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<pkill9>how do you re-enable the guixsd kernel splash screen?
<nixd>What exactly do you mean?
<pkill9>when you load the GuixSD installation image, when the kernel is booting up, there's an image of the gnu mascot
<pkill9>and under it is the kernel output
<pkill9>i want to have that lol
<pkill9>but it dissappears after you install and upgrade GuixSD
<nixd>For me it was always present as long as I was using the linux-libre kernel, it only went away after I started using the nonfree linux kernel. What kernel are you using?
<pkill9>ah, that explains it, i'm using the non-fre kernel
<nixd>pkill9 The splash screen image is (afaik) included in the kernel source, so you'd have to add it to the source manually and compile it again from that modified source. Might be a little too much effort for a little logo ;)
<pkill9>it's a cool logo in my opinion, so it might be worth the effort xP
<qwertasd>why am I unable to include libguile.h
<qwertasd>I believe it is installed
<lfam>qwertasd: What are you trying to do, and what have you tried so far?
<qwertasd>lfam: I'm reading this
<qwertasd>and I tried to write the simple-guile.c program
<lfam>And then?
<lfam>Are you on GuixSD or another distro? Where does the GCC and pkg-config you are using come from?
<lfam>Are you using the gcc-toolchain package? That is probably what you need, rather than installing GCC, pkg-config, etc
<qwertasd>lfam: installing gcc-toolchain fixed my problem. thx
<lfam>Great :)
<qwertasd>lfam: Why does guix need all these environment variables? I've heard that gentoo also has this same thing. I'm coming from parabola so this is new for me.
<lfam>qwertasd: Which ones? :)
<qwertasd>lfam: after installing some package guix sometimes asks to export variables
<lfam>Some programs need to look up certain resources when they run. Environment variables are an established way of making this information available to the programs
<A71788>Hello again lfam. You suggested that I use the lightweight config ( to install an X11 env with lxde. Would you mind telling me *exactly* what I need to change for lxde? What I have tried doesn't succeed.
<lfam>A71788: I
<lfam>A71788: I've never tried using LXDE on GuixSD, so I can't tell you exactly what you need to do. But it would help if you showed what you tried so far
<lfam>In particular, please put your config.scm on <>
<A71788>Yes, I am working on it...
<A71788>cmd "guix package --show=lxde" tells me that the package exists. I surmise that I have not put "lxde" in the right location in the config.
<mange>It looks like there's an LXDE package, but no LXDE service. Most of our other DEs are added by a service (eg. gnome-desktop-service), but maybe you need to add LXDE as a package?
<lfam>It depends on what the program needs. You can use i3 without a service
<mange>Yeah, but i3 is a window manager, not a desktop environment.
<mange>Usually a desktop environment has multiple parts that work together, whereas window managers are usually one part of that.
<lfam>Right, I think it depends on how complex LXDE is
<lfam>Reading the mailing list archives, it seems that people have used LXDE on GuixSD before, so that's why I asked to see the config.scm
<A71788>Do you have an example of a config for lxde? (Still working on getting a pastebin link to you.)
<A71788>lfam, stand by...
<A71788>Here 'tis:
<A71788>At line 48 is my first attempt.
<lfam>A71788: Try putting lxde in the packages, remove %base-services, move %desktop-services to the end of the services field
<A71788>packages: you mean L48?
<A71788>remove %base-services: you mean at L60?
<lfam>Yes, and replace it with %desktop-services
<A71788>"error: lxde: unbound variable \\n hint: Did you forget a 'use-modules' form?"
<lfam>A71788: You forgot to import the lxde module (line 5)
<A71788>I tried it before, shall try again now.
<A71788>"service 'networking' provided more than once" ... It is part of lxde, perhaps.
<lfam>A71788: I *think* DHCP is part of %desktop-services and can be removed from your list of services
<A71788>has not barfed yet...
<lfam>Great :)
<A71788>You optimist! If it works, I will post it somewhere to help others. Maybe add to documentation? We LXDE users are insistent.
<A71788>Still compiling...
<A71788>lfam, still grinding here.
