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<nckx>j3kyl_: ?
<mbowcutt>i'm pretty sure I have a free wifi card (qualcomm atheros 9485). how come guix doesn't recognize my wifi interface?
<mbowcutt>do I need to manually install ath9k?
<nckx>mbowcutt: No. I have the exact same card.
<nckx>02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9485 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01) | Kernel driver in use: ath9k
<nckx>^ lspci -k
<nckx>It's far more likely you haven't yet configured your interface correctly. Did you follow section 6.1.4 of the Guix manual?
<thomassgn>mbowcutt: Hi! are you sure it's connected and not recognized? I mean you've checked iwconfig or ip commands? (I know these are a bit stupid, but troubleshooting and so on...) :)
<nckx>thomassgn: s/iwconfig/ifconfig/ ? Although I understand the reason for the typo. /me wonders if ‘iw’ is even still a thing...
<thomassgn>no, I meant iwconfig
<nckx>mbowcutt: ‘ip addr’ (or, as the manual suggests, ‘ip a’, because installing GuixSD in a hurry is always a good idea) should tell you more.
<mbowcutt>looks like my interface isn't configured, because it's not showing for those commands
<nckx>thomassgn: Kewl. I didn't know we shipped that!
<thomassgn>it reports if any network cards have wireless capabilities. Probably useful for other things, but that's how I use it.
<nckx>mbowcutt: Hm, so your device doesn't even show up? How about ‘ip link’?
<mbowcutt>I skipped over the wired connection in 6.1.4, thinking it was unnecessary if I only cared about wifi
<thomassgn>mbowcutt: I'd try opening a terminal and running 'tail -f /var/log/messages' in one, and maybe 'dmesg -w' in another and then pulling the card out. wait a sec and then plug back in again. Follow the output from those commands...
<mbowcutt>I'm inside a VM
<nckx>mbowcutt: But you followed the instructions under ‘Wireless connection’? Starting with ‘nano wpa_supplicant.conf’?
<thomassgn>(with both those commands you can insert spaces by pressing enter.)
<nckx>I'm momentarily confused, someone else say something quick.
<thomassgn>oh. Right. But then the wireless shouldn't be a thing existing in the VM, it should be a thing for your host OS.
<thomassgn>you'd only need to configure your host and VM to allow internet through.
<mbowcutt>ok, I'll look into that
<thomassgn>I say only, but sometimes it can be tricky to figure out how.
<nckx>Yeah, so your virtualised kernel won't even see your WLAN device, it will see whatever the emulator exposes as a generic ‘network device’.
<nckx>This will almost certainly be an emulated wired ethernet card, so you will have to follow those instructions :-)
<thomassgn>how do you run the VM? is it from virtualbox or something?
<nckx>Check lspci for ‘ethernet controllers’.
<mbowcutt>Boxes on gnome
<mbowcutt>ok cool! i have internet
<nckx>mbowcutt: That ath9k will come in handy when you replace your OS with GuixSD ;-) But it's irrelevant for now.
<mbowcutt>haha, can't wait
<thomassgn>Does anyone run artanis successfully on guixsd? I can't get artanis@0.2.1-3 to successfully build, and I packaged 0.2.5, but it gives me a backtrace every time I run an 'art' command...
<mbowcutt>so is that also why wpa_supplicant doesnt ship in the QEMU VM image?
<thomassgn>mbowcutt: I think guixsd ships with networkmanager by default, you can use nmcli from bash.
<thomassgn>I think...
<nckx>mbowcutt: Yup.
<thomassgn>I can use artanis alright from a guile repl though
<Copenhagen_Bram>hey guys i think i'm ready to make an up-to-date cataclysm DDA
<Copenhagen_Bram>oh no i can't believe i did that again
<thomassgn>? did what?
<Copenhagen_Bram>used the g word
<thomassgn>try not to, you caught yourself this time, nice catch :)
<nckx>ACTION looks up Cataclysm DDA
<nckx>But yay, new packages!
<nckx>Looks like fun.
<thomassgn>habits can be hard to change. Cataclysm is awesome, bring it on I say.
<Copenhagen_Bram>nckx: don't count on it, i've never made a guix package before
<Copenhagen_Bram>alright... so is there a way to git clone it and then get a hash for it?
<Copenhagen_Bram>maybe the `guix hash` command can do that
<thomassgn>I guess, yes.
<Copenhagen_Bram>oh wait crap, how big is cataclysm dda
<Copenhagen_Bram>maybe i should wait until my internet free period
<thomassgn>then run guix hash from the root of the repo with -r or --recursive
<thomassgn>I find using archives easier, I usually go to the releases page for projects and pick the latest tar.gz or whatever.
<Copenhagen_Bram>Hmm. But this isn't a release, this is an experimental. Because the release is ancient.
<thomassgn>right, then git it is :)
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: Be sure to use the ‘fetch-git’ method and not ‘fetch-url’ with an auto-generated GitHub archive tarball (those are flaky). Although it sounds like the former was your plan anyway.
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: Receiving objects: 32% (103390/315393), 476.43 MiB | 3.48 MiB/s
<nckx>Hm, you might want to wait :-/
<Copenhagen_Bram>oh that's big
<Copenhagen_Bram>i wonder how big is
<nckx>Even ‘worse’ in your case is that Guix will clone the repository again to the store when you first build the package.
<nckx>Cloning with --depth=1 will probably save most of that, but I don't know if it affects the hash.
<thomassgn>but you can use guix download for archives. And I sometimes cheat and use a wrong hash run guix build <package>; and then fix the hash afterwards.
<Copenhagen_Bram>thomassgn: whoah that's so much smaller
<thomassgn>that way you only have the file(s) in your store
<nckx>thomassgn: Ssssssh! Evil!
<thomassgn>hehe, indeed.
<Copenhagen_Bram>it's evil? lol and someone expected me to do that
<thomassgn>I mean, use guix hash to get the correct hash of course. but I think it's an ok workaround
<thomassgn>(it's not evil) :P
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: I was kidding a bit. It's not considered a good habit, but I'm sure thomassgn knew that. And to be honest it's probably the lowest-bandwidth method: download the snapshot tarball, then have Guix clone the repository and adjust the hash.
<thomassgn>oh, artanis commands fail because it expects a file, '/etc/artanis/artanis.conf'...
<nckx>Indeed, it's a workaround. It only becomes a problem when people turn it into a habit and blindly trust the error message, so I wanted to scare you from the start. :-)
<Copenhagen_Bram>maybe I should try packaging terminator first
<nckx>Receiving objects: 100% (315393/315393), 1.16 GiB | 3.54 MiB/s, done. I sure hope Guix now performs shallow clones by default...
