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<AliceTheGorgon>So I finally got build offloading set up on my desktop since my laptop is pretty weak, and I was wondering if it's possible to have the offload server download the needed packages itself, instead of downloading them from my laptop and then sending them to my desktop at home to be built. My work has a funky firewall setup that causes problems for guix, but my home internet connection (which my desktop is on) works fine with guix.
<apteryx`>I had Gnucash 3 build test failures
<AliceTheGorgon>Gnucash has also been failing for me for at least several weeks. Might have been broken longer, but I don't know.
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<apteryx`>OK! I've opened a bug about it
<apteryx`>bug # 31868
<apteryx`>Eh? My guix seems to have forgot about the 'system' command: "guix: system: command not found"
<pkill9_>someone had the same issue earlier after running guix pull
<apteryx`>OK :/
<axd-v>Hello everyone. I'm on GSD and I'm trying to play around with pulseaudio due to a couple issues. 1. There is a constant, almost inaudible, static coming out of my laptop speakers at all times which goes away if I mute the audio sink. I believe there is supposed to be auto-mute functionality that comes on whenever there is no sound that is supposed to be playing. Has anyone encountered this and got this feature to work?
<axd-v>2. If I'm using voice calling, after maybe 10-15 minutes into a call, the quality degrades significantly, there is echo and I'm able to hear my voice after I say anything. Is this an echo problem? I found or the arch wiki that there's Pulseaudio Echo-Cancellation module that I can load that might help with this problem. However, in arch they always modify all configs by hand. How would I go about adding this module to pulseaudio on gsd?
<axd-v>Nobody has dealt with PulseAudio on GuixSD?
<buenouanq>in what way? I thought pulse was what we had by default...
<axd-v>buenouanq: were you able to see my two posts above the one you replied to?
<axd-v>I meant dealing with it beyond letting it just do its default thing.
<brendyn>I can't but i only just got on irc
<sneek>Welcome back brendyn, you have 1 message.
<sneek>brendyn, rekado says: Guix is not “a little bit borked at the moment”.
<brendyn>rekado_: Does that mean Guix is doing fine, or Guix is more than a little borked ^_^?
<axd-v>well I don't know the correct etiquete on irc for these type of things. I posted two questions an hour ago, is it appropriate to repost them in lieue of replies?
<axd-v>brendyn: guix is doing perfectly honestly. What problems do you have?
<brendyn>I didn't update for a month, and then guix pull would fail with a different error almost every time, took many attemps to get it updated, on two computers. A person installing 0.14 and then updating will probably find themselves running into all sorts of issues
<axd-v>brendyn: I see. Well there was a fairly large update to Guix within the past week, it could be the cause. From what I heard there could be 0.15 released by the end of month or so.
<brendyn>Yep. I'm not criticising anyone, it's just the state of Guix at the moment until the next release puts it all in the past!
<vagrantc>axd-v: haven't used myself, but there's a guix-help mailing list; might be appropriate if irc doesn't get a response
<vagrantc>axd-v: and/or bug report(s)
<vagrantc>ACTION waves
<axd-v>well there goes my reply to vagrantc, thanks to him for suggestion anyway
<Digit>wild notion... probably just for whimsy, probably wont lead to anything big n proper like guix, but... what would a lispy gentoo look like? :)
<roptat>hi guix!
<tune>when's the next guix update happening? I reported a mumble bug that was "fixed in master" I think a week or more ago, but my system reconfigure still ends in a failure to build mumble
<tune>not sure if I should keep waiting it out or if I should figure out how to update against git
<iyzsong>tune: have you run 'guix pull'? it will deploy the latest version of Guix which should have the working 'mumble' package.
<tune>yeah I've got an alias that does a pull and then a system reconfigure
<tune>and I run it once or twice a day in hopes of the fix coming through
<tune>I'll do another now, I guess
<roptat>tune, can you share that alias?
