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<cehteh>rekado: fyi .. everything works now
<cehteh>how can i figure out who submitted/created a package description?
<cehteh>by git only?
<anyuser>anyone use SDR radio? i was wanting to know if guix includes gnuradio?
<vagrantc>janneke: well, pretty much blocked building nyacc ... the configure script seems to ignore --prefix=/usr
<vagrantc>janneke: and --site-scm-dir/--site-scm-go-dir
<pkill9>doesn't appear to be packaged anyuser
<anyuser>it would be a great addition to guix's repository, even a buildscript if you do anything similar to
<anyuser>okay, take care, i seen you listed with a new release on distrowatch, just checking to see if my favorite software was included, laters :)
<minieggs40>Okay, still having a rough go w/ the uefi installation. Not sure what to do w/ `Could not prepare Boot variable: No such file or directory` -- can anyone point me in the right direction?
<minieggs40>perhaps it's due to mounting to /mnt/boot/efi rather than /boot/efi ....?
<ray__>Hey there: I'm trying to build a custom package, so I cloned
<ray__>but when I run guix build -L guix xmonad, I get back
<ray__>ERROR: In procedure display-error:
<ray__>Wrong number of arguments to #<procedure display-error (_ _ _ _ _ _)>
<ray__>What am I doing wrong?
<ray__>(there's also a big traceback)
<Copenhagen_Bram>Hi! I didn't like things not working in GuixSD, so I'm using Trisquel now. I'm trying to compile guix, but I get:
<Copenhagen_Bram>checking for guild-2.0... no
<Copenhagen_Bram>checking for guile-config-2.0... no
<Copenhagen_Bram>checking for guile-tools-2.0... no
<Copenhagen_Bram>configure: error: 'guild' binary not found; please check your guile-2.x installation.
<jeko>I think you need to "sudo apt-get install guile-2.0 guile-2.0-dev2
<Copenhagen_Bram>those are installed
<jeko>Then I don't know, sorry. I used the binaries...
<Copenhagen_Bram>i'll consider that option
<janneke>rekado: `guix offload test' does work out of the box if you have guix-ssh installed in the system and in the root profile (haven't tested yet which one can/should be removed)
<janneke>what i missed was that guile-ssh isn't installed in the installation image; you have to: guix package -i guile-ssh ... duh!
<ng0_>we are still not back to 'guix pull' being able to run on less than 512 MB RAM, right?
<ng0>I could throw some euro at a hoster with low specs and try. I think quiet recently I had less than 512 MB RAM with pull
<ng0>400 MB on a 492MB fresh debian stretch. 400 MB was the highest, 358MB most of the time. this did not include building some of guix parts, which comes now
<ng0>ACTION takes bets when the build will crash
<ng0>amazing, I got past 11%
<brendyn>ng0: Do you know there is a way to cap the amount of ram available to guix pull so I can test running it in 512MiB?
<ng0>build a VM?
<ng0>that's the only way I know besides using real hardware
<ng0>looks like it is succeeding
<ng0>done \\o/
<ng0>now would I convert it to GuixSD and run a mailserver? not sure... it gets pretty tight when pulling not from substitutes :)
<ng0>brendyn: 2x1 core, intel 2199.994 mhz under kvm, 512 MB RAM.. took some time but worked
<ng0>it's idle with 46MB RAM
<EuAndreh[m]>Hi Guix!
<EuAndreh[m]>After reading I realized there's quite a bit about OS I don't know
<EuAndreh[m]>Things like user namespaces, bind-mounting, etc. Is this just Unix tools/behaviour? Where can I learn more about it?
<brendyn>EuAndreh[m]: I don't know much either :p. Do you know about environment variables?
<EuAndreh[m]>brendyn: just enough to do the basic stuff
<brendyn>When you run `env', you'll see a list of all the variables set in your shell at the moment
<brendyn>It's quite simple. Guix makes heavy use of manipulating some of those variables like PATH to provide isolated environments
<brendyn>EuAndreh[m]: also, in that article, some of those terms are actually links if you click on them. For example, "user namespaces" takes you to
<brendyn>They are a feature in the linux kernel
<brendyn>have a read
<EuAndreh[m]>brendyn: will do, thx
<snape>EuAndreh[m]: and there is some articles on LWN:
<snape>there *are
<brendyn>EuAndreh[m]: I just looked up what "bind mount" means and it doesnt seem too complicated
<Baughn>So, as a happy Nix user, I'd like to *try* guix. I know that there's missing firmware that would prevent it from being a daily driver, but I'd like to find out if there are unofficial workarounds before I jump in and attempt to force it. I'm no particular order...