<A71788>(the compiler, I mean !)
<lfam>Hm, fingers crossed!
<A71788>lfam, how does guixsd behave after a signficant reconfigure? Does it force a reboot?
<A71788>(still compiling here)
<lfam>A71788: It doesn't require a reboot, but you'll need to reboot to enter the reconfigured system
<ecbrown>on the page: there is reference made to a collateral product from guix that is "a workflow language for scientific computing"
<ecbrown>what is that language? i would like to read about it
<ecbrown>lfam: thanks
<buenouanq>texlive sure takes a long time
<A71788>@buenouanq: Yes indeed
<enderby>hi all, i just upgraded some packages (inc glibc-locales) and now when i run 'run-python' in emacs, i get this confusing message "This system supports the C.UTF-8 locale which is recommended. You might be able to resolve your issue by exporting the
<enderby>following environment variables:" and then at the end it says 'The exported locale is "C.UTF-8" but it
<enderby>is not supported' which is very confusing
<g_bor>hi guix!
***YoungFrawg is now known as YoungFrog
<roptat>hi guix!
<g_bor>hi roptat!
<g_bor>I have the wip-java8 branch in good shape. Sof far only dropseq-tools and pigx fails. Now building maven, which is the last covering package.
<roptat>maven already uses icedtea-8, so it shouldn't be difficult :)
<roptat>thanks for your work on that!
<g_bor>nice, thanks!
<roptat>I have a lead for #32193
<roptat>the issue is not with the ordering of the files in the zip file, but in INDEX.LIST
<roptat>ha, it looks like an issue in ant-build-system then
<roptat>oh, we run "jar -i" before reordering the content of the jar file
<g_bor>I also intend to modify ant-build-system later to inject a parameter into the javadoc commandline, so that it does not generate timestamps. We also have a bug for that. It's #30927. This is only part of the problem, javadoc also has a sophisticated ordering problem.
<g_bor>roptat: nice catch!
<roptat>I guess we'll have to run strip-jar-timestamps twice
<felipebalbi>hi, how can I create an install image which contains iwlwifi firmware? Is that possible?
<g_bor>roptat: that is fine, it's not a heavy operation.
<efraim>ok, it looks like newer versions of busybox enable taskset by default
<snape>felipebalbi: it's probably possible, but I don't know how to do it. I decided to buy a wifi chip that didn't require me to run binary blobs, which I find way better
<felipebalbi>snape: which one did you buy?
<felipebalbi>i don't mind buying a wifi card for my laptop, but I can't find one which would fit thinkpad x1 carbon
<felipebalbi>it doesn't appear to be mPCIe
<snape>felipebalbi: Qualcomm Atheros AR9285
<demotri>roptat: Oh, the index file. And I was wondering why I can't see the wrong order when manually running zipinfo... No I read it: META-INF/INDEX.LIST.
<felipebalbi>snape: the default choice :)
<snape>:) I don't know about mPCIe support though
<snape>there are some that support mini-PCI-E
<roptat>demotri: it took me some time to realize that too :)
<demotri>roptat: :-)
<roptat>I'll send a patch to staging this evening to fix that
<felipebalbi>snape: i'll have a look
<snape>felipebalbi: but Atheros AR9285 does support mpcie actually
<snape>felipebalbi: see too
<felipebalbi>snape: right, I know the hw supports it. The thing is that thinkpad x1 carbon has what appears to be a proprietary connector
<snape>ouch. Good luck ;)
<demotri>roptat: Cool :-)
<felipebalbi>snape: heh
<felipebalbi>i could use a usb device, at least for the time being
<felipebalbi>but depending on usb is something i'd like to avoid
<demotri>ACTION is better in finding bugs than fixing them (at least in Guix).
<jonsger>demotri: often you need to know Scheme to fix them...
<roptat>demotri: that's fine :)
<snape>ecbrown: did you try roptat's fix?
<demotri>jonsger: Scheme is OK. Guile library and Guix library is harder. But then comes C, automake, Qt, Cmake, Ruby, Rake, ... A bunch of cryptic error message and dependencies.
