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<pkill9>at some point i'll see if i can reproduce it
<pkill9>how do i loads fonts from another profile than ~/.guix-profile?
<Copenhagen_Bram>y'all're a bunch o' guix, you know
<PotentialUser-15>Hi, I'm a big fan of the project and have been following it for ~3 years now but haven't yet started using it. However I just had some package management related issue and I think it's time to revamp my setup so I just started backing everything up and preparing to completely rethink my computer life, I was hoping I could maybe get some feedback ba
<PotentialUser-15>sed on my current needs (which I'll outline and then go to sleep - work tmrw - but I'll be lurking and hope someone can maybe give me some information).
<PotentialUser-15>I watched the new talks (btw this one: could use a link to the slides)
<PotentialUser-15>and I feel I could start using it as my daily driver. My problem is that I don't really have a proper laptop yet (pretty poor, damn principles!) so I'm using a desktop and I need non-free things every once in a while also Firefox which I don't see in your package list? I was thinking I'd set up a dual boot maybe with NixOS or something? there's no
<PotentialUser-15>one maintaining alternative repos or something along those lines?
<PotentialUser-15>I do web development and am currently working on a clojurescript project in my free time (free software activitypub based matchmaking thing not yet far enough to have a public repo but the design is starting to come together)
<PotentialUser-15>Is it viable to use nix on guixsd for non-free packages?
<PotentialUser-15>Has anyone tried setting guixsd on a 13 or katana II ? (I am hoping I can afford one of those by the end of summer)
<PotentialUser-15>are there any hints or tips you can give me on what would be the best way for me to start participating in this ecosystem?
<PotentialUser-15>Only other thing that I use that I'd need is probably telegram, maybe I can make a personal riot bridge for all my messages or something? (haven't looked into it)
<PotentialUser-15>or use it in the browser
<PotentialUser-15>So yeah, clojurescript/leiningen/all that jazz + firefox is what I need, ideally I'd like to use GuixSD but I could settle for NixOS.
<Rukako>PotentialUser-15: as for firefox, I think there is an effort underway to use the esr version instead of icecat or something?
<Rukako>not sure
<Rukako>and I can not find the mailing list post that talked about it right now either
<Rukako>03:56:38 < PotentialUser-15> Is it viable to use nix on guixsd for non-free packages?
<Rukako>I know that you can use nix packages but I have not tried it
<Rukako>not sure if free or non-free would make a difference in this case
<Rukako>though, what non-free packages do you need? we may or may not be able to offer some alternatives
<PotentialUser-15>it probably wouldn't but there'd be no point for free since it'd be packaged for guix
<Rukako>03:59:34 < PotentialUser-15> are there any hints or tips you can give me on what would be the best way for me to start participating in this ecosystem?
<Rukako>I would suggest learning guile
<PotentialUser-15>it's mainly that I don't have full autonomy in my life and I only have the one computer so I just need the option for some codec or whatever it is that is non-free these days
<PotentialUser-15>Ya that's an obvious one ^^
<PotentialUser-15>I do know some scheme from school and I use cljs
<Rukako>sorry, I am quite new here as well so I can't really help more in depth, I hope that someone with more experience can help you soon ;w;
<lfam>sneek: later tell g_bor[m]: I'm having the same issue with OpenSSh failing to start at boot: <>. Help wanted :)
<sneek>Got it.
<axd-v> I'm trying to use virt-manager with kvm, but upon getting to step 5 of adding a vm I get `Unable to complete install: 'Failed to connect socket to '/var/run/libvirt/virtlogd-sock': No such file or directory'`. Full:
<axd-v>It also isn't able to detect any virtual networks for the network selection step for some reason. Has anybody set up a debian VM using KVM on GSD?
<axd-v>Does anybody use virt-manager here or at least qemu/kvm for virtualization?
<IntoxicatedHippo>axd-v: I do
<axd-v>IntoxicatedHippo: very nice. Do you use it to emulate x86?
