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<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<pkill9>i got this strange issue, whenever i try to build kxmlgui with the latest version, it unpacks the guix version
<pkill9>it returns the latest version when i run `guix build -S -L /guix/package/path kxmlgui`
<pkill9>it's weird
<pkill9>actually it does the same if you run this (if anyone wants to test): wget -O /tmp/kxmlgui-5.47.0.tar.gz && guix build --with-source=/tmp/kxmlgui-5.47.0.tar.gz kxmlgui
<PotentialUser-33>when someone is gonig to create the configuration template which tiemzone and locale do i need to create ifr i live in colombia and when i am partitioning with the command cfdisk how do i partition a 83 linux type partition
<PotentialUser-33>when someone is gonig to create the configuration template which tiemzone and locale do i need to create ifr i live in colombia and when i am partitioning with the command cfdisk how do i partition a 83 linux type partition
<PotentialUser-33>when someone is gonig to create the configuration template which tiemzone and locale do i need to create ifr i live in colombia and when i am partitioning with the command cfdisk how do i partition a 83 linux type partition
<htnshtns>This is a really silly question, but what service would you use to connect to a wireless network?
<htnshtns>Does anyone use EXWM?
<tune>networkmanager, connman, wicd... I think there are several options
<htnshtns>Yes, there's a lot of stuff mentioned in the documentation
<tune>I find networkmanager to be one of the easier-to-use ones, but I think there's some reason people dislike it
<htnshtns>But looking through other people's config files, I have no idea how I would specify a config file
<tune>for wifi I handled the connection outside of my config
<tune>I connected via 'nmtui' and then it remembers the network in the future and can auto connect
<htnshtns>Does that persist across sessions?
<tune>I believe so, anyway. I mainly use ethernet at home, but I think whenever I go to my friend's house it auto connects
<htnshtns>tune: Thanks
<tune>no problem
<htnshtns>Now I need to see if there's a way to define xkbmap
<atw>tell sneek: later tell htnshtns ask about EXWM in #emacs for general tips, there are some users in that channel
<atw>sneek: later tell htnshtns ask about EXWM in #emacs for general tips, there are some users in that channel
<sneek>Will do.
<janneke>atw: i'm also using exwm
<atw>janneke: how do you find it? I use TRAMP and Gnus often enough, would that be a problem?
<janneke>atw: i find it good and bad, been running it for ~1y full time now
<janneke>i also use gnus, tramp i use only once or twice a week
<atw>I've heard it can hang your exwm session if something runs synchronously, is that so? Any other snags?
<janneke>atw: it can temporarily freeze when something runs asynchroneously
<janneke>most annoying are updating Gnus, and ERC reconnecting
<janneke>but i often run the same exwm ~2 weeks or so
<janneke>there are also days that i restart it several times, esp. when emacs eats all my memory -- that happens with very large buffers with runaway debug output ((((((((((
<atw>hmm, emacs isn't my wm and it's already quite frustrating when I have to kill it. EXWM seems powerful, but I'm a little unsure about that extra risk
<janneke>atw: yeah, if you use other programs that have sessions outside of emacs, that may be annoying
<atw>9 REPLs and 4 SQL sessions on my work emacs alone :D emacs-uptime 16 days
<atw>I do try to keep non-emacs programs to a minimum. Let me know if you've got any good eww-friendly websites!
<atw> is pretty good
<janneke>that's interesting, it would be nice to have a text-friendly web index
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<rekado>I’m having problems with a printer and it seems that the reason is a locale warning printed by Perl.
<rekado>turns out that some part of CUPS passes LANG=en.utf-8
<rekado>I don’t have a locale for that, nor can I specify it in the operating-system configuration.
<rekado>I tried adding simply (locale-definitions (cons (locale-definition (name "en") (source "")))) but reconfigure doesn’t do anything — it doesn’t even print an error message.
<g_bor[m]>is there any way to see the full error messages? I got ellipsis instead of the parameters...
<brendyn>Anyone know why python-pyqt doesn't build with qtwebkit?
<rekado>I still don’t know why CUPS uses LANG=en.utf-8, but the locale-definitions problem was solved by adding (gnu system locale).
<rekado>It’s bad that it didn’t print an error message, though.
<janneke>who, syscall_write on Hurd is pretty interesting
<brendyn>How can I build a compile a package from source when it's already in my store?