<Baughn>- CPU microcode updates? I'm on AMD, so it's not as bad as it could be, but sticking with what shipped with it is still a nonstarter. Security issues and all.
<Baughn>- nVidia? My desktop has a water-cooled 1070 for machine learning purposes, and I need CuDNN to work.
<EuAndreh[m]>brendyn: thanks for the help. I saw so many new things that I wasn't sure if I had to go learn something more formaly before going on. Those elinks certainly help
<Baughn>(Even if I didn't, the plumbing means I can't swap it out.)
<Baughn>- Steam? I won't ask for a package, but is there an equivalent to buildFHS?
<brendyn>EuAndreh[m]: these seems always seem scary at first. i used to be scared of regex because it looked complicated, and then a read a bit about at and realised its actually quite simple
<Baughn>- And while the FOSS aspect isn't a problem, does guix support ZFS root partitions reliably?
<EuAndreh[m]>brendyn: I appreciate the support
<ng0>there's no zfs in guix
<ng0>wait.. Guix or GuixSD?
<Baughn>The latter, I suppose.
<ng0>GuixSD only has official support for ext at the moment as far as I know, and some limited support for btrfs (I heard btrfs does not work as expected by btrfs users)
<brendyn>I've heard btrfs is expected to not work xD
<Baughn>Btrfs is out. I'm still scarred from the last couple tries.
<Baughn>Okay, then... is there a checksumming backend to LVM, or similar?
<ng0>i was working on xfs, and looking into ZFSOnLinux at the same time, my educated guess is that with some tweaking zfs can be made to run outside of official guix support.
<ng0>officially we have the license restrictions, which prevent shipping it in guix, afaik.
<Baughn>Well, okay. That's not *good*, but I suppose ext4 would work for a test drive.
<ng0>brendyn: that is not helpful information
<Baughn>... it could be, if you run into someone unfamiliar with btrfs.
<ng0>Baughn: the way some filesystem related portions are written here, specifically mapped-devices, leads to some issues with CoW filesystems
<Baughn>What, in guixsd? Isn't that just the Linux kernel as usual?
<ng0>it's about the configuration
<ng0>I haven't looked into this part in a while, so someone else should know more
<Baughn>That sounds like a fascinating subject. POSIX should be POSIX.
<Baughn>Moot point if it isn't packaged, though. How about CPU microcode?
<ng0>I see posix as a recommendation, not an iron law, but okay.
<ng0>it's not because of posix issues
<brendyn>ng0: It's useful. Last I read about btrfs it had serious issues that made it unreliable
<ng0>I think we have some open bug tickets, directly related to the reason why we don't have lvm
<Baughn>I'll dig them up later.
<ng0>brendyn: was that in 2009?
<Baughn>ng0: 2017 was the last time I tried it.
<ng0>I just mean, things change.
<brendyn>Isn't it legal to ship package definitions for zfs, just not bundle the code or binaries?
<Baughn>(It ate my data.)
<Baughn>It's legal to ship *zfs*.
<davidl>brendyn: I have been using guixSD with btrfs for a couple years without being able to related any problems to btrfs.
<Baughn>I mean, I'm not a lawyer, but the Ubuntu lawyers seem to think so. I'll defer to them.
<ng0>brendyn: we can have packages which build just on the user side..
<davidl>Im also using it for my server with raid1 for ~6months back without issues.
<Baughn>davidl: Now try resizing a RAID6 volume.
<ng0>I've been getting around some restriuctions with this
<davidl>aah, ok. sorry I missed the part about raid6.
<Baughn>I didn't mention it.
<Baughn>But for completeness, I guess: I'm currently running a three-way mirror of 8TB disks, plus a 5*6TB RAIDZ2 array.
<davidl>advanced setups are probably not well tested yet.
<davidl>I just have a 2disk btrfs-raid1 setup.
<ng0>ACTION will soon test encrypted raid, so far publicly untested here.
<Baughn>My experience is, I lose more data with btrfs than plain mdraid.
<davidl>Baughn: are you running scrub?
<davidl>btrfs scrub is recommended to run regularly.
<Baughn>It didn't live long enough for me to set up that. ^^;
<nlytend>Wohoo guix 0.15 is here!