<IntoxicatedHippo>axd-v: I only just noticed your previous message, you need virtlog-service
<axd-v>IntoxicatedHippo: virtlog-service? this is what my services look like atm:
<IntoxicatedHippo>axd-v: add (service virtlog-service-type)
<axd-v>so libvirt service isn't enough by itself? I have only installed the qemu package and virt-manager. Is there anything to be done with KVM specifically? Couldn't find it in the repo, by qemu package mentions it.
<IntoxicatedHippo>For notworking:
<axd-v>The nice folks at #emacs were helping me solve this at first, because I initially posted my post there, thinking it was #guix. Well now they all want to know what GuixSD is all about. Do we have like a ready to go pasta that explains tersely but comprehensively what this is all about?
<IntoxicatedHippo>It's NixOS but with Scheme and GNU!
<axd-v>I'm getting some good questions from #emacs and need help to answer them:
<axd-v>"I used Nixos for a bit. I wrote some definitions as well. I then
<axd-v> decided to drop it because for all its effort in providing separation,
<axd-v> they 1) Didn't actually provide real separation and 2) They could have
<axd-v> used overlayfs to at least have libraries available in the expected
<axd-v> locations so that you don't have to monkeypatch binaries just to get
<axd-v> software to run."
<axd-v>whoops, sorry for the mess
<axd-v>"I used Nixos for a bit. I wrote some definitions as well. I then decided to drop it because for all its effort in providing separation, they 1) Didn't actually provide real separation and 2) They could have used overlayfs to at least have libraries available in the expected locations so that you don't have to monkeypatch binaries just to get software to run." were some concerns.
<axd-v>And a question: Does guix enforce that applications can't mess with other applciation's data? (for example by using SElinux?)
<axd-v>IntoxicatedHippo: oh no, up to this point I was doing root users updates, but now my kernel wants to recompile so I won't be able to test your solution for a few hours. Thank you for all fo the help anyway, not sure where I would have found that info otherwise.
<g_bor>Hello guix!
<axd-v>So I'm connecting my keyboard, but upon connection, keys aren't printing or anything like that. Here's the output of dmesg relevant to the keyboard, don't know what else might be insightful:
<axd-v>I can't imagine what might be needed to be done to get a simple keyboard working.
<axd-v>well, it's actually kind of a fancy keyboard, but I don't think xkb should care.
<axd-v>Okay, something else is going on. The keyboard *does* work but not reliably. Investigation continues.
<axd-v>ok so very weird things. I have 2 keyboards. The first one is a fairly generic 10-keyless keyboard. If I connect this keyboard and hit a key nothing will happen at first, but after a few seconds if I hit a key again it will register. After this point, as long as I don't let the keyboard sit for longer than 3-4 seconds it will work as expected, but if I let it sit, then the next key will react like it does upon plugging it in for the
<axd-v>first time, i.e. first key unregistered and then the keyboard wakes up. Is Upower or something putting them to sleep?
<rekado_>axd-v: is the USB port powering down?
<rekado_>3-4 seconds is quite a short time, though.
<axd-v>rekado_: how can I check this?
<rekado_>IntoxicatedHippo: I would not call GuixSD “NixOS but with Scheme”.
<rekado_>Like NixOS it is an extension of the package manager to the operating system level, but they are rather different in how the system is managed.
<axd-v>rekado_: I use tlp in the default config, but I also didn't remove Upower-daemon. Could they be interfering and causing the usb ports to sleep?
<rekado_>axd-v: I’m sorry, I don’t know.
<rekado_>3-4 seconds also seems awfully short for power management features of USB ports.
<axd-v>Oh and I forgot to mention my second keyboard. That one is kinesis advantage 1, which is a very idiosynchratic keyboard, but I don't think it should matter too much for this. Well the behavior with this keyboard is a bit different. After the initial connection is established the keybaord words but if I leave it alone for a bit or touch the thinkpad's keybaord then kinesis just cuts out and I can't use it anymore unless I remove it and
<axd-v>plug it back in. So, weird.
<jlicht>axd-v: I have the same issue: I 'fixed' it by running powertop and disabling usb auto-suspend for the keyboard
<axd-v>jlicht: interesting, but I don't have powertop installed, I believe.