<thomassgn>oh, yes. don't use the hash from the error if you use the workaround I suggested. use guix hash on the file(s) in the store.
<nckx>git clone --depth=1 → 55.79 MiB. Winner.
<vagrantc>that's not even as big as a linux-libre tarball
<Copenhagen_Bram>you know what's bigger than linux-libre? it was some texlive package
<Copenhagen_Bram>2 gb
<Copenhagen_Bram>nckx: do both have the same hash?
<Copenhagen_Bram>git clone and git clone --depth=1?
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: Well, because I'm a stoop, I already deleted the 1.16 GiB one.
<Copenhagen_Bram>oh well
<nckx>I'll just download it again.
<nckx>^ How I feel when people say ‘RAM/disk space/... is cheap’.
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: Which ‘terminator’ would that be? I found a Java terminal emulator of that name, from 2008. Might not be the best packaging experience either.
<nckx>OK, C-DDA.git's hash should be 1fqn9zfdvw1m6hh8imsx9v7i06pjlfxxmvpwm42ig2ph9fsfk0lj (calculated with ‘guix -rx’). If you get a different result later, please say so. That would imply the manual is wrong or at least misleading.
<vagrantc>-r for recursive, and -x for exclude vcs ... if i'm remembering correctly
<nckx>vagrantc: Correct.
<Copenhagen_Bram>nckx: the one that has a red bar on the top and tiles
<nckx> ?
<nckx>We put a tiling WM in your terminal so you can WM while you terminal.
<nckx>Seems doable, all dependencies are in Guix already.
<Copenhagen_Bram>nckx: hmm that does look like the right one
<OriansJ>nckx: Personally I'm a fan of i3 with urxvt; although once urxvt gets ported to wayland, I might end up switching to sway
<nckx>OriansJ: I'm in the exact same situation, minus urxvt. Just haven't had the time to try out Wayland.
<OriansJ>nckx: checkout sway, it is a drop in replacement for i3 in wayland
<nckx>OriansJ: Will do, thanks. Is Wayland usable on GuixSD?
<OriansJ>nckx: yes but it doesn't look like many people played with it, last I checked only sddm and weston were available for guixsd
<nckx>I switched from xmonad to i3 because xmonad was stuck on X. Months later, I'm still stuck on X. Ironic.
<nckx>Maybe by the time I actually switch waymonad will be a real thing.
<nckx>OriansJ: Does that mean I can only run Wayland-aware clients? Or is there a compatibility X server available too?
<nckx>ACTION knows very little about Wayland.
<Copenhagen_Bram>Is anybody else getting a really long, incomprehensible error when trying to system reconfigure?
<OriansJ>nckx: xorg-server-xwayland is for the backwards compatibility with X for wayland. So you can be on a wayland Desktop and still run your x11 applications
<Copenhagen_Bram>> ERROR: Wrong type to apply: #<<scheme-file> name: "activate" gexp: #<gexp (begin
<Copenhagen_Bram>ACTION decides to repeatedly git pull and git reconfigure
<Copenhagen_Bram>ACTION decides to repeatedly guix pull and guix system reconfigure
<Copenhagen_Bram>wigust-: have you gotten an error from guix system reconfigure lately?
<nckx>OriansJ: Thanks. Hm. Tempting to try. Probably bork any productivity for a full week-end, though.
<nckx>^ optimistic estimation.
<OriansJ>nckx: honestly, until sway shows up in guix; I'd ignore wayland until then
<nckx>Yeah, that weekend would include packaging sway.
<pkill9>is weston a very basic window manager?
<OriansJ>pkill9: I find it completely unusable
<OriansJ>It technically works and functions but it clearly lacks the feel of a Windw manager that is used by their developer.
<nckx>wc -l ~/TODO
<nckx>97 /home/nckx/TODO
<nckx>That's a Guix-specific file.
<Copenhagen_Bram>Which package contains xclip?
<OriansJ>Copenhagen_Bram: xclip
***lain0n is now known as lainon
<apteryx`>is there a way to programatically adjust backlight of a desktop LCD screen? It seems not :/
<apteryx`>nckx: :D
<apteryx`>be right back
<nckx>apteryx: I echo 0...255 > /sys/devices/pci0000\\:00/0000\\:00\\:01.0/drm/card0/card0-LVDS-1/radeon_bl0/brightness
<nckx>There's also xbacklight in Guix, which I've never used.
<nckx>Oh, silly me, desktop.
<apteryx`>yeah, xbacklight says it can't find a dimmable light or something, so I'd tend to think that's the end of it :/
<apteryx`>it's a shame that we can dial brightness using physical knobs but not software
<apteryx`>I guess your other solution is vendor specific?
<nckx>apteryx`: Nah, but probably laptop-specific.
<apteryx`>yeah, I'm using HDMI rather than LVDS
<nckx>I used to use ddcontrol and it sometimes worked a bit, which I guess is high praise for anything hardware-related.
<nckx>It's absolutely ancient by now though.
<nckx>Is not.
<apteryx`>this looks cool!
<nckx>ACTION packages it.
<apteryx`>I'll be reviewing then :)
<Copenhagen_Bram>Is anyone getting this error when running guix system reconfigure?
<apteryx`>Copenhagen_Bram: nope
<eric23>does guixsd understand lvm partitions
<eric23>cause it's giving me a kernel panic when I boot it on my computer.
<nckx>eric23: Nope. From the manual: ‘Limitations: ... Support for the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) is missing.’
<nckx>LUKS yes, LVM no. #priorities
<eric23>I'm not sure why I put lvm in.
<nckx>apteryx`: Plonk into your linux.scm and cross your fingers.
<Copenhagen_Bram>apteryx`: huh, do you have any tips for me anyways?
<apteryx`>Copenhagen_Bram: Did you change something in your config.scm since the last time it worked?
<Copenhagen_Bram>well yes, i added a new user at least
<apteryx`>nckx: cool! will try if I get my src/guix to build (complaining about: WARNING: 'aclocal-1.15' is missing on your system.). I'm using pre-inst-env
<nckx>apteryx`: make clean-go && re-bootstrapping will fix that.
<Copenhagen_Bram>apteryx`: guess i'll try removing the attempt at adding another user
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: I was just typing the same thing as apteryx`. Smells like a configuration error, though that's absolutely no excuse for such an inscrutable error message... if you can even call it that.
<nckx>Error vomit.
<Copenhagen_Bram>not even a line number, is there?
<apteryx`>strange... can't even run bootstrap: Can't exec "autopoint": No such file or directory at /gnu/store/aqzb6lm1vmz14rp899lqmi6pr35ycgx6-autoconf-2.69/share/autoconf/Autom4te/ line 345.
<nckx>apteryx`: Are you in a guix environment guix?