<snape>demotri: you don't need to know all of that
<snape>but Guix is a great way to know about lots of different topics
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<snape>hi civodul
<civodul>i reconfigured to current master with kernel 4.17.7 and RandR is now unable to properly use my external monitor
<civodul>did anyone experience it?
<civodul>ACTION ended up booting the previous generation
<g_bor>I have a problem.
<g_bor>I have this wip-java8 branch. Now I'm trying to force push to it, but remote rejects it as not fast-forward.
<demotri>snape: Well, it's frustrating. I "just" want to package something, and want to be able to fix these problems myself. On the other hand you are right: There are so many nice and good people here. If you describe the problem precisely enough, usually someone will fix it quite quickly :-)
<g_bor>as far as I know, I should be able to that on wip- branches.
<snape>demotri: you just need to know the basics of Scheme to be able to package stuff. And you often need to look at how other packages do.
<snape>for example, if you need to check is a file is a directory, you better grep "is-directory" in Guix rather that trying to implement it by yourself.
<g_bor>snape: Thanks for having a look at the Cuirass web interface project. We really appreciate your help and insights there.
<jonsger>snape: thats the best thing. greping for a solution :P
<snape>g_bor: you're welcome :-) I'm actually doing the review, but it takes more time than I expected, of course (it happens with everything that is CS related)
<demotri>snape: Basically yes. The Scheme/Guix part is not the problem. I often ran in library problems, something with Qt, Python or Ruby.
<snape>demotri: then you're best bet is to ask for help :-)
<demotri>snape: Yes, that's what I'm doing and people are really nice here :-)
<g_bor>So, what I was trying to do is: git push -f --no-verify upstream wip-java8:wip-java8, and I got remote rejected, not fast forward. Am I doing something wrong?
<efraim>Are your local patches signed?
<efraim>Nvm, that doesn't match the error
<efraim>Delete and re-push? I haven't worked much with our wip branches
<g_bor[m]>efraim: Yes, they are signed . Yes, I guess I can do that.
<snape>civodul: it seems that Cuirass' sqlite is in 'serialized' mode, while we deal with it as being in 'multithread' mode. Is there a reason for it?
<snape>this may cause performance issues, if my understanding is correct
<snape>useless mutex locks
<kmicu>( ^_^)/ sdb
<sdb>I have an idea.
<sdb>Running guix weather i'm guessing is quite expensive for both the client and server (it takes a minute or more)
<efraim>hmm, I don't want to create a full .config file for busybox, maybe I should change 'configure to 'make defconfig' append some changes to the bottom, 'make oldconfig'
<sdb>An hour ago I ran guix weather.
<sdb>Then I ran guix package -u in the same terminal. My history buffer quickly got filled with output from a compilation and the output of guix weather is now gone.
<sdb>I'm guessing that the statistics from an hour ago would suffice for me also now. Would'nt it be nice if guix weather by default would also write the output to a local .cache/guix-weather?
<sdb>Anyways I wanted the statistics to ask you if you also experience a lot of missing substitutes.
<sdb>As of a pull today a lot of substitutes are missing. 84% done, >1500 missing among them git, cups.
<sdb>I only pulled because I got an error when trying to run "git pull"
<sdb>sdb1@antelope ~/guix$ git pull
<sdb>fatal: Unable to find remote helper for 'https'
<sdb>git version 2.17.1
<efraim>cups has a graft, so you might have been building it anyway
<g_bor>efraim: deleting and pushing again worked.
<efraim>g_bor: oh good
<sdb>I also have a problem with guix package -u. The initial overview output is disappearing so quickly (cups starts to build) I cannot see it.
<efraim>sdb: i sometimes run `guix package -u . -n' to see what's going to happen
<sdb>efraim, thanks! much better output on that one. Is this suggested in the manual?
<g_bor>ok, dropseq-tools also fail on current master.
<g_bor>So, I think we can build wip-java8 and merge, once it is evaluated.
<sdb>In my output from efraims command all installed packages appear even if only a couple is actually updated. Is this a bug?