<jlicht>I also had similar issues with USB mouse, with the same workaround.
<axd-v>jlicht: what do you you think is making things auto suspend? Do you use Upower? tlp?
<jlicht>axd-v: I have the tlp service (with default config, I think?) enabled as well.
<jlicht>so my money is on tlp + my silly T400 laptop :-)
<axd-v>jlicht: how do you make your changes in powertop permanent? I find that if I disconnect and connect the keyboard again it continue to do this silly stuff.
<axd-v>tlp has never managed usb auto-suspend stuff for me on any other distro with the default config (unless guix modifies it). So I think Upower-daemon is doing stuff. Is there even a reason to have it if we use tlp+powertop.
<jlicht>axd-v: ah yes, I also have upower-daemon
<axd-v>jlicht: because I don't think that the default behavior on any system to suspend by default. People usually install powertop to /enable/ it and not /disable/ like we have to haha.
<axd-v>jlicht: so how do you make sure that this stays disabled? Or it just does even across reboots?
<jlicht>axd-v: I *think* it goes back to suspending after reboot. Not sure though, I only connect to this keyboard once a month
<axd-v>jlicht: I gotta tell you this was a problem for me for literally a couple of month, because I was too lazy to get around to it since I expected it to be too hard.
<axd-v>jlicht, I see well at least we got a solution, thank you so much, honestly.
<jlicht>axd-v: thank you for informing me about the actual problem. FWIW, I also drove myself crazy the first few times it happened.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<rekado_>Tatiana asked a question about Cuirass that I cannot answer.
<rekado_>It relates to filling the database with test data.
<rekado_>I would not know how to do this accurately without actually running Cuirass to build software.
<rekado_>Is there a better way that would also result in realistic data?
<civodul>heya rekado_!
<civodul>rekado_: i sometimes run Cuirass with the "random" jobset provided under examples/
<civodul>i could find the exact command
<civodul>would that be OK?
<civodul>you need to have Guix installed and be able to run Cuirass from the build tree
<g_bor[m]>civodul: where can I actually find the cuirass source repository?
<sneek>g_bor[m], you have 1 message.
<sneek>g_bor[m], lfam says: I'm having the same issue with OpenSSh failing to start at boot: <>. Help wanted :)
<g_bor[m]>I've found some repos, but I just can't find out which one is the offical.
<efraim>civodul: is there anything you can point me to look at for containerizing GuixSD services? I want to look at the NTP services with it
<jonsger>g_bor[m]: here
<IntoxicatedHippo>Would it make sense to add '--with-udev' to libvirt? It's required for usb and gpu passthrough
<g_bor[m]>jonsger: Thanks, I've also found this one. So this is the official. Could we mention this repo on the guix savannah git repositories page? I don't see it listed there.
<rekado_>IntoxicatedHippo: it probably makes sense then.
<rekado_>IntoxicatedHippo: if you do that in a patch, it would be interesting to know by how much the closure grows once udev is added.
<civodul>efraim: i think is the best we have
<civodul>before diving into it, you should check what the ntp daemons are already doing: do they change UIDs, do they chroot, etc.
<civodul>it could be that they already do everything that can be done
<efraim>civodul: alright, thanks
<efraim>had to add hydra to my firefly's substitute list, don't want to build all the armhf stuff from source
<g_bor[m]>civodul: Is there any reason why the guix-cuirass git repository is not on the repository list on the guix savannah project? Could we add it there? How? (I'm not very familiar with savannah management).
<civodul>g_bor[m]: Savannah is an old beast and i guess it just doesn't deal with multiple repos
<g_bor[m]>civodul: here we have 5 repos listed, but guix-cuirass is not among them.
<civodul>well i have no idea why this is the case
<civodul>perhaps you could report it to
<snape>civodul: No answer for a few months. Should I revert my Guix commit? Or wait?
<snape>(it was a commit that changed the description name from Global to GNU Global, but at the time I didn't know those descriptions were Womb generated)
<snape>In my opinion we should try to get this project to be a bit more active, if we use it in Guix. Of course CVS may discourage people to contribute :-)
<rekado_>snape: it would be okay to ping them.