<brendyn>,run-in-store (build-package qtwebkit #:use-substitutes? #t #:dry-run? #f)
<brendyn>$3 = #t
<lvmbdv>is guixsd built around herd?
<brendyn>lvmbdv: No, it's build on linux-libre
<brendyn>sorry i thought you said hurd
<lvmbdv>oh okay, i was confused for some reason
<lvmbdv>i meant hurd
<brendyn>hurd and herd are to different programs
<lvmbdv>i did mean hurd :)
<brendyn>I think some people want to make it run on Hurd too
<brendyn>lvmbdv: Do you use guix?
<lvmbdv>i plan to run it on another linux distribution
<lvmbdv>why did you ask? anything i can help with?
<brendyn>Just curious
<RetardedOnion>how do i install a package from a file? guix package -f file doesnt do it, guix package -f file -i doesnt output anything and i cannot install the file via -i after i executed -f file
<brendyn>RetardedOnion: I think you want to modify your file to define a module, then set GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH to the directory containing that file
<brendyn>that will make it visible to the guix command
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: is it possible to just modify an existing module to install the package without breaking everything?
<brendyn>You can just add a new (define-public <package> ....) anwhere in the file, making sure to add any required modules to the (use-modules ...) form at the top
<brendyn>so you would download the git repo, create a branch if you want, make the modifications, guix environment guix; ./bootstrap; ,q
<brendyn>./bootstrap; ./configure --localstatedir=/var; make
<brendyn>./pre-inst-env guix package -i <package>
<brendyn>Currently Guix doesn't provide a very convenient way to maintain your own package
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: i thought it would be pretty easy to install a missing xfce-goodie. its not.
<brendyn>If you have the package definition, it's easy to convert it to a module
<brendyn>no need to do it that long way i described
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: i tried to install the package from this: while i also tried to remove every module line. are there some syntax errors or do i just have no idea how to guix?
<RetardedOnion>so i tried the file from the paste and the file without the modules.
<brendyn>RetardedOnion: the module (gnu packages xfce) already exists in guix. you want to rename it something like (my-xfce-goodies)
<brendyn>then put it in a directory like ~/guix
<brendyn>and run `export GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH=~/guix`
<brendyn>then try guix build xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin
<brendyn>RetardedOnion: I get download failed "" 404 "Not Found"
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: yep. fixed my link. still has issues. i dont know why. i tried so much, i have no idea. this gets too frustrating for me. maybe in 12 years.
<brendyn>RetardedOnion: I'll get it working with you, can you give me the correct link code?
<RetardedOnion>it is this link:
<brendyn>looks like it needs the cmake-build-system
<brendyn>and gtk3
<brendyn>Doesn't compile yet. it appears to require exo >=0.11 but we only have 0.10
<ng0>are you looking at updating Xfce?
<ng0>I would wait until they officialy announce a new version of the entire thing
<ng0>I gave updating all of xfce a try a while back..
<ng0>you run into all kinds of problems
<brendyn>RetardedOnion is attempting to package a plugin for it
<RetardedOnion>ng0: i am looking for a basic xfce experience. like a whiskermenu.
<ng0>then I would look into the version compatible with the versions we package
<ng0>panel is @ 4.12.0 here
<brendyn>That's unfortunate that we can't update xfce so easily
<ng0>they are very locked into each other
<ng0>I tried to switch it to gtk3, that's what will happen wit hthe next xfce release
<ng0>*exagerated hand gestures "you change one thing, one tiny thing, and the entire rainforest dies!"
<ng0>usually xfce gives hints at compatibility in their readmes
<ng0>plus, then you have to figure out if it justworks or if you have to do something special to xfce-panel to make it find plugins
<ng0>sometimes asking upstream works out
<RetardedOnion>ng0: i am not a guix user. i have guix installed a few hours ago. there is nothing on the ssd.
<ng0>ah well.. it's always nice to jump into something head first with a motivation to get something working :) people here are sure to guide and/or help you
<RetardedOnion>ng0: i just feel so retarded because i love the simplicity of arch and the packages compatible. i want to help improve it, its just very complicated to start. without at least a semi-configured xfce i wont go too far.