<civodul>g_bor: i haven't followed the wip-java8 story, but if you're confident i think we should go ahead
<g_bor>civodul: What I have done to check this, is that I've rebuild on wip-java8 the packages reported by guix refresh -l icedtea. All that builds on master also builds on wip-java8. Only dropseq-tools fail, and pigx as a rdep, but it does not build on current master either.
<civodul>ok, sounds good
<civodul>maybe double-check with roptat
<g_bor>ok, will ask
<civodul>mbakke: also, what's the status of 'staging'? :-)
<civodul>the underlying question being, which branch do we merge first?
<g_bor>roptat: could you please double check that wip-java8 does not introduce any regressions?
<roptat>g_bor: ok
<roptat>civodul: have you seen the reproducibility issue with libgcrypt?
<roptat>a man page stores the current day
<demotri>g_gbor: What I would test is building a java7 Maven project (i.e. <maven.compiler.source>1.7</...>, same for .target).
<g_bor>I have noticed that dropseq-tools is failing, but is also fails on master. Could you also confirm that?
<roptat>let me check
<roptat>yes, it fails to import picard.annotation.AnnotationException;
<roptat>well, picard.*
<civodul>roptat: nope, where was that?
<roptat>I just reported it on irc yesterday
<roptat>do you want me to send a mail to bug-guix?
<roptat>the result of java-picard@2.10.3 is empty
<roptat>that's why it's not found
<g_bor>roptat: ok, thanks for confirming. I think we can fix that later on master.
<g_bor>Will have a look at picard then.
<roptat> invalid manifest format
<sdb>civodul, has guix health been committed yet?
<g_bor>roptat: Actually wip-java8 is only two one-lines. Once you confirm it is good to go, we can go ahead and request an evalutation.
<roptat>ok, I'm building everything now
<roptat>will test maven with java7 projects too
<roptat>it may take a few hours :)
<g_bor>roptat: Thanks!
<qwertasd>How do I use console login instead of slim and start x-session with command like startx?
<sdb>I think I just found a bug in guix package -u. I am unable to run the updated package after running the upgrade.
<qwertasd>also why does the x-session close/die when I change the virtual console
<sdb>sdb1@antelope ~/guix$ guix package -u git
<sdb>The following package will be upgraded:
<sdb>but after completion:
<sdb>sdb1@antelope ~$ git --version
<sdb>git version 2.17.1
<sdb>the store item referenced only has the binary "git-send-email"
<sdb>sdb1@antelope ~$ ls /gnu/store/pvj35w3xlfvxdw3gljxxba2xjm2v7958-git-2.18.0-send-email/libexec/git-core/
<sdb>git-send-email .git-send-email-real
<sdb>sdb1@antelope ~$ ls -l .guix-profile/bin/git
<sdb>lrwxrwxrwx 5 root root 62 1 jan 1970 .guix-profile/bin/git -> /gnu/store/hkfz9sxs1yjdrlvk39r0rxcsj527p16k-git-2.17.1/bin/git
<sdb>even though guix package -l says it should be 2.18:
<sdb>maybe the problem is that I installed "git:send-email" but updated "git". The bug is that guix proceedes to NOT do the right thing instead of giving me an error
<pkill9>qwertasd: i think if you just put xinit in your packages, then you can run startx
<jonsger>sdb: could you please use a paste service like for such long logs?
<qwertasd>pkill9: Yes, but the problem is that I don't want to use slim to login.
<pkill9>qwertasd: do you have %desktop-services in your services?
<pkill9>it says here that %desktop-services adds a login manager:
<pkill9>so i guess you need to modify it to remove the login manager
<qwertasd>pkill9: well I will try. I'm pretty new to guix and lisp so I might need to ask for some help.
<pkill9>yeah i don't relaly know much how, someone elsw ewill
<pkill9>there's a bunch of examples of system configs also littered around
<pkill9>it would be good to have a bunch of them in one place as examples
<qwertasd>pkill9: yeah maybe in the future when guixsd is more widespread
<sdb>jonsger, reported it to bug-guix instead. bug#32208
<mbakke>civodul, g_bor: Perhaps we could merge wip-java8 to staging and evaluate both at the same time?