<rekado_>I don’t think you need to revert the commit that changed the description.
<snape>rekado_: ok! I'll ping them then. Thanks
<efraim>For something like CVS my first try would be to see if myrepos can handle my needs
<civodul>snape: i've committed it now :-)
<civodul>apparently i'm not subscribed to bug-womb
<civodul>also we don't need it as much as they need us nowadays
<civodul>because we have lots of package descriptions now
<axd-v>Is there any reason to keep Upower-service if I use tlp?
<axd-v>jlicht: So I figured it out about the keyboard/mouse autosuspend. Getting rid of upower doesn't change the auto-suspend behavior.... because it's a tlp setting! So just adjust those defaults.
<jlicht>axd-v: which one, if I might ask?
<axd-v>jlicht: do you want to disable usb autosuspend completely or only for specific devices? TLP allows both, but you have to manually whitelist them by the id.
<axd-v>to see IDs: sudo tlp stat -u
<g_bor[m]>civodul: I've reported the git repository issue on savannah-hackers, and cc-d you.
<axd-v>the tlp-service-type exposes a TON of settings, check here: and here:
<jlicht>axd-v: thanks! I'll look into it later today :-)
<axd-v>jlicht: correction: you want to add the devices you don't want to autosuspend to the *black-list* not the *white-list*
<g_bor[m]>Hello guix!
<g_bor[m]>I'm cleaning up some code, and I see that there are some system invocations. I switched those to invoke, but if I remember correctly, this is not enough to ensure that all errors are reported as exceptions. What else should be done?
<Rukako>civodul: I have posted my work on the mailing list, sorry for the wait
<Rukako>also, hi guix
<jonsger>Rukako: you are working on the systemd stuff?
<jonsger>thats nice. it could really help to make the step from "normal" linux distros to GuixSD easier...
<civodul>thanks g_bor[m]!
<civodul>Rukako: yep, very nice, i'm replying!
<civodul>sent :-)
<jfchevrette_>hi! is there an official selinux policy for guix-daemon? i'm having trouble creating one ..
<snape>civodul: cool thanks!
<g_bor[m]>jfchevrette_: I think you are looking for etc/guix-daemon.cil in the source tree.
<g_bor[m]>I don't know how production-ready that is, but seems like a good start.
<jfchevrette_>g_bor[m]: that is only for GuixSD though?
<jonsger>jfchevrette_: maybe there is something usefull for you
<g_bor[m]>jfchevrette_: I don't think so, as far as I remember it is based on some Fedora base policy...
<civodul>jfchevrette_: it's not for GuixSD but rather for other distros
<civodul>/me reads Emacs NEWS: "New configure option '--disable-build-details' attempts to build an
<civodul>Emacs that is more likely to be reproducible"
<g_bor[m]>jfchevrette_: it is here. This was tested on Fedora.
<jfchevrette_>jonsger g_bor[m] civodul thanks guys i'm going to have a look at building this and test the policy
<civodul>s/guys/people/ since you don't know who you're talking to :-)
<jfchevrette_>civodul: noted. thanks. english is not my first language :)
<Copenhagen_Bram>help, i can't make a disk image
<civodul>heh, np!
<Copenhagen_Bram>qemu-system-x86_64: failed to initialize KVM: Permission denied
<civodul>Copenhagen_Bram: as noted in the manual, you need to make sure /dev/kvm is writable for your build users
<civodul>quick fix: "sudo chown 666 /dev/kvm" :-)
<civodul>a better fix for most distros is to add your build users to the "kvm" group
<Copenhagen_Bram>civodul: don't you mean sudo chown root:kvm /dev/kvm?
<g_bor[m]>civodul: I'm working on some quite old bugs. How do I know, that anyone else is seeing the patches sent for these? (I've just managed to fix ant-bootstrap reproducibility.)
