightly better.
<pkill9>i used to use qutebrowser a lot
<RetardedOnion>why did you switch?
<lfam>Bugs like <> (w3m fails to do any SSL certificate checking) make me very wary of the niche browsers
<pkill9>i think i stopped using it when i switched to guixsd and got used to using traditional browser again, so basically it broke my habit
<lfam>I think we probably have some different values, because I have basically the opposite conclusions about which browsers to use :)
<pkill9>since guix doesn't have newer version of qutebrowser packaged (tho it might have been updated recently, i see annulen's fork of qtwebkit is now used, which qutebrowser requires)
<RetardedOnion>chromium is a botnet, firefox is just a bit better.
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: parabola has a newer qutebrowser. might have a look at that. they are fsf approved
<lfam>Like I said, different values :)
<RetardedOnion>freedom and security are two different things
<pkill9>I'm not bothered about qutebrowser anymore tbh, chromium is good enoughfor me (i run it from nix)
<lfam>I agree they aren't the same thing, but I think there is a relationship
<RetardedOnion>i dont like the et-phoning home. i use ungoogled-chromium at the moment. but i will test qutebrowser.
<lfam>Personally I feel the need for *some* degree of security in order to enjoy my freedom
<lfam>"Security" as a term on its own is not that meaningful. It's important to say what is being secured, and from what
<RetardedOnion> really shook me up
<pkill9>is chromium included in that?
<RetardedOnion>your data is secured on googles/mozillas servers but secure from random ass 13 year old who just learned css
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: yes. chrome just has flash n shit. chromium is basically chrome
<rain1>firefox is no saint either
<rain1>for example they ignored their users and caved on DRM just beacuse they were desperate to keep market share
<RetardedOnion>i said that multiple times. even icecat has problems
<rain1>icecat developer completely ignoring patches to remove the DRM
<RetardedOnion>this site: is also very interesting
<lfam>To be fair to the Icecat team, they are basically one volunteer the last time I checked
<lfam>They are probably ignoring all kinds of things
<rain1>RetardedOnion: also useful
<daviid>what about iridium
<RetardedOnion>daviid: i will call that placebo. i dont think chromium can be completely google free. the developers seem to be active. ungoogled-chromium has the iridium patches.
<RetardedOnion>rain1: thanks for the link
<lfam>What do you mean, "the developers seem to be active"?
<daviid>yeah, i agree
<RetardedOnion>compared to icecat
<rain1>the situation with web browsers is dire
<RetardedOnion>www must cease
<rain1>the web itself is becoming a danger to freedom
<RetardedOnion>it is. its also unperformant, misleading in many places and looks different every time
<rain1>even TBL caved and allowed DRM to be part of "the free and open internet"
<daviid>i use epiphany, and the tor-browser, but i think we are being tracked no matter what
<lfam>daviid: What kind of browser tracking do you think Epiphany does?
<RetardedOnion>nothing is free and open.
<OriansJ>RetardedOnion: Well depends on if you mean Free as in Gratis or Libre and if it is the second case, the answer is a great many things are because many good people put alot of hard work because they felt a Moral duty to do so.
<RetardedOnion>i mean libre. gratis can be stretched a lot. id argue google isnt gratis. #
<OriansJ>RetardedOnion: turn on no-script, umatrix and set a few rules; The issues with bad pages disappear. Although you have no right to demand other people customize their sites to suit your preferences. No some people share your preferences about being inclusive to their sharing of information but please understand we all get to choose for ourselves, that is the cost of freedom.
<RetardedOnion>that doesnt make google libre or the device you are using it on. preferences should be preferences. colors should be choosable just like in qt/gtk. i dont want websites to change for me. i want a standard with which everyone is ok.
<daviid>lfam: i don't think epiphny itself tracks, but i don't think it's very good at protecting either ... i also use firefox, noscript, umatrix, ublock origin ... then i can't see any site :)
<mbakke>daviid: Why do you use NoScript and uBlock when you have uMatrix?