<mbakke>I only have the MariaDB update left in my queue.
<mbakke>Which is done, I just need to prettify the commits :P
<efraim>Debian PowerPC install disk boots to yaboot, not the installer
<roptat>arg, this wip-java8 building is still downloading stuff
<efraim>I might have to walk back part of my busybox upgrade while I send in a patch set to generalize Kconfig options
<pkill9>does guixsd support loading from hibernate?
<pkill9>so far i have been unable to do so
<pkill9>it does however successfully hibernate to the disk
<pkill9>just doesn't boot up that hibernated session when i switch the PC on again
<pkill9>also it seems to fail to re-enable the swap after hibernating, then when i run `swapon /dev/sda2` is outputs: swapon: /dev/sda2: software suspend data detected. Rewriting the swap signature.
<civodul>mbakke: sure, fine with me!
<civodul>pkill9: Mark Weaver posted experimental code to support hibernation one or two years ago, but unfortunately that never went further
<civodul>it would be great to complete that
<snape>ACTION just discovered that 'C-u g' in Debbugs mode refreshes with caching disabled
<roptat>g_bor: maven is able to build java7 and java8 projects and I haven't seen any new failure, so I think you can merge
<g_bor[m]>roptat: Thanks so much!
<g_bor[m]>mbakke: Ok, roptat just confirmed that wip-java8 does not show regressions. I think it is fine to merge it to staging.
<roptat>and wait for my patch to ant-build-system before starting a new evaluation
<roptat>I'll push it in a another 5-6 hours
<roptat>(need access to my private key)
<mbakke>roptat, g_bor: Sounds good! It probably won't be started today anyway, Hydra is pretty busy.
<ecbrown>snape: in progress
<ecbrown>snape: roptat: g_bor[m]: the ssh-daemon fix works, thank you!
<snape>ecbrown: great! Can you reply to the bug ticket?
<ecbrown>i'm sure this is in the manual somewhere, or somehow composable, but would it be a trivial matter to have "just a bunch of worker nodes" that present different environments with something like "ssh remotehost1 guix environment ....."
<ecbrown>one of my interests in guix is that there's a battle to configure our workers a certain way, and i'm wondering why not leave them fairly generic and use something like guix
<ecbrown>ACTION wonders if its a rather silly question
<ecbrown>(battle @ my work)
<ecbrown>i'm thinking my question is answered by section 5.10 in the manual...
<dustyweb>oh oh!
<dustyweb>my wacom tablet finally works with pressure sensitivity again <3
<dustyweb>I wonder if switching to Gnome is what fixed it
<dustyweb>on the downside GIMP switched all their icons to black and white icons and I'm having trouble identifying which tool is which at a glance
<dustyweb>oh, you can switch the icons
<dustyweb>art is a possibility again!
<ecbrown>i'm a big fan of gimp 2.10 and wacom tablets (even as a mouse!)
<brendyn>gimp does seem a bit laggy tho
<ecbrown>yeah, there's a lot of complaints about it on their mailing list. hopefully they can work on performance now that the huge improvements in 2.10 are out
<brendyn>the lag seems constant too. it's the same on my laptop as it is on my powerful desktop
<brendyn>actually emacs loads faster on my laptop than my ryzen 7 desktop with m2 ssd
<brendyn>:( computers suck
<brendyn>I wonder how hard it would be to make guile an extension lanuage for gimp
<ng0>guile can already be used fpr addons in gimp
<ng0>last time I looked
<ecbrown>there is script-fu.... but folks seem to want other langs
<brendyn>that's tinyscheme or some such i think
<davidl>im unable to start pulseaudio daemon for unknown reason
<davidl>I have tried installing and reinstaling it.
<davidl>Im able to start audio and video with mpv, but pulseaudio from icecat, pavucontrol etc doesn-t work.
<bavier>ACTION laughing at today's xkcd
<roptat>hi Kurt86 :)
<davidl>Hi Kurt86
<Kurt86>Hi David, can you tell me how to add initrd-modules pata_amd and acpi_amd?