<rekado>you don’t need a Guix checkout to use GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
<brendyn>RetardedOnion: I know how you feel, guix is much more complex and different
<ng0>rekado: we have gnutls-dane. would it be okay to add dane (unbound) by default, or would that add too much to guix own dependencies? I know I had some reasons for making it a separate package but I did not comment its reasons for existence
<sdb>im trying to use git to generate/send a patch
<sdb>a lot of po-files comes in the way after having built guix...
<ng0>the graph part of libunbound is big I think
<ng0>those are gettext localizations. you can 'git stash' them
<sdb>will it help adding them to my .gitignore?
<RetardedOnion>if someone would be interested in writing me a message when there is a whiskermenu on guix, that would be great. my quasselcore should be running all the time. an interface that feels like is actively trying to stop me from using it is not what i would be comfortable to use to improve.
<brendyn>Nobody is trying to stop you from using it
<RetardedOnion>i dislike gnome and the situation of xfce has been expressed enough i think.
<brendyn>It's just a matter of work that needs to be done. You could work towards updating xfce if you want
<sdb>ng0, thanks. Already did that but applied them again because I had changes to the documentation amongst them.
<sdb>ng0, thing I succeded now :)
<sdb>I would like guix package -A/s to be faster. There it takes >3s every time I run the command.
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: id need to understand guix better. i try to improve when i feel comfy on my system.
<sdb>Would it be possible to populate an index or something when pulling so that we have the information in a sqlite-db instead of traversing 40 files with guile?
<brendyn>RetardedOnion: Guix is still relatively a young project with less people working on it than Arch/Parabola. It also has much more ambitious design goals which requires even more work to be done
<brendyn>RetardedOnion: So it's reasonable that at the moment you will feel much more comfortable staying on Parabola
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: i understand that. i will come back when the time is.
<brendyn>RetardedOnion: I think Guix is an awesome project. You can still play around with it ontop of Parabola, perhaps try package some other standalone package
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: actually: i dont care too much about freedom. my hardware is spyware, my desktop gpu needs proprietary blobs. dont think there will be a nonfree-spinoff anytime soon
<sneek>Got it.
<brendyn>RetardedOnion: I can only encourage you to perhaps start caring about that freedom.
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: what hardware do you have?
<brendyn>RetardedOnion: I have a system76 laptop. It runs fine with GuixSD although I think the BIOS and what-not are proprietary
<RetardedOnion>i dont have a problem with running free software. the firmware is the problem.
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: soo... you still have the ME. its not really free. newer gpus need blobs. other than intels igpus
<brendyn>RetardedOnion: I think GuixSD will eventually be much better than Arch. It's already got the foundation for such features. Roll backs are great for whenever an upgrade breaks something
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: i use btrfs (with subvolumes, which is not possible on guix if i understand that right) and an automated snapshot system as well as a modified grub that can boot from those.
<RetardedOnion>on arch that is.
<brendyn>not sure if it's possible or not on guix
<brendyn>You're setup sounds pretty cool
<RetardedOnion>i have my ssd on /, hdd on /home, ssd subvolume for ~/.config, ~/.cache and other folders. that is amazing. and a possibility id be missing as well
<RetardedOnion>i switched from windows to arch 4 years ago. i am sooo comfy here:D
<brendyn>I just make a single ext4 volume with nothing special at all
<RetardedOnion>i have everything fast that i want to have fast and lots of cheap storage for /home. its an amazing setup, but i havent seen it that much. its pretty easy as well.
<brendyn>I'm too disorganised an indecisive to setup anything complicated
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: you mount your ssd as /, hdd as /home, create the folders you want on your ssd, create the subvolumes there. generate your fstab and you are fine. really easy. just no idea how to do the same in guix
<brendyn>You setup your harddrive manually, then define how to mount them in your operation-system definition under file-systems
<RetardedOnion>does guix use genfstab? is /home/username the folder or is it somewhere else?
<brendyn>I think it uses code written in guile
<RetardedOnion>is my home folder the same every reboot?
<brendyn>yes i don't understand why it wouldn't be
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: safety/reproducability?
<civodul>rekado, mbakke: to work around the fact that phases that return #f currently don't lead to a build failure, we should use 'invoke' in meson-build-system.scm for instance; thoughts?
<brendyn>not sure what you mean
<brendyn>Guix doesn't touch my home directory at all
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: the guy that told me about guix said that everything is shit and needs to be changed. guix seems very magical
<brendyn>RetardedOnion: there are talks and blog posts about Guix you would watch/read if you want to learn more
<RetardedOnion>brendyn: do you have a link?