<apteryx`>oh, nevermind, I'm dumb (I had exit from the environment)
<Copenhagen_Bram>ACTION also removes the mcron tasks he added
<Copenhagen_Bram>huh still doesn't work
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: You can paste your configuration and I can take a look and we can both hope I get lucky and spot a missing bracket.
<nckx>No promises, obviously.
<nckx>ACTION will be up for 1 more inning.
<Copenhagen_Bram>huh, what information is sensitive, besides the name of my new user?
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: Rather difficult for me to answer :-) I don't consider *anything* in my configuration sensitive. (Yup, I'm nckx, you might have noticed.)
<reepca-laptop>anyone else find that audacity can't detect any of their audio devices?
<nckx>Oh FFS, now my substitute server is 502'ing for absolutely no reason.
<apteryx`>nckx: I'm heading to bed but will let you know about ddcutil :) thanks for the express packaging ^^
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: Yes, & I didn't see anything obviously wrong.
<nckx>So I tried ‘guix system vm’ and, well, now I'm compiling hplip. And since your error looks like it's a late-stage activation fail, I'm afraid it will take a while before I get there.
<nckx>At which point I'll be staring at the same useless error you got.
<nckx>And it's 5 a.m.
<nckx>So yeah.
<Copenhagen_Bram>What's hplip?
<nckx>Nothing related to your configuration.
<Copenhagen_Bram>oh. What's a late-stage activation fail?
<Copenhagen_Bram>And, thanks for spending your time trying to help a poor sap like me
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: Wish it'd got more results. /me must sleep now. I hope someone helpful comes along soon. o/
<Copenhagen_Bram>nckx: What's a late stage activation fail?
<eric23><nckx> Copenhagen_Bram: Wish it'd got more results. /me must sleep now. I hope
<eric23> someone helpful comes along soon. o/
<Copenhagen_Bram>oh, good night nckx
<brendyn>--with-source is telling me it had no effect but the source file is clearly different. It has the same file name too.
<brendyn>nevermind I figured out the basename stuff
<reepca-laptop>I'm so sad right now... right as the 2.7GiB download of texlive-texmf-2017 finished, I got "guix package: error: build failed: reading from file: Input/output error". So now I have to download it all over again
<wingo>oh that's the worst :(
<reepca-laptop>also, if I reconfigure with sudo, will it use the guix under /root/.config/guix/latest or mine?
<wingo>that i do not know
<efraim>i normally do 'sudo -E' so it uses mine
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<m-o>Hi civodul!
<reepca-laptop>I wonder how useful a service that continually makes sure that the store items required for upgrades are available would be...
<reepca-laptop>I guess it'd have to also be periodically pulling
<civodul>reepca-laptop: that sounds a lot like the manifest-based Cuirass job that m-o implemented
<civodul>perhaps we should make a high-level service for that
<reepca-laptop>... and today I learned something new!
<civodul>so that you just have to provide a one-liner in your config
<civodul>reepca-laptop: like what? :-)
<reepca-laptop>ah, that was just in response to you giving me new information just now
<civodul>ah ok, heheh
<civodul>m-o: how hard is it to set that up?
<reepca-laptop>although I learned a lot of other stuff today, come to think of it, mostly involving fonts and emacs
<m-o>yes, it's in my todo list for ever, i'll try to convince snape to do it, he has more free time than I do :)
<m-o>it wouldn't be that hard I guess
<wingo>ACTION also interested in this emoji sorcery!
<reepca-laptop>just had to add (set-fontset-font "fontset-default" nil "Unifont Upper" nil 'append) to my .emacs and have Unfiont Upper installed - I can't quite remember which package it's from
<reepca-laptop>and there might also be some xset stuff necessary, but I haven't restarted my session yet to figure out
<wingo>ah i use hexchat, maybe i need to install unifont or something
<tune>Yeah, and I use irssi. I'm gonna install unifont and see how that goes.
<reepca-laptop>turns out emacs figures out fallbacks for "script"-type characters differently from emojis and such, so they just hard-coded a default of "symbola". Which is weird, considering the licensing issues I think it has preventing us from packaging it.
<reepca-laptop>remember to fc-cache -f afterward
<reepca-laptop>no way... the texlive download just failed again after reaching 100% with the same input/output error message.
<reepca-laptop>hard drive must really be dying
<civodul> is looking for new volunteers:
<civodul>it might be a good time to let people know about guile-debbugs and mumi, rekado_ :-)
<rekado_>reepca-laptop: an older version of symbola is freely licensed. You could package that. They only started early this year to put the font under a very restrictive license.
<rekado_>civodul: I should make a release of guile-debbugs. I have been putting this off for too long because I first wanted to re-read all the guidelines on making GNU releases…
<pkill9>is there a flag for `guix system reconfigure` that temporarily applies the config?
<pkill9>so it doesn't get added as a generation or a garbage collector root
<pkill9>but i can test it out
<pkill9>i think there is but not sure
<civodul>rekado_: really, you shouldn't bother too much about the guidelines
<civodul>so it's a GNU package, right?
<civodul>essentially run "make distcheck", run gnupload from Gnulib, email, and be done with it :-)
<efraim>rekado_: I have the overdrive portforwarded using ssh, i'm not convinced it's a great final solution, but it should work for now
<efraim>so it should be back up, being port forwarded through my VPS
<civodul>efraim: nice!
<civodul>rekado_: i've fixed the date of \\o/
<efraim>Right now its using autossh to keep the conenction up but I might switch it to a while loop
<snape>civodul: reepca-laptop: the manifest based Cuirass would depend on the Cuirass patch that will allow several inputs, because that manifest would be a new input.
<pkill9>if i run `guix system reconfigure --no-bootloader`, will that also prevent guix from creating a garbage collector root for the system reconfigure?
<pkill9>i mean, prevent it from creating a new system generation
<pkill9>oh nevermind, it only works with `guix system init`
<rekado_>civodul: started ntpd?
<rekado_>civodul: I have an item in my org file that’s marked with “DO THIS TODAY!” since about 3 months. One of the quick little items there is to make the first GNU release of guile-debbugs…
<rekado_>I keep getting sidetracked.
<civodul>rekado_: i started ntpd, but it wouldn't change the date apparently, probably because the offset was too large
<civodul>but it's not logging anything
<rekado_>our ntpd service has an option to do updates even when the offset is large.
<rekado_>I used to use this when my libreboot machine was suffering from that “reset time to epoch” bug.
<rekado_>Fellow Guixers! Who would like to pick 5 bugs/patches in our bug tracker and work on them now?
<brendyn>What are the 5 easiest bugs :p?