<roptat>guix pull is per user, so if you run guix pull as a user, then reconfigure as root, it will not reconfigure with the new guix
<tune>I know it's my fault for not being clear but it feels like you're treating me as stupid
<tune>I do it all with sudo and all my packages are installed via config.scm
<tune>alias upgr='sudo guix pull && sudo guix system reconfigure /etc/config.scm'
<tune>the issue is that the mumble change that fixes this isn't being pushed to my machine for some reason
<tune>perhaps I am used to faster updates or something
<tune>another issue is that there are few users of guix and it seems I am often using programs that aren't that popular, so when I run into a build failure like this that sticks around for a week, I may be in the minority of users bothered by it
<roptat>ok, sorry if that sounded bad :/
<tune>it seems fairly common to get at least one package that fails to build and interrupts a reconfigure like this, so I've been meaning to ask if there's a way to tell guix ti ignore updating one package so that the rest of my reconfigure can at least finish
<tune>it's okay, perhaps I over-reacted
<tune>s/guix ti/guix to
<roptat>also, maybe there's something wrong with the way guix interacts with sudo... sudo is confusing for me
<tune>that is a fair point. I will su to root and then try to guix pull and such
<roptat>I never understand how it passes environment variables
<roptat>if it's supposed to be fixed in master, guix pull should download that fix
<roptat>but maybe it wasn't fix correctly
<tune>ah that is also possible
<roptat>with a fairly recent guix, I can download mumble from the substitute servers
<tune>I am using guix (GNU Guix) c300cae68233ec7cbf50c40bdea7c191eed21e54
<tune>oh sudo guix --version gave a different hash from non-sudo
<tune>guix (GNU Guix) aa7587633b1d5bc53338f388cdf35babf3ffb67f
<roptat>c3... is from Sun Dec 31 15:11:38 2017 +0000
<tune>are my user and root guix versions supposed to be different? should I be running user updates alongside system even if I install all packages system-wide?
<roptat>aa... is a lot more recent
<roptat>it's ok to have different versions, but don't you use "guix package -i" sometimes?
<tune>I don't think I ever have
<roptat>so it's fine
<tune>It seemed more convenient to have everything I've installed in a neat list, I think I used NixOS the same way when I used it for a little bit
<tune>okay, the pull as root finished and ended with the same build failure
<roptat>with su?
<roptat>weird, you shouldn't even have to build mumble
<iyzsong>oh, what does 'guix --version' reports now?
<tune>the same as before
<tune>guix (GNU Guix) aa7587633b1d5bc53338f388cdf35babf3ffb67f
<iyzsong>um, do you have a '/root/.config/guix/current' directory?
<tune>by the way, when I try to guix pull as my user, it fails because my guile version is too new. even though I have never used guix package -i, I feel like I should fix this...
<roptat>actually aa... is older than the fix for mumble
<tune>hm okay
<roptat>what about running guix pull as root? does it work?
<tune>iyzsong: yes
<tune>guix pull as root works (but ends in mumble build failure), it's what I usually do
<roptat>guix pull shouldn't build mumble
<tune>as root or with sudo works, but since I never did it as my normal user it got too behind it seems
<tune>okay well I generally am doing the pull and reconfigure in a row, so my apologies there
<tune>I believe the pull itself is working
<roptat>yes, there are some more steps to update as user
<roptat>tune, it's stuck at aa7587633b1d5bc53338f388cdf35babf3ffb67f, so I don't think it's working
<tune>hm okay, that sounds like a clue to the problem
<iyzsong>tune: you can try '/root/.config/guix/current/bin/guix build mumble', which should download it. then '/root/.config/guix/current/bin/guix system reconfigure ...'.
<tune>ah okay, I was just going to ask if maybe I should uninstall mumble and then update and reinstall it after in case it's making the update not work
<tune>I'll try that in just a moment, I started a guix pull as root and I'm going to see if it has any obvious issues
<tune>(try "that" as in the build mumble command you just suggested)
<iyzsong>well, with the new 'guix pull', ~/.config/guix/current' replace the function of '~/.config/guix/latest', the later can be deleted manually.
<tune>okay I have a bit of a theory as to the problem...
<tune> this is what a guix pull as root looks like
<tune>I notice that it's using the hash of a much older guix version
<tune>c something instead of a something
<tune>I have not rebooted in a week, could this be related?
<iyzsong>no, the output does mean you got the latest version (c58291) here.
<tune>hmm okay then
<iyzsong>but it's deploy to '~/.config/guix/current', and it's not in your $PATH.
<tune>'/root/.config/guix/current/bin/guix build mumble' looks like it may have worked
<tune>should I just try a reconfigure now?
<iyzsong>yes :-)
<tune>still fails on mumble for some reason...
<iyzsong>do you reconfigure with '/root/.config/guix/current/bin/guix system reconfigure'?