<OriansJ>RetardedOnion: Universal Standards don't work, they never have. Take the idea of a standard language like English; it isn't standardized between countries, let alone parts of individual countries. What makes you think a broader standard than the English Language could ever become a universal standard? Most people here forbid non-libre Javascript, others completely forbid Javascript entirely and still others have plugins to control CSS
<OriansJ>palettes on websites because they have visual difficulties. Some even use Braille Terminals
<mbakke>For the record, the Guix Chromium patch floating about the interwebs have most of the "botnet" features compiled-out. There's still some data sent to the Big G though...
<RetardedOnion>i dont have one problem with qt/gtk theming. so it does work. also: the www is crap. i hope it gets burned in the near future. i doubt it though. 500m ram for a bit of text and 3 pictures is just too much
<RetardedOnion>mbakke: what do you think about ungoogled-chromium? its a great start. but it will never be perfect. and just another chromium patchset? hm.
<mbakke>RetardedOnion: I take some patches from Ungoogled-Chromium (and Iridium and Inox)... The various projects seem to have centered around Inox FWIW.
<OriansJ>RetardedOnion: you are more than free to join us w3m users
<OriansJ>Dillo is also an option for those who need graphics in their web experience.
<RetardedOnion>mbakke: yeah basically. chromium is just so big that i doubt it will ever be accepted by the libre softare community. ask rms what he thinks about it
<RetardedOnion>OriansJ: i think i will try to get with qutebrowser. it seems like its what i want. now how does it behave with 150 tabs open?
<mbakke>RetardedOnion: I think it's possible to get it in Guix, at least. The main remaining problem is hiding all the "Web Store" UI links since it contains non-free software (even though it's not functional in the default configuration).
<mbakke>That, and figure out where the remaining data transmission to Google comes from.
<mbakke>When the browser starts for the first time.
<OriansJ>RetardedOnion: well it is a webkit browser, so its memory and processor behavior are not that different than that of Chromium
<RetardedOnion>mbakke: i wish you the best of luck
<RetardedOnion>OriansJ: that is good. since firefox just breaks down with my browsing habits
<OriansJ>RetardedOnion: Netsurf might fit better with your 100+ tabs need
<mbakke>RetardedOnion: Thanks ;-) This conversation inspired me to get around to building Chromium 68, bbl!
<mbakke>Actually, not going to attempt that before tomorrow. Good night Guixers! :-)
<RetardedOnion>good night!
<lfam>Good night!
<RetardedOnion>OriansJ: thanks for the heads up.seems like its not packaged for guix yet. i will have a look into it when i am switching my notebook to it.
<OriansJ>RetardedOnion: netsurf has been packaged for guix for quite a while now...
<RetardedOnion>the website needs a search function:D
<OriansJ>RetardedOnion: guix package -s name
<RetardedOnion>if i had a guix system running, id do that. but i left it for nix after kde wasnt packaged, just to come back when i am interested in diving into the hell that is bspwm. nix has some flaws.
<emacsomancer>RetardedOnion: an (inadequate) hack: use (or google) to search: site: YOURPACKAGENAMEHERE
<emacsomancer>e.g.: "site: stumpwm"
<RetardedOnion>emacsomancer: so polybar isnt packaged. nice to know
<OriansJ>RetardedOnion: Most of the software not packaged in guix tends to be related to the fact no one here wanted it bad enough to package it.
<RetardedOnion>yeah i imagine. guix import can help me with nix pacakges. pretty much all i want/need is available on nix.
<efraim>Anyone online with ops power? Marusich got locked ouy
<efraim>mbakke: python[2]-cython on staging builds fine on aarch64, meant to test armhf
<efraim>fixed minetest on aarch64, i'll test it for armhf but I assume its the same
<wingo>hi! weinholt on #guile reports that "/mode +q $~a" is better than "/mode -r" for spam preventions. it allows non-registered users to join but not to speak
<wingo>snape on #guile says they can't join #guix
<wingo>so perhaps an op should change the #guix mode accordingly?
<g_bor[m]>hi guix!
<efraim>Also marusich and ng0
<mbakke>Woah, adding a patch to "gzip" causes Guile to use infinite amounts of memory.
<mbakke>It needs a patch to work with glibc 2.28. Along with almost everything else bundling "gnulib".
<mbakke>I could conceivably make it a substitution.
<efraim>Gzip is an input of the patching process, so it's recursively building itself until it goes OOM
<efraim>Might need to hold off on glibc2.28 for a few weeks then
<mbakke>efraim: I see. I'll try to do a substitution or patch phase instead.