<rekado>civodul: should this be done on core-updates?
<rekado>civodul: ant-build-system, cargo-build-system, dub-build-system, go-build-system, haskell-build-system, meson-build-system, ocaml-build-system, r-build-system, ruby-build-system — they all use “(zero? (system* …)”
<civodul>oh, right
<civodul>rekado: turns out i was building a meson-based thing, but yeah
<janneke>i have news for you: GNU's not Unix
<janneke>ACTION is as much in desperation as they are in awe with hurd
<brendyn>civodul: You've given a number of talks on guix right? which one do you think is your best one for teaching people about Guix?
<civodul>brendyn: i don't know! most of them are too long (45mn)
<civodul>rekado has shorter introductory talks i think
<civodul>like the one at
<brendyn>RetardedOnion: just lookup guix on youtube or civodul's link perhaps
<brendyn>Does anyone happen to know why python-pyqt is built without qtwebkit? I tried adding it as an input and got the error
<brendyn>/tmp/guix-build-python-pyqt-5.10.1.drv-0/PyQt5_gpl-5.10.1/sip/QtWebKitWidgets/qgraphicswebview.sip:124:28: fatal error: QGraphicsWebView: No such file or directory
<RetardedOnion>will have a look at civodul s link
<rekado>civodul: I’ll update the build systems on core-updates.
<civodul>brendyn: i think qtwebkit is deprecated or something
<civodul>rekado: cool, thanks!
<civodul>we should also fix the issue that Mark reported (about phases returning #f)
<civodul>RetardedOnion: there's also this cool interview of dustyweb:
<RetardedOnion>civodul: will listen to that as well. is there a more extensive guide to creating packages than ?
<civodul>not that i know of
<RetardedOnion>i need to start creating documentation for guix
<brendyn>civodul: is it? Well I'm trying to update calibre and it complains about not having qtwebview. I don't think calibre devs undestand the meaning of obsolete
<dustyweb>hi hi
<dustyweb>ACTION is currently looking into adding racket packaging support into guix
<dustyweb>clacke[m] has done a lot of the work for nix here:
<civodul>dustyweb: an importer! :-)
<civodul>that'd be really nice
<dustyweb>I now live much closer to davexunit
<dustyweb>so maybe we can meet up and knock out guix deploy :)
<civodul>you should! :-)
<snape>Copenhagen_Bram: FYI Kei updated cataclysm-dda
<rekado>we should update our python package to 3.7; shall we do this on core-updates or a separate branch?
<civodul>rekado: it might be easier to have it on a separate branch that we could build on berlin/hydra, and then get that merged in core-updates
<civodul>otherwise there's a risk of a big-bang when we finally try to build core-updates
<civodul>like two many unrelated things will have changed
<rekado>I won’t touch this on core-updates.
<mbakke>Yay. We can probably get a 'python-updates' branch going pretty fast. Let's start it after staging is merged, WDYT?
<mbakke>rekado: Ping me once the 3.7 update is in and I'll try to update pytest and friends.
<mbakke>Since we're on the topic of core-updates... Should we aim for GCC6 or jump straight to 7?
<rekado>mbakke: I’d rather not deal with the 3.7 update myself. I’m stuck with the GNOME updates already :)
<mbakke>rekado: Challenge accepted ;-)
<g_bor>mbakke: I've just read the differences of gcc6 and gcc7. I don't think we would have much more problems with going straight to 7. WDYT?
<rekado>the latest version of gtk+ no longer supports GTK_IM_MODULE_FILE, so I’m also removing the Guix hack with GUIX_GTK3_IM_MODULE_FILE.
<mbakke>g_bor: I agree. But I'd actually prefer a round with GCC6 first just so we can "record" the differences. Not sure why...
<mbakke>Going offline again, see you tomorrow Guix :-)
<g_bor[m]>Hello guix!
<g_bor[m]>It seems to me that when using hg-fetch, the store item we have is a directory with the content, but when I add a patch, the result is a compressed tarball.
<efraim_>g_bor[m]: same with git-fetch and others
<g_bor[m]>efraim_: ok, thanks for the clarification. :) Then I will have to adjust the build phase to deal with that.