<davidl>Baughn: sounds like bad luck xD
<Baughn>I'm happy with zfs, so you won't be getting me to try btrfs again for a while.
<Baughn>Yes, probably... but filesystems should not be a matter of "luck", you know.
<davidl>true. How long ago was it though?
<Baughn>Year and a half. During Christmas of 2016, actually.
<Baughn>It survived for about 2.5 weeks.
<davidl>with terabytes of data?
<brendyn>I've never run scrub in years
<Baughn>Yep. Then one disk failed during a volume, and that broke its poor head.
<Baughn>Apparently btrfs is fairly reliable so long as the hardware never fails, though. But so is ext4.
<Baughn>*during a volume resize
<ng0>I think zfs could be doable building on the users side, but I'd investigate this once we have better abilities to build kernel modules. currently the built kernel source is thrown away, which is one blocker. not that difficult though
<davidl>Baughn: some fairly large companies seem to have adopted it if this page info is correct:
<ng0>don't take this as an official message though, I'm playing around with all kinds of things which go beyond guix.. so if it'll be applicable to guix proper (GFSDGL etc) is to be discussed.
<ng0>ah, you mentioned the FHS thing. I think this can be constructed with guix environment, to some extent. I onl ystarted looking into this nix feature recently
<ng0>ACTION has to go
<forr>which is the file to download from to build guixsd from source please ?
<pkill9>has anybody run guix on a raspberry pi?
<forr>Where can I found find the GuixSD code source please ?
<brendyn>forr: seems like that is the link that you found
<brendyn>forr: I think the way to do it is to first isntall the binary version, then you can use that with `guix environment guix' to setup an environment for rebuilding guix from source
<forr>brendyn: Thanks a lot. I will try this.
<snape>forr: it's
<ng0>forr: in the installation manual there's a chapter/sectin which points at how to rebuild the image
<snape>forr: it doesn't really make sense to build Guix from source without using a git clone
<ng0>wen you have guix installed it's a 1-liner
<forr>Thanks for your responses.
<davidl_>what do I need to install to be able to run gcc -m32 on a 64bit system?
<davidl_>I have the gcc-toolchain and libstdc++ packages etc.
<davidl_>my error message is: .guix-profile/include/gnu/stubs.h:7:11: fatal error: gnu/stubs-32.h: No such file or directory
<davidl_> # include <gnu/stubs-32.h>
<snape>Copenhagen_Bram: what doesn't work?
<snape>davidl_: sounds like a bug
<snape>davidl_: I think you will get more help if you write to
<davidl_>snape: the package in question is fwknop downloaded from github
<taylan>does anyone know how to set the kbd layout of Slim in my os config?
<davidl_>but perhaps it should still be a stubs-32.h file in that path from glibc-toolchain package?
<snape>I think so yes
<ng0>taylan: it's impossible at the moment
<taylan>oh, ok ^^
<davidl_>snape: ok, thanks for your help.
<Copenhagen_Bram>snape: can't compile guix
<Copenhagen_Bram>guix-2.0 and guix-2.0-dev are installed (on Trisquel) but I get the error message `configure: error: 'guild' binary not found; please check your guile-2.x installation.`
<snape>I meant, what were the things that got you to switch to Trisquel?
<snape>I personnaly find it way trickier to use Guix on a foreign distro than GuixSD
<Copenhagen_Bram>bitlbee didn't work, i couldn't install sound for cataclysm dda, i couldn't run any executable that wasn't installed by a guix package
<snape>3 is normal. Did you report bugs for 1 and 2?
<pkill9>yeah if you want to run an executable, you have to patch it since binaries will be precopmiled to expect libraries (and possibly other files like '/share') in the FHS directories
<Copenhagen_Bram>no, crap how un-contributory of me
<snape>;) We can't improve if people don't tell us what doesn't work
<Copenhagen_Bram>where do I report bugs again?
<snape>you send an email to
<snape>(one per bug)
<pkill9>alternatively i've been trying to recreate the FHS lately, which could be seen as somewhat un-guxy lol
<pkill9>actually come to think of it, i'm not sure that they're precompiled to look for the libraries in the FHS directories, i think it's ld-linux that they expect to tell them where to find them, or something, cos i had to compile glibc with ldconfig enabled for it to look for the libraries
<pkill9>i'm thinking of completing that and polishing it, for convenience for ppl
<Copenhagen_Bram>also guix doesn't have icedove or flightgear lol
<pkill9>especially since i got kdenlive appimage running
<pkill9>and exported something with it, so giving people the option to use appimages is a plus
<snape>Copenhagen_Bram: for packages you need that aren't yet packaged, you can send an email to too, there is a "wishlist" tag in the bugtracker
<pkill9>oh i didn't know there was a wishlsit
<Copenhagen_Bram>is the tag automatically given?