<tune>ah, no, I was going to ask if I should try that
<tune>I'll try that now
<tune>I just did "guix system reconfigure" from root
<tune>how comes my guix in that directory is acting differently from the one in my path? is it the result of a partially finished reconfigure?
<roptat>the one in your path uses .config/guix/latest
<roptat>which has been replace by .config/guix/current
<tune>oh, as in 'latest' is deprecated due to a change in guix?
<roptat>now you have to add .config/guix/current/bin to your PATH
<tune>okay, got it
<roptat>actually, guix pull should have told you that
<tune>I think it did say something like that at some point, I guess it didn't get the meaning across to me
<tune>I remember it saying I should add something to my path
<tune>I worried that it was due to me breaking something rather than a guix change
<iyzsong>yeah, it seemed strange to me too, until i figure out what happend...
<tune>so should I rm -r .config/guix/latest both as my normal user and root?
<tune>and will I have to edit a path as my root user also?
<iyzsong>after configure and reboot, the PATH will be added automaticlly by /etc/profile. yes, you can delete the 'latest' files.
<iyzsong>you can symlink '/root/.config/guix/current' to your user's '~/.config/guix/current', so you only need to 'pull' as root. (I did the reverse though, symlink my user's current to root's)
<tune>I'll probably try that once I get everything else in working order
<g_bor[m]>oops :( java is broken on staging, packages inheriting ant-bootstrap miss zip and unzip as native inputs.
<g_bor_>is there a way to get a list of inherited packages?
<efraim>You can include then with (package-native-inputs ant-bootstrap)
<apteryx`>Any fix to the vanishing 'system', 'offload', and maybe other subcommands after a 'guix pull' on GuixSD?
<efraim>I'm now running 'guix envionment guix -- guix system foo'
<apteryx`>OK! Is there a bug about this?
<g_bor[m]>efraim: It was only two package, where they were already having different native-inputs. I added them directly to the packages.
<efraim>apteryx`: 31841
<g_bor[m]>If I get it right, then native inputs is inherited, if a new native inputs is not specified. Is that correct?
<roptat>g_bor[m], correct
<roptat>if you don't want to list all, you can do (native-inputs `(("foo" ,foo) ,@(package-native-inputs ant-bootstrap)))
<apteryx`>efraim: thanks. If I understand correctly, I must install guile-sqlite3 in my user profile to be able to use 'guix system' now?
<efraim>I guess that would also solve the problem
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<brendyn>Anyone got sddm working?
<brendyn>Is anyone working on packaging KDE?
<civodul>brendyn: htgoebel has been working on KDE for some time
<civodul>i'm not sure what the status is but you could ask on the list
<jonsger>I get "uix: system: command not found" when doing guix system reconfigure as root. did someone also saw this issue?
<roptat>there were some reports on IRC
<roptat>I don't think we know where that comes from though
<iyzsong>jonsger: yes... do you have /root/.config/guix/current, if not, then run 'guix pull' again, and then use /root/config/guix/current/bin/guix to run 'system reconfigure'.
<jonsger>iyzsong: oke thx, will try that...
<efraim>AFAIK KDE is stalled on qtwebengine atm
<brendyn>There is proprietary stuff in it?
<roptat>iyzsong, oh, great :)
<iyzsong>roptat: um, thanks :-)
<taylan>ijp-znc: you guix now? :)
<Copenhagen_Bram>Hey guix
<Copenhagen_Bram>How do I install unicode characters?
<Copenhagen_Bram>Also, how do I get claws-mail to detect aspell?
<roptat>Copenhagen_Bram, for aspell, I think you need to add aspell and aspell-dict-something in your profile
<roptat>then there's an environment variable you have to set
<vagrantc>ACTION is never sure when things like "guix pull" seems to rebuild-the-world if substitutes are broken or not
<vagrantc>i know the system i'm running it on has some substitutes configured that are currently offline ...
<vagrantc>i've also seen --fallback still fail when a particular substitute machine was down
<efraim>my kids didn't complain when I replaced kodi's mysql input with mariadb, so it looks like a safe replacement
<efraim>vagrantc: i had to change my ISP and for some reason I can't ssh into my home connection anymore so i've been slowly working on getting a workaround with ssh forwarding
<efraim>so aarch64 substitutes should be coming back eventually
<efraim>anyone know if 'make -C' is portable across windows and mac?