<rekado_>the easiest bugs are often package additions :)
<brendyn>I think I'm going to make calibre build and update it first
<rekado_>you could, for example, check that the declared license is actually correct
<rekado_>some patches need an update by the person who submitted them; in those cases it may be time to send a reminder.
<rekado_>I also know that some of you may not be comfortable with using the bug tracker at all.
<rekado_>Now is the time to ask your questions about it.
<rekado_>(any time is a good time to ask about the bug tracker, but that wouldn’t fit the theme of my exhortations right now)
<brendyn>I've never used it before. I haven't contributed in a while. Last year I just used guix-patches and guix-devel
<civodul>rekado_: actually many patches on are waiting for the submitter to reply :-)
<brendyn>ACTION wonders if his name is on the list
<brendyn>hmm clementine is borked too
<g_bor>rekado_:I'm just looking around. I've found the iozone patch near the top. What is your current stand on this? Close it as won't fix?
<snape>it's non-free, clearly
<snape>but it's a bit sad because the author seems to need the GPL
<rekado_>g_bor: yes, we should close it.
<g_bor>anyone online with a fingerprint reader? Danny's service patch looks good to me, but I don't have a device to test it...
<snape>did anyone try to reach the author to talk to him about GPL?
<ng0>in theory you can close most of my patches or simply fix them yourself. I no longer have them in an applicable form for guix myself, I would have to move them back to recreate them.
<g_bor>snape: it seems debian did, but the response still looked confusing.
<snape>the outcome should be for the author to change the license
<rekado_>the Debian person only asked if it’s fine to add the package to non-free
<snape>anything else is not enough
<brendyn>ng0: I noticed you are hosting many font files because they are updated in place. I'm maintaining font-cns11643 in Guix but it is also updated in place regularly, but I don't have anywhere to host it
<snape>in the Debian message, everything the author wants is provided by the GPL...
<ng0>I wouldn't call 3 fonts many
<brendyn>oh ok i thought there were more
<ng0>if what yozu are getting at is if I can host them in versioned form, that would be okay
<ng0>for my last message: correction: not all can be closed
<rekado_>ng0: could you close those that you think should be closed?
<ng0>I mean I gave up on getting vim-build-system into guix after what, 6 months silence? it's not getting worked into my side
<rekado_>you are welcome to ask for comments
<ng0>i did
<brendyn>Well it's a 200-300MB zip file, I don't really want that in a git repo. It's just important that it can be updated along with with guix definition to avoid the source suddenly disappearing
<rekado_>can you tell me the bug id of the patch adding the vim-build-system?
<rekado_>I don’t want you to give up out of frustration.
<rekado_>we simply need more people to regularly work on the patch queue.
<ng0>I'm not giving up, my focus is just elsewhere and the build-system works as I'm already using it
<rekado_>that’s good.
<rekado_>I’ll look at it right away if you can tell me the bug number.
<rekado_>ACTION is procrastinating to avoid working on something important but unpleasant
<ng0>I want to communicate about my current work more clearly once I have something of more substance to point at. ludovic knows, so far. <- vim build system. I can point to the current version in my tree, no idea if I did more work on it
<ng0>brendyn: size is okay, but would work too
<brendyn>I tried adding it to but after a minute or so I'd get gateway timed out trying to save it
<ng0>I've been using that for some fonts myself. like, I *think* I could not host this one font I'm using myself
<civodul>still nobody experiencing 'guix substitute' hangs?
<rekado_>not me.
<ng0>everson mono, has some sharware-without-redistribute license
<ng0>brendyn: give me a reliable link and I can pull and host it. for now I have enough space, but this is not an eternal case
<brendyn>It kinda frustrates me. I wish we just had some magical P2P way of hosting files already
<ng0>fonts are special, as versioning them is an exception
<brendyn>What do you mean it's an exception
<ng0>the normal case is that people are not aware of what not versioning them does to operating system maintainers
<ng0>so it's not so much of a technical problem but a social one
<ng0>approaching platform XYZ which hosts a big amount of fonts, try to talk to them in a friendly way about why it's important, etc..
<ng0>then they can act accordingly, program it, tell the people using their platform about it, etc
<brendyn>Perhaps I'll try sending a support email then
<ng0>font-doom-1998 was originally just a font file called DOOM.tft I got at some point in the 90s.
<ng0>I am aware of the problem now. but for many years it just sat on a floppy disk archive, unversioned
<ng0>as it most of the other font files now on servers
<rekado_>ng0: the vim-build-system looks fine to me modulo some minor indentation problems and what seems like unnecessary module imports.
<ng0>hm. Okay, I can clean it up and adjust back to guix to apply a patch to the guix tree
<ng0>I think I used an editor without indentation to write it
<ng0>thanks for looking at it
<rekado_>I can do that too, no worries.
<rekado_>no need to send a new patch.
<brendyn>I was amazed when I learnt how much bother it is to package fonts. I thought it'd just be "download TTF and put it a folder. end of story"
<ng0>actually I should probably write a script for re-applying to guix. usually it's mostly simple sed.
<rekado_>ng0: is the email address you used still valid? Or would you like me to change it?
<snape>rekado_: what is that unpleasant thing? :-)
<ng0>uh.. one moment
<rekado_>snape: I’m trying to forget about it, mkay? :)
<ng0>it's okay. the one used in the patchset is in the mailmap
<snape>okay ;) but I'm sure you need encouragement!
<ng0>brendyn: what's the URL of the font? temporarily I could host it as fallback.
<ng0>which is what I'm doing for fonts, a list of original URL followed by my distfiles url.
<g_bor>rekado_: I've added a won't fix to iozone, I won't close it just yet, will try to contact the author.
<ng0>do you know the modification date?
<rekado_>g_bor: thank you!
<brendyn>I think it's 2018-06-05.
<ng0>also, it is a free redistribution license, yes?
<brendyn>I get the information from here
<brendyn>Yep they have a free license in Mandarin by the Taiwanese government that is compatible with CC BY 4.0
<ng0>i will just trust you on that, my mandarin knowledge is like.. 0.
<brendyn>I don't think we need to update it all the time, they just edit glyphs here in there. I'd probably just update it every 6 months or so
<ng0>my timestamp says May 7
<brendyn>Yeah I read that too. Perhaps that is correct?
<rekado_>(Mandarin is the Beijing dialect)
<brendyn>Mandarin isn't the
<brendyn>Beiling dialect, it's a standard dialect which was based of the Beijing dialect since 100 years ago or so
<brendyn>Taiwanese also speak Mandarin due to this standardisation spreading accross China, but with a noticely different accent like USA vs British English
<rekado_>yeah, I should have written “is a snapshot of” instead of “is”
<rekado_>though you wouldn’t use “Mandarin” for texts.