<Rukako>civodul: thank you for your reply, I replied back as to why I made some weird choices concerning match. Thank you very much for your suggestions
<Rukako>I hope that I did not disapoint you too much
<civodul>Rukako: nope, no disappointment, don't worry :-)
<civodul>when starting on a new project there are always conventions and practices to learn, that's ok
<jonsger>jfchevrette_: feel free to give us feedback about the selinux policies either here in IRC or drop a mail to
<civodul>g_bor[m]: everything goes to bug-guix so you can check
<civodul>of course you might want to explicitly Cc people interested in this issue to make sure
<g_bor[m]>civodul: Thanks.
<g_bor[m]>Rukako: I've just run through you patch, nice work already.
<Rukako>thank you!
<g_bor[m]>civodul: What is the policy regarding white space corrections in the shepherd codebase? I've noticed a line in rukako's patch that had a whitespace difference only. I guess it is ok, as it removes trailing whitespace, I'm just asking.
<Rukako>I should mention that it was not intentional, I will blame my emacs for that :p
<civodul>in general it's best not to include whitespace changes in otherwise unrelated changes
<civodul>but then if it's just one line that's ok
<efraim>I keep on telling myself not to go through the modules and alphabeticalize the imported modules
<efraim>Or to make the back slashes line up in gnu/
<g_bor[m]>Thanks for clarification. Actually I like if there is not tailing whitespace :)
<civodul>efraim: :-)
<jonsger>efraim: maybe we should add a check to our linter :P
<efraim>For no tabs?
<jonsger>efraim: for alphabetic order
<efraim>And for duplicate package definitions
<Copenhagen_Bram>I don't get it. I added all the guixbuilder users to the kvm group. I ran chown root:kvm on /dev/kvm. But I still get a permission denied. :(
<rekado>Copenhagen_Bram: why would you add the guixbuilder users to the kvm group?
<civodul>rekado: to be able to run "guix system vm" & co.
<civodul>Copenhagen_Bram: can you show the output of "ls -l /dev/kvm"?
<rekado>oh, I see.
<Copenhagen_Bram>crw------- 1 root root 10, 232 Jun 10 00:29 /dev/kvm
<Copenhagen_Bram>well, I turned it back to root:root because I was going to try rebooting
<civodul>you need: sudo chown root:kvm /dev/kvm && sudo chmod 660 /dev/kvm
<Copenhagen_Bram>let's see if that works without rebooting
<Copenhagen_Bram>oh wow it's working
<Copenhagen_Bram>thanks guys!
<Copenhagen_Bram>Thank you for your assistance, earthlings.
<civodul>yw :-)
<Copenhagen_Bram>I wonder where the disk image will be created
<Copenhagen_Bram>ACTION checks to see if guix has cjdns
<Copenhagen_Bram>eh it doesn't
<Copenhagen_Bram>not yet anyways
<Copenhagen_Bram>Hmm. The disk image build process seems to be frozen at:
<Copenhagen_Bram>`/gnu/store/ha1w3sniaqv7a47qc5cw2rbd1gkvcfrc-perl-5.26.1/lib/perl5/5.26.1/x86_64-linux-thread-multi/auto/Encode/JP/' -> `/fs/gnu/store/ha1w3sniaqv7a47qc5'
<Copenhagen_Bram>Should I C-c it and run it again?
<civodul>Copenhagen_Bram: it's probably not frozen
<civodul>it's just display that's block-buffered
<Copenhagen_Bram>ah, a bit too late because i restarted it lol
<civodul>nckx: you around?
<rekado>it seems that the consolidation of the recursive importer facility broke the recursive CRAN importer.
<rekado>it still imports things recursively, but it curiously skips some inputs.
<rekado>I ran “guix import cran -r factoextra” and it gave me a bunch of definitions, but unpackaged dependencies of “r-ggpubr” (a dependency of r-factoextra) were not imported.
<civodul>i thought the code was mostly unchanged
<nckx>civodul: Sup?
<nckx>*What's broken?
<wigust>ups, seems after applying r-ggpubr is imorted
<mbakke>civodul: Regarding a VM at FSF, I know they use (used?) Ganeti, so they can hopefully be persuaded to use the Ganeti GuixSD OS provisioner.