<efraim>python[2]-cython both failed for armhf on staging for me, so at least that's consistant with hydra
<efraim>both were on memslice and dictcomp, i'll take a look at them
<efraim>at least they were the same test
<efraim>I'm still confused how my aarch64 box fails the win32 test for python3
<mbakke>Uh oh, "grep" has a test failure with glibc 2.28 that looks legitimate.
<mbakke>Ooh, rust PGP implementation:
<rain1>it depends on nettle-dev libssl-dev though?
<mbakke>efraim: Did you get anywhere with MariaDB? I'm considering pushing changes to increase timeouts and retry count and start a new evaluation.
<jboy>has anyone successfully deployed GuixSD on a vm with opennebula?
<efraim>mbakke: not yet, I skipped the first failure and got another one a couple hundred later
<wingo>apparently rekado and others are having problems joining #guix because of the channel modes
<rain1>Mode #guix [+Fir]
<rain1>not sure what F and i are
<wingo>there is a fix on the way: for an op to do "/mode -r" then "/mode +q $~a". see guix-devel
<wingo>ops are rekado, civodul, and mark weaver
<wingo>so, waiting on one of them. in the meantime people can use #guile
<rain1>we need -i and -F
<wingo>ACTION steps back; not an irc master
<mbakke>Hehe just about every channel I'm on are discussing modes for the last 24 hours :P
<rain1>then you could /join it
<rain1>rekado: you are in here
<rain1>I thought you coudln't get innside
<rain1>try /msg chanserv op #guix rekado
<rain1>and then /mode -Fi
<snape>hi guix, long time no see
<rekado>hello there!
<rekado>thank you, rain1, for helping me out!
<snape>some credit goes to wingo too ;)
<mbakke>Now how long until those spambots learn to work NickServ...
<rain1>I believe the spambots work by sending a fixed piece of text into an IRC connection
<rain1>i.e. no interaction, there's no challenge/response required to join IRC and speak
<rain1>thats why they ping out
<ng0>rain1: yep
<rain1>so hopefully they wont start registering names, unless they rewrite the code which is possible
<mbakke>I suppose they'll also need a bunch of unique emails. Hopefully that's too difficult for the average script kiddie :P
<snape>by the way, wingo, I prefered to be referred to as 'he/him' rather than 'they/them' ;)
<snape>I *prefer
<wingo>tx! c'est noté :)
<rekado>I have changed the channel mode from “r” to “+q $~a”, which should allow unregistered people to join, but not speak.
<snape>thank you rekado
<cryptocat1094>It occurs to me memorizing all the preferences of everyone I interact with rather than using neutral defaults would be rather cumbersome without some sort of substitution-table + a script for my irc client.
<ng0>I think that's better for #gnunet
<ng0>I'll apply that
<cryptocat1094>ng0: ?
<pkill9>how do you make a service that creates a directory in /etc?
<snape>pkill9: there is etc-service-type I believe
<rekado>it only creates a file in /etc, though.
<rekado>changing this so that you can create files in subdirectories is an open issue.
<pkill9>also special-files-service-type will give me what i need also i think
<rekado>cryptocat1094: it’s fine to make mistakes. Mistakes can be corrected.
<snape>but directories are files
<snape>but yes I see what you mean
<snape>you can't put files in there in an easy way
<efraim>are the logs rotated by the rottlog-service supposed to be compressed by gzip?
<jlicht>hey guix!
<rekado>I’m getting closer to building the latest version of gnome.
<rekado>so many changes … :(
<rekado>had to package libimobiledevice, because that’s now required by gvfs
<smatchcube>Hello, is it normal that the ping command is not working in qemu, guix guest ?
<rekado>smatchcube: yes!
<fluffy_pigeons>Are you using live system or preinstalled?
<smatchcube>live system, oh ok this is not specific to Parabola then
<fluffy_pigeons>Have you followed this manual?
<mbakke>smatchcube: Yes, the default networking device in QEMU does not support ICMP.
<smatchcube>Yeah everythink work except the ping command, i thought that network was brocken but it's normal i think
<rekado>I don’t get a substitute for scipy, and the build fails for me.
<rekado>the tests abort. I don’t see a test failure.