<vagrantc>efraim: ah, that might explain a lot
<thorwil>never knowing how involved a `guix pull` will be, is one thing. but now i found `guix environment guix` building ... texlive?!
<sneek>Welcome back thorwil, you have 1 message.
<sneek>thorwil, rekado says: The error you get about lesspipe is because you’re in a pure environment, but your shell initialisation scripts refer to things like lesspipe that are not in the environment.
<vagrantc>i haven't yet been bold enough to publish my builds anywhere yet :)
<efraim>i used to publish aarch64 substitutes on mine but the external HDD i had has plenty of currupted sectors and I kept on killing SD cards
<jonsger>efraim: is it possible to build the aarch64 substitutes on a foreign distro or do I need GuixSD for that?
<vagrantc>jonsger: i've used both, but on native aarch64 hardware
<jonsger>vagrantc: oke, we have some quite powerful aarch64 hardware at work, but I wont be there for the next two weeks :()
<thorwil>guix ./configure still fails with "checking whether Guile-Sqlite3 is available and recent enough... no"
<thorwil>which i thought is not supposed to happen anymore, even in a plain `guix environment guix`
<thorwil>but here also happens if i add --ad-hox guix-sqlite3
<thorwil>both the installed guix and the checkout are from today
<roptat>thorwil, maybe try to run ./bootstrap again?
<thorwil>roptat: same result
<thorwil>`guix pull -l` tells me i'm on Generation 8 Jun 17 2018 20:01:23, commit: b4eae997fe5b928f179c34d281e9f2c3eccd3670
<thorwil>so it doesn't look like i'm somehow using a "stale" guix
<roptat>what about "which guix"?
<thorwil> /home/thorwil/.config/guix/current/bin/guix
<thorwil>that path with "current" in it was part of the recent change, wasn't it?
<roptat>so you're using the correct guix, which is up to date
<thorwil>btw, `guix pull -l` still needs to be documented
<taylan>hmm, I installed font-terminus and emacs directly to the system (os config) but emacs can't find terminus. anyone have ideas?
<g_bor>Hello guix!
<g_bor>I'd like to ask if we move packages between files or not?
<g_bor>I intend to package prometheus, and it seems that some prometheus dependencies are in syncthing.scm.
<g_bor>sneek: help
<g_bor>sneek: !help
<g_bor>sneek: botsnack!
<wigust>g_bor: You could add ‘#:use-module (gnu packages syncthing)’ to the ‘(define-module … #:use-module (gnu packages syncthing))’.
<g_bor>wigust: ok. I'm still wondering how this should be done, but I guess it would make sense to start with a separate prometheus.scm...
<wigust>g_bor: If you do a separate prometheus.scm file, then add ‘#:use-module (gnu packages syncthing)’ inside. See ‘(define-module …)’ in any ‘gnu/packages/PACKAGE.scm’ file.
<g_bor>Actually I'm now looking at the files for a proper place. It should got to monitoring...
<g_bor>And actually node-exporter is fine there. :)
<g_bor>Thanks. So all in all, we don't move definitions across modules.
<efraim>at least not so often
<g_bor>Thanks, good night!
<pkill9_>is there any interest packaging mypaint?
<pkill9_>interest in*
<nckx>sneek: later tell taylan: running ‘sudo fc-cache -f’ fixed that for me. You can check fontconfig's worldview with ‘fc-list’.
<nckx>sneek: good bot have botsnack
<nckx>sneek: what is Guix?
<sneek>Last time I checked guix is a functional package management tool for the GNU system
<nckx>sneek: what is the meaning of life?
<nckx>The search continues.
<axd-v>I have learned that KVM/QEMU/Virt-manager on guixSD cannot provide VMs with internet unless a *wired*, *ethernet* connection is used to create a bridge between the host and guest VMs. This is unacceptable for most use cases of running virtual machines on ones laptop being a student or other similar cases where an ethernet connection is unatteneable, hopefully obviously. I don't even care to use this particular stack, I just want a VM up
<axd-v>with an internet connection. VirtualBox has fit the bill every single time alas Oracle has some problem with the license so Guix says no to them. OK. But what am I to do? I have spent a couple hours messing with nmcli trying to get the wireless bridge set-up until I read that this is not technologically possible due to the wireless standards or something to that extent. So what am I left with now?
<axd-v>If anybody has gotten VirtualBox to work on guixSD as well, I would love to hear about it in private msgs if possible.