<civodul>mbakke: would you like to ask them? :-) that'd be great
<civodul>hey nckx!
<civodul>bash completion is broken! :-)
<civodul>i believe that comes from the last 'bash-completion' upgrade
<civodul>basically none of the completion extensions get loaded
<civodul>any ideas?
<nckx>civodul: I'll take a look.
<nckx>Is ‘readlink -m /run/current-system/profile/etc/profile.d/’ a valid way to see which version is currently in use?
<nckx>Because my bash completes just fine on a VPS where that points to /gnu/store/91jzlq0s1c9fy5b4bg1fhyk4jwh5kyxi-bash-completion-2.8/etc/profile.d/
<nckx>Which is also how I tested it (update – reconfigure – reboot – <TAB stuff>). :-/
<nckx>Oh well. /me dives into bash. Yaay.
<nckx>civodul: Hm. What made you suspect the last update causes problems? I seem to be running 2.8 everywhere and can't seem to find any.
<Copenhagen_Bram>It sure takes a long time to make a disk image. Are you guys sure it's not stuck? (it's stuck again, at tclTomMath.h. Block-buffered, right?)
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: We can never be sure it's not stuck on your machine :-) But it certainly takes a long time (not even worth trying on my 1GHz netbookie).
<nckx>You can peek at your CPU & disc I/O if you suspect your machine really is sitting idle. I use dstat.
<nckx>\\out of habit, but there a probably much smaller tools.
<civodul`>bah, Xorg crash :-(
<civodul>nckx: i have only vague suspicious, i haven't looked closely
<nckx>‘guix system: error: python: package not found for version 2.7’ — Uh oh. ☹
<civodul>nckx: it's called "python2"
<civodul>what's not great is that there's nothing to help with the transition
<civodul>but i think we can still add a "superseded" property actually
<civodul>ACTION tries
<nckx>Oh, I see what happened.
<nckx>Why did we move from ‘python2’ to ‘python@2’? Just curious.
<nckx>* <->
<nckx>civodul: I missed your python2 reply. Thanks.
<Copenhagen_Bram>nckx: can I use dstat to tell what processes are writing to disk?
<civodul>nckx: i think that was to allow both versions in the same profile
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: No, I think iotop does that.
<nckx>ACTION is not necessarily naming best-of-breed tools, just the ones they happen to know.
<Copenhagen_Bram>oh well
<nckx>civodul: OK, I don't know enough about Python to know why that would help but makes sense :-)
<nckx>ACTION is happy as long as they don't have to write python2@2.
<Copenhagen_Bram>nckx: what's your favorite terminal?
<civodul>the deprecation thing works, so you can write "guix build python@2" and it does what you want
<civodul>crazy stuff
<nckx>I use termite now, but sakura's a verry close second.
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: ^
<Copenhagen_Bram>really? your iotop didn't work with termite lol
<civodul>nckx: i just tried in "guix system vm bare-bones.tmpl" and completion works well there, so there must be something wrong on my laptop
<civodul>what could it be?
<Copenhagen_Bram>ACTION installs sakura because he's a weeb
<nckx>Copenhagen_Bram: I don't have iotop installed locally, it's just the only tool I know that happens to do what you asked. And it works just fine remotely → mosh → termite :-)
<nckx>* :-)
<nckx>civodul: Weeird..
<Copenhagen_Bram>why is everyone but me a leet haxxor who does things remotely? I'm poor, I only have one laptop.
<nckx>The other is that self-hosting your own $everything is incredibly addictive and GuixSD makes it almost-fun.
<pkill9>nckx: how much do you pay to self host everything?
<civodul>nckx: got it: it's a login vs. non-login shell issue
<civodul>that is, in the xterm of a VM with lightweight-desktop, completion doesn't work
<mbakke>Wrong type (expecting string): 42
<nckx>civodul: Ah! And I use my own crufty loong .bashrc everywhere, so that might well be why I don't see a difference.