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>Finally I got my mail from freenode :)
***tune_ is now known as tune
<rekado>the last hurdle now seems to be generating man pages for gnome-session.
***g_bor is now known as g_bor_
<efraim>rekado: 3.30?
<rekado>heh, no
<rekado>what *used* to be the latest version…
<rekado>it took me a very long time because many packages switched to meson and all the fixes we had for making gnome work with the gnu-build-system had to be evaluated and reimplemented for meson.
<efraim>Still a big jump
<rekado>gnome-system-monitor fails with this error: bin/msgfmt: cannot locate ITS rules for
<rekado>do you know what this is about?
<rekado>itstool is among the inputs.
<rekado>ACTION goes offline for a while
<daviid>rekado: I'd ask on #gnome(which has specific channels for some of their modules)
<daviid>rekado:, not freenode
<snape>g_bor[m]: there's the same issue we already talked about with your today's mail
<tune>any updates on the qutebrowser situation? needs to be modified to use webkit instead of webengine unless webengine is gonna get packaged
<amz31>any idea why there is pkg config file in argon2 build?
<amz31>I made a typoe: why there NO pkg config file .pc in argu2 build
<efraim>from the gentoo wiki about keyboard layout management: For sake of sanity, it is advised to use of a proper desktop environment with its own keyboard layout management.
<amz31>sorry for my typing.
<amz31>I will send a mail to help mailing list
<amz31>seems like the pc file must be installed manually
<amz31>gentoo does nothing special about that
<cryptocat1094>Hm, qutebrowser is having issues?
<amz31>the website works very great
<zipper>Hey, I'm trying to install guix on my btrfs fs from the AUR
<zipper>I can see guix has issues on btrfs but I can't figure out how to make this fix
<pkill9>is there a way to use `guix environment --ad-hoc-<packages> -- file` in the shebang of a script?
<pkill9>currently it's reading the arguments as all one thing
<amz31>zipper: guix or guix system?
<RetardedOnion>amz31: guix.
<RetardedOnion>guixsd cannot be installed on top of a running system other than through a vm/chroot
<amz31>zipper: you say, like you have a partition that is btrfs and want to chroot install guix system on that?
<zipper>umm so on arch I just go into the AUR
<amz31>RetardedOnion: isn't that 'guix init' command?
<zipper>and try install giux
<RetardedOnion>zipper: i am compiling the guix package on my arch server right now. will let you know if it works
<zipper>however it fails with an error that seems related to the fs as can be seen here
<g_bor[m]>snape Hello! I've checked this. It is really annoying. Could not get consistent behavior from my mail client yet. I guess I will just switch to another client.
<amz31>RetardedOnion: you can do a chroot or you can install it along another system, you can even boot on guix directly whitout other system living on the disk
<zipper>RetardedOnion: the issue is btrfs
<RetardedOnion>zipper: i do run btrfs on my server. dedup is nice and it never failed for me
<RetardedOnion>amz31: nice to know
<zipper>it is in fact a failing test
<amz31>zipper: you can fork that repo and install from that
<zipper>hmmm guile-ssh tests dist.scm
<amz31>zipper: if it works for you do it, otherwise you can inherit the definition in your guix package path
<zipper>amz31: seems to be a dep
<amz31>zipper: what is dep?
<amz31>zipper: if you want to install from git repository, there should be paragraph or two about it in the manual
<amz31>even the README must contain something like: guix environment guix
<zipper>sorry I'm a bit unclear the dependecy is guile-ssh and here's the log
<zipper>says please report to ...
<amz31>RetardedOnion: tx!
<zipper>Ok RetardedOnion and amz31 let me try guix-git
<zipper>but guix worked just find on an ex4 this morning I think I should just abandon btrfs; everyone says it's trouble
<amz31>I read guix-git package first if I were you
<RetardedOnion>amz31: you should read every aur pkgbuild
<amz31>zipper: depends what you want to explore
<RetardedOnion>zipper: i didnt have any trouble with it. though i never tried guix on it because i am very new.
<zipper>RetardedOnion: I read almost no pkgbuild
<amz31>RetardedOnion: you don't need to install guix-git to use latest guix afaik when used on top of another distro
<RetardedOnion>zipper: you should. the aur is a pile of trash. i always through about ading rm -rf /usr at one packge from me. just so people take it seriously. but i dont.