<Copenhagen_Bram>ACTION subscribes to the mailing list
<snape>it's not automatically given
<Copenhagen_Bram>i guess i'll have to look at previous messages lol
<snape>but someone else can add the tag, or you can do it too, through the Debbugs interface
<ray__>Hi, I'm kind of new to scheme and guix, but I'm trying to make some changes to a package, and I'm running into a particular difficulty:
<ray__>I've written a helper routine in (guix build profiles), and when I try to use it I get unbound variable
<ray__>I did remember to use-module (guix build profiles)
<ray__>and I can use other functions from different modules
<ray__>It's only the new one I've written which doesn't work
<ray__>oh, and I also remembered to add it to the #:export
<ray__>are there any things I've forgotten?
<Thra11>Just trying out guix for the first time. Should `guix pull` make use of substitutes if available?
<divansantana_>anyone know what this error means? error: Server does not allow request for unadvertised object 6d5...
<divansantana_>that shortly after Initialized empty Git repository in /gnu/store/...-git-checkout/.git/
<divansantana_>while doing a system reconfigure
<divansantana_>oh seems to continue after that.
<snape>ray__: you added it to #:export in guix/build/profiles.scm right?
<snape>Thra11: yes it should
<snape>but sometimes for different reasons, substitutes aren't available
<Thra11>snape: Would not having set up the locale yet cause substitutes to fail? If not, how can I work out why it's not finding a substitute?
<snape>the key of the server serving substitutes should be added though
<snape>Thra11: are you using GuixSD or a foreign distro?
<snape>(I don't think it's related to your locale settings)
<Thra11>snape: foreign distro. aarch64. Installed using the binary installation script, said y to substitutes, so think it should have substitutes from
<snape>fewer substitutes are available for aarch64
<ray__>snape yes I did
<Thra11>snape: I know, but surely core packages like tar are available?
<Thra11>It keeps trying to build tar-1.30 (build fails because one of the tests in its test suite seems to need more disk space than I have available)
<maximum_yellow>Hey all, what is the status of LUKS on LVM in Guix-SD?
<maximum_yellow>Some time ago, around 0.13 (?), there was a note in the manual saying that it didn't work, but now that note is gone and I can't tell from the way things are written whether it's possible
<snape>maximum_yellow: LUKS is supported, but LVM isn't.
<snape>you don't need LVM to use LUKS
<maximum_yellow>snape: ok, good to know, thanks
<maximum_yellow>Right, right, but i found it a convenient way to do FDE
<maximum_yellow>Yeah, i see now that the mapped devices section of the manual says that LVM is not supported.
<snape>ray__: maybe showing your code (with, say, would help
<Thra11>Is there a way to query which packages have substitutes available or list the substitutes available from a server?
<snape>Thra11: yes, on, but it's slow
<Thra11>guix weather?
<Thra11>guix weather fails with: "guix weather: error: perl-text-markdown-discount-unbundle.patch: patch not found"
<snape>I gave you an hydra link, but I'm not sure it supports aarch64. Maybe only Berlin does
<snape>guix weather doesn't work on my machine either (python2-html5lib: unbound variable)
<Thra11>snape: looks like only has armhf, i686 and x86_64.
<efraim>only berlin has aarch64 support, but there's currently hardly any substitutes
<Thra11>berlin doesn't have a public facing hydra interface?
<snape>not yet
<efraim>berlin is running cuirass (curiass?) instead
<snape>which has the same json interface
<Thra11>ah ok
<snape>but the json interface times out
<Thra11>I'm wondering if berlin is building a different channel (or is it version? not sure of the terminology) to what I have.
<snape>it tries to build the last commit
<snape>well, every time a new commit shows up, it tries to build it
<snape>I mean, it tries to build the corresponding jobs
<janneke>hmm, it seems that debian does not ship gcc-5?
<janneke>ACTION just found that mes segfaults on x86-stretch
<janneke>i think i'll go for x86_64 next
<janneke>many dash/bash problems, many guile-2.0 problems already fixed