<dustyweb>ok I've hit the limit of understanding racket2nix :)
<dustyweb>I think I'll wait to talk to clacke[m] before I do more
<rekado>g_bor[m]: I wonder if deduplication of unpacked source directories would save about as much space as compression of the source files. Probably not.
<g_bor[m]>efraim_: do we have any functions to perform the decompression, or should I just invoke?
<rekado>g_bor[m]: the build system’s unpack phase usually takes care of that.
<efraim_>g_bor[m]: I don't think there's anything special for decompression, last I looked at it was a while ago when we added '-T' to xz for using more cores
<g_bor[m]>efraim_: ok, thanks. I'm trying to get icedtea working on gcc5, and it checks out a bunch of mercurial repos, and composes those into the source tree :)
<g_bor>I just don't know what's up with matrix... rekado's messages sometimes don't come through...
<g_bor>rekado: Thanks, but here it is not the case. :)
<g_bor>When do we expect staging to be merged back to master?
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<rekado>the git Makefile says this: “Define NO_SVN_TESTS if you want to skip time-consuming SVN interoperability tests. These tests take up a significant amount of the total test time but are not needed unless you plan to talk to SVN repos.”
<rekado>I think we should do this.
<minieggs40>Hey folks
<minieggs40>Been trying to install guixsd on a little thinkpad machine I have -- but installing the bootloader always fails. Any direction someone can point me in?
<RetardedOnion>minieggs40: uefi?
<g_bor[m]>minieggs40: also does it give you an error message?
<RetardedOnion>if you do uefi mount your esp where you are pointing your config at. not at /mountpointForRoot/mountpointForESP. seems to be a bug
<minieggs40>uefi, yes. Error coming, one moment
<minieggs40>and per the uefi -- do installs go a bit smoother with uefi disabled? All other distro's I've used on this machine (devuan/debian/parabola) I've had to disable uefi for -- but I couldn't seem to get guixsd to boot off a usb while uefi was disabled.
<RetardedOnion>can you give us a small look over your bootloader config?
<wigust>minieggs40: An example of UEFI configuration
<minieggs40>Sure, not 100% what you mean by that, though (is that the config.scm that is copied over and modified prior to installing?)
<minieggs40>ah great, thank you. I'll give that a spin. Also, realized I wasn't creating a ~200mb fat32 partition. That could be messing me up as well I think (?)
<RetardedOnion>minieggs40: you need that. its the efi partition
<RetardedOnion>wigust: are you sure? i installed via uefi with grub-efi-bootloader and not grub-bootloader
<wigust>RetardedOnion: I didn't install GuixSD for a long time, but I have grub-efi-bootloader too.
<wigust>it's in the example (not the first)
<wigust>A graphical UEFI system with a choice of lightweight…
<RetardedOnion>wigust: ah right. didnt read far enough
<g_bor[m]>I also think that it's grub-efi-bootloader. And currently the efi partition should be mounted at /boot/efi. There is a patch pending to allow to mount it to /mnt/boot/efi, but it did not land yet.
<minieggs40>alrighty, thank you folks. Time to give this another try
<random_username>Hey, guys! I want to ask what is the status of GuixSD on HURD? Can I try it out or read about it somewhere?
<pkill9>random_username: Hurd is packaged in Guix, i have no idea how usable it is
<pkill9>random_username: here's Guix blog posts with 'GNU/Hurd' tagged
<random_username>pkill9: thanks!
<RetardedOnion>how would i go about submitting an update to a package? the new exo (0.12.2) seems to work fine. you just need a slightly different link. i still have problems with my whiskermenu. arch does some stuff with ninja. i never got what ninja is about...
<rekado>you would edit the file containing the definition for exo, edit it, make a git commit (see git log for the commit message convention in action), then send that commit as a patch to via email.
<civodul>RetardedOnion: the general guidelines are at
<civodul>the check list is intimidating but for a simple package update you just need to worry about a couple of items among these, like rekado writes
<RetardedOnion>ok. will do when i got whiskermenu to work. is there someone here interested in helping? i will post the output in a bit. have to get quassel running first
<pkill9>rekado, civodul: why does running this still have the build process try to build using the guix-packaged source?: wget -O /tmp/kxmlgui-5.47.0.tar.gz && guix build --with-source=/tmp/kxmlgui-5.47.0.tar.gz kxmlgui
<wigust>RetardedOnion: You could search in Guix Git repository like ‘grep -rE 'invoke.*ninja|system.*ninja' .’ for ninja example. Also a good idea is to ask on maybe somebody have packaged whiskermenu already.