<amz31>zipper: yeah, you learn to take care, like guile-ssh is suspicious dependency since it's meant to input passwords
<zipper>amz31: idk enough about guix to know what to install :)
<zipper>or the best way to do things
<amz31>zipper: well, at least I never installed guix like that
<rekado>ugh, this error appears because polkit is too old.
<rekado>but to upgrade polkit I need to package mozjs-52 first.
<rekado>there’s no release tarball for mozjs-52.
<amz31>i use: git clone git:// && cd guix && guix environment guix && ./bootstrap && ./configure --help
<RetardedOnion>how would i go about adding patchfiles to a system package? also: can i use something like a bash script to find out the latest release of a package(for example through an rss feed)?
<zipper>amz31: I'll try that in a VM
<zipper>amz31: seems smarter than what I'm doing for sure
<pkill9>RetardedOnion: here's an example
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: how does it search packages? can i insert a link? because of the hashes i probably cant get a cersion number by curl, right?
<pkill9>it's possible to get it from a url but i dunno how
<ng0>take a look at the work in progress package of chromium to see 2 of many ways to include and apply patches
<amz31>RetardedOnion: what do you want as feed?
<rekado>RetardedOnion: we have updaters that check for latest releases. You can access them via “guix refresh”.
<pkill9>ng0: do you have a link to that?
<RetardedOnion>i need two patches to qemu and one patch to a nonfree kernel(with amdgpu support).
<ng0>pkill9: xdg-open:webbrowser
<RetardedOnion>since nonfree isnt packaged i cannot guix refresh.
<ng0>on the bugtracker
<amz31>there is many example of patching provided before like
<amz31>RetardedOnion: do you know guile?
<RetardedOnion>amz31: quick answer is no
<amz31>RetardedOnion: maybe you want the build to automatically fetch patches when built?
<amz31>RetardedOnion: no yet!
<pkill9>can't find it here ng0
<rekado>RetardedOnion: I don’t see how this is related to Guix then.
<RetardedOnion>amz31: i litterally want to add a patchfile to a package. thats it.
<rekado>RetardedOnion: use the (patches …) field in the origin.
<ng0>you want this:
<ng0>pkill9: ^
<ng0>and while I'm at it:
<ng0>ACTION has to go back to java c python
<amz31>I am still stuck, i can't code: mv argon2.pc ~builder/argon/lib/
<RetardedOnion>you forgot a / after ~. probably.
<ng0>~name is short for the location of a user
<zipper>You guys familiar with "guix pull: error: failed to connect to `/var/lib/guix/guix/daemon-socket/socket': Connection refus"
<zipper>Ok I saw the error in the guix daemon
<zipper>"Failed at step EXEC spawning /var/lib/guix/guix/profiles/per-user/root/guix-profile/bin/guix-daemon"
<amz31>cd ~/src/guix/guix && make
<amz31>well, maybe more context will help, I am not familiar with that specific error
<zipper>amz31: Let me try this tomorrow I think I'm spent rn
<amz31>snape: thanks for the invitation to send a patch, I feel welcomed
<snape>haha, of course you are :-)
<zipper>amz31: yeah i'm not sure why the guix daemon won't start
<amz31>I am building guix from git
<amz31>zipper: ah
<zipper>amz31: i got that error from systed status
<amz31>zipper: how do you start it? are you using upstart or any PID 1 script or just via direct input in a console
<zipper>and sudo guix-daemon --build-users-group=guixbuild seems to do nothing
<amz31>that was my question
<amz31>echo $?
<zipper>or sudo systemctl start guix-daemon.service
<amz31>try that after the sudo thing
<amz31>after guix-daemon I mean
<rekado>what do you mean by “do nothing”?
<rekado>it won’t print anything and won’t exit.
<zipper>it won't exit or print anything
<amz31>ah that's normal behavior then
<rekado>yes, that’s expected.
<zipper>it's like it's waiting for input
<rekado>it is.
<zipper>what input? it doesn't have a prompt
<rekado>it has a socket.
<zipper>and echo $? gave me nothing
<zipper>I see
<rekado>when you use “guix” it connects to the daemon’s socket.