<brendyn>Beijing dialect refers to how local Beijing people speak, withe their idioms, colloquialisms, etc.
<brendyn>What do you mean texts?
<brendyn>Mandarin is still Mandarin in writing.
<rekado_>I’ve never heard the term “putonghua” used for written language.
<ng0>now that I'm thinking about it.. I think I will probably write a 'plant export-guix' command to create patches, since my layout differs but there are similarities which make it still easy to copy and apply.
<ng0>brendyn: thanks, interesting
<rekado_>(but maybe it’s used differently on the island)
<brendyn>Because the usage of the word putonghua is not exactly equal to that of "Mandarin". It literally means common-speech, which is used more when refering specifically to Standarin Mandarin. Mandarin actually has a bunch of words for it's self: putonghua, zhongwen, hanyu, guoyu, zhongguohua, and even classical terms like guanhua
<nckx>Hullo Guix.
<brendyn>Taiwan has Taiwanese Mandarin, which just means Mandarin as spoken by Taiwanese people, like the term "Australian English". They also have a separate language called "Taiwanese" which is as different as English and German
<brendyn>Yes that's it
<brendyn>also called taiyu in taiwan
<nckx>ACTION double-checks the channel name.
<ng0>nckx: it was because of the open-data font :)
<brendyn>Mandarin, Taiwanese, and a Cantonese are approximately equally different, with around 2000 years of divergence
<brendyn>Yeah I know it's off topic, but a community needs to be able to socialise!
<rekado_>(and Shanghainese! Different lineage.)
<rekado_>brendyn: are you from Taiwan?
<nckx>brendyn: I wasn't complaining! I like it.
<Copenhagen_Bram>Gmorning guys
<brendyn>No I'm Australian, but I started learning Mandarin as a hobby a few years ago. I'm conversational in Mandarin now and also speak a bit of Japanese
<Copenhagen_Bram>ACTION is futily trying to update his computer again
<Copenhagen_Bram>brendyn: Oh that's cool, have you ever said "Nihao, mate!" to anyone?
<brendyn>Copenhagen_Bram: I can't say I've tried that combo, I'll have to next time haha
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: ☹ Any progress since last night?
<rekado_>ah, okay. I was hoping for some fanti translation.
<brendyn>What did you want me to translate?
<Copenhagen_Bram>nckx: no i'm just spinning the ol' guix pull wheel and hoping i win a prize
<rekado_>we’ve got Guix translations for zh_CN, but none for zh_*
<snape>btw after this morning's guix pull, I can't reconfigure anymore
<Copenhagen_Bram>what about zh_AU?
<nckx>The wheel explodes, and you win nothing.
<rekado_>(with some luck our Guix bioinfo paper might get selected for a presentation in Shenzhen.)
<Copenhagen_Bram>snape: neither can I, are you also getting error vomit?
<brendyn>Copenhagen_Bram: Australian Chinese?
<Copenhagen_Bram>yes lol
<snape>some activation gexp issue
<brendyn>tbh zh_TW could probably just be created by converting the zh_CN source.
<ng0>by the way, is there already some nix archive reader application?
<Copenhagen_Bram>snape: does your error look anything like this?
<snape>yes, it's that one
<g_bor>I'm confused about the current status of "Load Linux module only when supported hardware is present". It is also marked important. Anyone with more insight?
<snape>Copenhagen_Bram: would you want to report it? Or I can do it if you want
<snape>it basically means sending a mail to with the output as content
<brendyn>*sigh*, as much as I love spacemacs it's always broken in one way or another
<Copenhagen_Bram>snape: can you do it for me? i think i still can't send mail
<snape>and a message saying you can't reconfigure :-)
<ng0>oh, writing about the bugtracker.. I've been thinking of reporting the rust related bugs so that they are open to track and close. I don't know who's aware of what needs to be done for rust integration to be finished on our side.
<snape>Copenhagen_Bram: okay!
<Copenhagen_Bram>brendyn: i'm using spacemacs, how long will it be before it breaks?
<Copenhagen_Bram>thank you snape
<brendyn>Copenhagen_Bram: I dunno
<rekado_>brendyn: yeah, but I’d prefer someone who comfortably reads fanti to do that. (I don’t and I don’t know many people from Taiwan who would be willing to do this.)
<brendyn>It'd be good to find a way to advertise Guix in places like Taiwan
<brendyn>There isn't anything special about fanti, you just want a native speaker to do it.
<Copenhagen_Bram>how do you advertise guix in taiwan? does that mean going to taiwan and holding up guix banners, or simply translating the website to taiwanese?
<brendyn>like when 0.15 is released, having a release article written in Mandarin and posted on Mandarin speaking tech news sites perhaps
<brendyn>There are actually a lot of Chinese people using Emacs
<rekado_>time to unearth the slogan “The Emacs of Distros” :)
<rekado_>(was it ever truly buried?)
<brendyn>Emacs will always be Emacs, but I want GuixSD to eventually be easier than Ubuntu to install and use
<Copenhagen_Bram>i've been swallowed by emacs
<Copenhagen_Bram>i used to be a vim user
<Copenhagen_Bram>now i'm using the emacs of distros, and the emacs of windows managers, and spacemacs
<Copenhagen_Bram>what the heck happened
<rekado_>Copenhagen_Bram: I also used to be a vim user. It’s weird.
<snape>they are compatible
<Copenhagen_Bram>all i need to do now is switch to erc and conkeror
<brendyn>:2018-06-17 02:56:25 brendyn Copenhagen_Bram: it's easy to install it just look on the spacemacs site
<brendyn>** 4 days later **
<brendyn>2018-06-21 22:37:31 Copenhagen_Bram i've been swallowed by emacs
<rekado_>Copenhagen_Bram: I found that with EXWM it’s fine to use any other browser.
<tune>I'm still a vim user, but I have a lot of respect for emacs and hope to learn it eventually.
<rekado_>Copenhagen_Bram: you can use “key simulation” to make the browser do the right thing when you do “C-n” or “C-s”, for example.
<Copenhagen_Bram>ACTION feeds tune to emacs
<ng0>cwm and spectrwm are still more usable then guile-wm, which is not nice. it would be good to have a window manager written in guile which is usable and does not break so easily.
<Copenhagen_Bram>stumpwm isn't written in guile?
<Copenhagen_Bram>i guess it's written in some other lisp
<brendyn>Copenhagen_Bram: where did you learn how to setup exwm?
<Copenhagen_Bram>brendyn: what does exwm have to do with stumpwm?