<davidl>possibly, let me check :)
<Kurt86>very thanks you! :)
<davidl> (initrd (lambda (file-systems . rest)
<davidl> (apply base-initrd file-systems
<davidl> #:extra-modules '("btrfs")
<davidl> rest)))
<davidl>Kurt86: does that make any sense to you?
<davidl>just switch "btrfs" to "acpi_amd" "pata_amd" and I think it will be correct.
<Kurt86> I understand the structure. Where do I have to write that? in some file or directory? This step I do not understand.
<davidl>in your config.scm under operating system section, same level as bootloader code.
<Kurt86>ok, wait me... im searching operating system section
<davidl>how can I completely delete a package together with all related configs? like apt-get remove --purge
<davidl>and how come epiphany web-browser can play sound but not icecat?
<davidl>(for me)
<snape>davidl: packages don't add stuff in /etc. Actually, they don't add anything upon installation. Only at runtime.
<snape>where they have right access, that is, usually, in your home
<efraim>lfam: I'm building borg and it says the cython extensions are up to date
<davidl>snape: yeah I noticed that .config/pulse directory gets recreated with some content but it still doesn't work.
<snape>I don't know about pulse :/
<snape>davidl: pavucontrol solved all of my sound issues
<snape>it's pretty good
<davidl>I have a cookie and other things at another install in that folder but they don't get recreated here for some reason :(
<davidl>I have that installed too
<davidl>it says the pulse server isn't running when I start it.
<snape>hmm I can't help more unfortunately
<davidl>maybe I should remove it, guix gc, reboot and reinstall.
<davidl>snape: thx for trying :)
<lfam>efraim: Like, it's not recompiling them?
<efraim>skipping 'src/borg/compress.c' Cython extension (up-to-date)
<efraim>and a bunch of other ones
<Kurt86>David... that is correct? (operating-system(initrd-modules (append (list "pata_amd "pata_acpi") %base-initrd-modules)))(host-name "test")(timezone "Europe/Paris")(locale "en_US.utf8")(bootloader (bootloader-configuration (bootloader grub-efi-bootloader) (target "/dev/sdb")))
<davidl>Kurt86 looks like it to me, but Im not a scheme expert.
<davidl>the rest thing I pasted looks unnecessarily complicated in comparison to that
<Kurt86>error :(
<Kurt86>missing field initializers (bootloader hostname file-systems timezone)
<lfam>efraim: The regex isn't matching all the files
<lfam>Well, it isn't matching any of the files. But even when making the trivial path adjustment it still missing some of them
<efraim>lfam: could it be that its in "src/borg" and not just in "borg"
<lfam>That, but more
<lfam>efraim: Do you know all the file extensions it should match? I guess .c and .h, but what is .p?
<lfam>Or maybe I just don't understand the regex enough (I'm certainly no regexpert)
<efraim>its files starting with c/h/p and ending with '.c'
<efraim>as its currently written
<lfam>Hm... I don't think we need to match the beginnings of the filenames anymore
<lfam>This gets all the source and header files: (for-each delete-file (find-files "src/borg" ".*\\\\.(c|h)$")
<lfam>I'll try building it now
<lfam>nckx: Do you remember why the regex you wrote to delete Cython-generated files in the Borg source matched (c|h|p) at the beginnings of filenames?
<ng0>oh, you are packaging Borg?
<lfam>Just working on the package we have :)
<ng0>ah, I thought of the borg a hackerspace here has come up with
<lfam>Ah, what does that Borg do?
<ng0> (german)
<efraim>lfam: grep 'Generated by Cython' . -R
<lfam>Ah, that looks fun ng0
<ng0> code somewhere on here :)
<ng0>blinking… stuff
<efraim>with (find-files "src/borg"
<lfam>I see
<ng0>this was the earliest prototype:
<efraim>hmm, or not
<efraim>that also matches src/borg/algorithms/crc32_clmul.c
<lfam>So they do have some hand-written C code then, efraim and nckx. That explains why the regex is the way it is
<efraim>from my bpaste it looks like its those 10 files, might have to just remove those ones specifically
<lfam>Yeah, we are lucky this broke the way it did
<lfam>I can make a patch now
<lfam>I wonder if there are any significant differences between Cython 0.28.3 and 0.27
<lfam>I'm going to wait to fix this until Cython is updated (could be today!)