<zipper>I see
<amz31>zipper: listen to rekado
<zipper>ah O see
<zipper>Makes sense
<zipper>is there a way to relegate this daemon to the background?
<zipper>now guix pull pulls from hydra
<snape>guix-daemon ... &
<zipper>thanks a ton guys
<rekado>that’s what your init system should do when you start it as a service.
<zipper>snape: not ideal thouh
<rekado>s/guys/folks/ ;)
<zipper>rekado: ya idk why systemd wont
<snape>yes, the ideal is to use a daemon manager
<snape>aka systemd, the Shepherd
<rekado>I’m not very familiar with systemd, but I guess you can get additional information about why it could not be started via journalctl
<zipper>this "guix-daemon.service: Failed at step EXEC spawning /var/lib/guix/guix/profiles/per-user/root/guix-profile/bin/guix-daemon: No such file or directory"
<snape>(more easily than with the Shepherd, with which we are more familiar :p)
<zipper>snape: which init system do you use?
<snape>the Shepherd at home, systemd at home
<snape>systemd at *work
<rekado>zipper: does this file exist?
<rekado>why is it “/var/lib/guix…”?
<snape>zipper: usually your Linux distribution determines the init system
<snape>and it's hard to change
<rekado>shouldn’t it just be “/var/guix…”?
<snape>GuixSD is shipped with the Shepherd, while almost every other distros are shipped with systemd
<RetardedOnion>you can always change your init system. you just need to want it.
<snape>you need to want it very much
<RetardedOnion>its not that difficult on arch. while debian is probably a whole new level of cancer with another init system
<rekado>“cancer” is an odd way of expressing this.
<snape>I didn't know it was that easy
<RetardedOnion>not that difficult =/= easy
<snape>well right :-)
<snape>let's talk about something else :D
<RetardedOnion>rekado: its cancer because it eats you alive.
<snape>what eats you alive? Debian?
<rekado>ACTION still updates gnome
<RetardedOnion>debian with another init system. well debian itself probably too. depends on what you expect from a system
<rekado>RetardedOnion: this is probably meant as a joke, but please don’t compare other projects with diseases.
<RetardedOnion>rekado: i can compare debian with a disease easily and i can give some reasons for it. was still primarly intended as a joke
<zipper>/var/lib/guix/guix/profiles/ is empty and the guix-daemon.service file doesn't seem to exist
<snape>Well, I expect a system to provide Guix as package manager, the Shepherd as a daemon, high-level embedded domain-specific languages (EDSLs) to define packages, respecting the freedom of computer users, support for transactional upgrades and roll-backs, unprivileged package management, per-user profiles, etc
<zipper>probably the pkgbuild wasn't so good
<rekado>zipper: I didn’t follow your story here, but it sounds like you might be happier with the recommended binary installation method.
<zipper>rekado: I probably need to sleep and look at this in the morning
<zipper>I have a bin at /usr/bin/guix
<rekado>how did you install Guix on your system?
<zipper>yeah this pkg build doesn't create a systemd service or that dir
<rekado>this is not maintained by the Guix project, so if it doesn’t work you better take it up with the author.
<rekado>ACTION –> zzZZ
<zipper>ya that pkgbuild
<reepca-laptop>seems like every time I try filling in the sha256 field of a package definition it ends up wrong and I just copy and paste the one the error message said it got
<reepca-laptop>especially with git repositories
<pkill9>anyone have a nice way of packaging scripts?
<pkill9>that i could copy
<pkill9>like a function or whatever
<zipper>the one with works
<zipper>btrfs for the loss
<snape>reepca-laptop: that's my workflow too
<pkill9>that's sometimes my workflow
<amz31>zipper: what the status according to your issue
<amz31>reepca-laptop: yes it happens
<amz31>pkill9: i think if you want a script, you need to learn guile
<pkill9>i know it a bit
<pkill9>but not for what i want, which is to generate a package when you give it a script
<snape>pkill9: there are examples you can have a look at
<pkill9>i'm just overengineering it
<pkill9>there's a simpler way
<snape>the 'woof' package, for example, is a python script
<snape>a simple python file
<pkill9>ah nice okay
<snape>you need to use the not-so-trivial trival-build-system :-)
<snape>(disclaimer: it's my very first Guix contribution)
<pkill9>ah :)