<brendyn>I missread. I thought you said you were using exwm. I'd like to try it but seems scary. Emacs always freezes up for me so I can't imagine living inside Emcas
<snape>Emacs *sometimes freezes up :-)
<brendyn>currently i'm getting this geiser-impl--load-impl: Loading file /home/b/.emacs.d/init.el failed to provide feature ‘geiser-guile’
<Copenhagen_Bram>i use spacemacs in vim mode so i basically use emacs as vim
<Copenhagen_Bram>:wq ftw
<tune>ZZ ftw
<brendyn>Yeah I use the colemak layout so using evil-mode would be too much trouble
<Copenhagen_Bram>claws mail can't send emails ftw
<snape>evil-mode macro are buggy unfortunately
<snape>I'll report the bug when I find the time
<snape>a bit sad for a software that is supposed to be Editing MACroS
<brendyn>I didn't even know that's what Emacs means
<Copenhagen_Bram>huh interesting
<brendyn>I bought some random wifi card from the shop, and it actually works with linux-libre, I can't belive it
<Copenhagen_Bram>ACTION futily runs guix system reconfigure again
<Copenhagen_Bram>oh cool
<Copenhagen_Bram>maybe someday i'll build my own free software laptop, with a gpu better than the intel gma 4500mhd
<Copenhagen_Bram>except h-node doesn't really let you sort graphics cards by quality
<brendyn>I think My AMD Fury x graphics card doesn't run as fast with linux-libre though. glxgears ran at 300 fps on trisquel, and 11000 fps on Arch Linux, so perhaps there is some binary blob included that makes it faster
<rekado_>speaking of bad GPUs: I have a Thinkpad T60 (x86_64) on which both Epiphany and Icecat keep crashing, and I suspect it might be due to the graphics chip / driver.
<Copenhagen_Bram>rekado_: what os?
<rekado_>GuixSD, of course :)
<rekado_>the binaries are the same as on my other laptop, but they only crash on the T60.
<Copenhagen_Bram>rekado_: weird, you should have the same intel gma 4500mhd that the rest of us thinkpad users have
<rekado_>do any of you have an idea how to debug this?
<rekado_>it’s just the tabs that crash, and it’s usually pages that are more complicated than HTML with text and static images.
<Copenhagen_Bram>I had tabs crashing in icecat on parabola once. I fixed it by using iceweasel.
<nckx>ng0: Belated +1.
<Copenhagen_Bram>Unfortunately guixSD doesn't have iceweasel so that won't work for this issue
<rekado_>ng0: the vim-build-system has %default-exclude, which contains README.*, but is installed anyway.
<brendyn>Apparently Firefox is really difficult to built.
<brendyn>Is all the required Rust stuff in Guix now?
<rekado_>ng0: oh, that’s because the “exclude” argument is not used.
<rekado_>it unconditionally copies all of “.”.
<rekado_>there are also some errors in the unused regular expressiosn
<rekado_>I’ll fix this up, but it’s a bit more work than just applying the patches.
<rekado_>ng0: the build system does not allow a user to override the default excludes. There should be a build system argument for that.
<rekado_>it also has “tests?” and “test-target”, but it doesn’t have an implementation of a check phase, so these are never used.
<rekado_>I guess I’ll have to pass this back to you.
<ng0>I think i fixed it up locally.
<ng0>I can adjust and check according to your comments
<ng0>I'll be off to work soon, but can take a look tonight
<ng0>brendyn: no.
<ng0>nckx: +1 for what though?
<nckx>Your then-previous Guile WM wish.
<nckx>ng0: ^
<ng0>rekado_: ah. I see what you mean with the readme now. I will work on it
<Copenhagen_Bram>ACTION tries to get claws mail to send
<Copenhagen_Bram>huh I get a "Client host rejected: Access denied"
<snape>Copenhagen_Bram: Iceweasel is the previous name of Icecat
<ng0>no, they are different projects
<rekado_>ng0: I’ll send an update on that bug report and attach the updated patch.
<ng0>thanks for the review
<snape>ng0: actually, there were two IceWeasels, one from the Debian project and another from the GNU project. That was confusing to GNU renamed its Iceweasel to Icecat
<ng0>got to go
<snape>so yeah forget what I said
<snape>brendyn: there is no rust package yet, unfortunately
<brendyn>You could call parabola's iceweasel a third iceweasel, even
<Copenhagen_Bram>snape: they changed it to icecat to avoid conflict with the other iceweasel
<Copenhagen_Bram>a third iceweasel??
<brendyn>snape: Why is it hard to include rust?
<snape>I don't know if it's hard
<brendyn>The parabola project maintains an iceweasel
<snape>the 'rust' package exists already
<snape>but nothing else. Once somebody writes the rust-build-system and co, it'll be easier
<snape>I plan to work in this someday
<roptat>there's cargo-build-system
<snape>but it's far on my todo list
<snape>roptat: oh right, and that's the Rust build system. Got it
<snape>wasn't obvious at all
<nckx>snape: Well, I don't know the Rust ‘ecosystem’ at all, there's no c-build-system either. There are probably other build tools than this Cargo fellow.
<nckx>s/there/but there/
<snape>yeah right :)
<snape>so it shouldn't be that difficult to add Rust packages
<nckx>Let's say I finally bite the bullet and set up build offloading on me netbook. Will Guix do the right thing & automatically fall back to local build if the build server's unreachable?
<snape>nckx: yes
<snape>oops I misread
<snape>nckx: I don't know :)
<civodul>"will Guix do the right thing [...]?" -> yes, of course
<civodul>will it fall back to local build? yes, though there could be timeouts involved, which might be inconvenient
<civodul>or add custom code in machines.scm to check whether to enable this or that host
<nckx>civodul: Sure. But this box is so slow that starting Guix [from git] itself takes a while, and I'd like to avoid the try → error → restart loop if possible :-)
<nckx>Thanks for all the suggestions though. I'll probably manage to duck-tape something out of one or more of them.
<nckx>As long as the machine does the tedious waiting I don't mind as much.
<nckx>(My only contact with offloading is the regular ‘offloading is hard and here's how it broke for me’ ML post, so my view is likely skewed.)
<civodul>nckx: don't trust these ML posts ;-)
<civodul>hey alezost!
<alezost>civodul: hello!
<civodul>alezost: i was wondering: is emacs-guix ready for the new 'guix pull'?
<alezost>I'm going to make a release that will support the recent changes in "guix pull"
<alezost>hopefully soon enough :-)
<nckx>I just accidentally brushed my palm over my trackpad in Emacs.
<nckx>Gtk:ERROR:a11y/gtkaccessibility.c:565:gail_focus_notify_when_idle: code should not be reached | Fatal error 6: Aborted | <backtrace> | error: emacs died of signal 6
<nckx>Emacs truly is the Emacs of Emacsen.
<civodul>oops :-)
<civodul>alezost: awesome!