<pkill9>oh i want whiskermenu RetardedOnion, i'll help if no one has packaged it
<civodul>pkill9: when using --with-source, you get a warning if guix can't figure out how the tarball you passed relates to the package(s) you're building
<civodul>did you see such a warning?
<RetardedOnion>i have searched some git repos for whiskermenu. didnt find it though. as far as i see there is no problem with the licensing. so i dont really see why it wont be there from an ethical standpoint
<civodul>pkill9: though in this case the tarball name matches the package name, so there should be no problem
<civodul>RetardedOnion: it may just be that no one packaged it yet :-)
<civodul>indeed it's not at
<pkill9>it didn't last time i tried it, also I made a package definition that inherits kxmlgui and uses the source for the newer version, adn that has the same issue
<RetardedOnion>some people upload their own system configs to gits.
<pkill9>but using --with-source is easier for other people to try to reproduce
<pkill9>although strangely it's either taking ages or not working right now
<pkill9>ok it started building and yeah it unpacked the Guix packaged version
<pkill9>and didn't show a warning saying it didn't find a replaceable source
<pkill9>that -with-source had no effect
<pkill9>my only guess is that one of kxmlgui's dependencies has a dependency on kxmlgui, lol
<pkill9>but i doubt that would be unnoticed
<RetardedOnion>my try at whiskermenu after an upgraded exo ended with this
<wigust>RetardedOnion: Did you put garcon in inputs?
<RetardedOnion>i did not. seems like the output is the same.
<RetardedOnion>when i add garcon
<pkill9>does it say 'No package 'garcon-l' found'?
<pkill9>or a new package?
<RetardedOnion>-- Checking for module 'garcon-1'
<RetardedOnion>-- Found garcon-1, version 0.4.0
<RetardedOnion>-- Checking for module 'garcon-1'
<RetardedOnion>-- Found garcon-1, version 0.4.0
<wigust>the output is not the same :-)
<wigust>seems the problem is not with garcon this time
<RetardedOnion>one sec. ill update it
<pkill9>try adding xfce4-panel as an input
<pkill9>ah yeah you're packaging whiskermenu, thought you were addign to the update for exo for some reason
<RetardedOnion>i have exo updated. i can give you the packge if you want
<pkill9>i don't have any need for it, but thanks :)
<wigust>RetardedOnion: You could send an updated exo to though.
<RetardedOnion>will do when i got what i wanted. or when i gave up
<pkill9>hmm, it would be good to have an online collaborative thing for guix package definitions, like those online document editors, like etherpad
<RetardedOnion>open an etherpad. ill put the file in there so you can have a look and update as well
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: have a look. it is the one from upstream with the new exo and whiskermenu on the very bottom
<pkill9>cool i see
<pkill9>ok got distracted trying to get something working, now i'm building that one
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: its just xfce with the updated exo and the whiskermenu. whisker is not working
<pkill9>do you mean it doesn't build?
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: yes.
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: uses ninja. which i dont understand.
<wigust>RetardedOnion: You just need to replicate what Arch package recipe does (which calls some shell commands). E.g.: ‘(invoke "ninja" "-C" "build" "install")’
<pkill9>it's something used for building
<pkill9>i'm getting into this fricken annoying error
<pkill9>sorry haven't been able to test the build yet
<wigust>don't need any ninja skills :-)
<wigust>Also you could go inside the build directory and call shell commands yourself
<pkill9>RetardedOnion: i got it building correctly, you just needed to disable tests, i added the change on line 974 to do this
<pkill9>it builds fine without ninja so *shrug*
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: so we cant get it up like this, right?
<pkill9>what do you mean?
<RetardedOnion>would it be possible to submit the package like this?