<user`>Hello how can I install gnu/guix on trisquel 7.0?
<user`>Can any one point me in the right direction or to some resource that I can read?
<user`>I am trying to install gnu/ring via guix package manager on trisquel
<lfam>user`: We don't have a package for Ring. However, if you want to install Guix on Trisquel, these are the instructions:
<ng0>actually there was a package in the work
<ng0>whatever happened to it.
<qwertasd>can I run guix pull once to effect each user?
<davidl>Whohoo, finally got pulseaudio to work again :D
<davidl>qwertasd: not what I know of. If you run it as root, you don't affect the version of individual users.
<qwertasd>davidl: oh, I'm the only user of this machine so it would be nice to run guix pull just once
<davidl>qwertasd: possibly it's enough to edit the symlink ~/.config/guix/current to point to the system guix-instance
<davidl>so if as root, you run guix pull and then ln -sf /gnu/store/<hash>-profile
<davidl>or the ln -sf command should be a little different, but the point is just to switch that manually which I think would be enough.
<davidl>I wouldn't try it on a non-experiment guixSD instance though.
<demotri>qwertasd: I find this annoying too. What I do is: Copy the commit id and then with the other user: guix pull -c abcdef0
<snape>you don't need to type 'guix pull' twice if you only have one user, I think
<snape>why so?
<snape>you just 'guix pull' with your user, and that's all
<qwertasd>demotri: shouldn't I run guix pull on root too?
<snape>at least on GuixSD
<snape>qwertasd: if you don't use the root account, you don't need to
<lfam>I would do it once in a while to update the guix-daemon
<snape>you don't need to, you can reconfigure as root with 'sudo -E', and your profile's guix-daemon will be used
<snape>on foreign distros, the only difference is that you need to get your systemd config file to point to your own profile instead of root's
<snape>I never 'guix pull' as root and my daemon gets updated
<lfam>You install the guix package in your profile?
<lfam>Oh, it's in the Guix "current" directory. I didn't realize it got built for that
<snape>on foreign distros, yes, not on GuixSD. I'll stop doing it when it's in 'guix pull'.
<snape>no it's not
<lfam>guix-daemon is in my unprivileged user's current/ directory on Debian even though I don't have the Guix package installed
<snape>he, maybe I'm wrong about it. I thought Ludo hadn't added it yet.
<lfam>Yeah, I remember that being part of the announcement. I wonder where it comes from
<snape>oh right I understand
<snape>there is no need to put the guix package in one's profile then
<snape>'guix pull' just symlinks the guix daemon of the guix package in current
<snape>so it's not the *last* guix-daemon, it's the one that is packaged.
<snape>ACTION updates his systemd unit file so that it points towards ~/.config/guix/current/bin/guix-daemon
<snape>ACTION removes guix from his profile
<buenouanq>the certbot service is 404 on my sites
<buenouanq>it didn't before and nothing has changed
<buenouanq>can't figure it out
<lfam>buenouanq: What do you mean by "404 on my sites"?
<lfam>mbakke: What is the status of the staging branch? Would it be acceptable to update cython there? Cython could be updated on master but the build process takes so long that I think it would be friendlier to do it on a separate branch
<qwertasd>I don't want to use slim for login. What is wrong with my config?
<alezost>qwertasd: what is the error?
<sneek>alezost, you have 1 message.
<sneek>alezost, civodul says: re application/json, sure that'd be nice; i don't expect Cuirass to remain compatible with Hydra forever, longer-term we may want to be free to add anything we deem appropriate
<alezost>qwertasd: I have not tested your config, but you need (srfi srfi-1) module for 'remove'
<alezost>qwertasd: also you may want to look at
<alezost>ACTION has to go