<civodul>no rush though, just wanted to make sure you were aware of the change
<civodul>FWIW i'm planning to add a module to talk to an "inferior" Guix
<civodul>similar to what emacs-guix does with Geiser, but from Scheme
<alezost>civodul: oh, interesting, thanks for letting me know!
<civodul>the eventual goal being to seamlessly interact with different revisions of Guix
<brendyn>it'd be awesome eventually for guix to be like a software archive; you could say "build emacs back when it was Emacs 25" and it'll go back to the guix revision with Emacs 25 and build it.
<snape>ACTION can't boot his server anymore. People, be careful if you reboot remote servers after GuixSD update.
<rekado_>snape: do you have a serial interface?
<snape>rekado_: yes
<snape>but I can't access it at the moment because I'm not at home
<snape>and that server was doing the ipv4 bridge
<snape>and I don't have ipv6 at work
<snape>I'll just leave work early :p
<bhougland>Hello, I want to install GuixSD on my laptop, but it is not Libreboot compatible (x1 carbon gen 1). I hope it will be in the future as Coreboot just got support. Anyway, are there instructions for using the non-free linux kernal? I know this goes against the spirt of the FSF, but I really want to try GUIXSD on bare metal.
<roptat>bhougland: you don't necessarily need a non-free kernel even if you don't have libreboot
<roptat>my desktop computer has a propriatory bios/firmware, but I still use linux-libre
<efraim>I have the linux libre kernel on my macbook 4,1 and all I lose is my wireless
<bhougland>roptat: really? would i just have to replace my intel wireless?
<roptat>if your wireless isn't supported, yes
<efraim>Which reminds me I still have to look into who to talk to about the libre broadcom drivers
<brendyn>bhougland: linux-libre works a lot better than people think. Usually it's just the wifi that doesn't work if anything
<brendyn>bhougland: i've seen various definitions for linux kernels on github
<efraim>Probably mailling list worthy, it might be worth it for a 'I've never used emacs before, how do I set up just enough to get emacs-guix and debbugs working fully'
<bhougland>brendyn: I have to, but i would only need to use them for wireless support if i don't replace my wireless card, right?
<brendyn>bhougland: yep
<snape>linux-libre isn't to linux what icecat is to firefox
<bhougland>efraim: i have the same question. I use spacemacs, but how to define the "layers" i want in the config file? Or, would i have to build up emacs from scratch to emulate spacemacs
<snape>it's much closer
<alezost>efraim: I think all you need is to install emacs-guix and emacs-debbugs packages
<efraim>Still need to set something up in .emacs and have to configure mail and working with patches I thought
<bhougland>alezost: this might be a dumb question, but you mean from the Guix-store not melpa, correct?
<alezost>bhougland: yes, but you can also install from melpa, there shouldn't be any problem
<bhougland>alezost: which is best practice? I want to move to guix to have a "fully" configurable system.
<alezost>efraim: probably, you also need to use (setq debbugs-gnu-default-packages '("guix-patches")) to set up debbugs for guix-patches
<bhougland>alezost: i mean declaratively configured system
<alezost>bhougland: I don't what is "best"; I use emacs packages both from Guix and from melpa
<rekado_>I use Emacs packages only from Guix.
<Rukako>hi guix
<Rukako>rekado_: does guix support reading the emacs repositories?
<Rukako>or does one need to manually add the packages
<brendyn>bhougland: spacemacs isn't packaged for guix or nix because it is built to automatically download packages from melpa. spacemacs would require some modifications for it to work with the guix package manager
<bhougland>what are the best wireless cards for guix?
<brendyn>bhougland: for a laptop?
<brendyn>04:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)
<brendyn>That's mine, and it works.
<rekado_>Rukako: we have an importer to build Emacs package definitions.
<brendyn>I think Atheros spent quite a lot of money working to release their drivers for this chip
<bhougland>my laptop has PCIe small form factor mini card, intel centrinio currently.
<alezost>efraim: oh, and if you want emacs-guix to use guix modules from your git checkout, you can do it like this: (setq guix-load-path (expand-file-name "~/src/guix"))
<bhougland>brendyn: it looks like the card you suggested will work. Thanks!
<brendyn>Is there a reason that the geiser package is geiser and not emacs-geiser? does it matter not adhering to the convention?
<brendyn>I solved my spacemacs bug. It turns out I had the scheme layer enabled, so geiser was installed from melpa instead of using the one from guix i already had installed
<efraim>A fair amount of digging it looks like I can fix my multilanguage issue in my xorg.conf
<rekado_>brendyn: the package was added before that convention was established.
<brendyn>man login managers are so annoying
<nckx>rekado_: Thanks for fixing reconfigure.
<jlicht>thanks indeed rekado_ :)
<rekado_>so, now has the current English manual; has the French one.
<rekado_>these URLs aren’t stable; I’m still playing around.
<jlicht> ""
<jlicht> ^ this is interesting :-)
<rekado_>it’s just the output of “make html”
<rekado_>I’m building the full website now and will upload it there.
<civodul>rekado_: neat! \\o/
<civodul>that's, right?
<civodul>eventually we could probably used bayfront
<rekado_>civodul: agree
<rekado_> now has the same content as the other website; manuals are at{en,fr}
<rekado_>there is no page at yet
<joshuaBPMan>Morning! I'm trying to install guile-sqlite3...
<joshuaBPMan>I've git cloned the repo, but I can't seem to run make
<joshuaBPMan>I've run ./ That created the configure script...
<joshuaBPMan>but ./configure isn't working. It's complaining that it can't find the install script.
<rekado_>(links into the manual from other pages such as the download page are obviously broken right now; I’ll get to that later)
<rekado_>joshuaBPMan: you need to bootstrap the build system first
<civodul>rekado_: excellent!
<rekado_>“” is not an executable
<rekado_>it is the template for making an executable “configure” script
<civodul>joshuaBPMan: so you can run "autoreconf -vif"
<joshuaBPMan>civodul: Ok! Thanks! I didn't realize autoreconf -vif is the command that you run before "make". Thanks!
<brendyn>I'm finding that when I rsync into my guixsd machine, it fails to find the rsync binary. I have
<brendyn>if [ -n "$SSH_CLIENT" -a -z "`type -P cat`" ]
<brendyn>then source /etc/profile
<rekado_>(hmm, screenshots are also broken)
<brendyn>in my .bashrc which i thought would make it work
<rekado_>brendyn: rsync may have to be installed globally.
<brendyn>I wish Guix had a way to conveniently install global packages
<joshuaBPMan>brendyn: What do you mean? Is the only way to install global packages is by modifying your config.scm file?