<pkill9>ah, no, you need to generate a commit and get a patch from that, but i don't know how tbh
<RetardedOnion>maybe someone here can help. i dont need credit for exo or the start of whisker
<pkill9>RetardedOnion: i made modifications in my own module, i'll put it in a pastebin for you so you can use it for now
<RetardedOnion>so if you want, just push it
<pkill9>hmm it's not showing up in applets
<RetardedOnion>i will reboot and see again
<pkill9>here is the package you can put in your local 'repository'
<RetardedOnion>where do i put it? sorry, i am very new
<pkill9>put it in a folder, then run `guix package -L <the folder you put the file in> xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin`
<pkill9>oops no
<pkill9>put it in a folder, then run `guix package -L <the folder you put the file in> -i xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin`
<pkill9>forgot the -i
<g_bor[m]> RetardedOnion : would you like to contribute a package?
<pkill9>you can always have guix search in that folder by putting that folder in the GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH environment variable, in your .profile
<RetardedOnion>what is the difference between the -L and the -f flag? does the -L point to a folder and -f to a file?
<pkill9>-L specifies a path to load, -f build what the file evaluates to
<RetardedOnion>g_bor[m]: i need a few more packages to be comfy here. a screen locker and notepadqq especially. if i have the possibility i will. i dont need the credit though
<pkill9>at the bottom i put (package (inherit xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin)), which make the file 'evaluate' to that package definition
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: thank you. very nice
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: did you get whisker to show up? i didnt
<pkill9>i'll try logging out and back in, so far i haven't
<pkill9>after restarting the bar as well
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: as user, this doesnt work
<pkill9>it might be that a neccessary environment variable isn't being specified
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: just installed as root (i could care less about my installation). will report
<pkill9>ok, since you have xfce installed it should set the correct environment variable in that case
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: yep. doesnt work.
<RetardedOnion>i dont have gnome installed. i find it more confusing than useful.
<pkill9>RetardedOnion: did you run `pkill -USR1 xfce4-panel` (to restart the panel) after installing whiskermenu to root?
<RetardedOnion>i rebooted
<pkill9>oh ok
<pkill9>it could be that xfce4-panel won't accept it, because xfce4-panel uses the currently packaged exo as a dependency
<wigust>i'm not sure, but you need to ‘guix system reconfigure /config.scm’ instead of install as root
<pkill9>oh yeah, did you do that? I assumed that's what you did
<g_bor[m]>RetardedOnion: if you would like to contribute, the you should read the contributing section in the manual, but here is just a short summary: git clone the guix repo. Tell git your username and email. Then you can modify whatever you want. You can add your changes to the index using git add. See using git log the format of commit messages we use, it is similar to changelog. Then commit your changes with the appropriate commit
<g_bor[m]>message. You can test you modifications from a checkout using pre-inst-env "guix command you would like to run". One you commited, you can git format-patch -1 to create a patch form last commit. Then git send-email the patch file. Send it to We will review, give feedback, and when all is well, it will be included.
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: i did not. do i have to put the panel and exo in my config?
<RetardedOnion>g_bor[m]: i will do. but not right now. a newer exo wont help too much. when whisker is running i will. or i will try to get notepadqq running as well
<pkill9>it's possible, however it could get confusing, also it may not even be neccessary
<pkill9>trying just putting whiskermenu in first, it might still work regardless
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: my /home will persist between reconfigures right? my password as well?
<pkill9>RetardedOnion: good news, whiskermenu works :)
<pkill9>you should be able to add it to the bar after you reconfigure
<RetardedOnion>pkill9: can you give me your config and/or tell me what you did?
<RetardedOnion>without adding whisker to the config?
<pkill9>RetardedOnion: i put this in my ~/.profile, and logged out and logged back in, and have whiskermenu isntalled to my user guix profile (aka ran `guix package -L <whiskermenu dir> -i xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin`): export X_XFCE4_LIB_DIRS="$X_XFCE4_LIB_DIRS${X_XFCE4_LIB_DIRS:+:}$HOME/.guix-profile/lib/xfce4"
<pkill9>sorry that was a confusing sentence lol
<RetardedOnion>yeah got it. reconfiguring now.
<pkill9>basically i put that line in ~/.profile and logged out and it
<RetardedOnion>i am reconfiguring and rebooting. uefi and a shitty ssd is still pretty fast
<wigust>pkill9: did you get this environment suggested by ‘guix package -i xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin’?
<wigust>environment variable
<pkill9>but if you ran `guix package -i xfce4-panel` it would be suggested, although if it's already set corerctly it might not suggest it
<pkill9>but since you generally just add the xfce-desktop-servcie, you won't really see it, but if you run `guix edit xfce4-panel` you'll see it's a specified search path