<brendyn>joshuaBPMan: yeah and then running guix system reconfigure
<brendyn>Guix's ability to have per user profiles is a "feature", but the ability to install global packages is also a "feature" and i'd say is the most common way one wants to install a package, but guix makes this less convenient
<rekado_>reconfiguring the system after installing a package into the global profile would remove that package again.
<rekado_>people need to be aware of this.
<brendyn>I didn't know it was possible to manually edit the global profile
<ProfessorDey>rekado_: Hey, wondering if you can help with a small issue. For some reason, after uninstalling and deleting everything guix related, then reinstalling because I messed up the store, suddenly running guix system doesn't work, I just get the error of `guix: system: command not found`
<ProfessorDey>This is on gentoo, btw
<rekado_>brendyn: it’s not possible, but there isn’t much holding this feature back.
<rekado_>ProfessorDey: how did you install Guix?
<rekado_>is this a git checkout?
<brendyn>rekado_: I'm not sure how it would be done though
<rekado_>brendyn: currently, this doesn’t work, because the system profile lives in the store.
<rekado_>ProfessorDey: if you installed it from git the problem is likely that you don’t have guile-sqlite3 in your environment.
<brendyn>So there is a difference between the global profile and /root's profile
<rekado_>root’s profile is the root user’s profile; it is not global.
<rekado_>ProfessorDey: you can get a suitable environment with Guix: “./pre-inst-env guix environment --pure guix --ad-hoc coreutils”
<rekado_>Hi sahithi-ihtihas!
<sahithi-ihtihas>Hi Ricardo
<ProfessorDey>rekado_: via the normal emerge -a guix, which appears to be a binary install of the bootstrap, which then builds guix with a make command
<rekado_>ProfessorDey: I don’t know about the Gentoo package for Guix (it is not maintained by the Guix project). Looks like it would need to be fixed to add a suitable version of guile-sqlite3 to the dependencies.
<ProfessorDey>it does pull guile and sqlite in as dependencies.
<rekado_>sahithi-ihtihas: how’s the project?
<ProfessorDey>So not exactly sure what the issue is there
<rekado_>can you do “guix pull”? “guix pull” is the recommended way to get the current version of Guix and it does not have this problem.
<rekado_>with the Gentoo package you may need to check GUILE_LOAD_PATH to make sure that guile-sqlite3 is found at runtime.
<sahithi-ihtihas>rekado_: Well, I am trying to make colorisation procedure look better.
<ProfessorDey>rekado_: it downloads guile and similar packages, then just says there's nothing to be done
<rekado_>sahithi-ihtihas: excellent! Let us know if you need any help.
<rekado_>FYI: I’ll be offline for a little more than an hour.
<ProfessorDey>k, I'm gonna try `guix environment --ad-hoc guix` and then `guix package -i guix`
<ProfessorDey>see if that works
<brendyn>ProfessorDey: You shouldn't install guix in your profile. I made that mistake too
<ProfessorDey>So just do the former command?
<brendyn>I don't know why you need to run that command either
<ProfessorDey>well that's certainly fixed the issue I had
<brendyn>I guess, and then guix pull
<ProfessorDey>though I do get an error of `guile: warning: failed to install locale`
<brendyn>Yeah that's a common warning
<brendyn>It basically requires setting some environment variables
<brendyn>Are you on GuixSD or installing Guix on another distro
<ProfessorDey>reinstalling on gentoo because I accidentally broke the store yesterday
<brendyn>export GUIX_LOCPATH=$HOME/.guix-profile/lib/locale
<ProfessorDey>only it seems like I'm not removing it correctly since it seems perfectly content to not install properly
<brendyn>I think you need that on your .bash_profile on your account, and the root account too, then you need to guix package -i glibc-utf8-locales
<brendyn>ProfessorDey: perhaps you didnt really delete all of the files
<brendyn>there will be .guix_profile and .config/guix
<brendyn>/gnu/store and /var/guix too
<brendyn>not sure what else
<ProfessorDey>yep, all of those removed
<ProfessorDey>gotta love a package manager that doesn't have an uninstall all my shit command
<brendyn>It's because you never supposed to escape
<brendyn>But yes guix is lacking guix-on-distro integration atm
<brendyn>I would like to work on improving this. For example I installed emacs via guix on Arch but Emacs can't find any of my Arch fonts
<brendyn>I need to find a way to make that work
<ProfessorDey>irony is I'm doing all this and messed up the store because I've been trying to make a custom install disk that supports my server that has an old, proprietary nvidia north bridge
<ProfessorDey>so I could have a guixSD build server
<ProfessorDey>because yay lack of money and old HP Pavilion motherboards
<rekado_>brendyn: I wouldn’t say it’s lacking integration.
<nckx>To be fair, I don't know of any package manager that supports that degree of ‘uninstalling all [the] shit’.
<rekado_>ProfessorDey: Guix is pretty self-contained. /gnu, /var/guix, and /etc/guix are the only things that matter.
<nckx>Including dotfiles and /var databases.
<rekado_>the rest may be dead links (e.g. .guix-profile)
<ProfessorDey>well at this point I'm saying sod it and just installing guix on my laptop so I can build this blasted image and wipe the server
<brendyn>rekado_: Why do you say that. guix packages by default will be unaware of system fonts
<rekado_>brendyn: because there is a page in the manual about how to make this work. It’s a one-time setup cost.
<brendyn>hmm ok i had missed that.
<pkill9>i turned my window manager config into a package with dependencies included :)
<g_bor>hello guix!
<g_bor>I would like to know how guix build relates to multiple outputs?
<g_bor>Does it build all outputs?
<kkebreau>I believe so.
<kkebreau>g_bor: For example, `guix package -i coreutils:debug` works, but `guix build coreutils:debug` does not.
<nckx>g_bor: Yes.
<kkebreau>Also, `guix build coreutils` returns the path to both coreutils' "out" output and its "debug" output.
<nckx>There is only one build, that then installs files to one or more output director{y,ies}.
<nckx>You can't ‘only build the docs’ for something, for example.
<janneke>g_bor: i'm pretty stuck with my bootstrapping
<janneke>i cannot seem to get binutils-2.14/gcc-2.95.3/glibc-2.2.5 to go full circle
<janneke>LD from binutils-2.14 fails on the CRT1.O produced by gcc while compiling glibc
<janneke>so, i'm now looking at newer triplets
<janneke>binutils-2.16.1, glibc-2.3.5, gcc-3.4.0
<janneke>but, i find that gcc-3.4.0 needs dirent.h -- and quite possibly it needs the functions that it declares implemented too
<janneke>i could do with some insightful help about bootstrapping the GNU triplet with minimal requirements/dependencies
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<efraim>got close on java on armhf, 'configure: error: VM failed to run compiled class.' on icedtea@1 with not too many changes