<civodul>ooh, that's because we removed automatic /etc/bashrc sourcing in core-updates
<civodul>yeah, 1382bde93c3ccb5be6b846b932edd7707fac1a3e
<civodul>roelj? :-)
<nckx>pkill9: Let's see. .gr domain is €15, VPS €43 a year. It's a super-low-budget provider with a lousy reputation, but I seem to be hosted on their only good node. Never a hiccup.
<nckx>Actually, I have another VPS that's only €36/y. Just to say that the cost in cash is extremely low, you just have to enjoy the time put in.
<civodul>"i don't think it breaks things", famous last words...
<pkill9>which VPS are they? also how powerful are the ones you're paying for?
<pkill9>why does `guix pull` have the new compiling status output, but then it does more compiling with the old status output?
<nckx>pkill9: Scaleway & ‘WootHosting’ respectively — don't judge me. Powerful, well, you get what I pay for: 2 dedicated cores of a C2750 and an equivalent slice of a Xeon. For me, this is absolutely (more than) sufficient. Tor is the greatest resource hog.
<nckx>Reconfiguring is slow, yes. Someone with a useable laptop might not find it acceptable. I just start it before lunch.
<nckx>(Not being defensive, just setting expectations.)
<nckx>Also: those deals are probably not available at the moment. I just lurked around at sites like lowendbox and got lucky.
<rekado>pkill9: I’m self-hosting with an old Atom i686 netbook as a server.
<rekado>I pay some amount for once every five years.
<rekado>it’s enough for hosting my website, prosody, tor, and gitweb.
<mbakke>Huh, I found bash completion is broken within a `guix environment`, but not otherwise.
<nckx>Very related: is there any work around Gitea in Guix?
<nckx>My knowledge of Go does not exist.
<mbakke>Was there a Go importer floating around?
<mbakke>I haven't heard anyone working on Gogs/Gitea specifically.
<nckx>mbakke: Oh, K. Damn lazyweb!
<efraim>i don't know if they still have armhf machines, but if they do they can't run guix, the processor is missing 'thumb'
<nckx>efraim: That's true! Their ARM offering wasn't useful with Guix when I first started using them 3 years ago, but maybe times have changed.
<nckx>I guess they have not.
<efraim>their aarch64 works though
<efraim>CaviumX so it can't natively run armv7 code
<mbakke>nckx: Haha, I have the same with you ;-) it's a good bus factor.
<nckx>mbakke: Serves me right for spamming IRC instead. Just don't start updating on core-updates just now if you can help it.
<efraim>well, now we have ovmf for arm and aarch64
<mbakke>nckx: I'm going to clear my staging queue first, so go crazy! :-)
<mbakke>Not immediately though.
<nckx>sneek: later tell civodul: Nice. Thanks for both patches!
<hulten>Hi, I get an error during a "guix pull".
<hulten>« In procedure private-lookup: No variable bound to define-module* in module (guile) »
<hulten>Does anyone else have this issue?
<rekado>hulten: this is a bug in Guile.
<rekado>hulten: it should not happen all the time. Can you try again?
<hulten>Yes, I'm trying it again now. Yesterday it failed as well.
<g_bor>rekado, civodul: Should we discuss the first GSoC evaluation?
<mbakke>hulten: You might have better success by reducing parallelism, e.g. `guix pull --cores=1`.
<cbaines>mbakke, if you're around, would you be able to explain what ASL code is?
***snape` is now known as snape
<mbakke>cbaines: Ah yes, ASL = Apache Software License.
<cbaines>Ah, ok. Thanks :)
<mbakke>If you read the script, you'll see at the top of the file that some of the code is ASL2.0.
<bavier`>not "American Sign Language"? :P
<cbaines>Also, how is chromium coming along?
<mbakke>I have a local patch for the latest version, but have not worked on the remaining freedom issues yet.
<cbaines>Good job with packaging it, I'd like to see it merged, as I'd be interested in playing with the webdriver, which I assume is related :)
<hulten>Thanks, mbakke and rekado, it worked now (without the --cores=1).
<hulten>I see the mention of chromium, but is iridium considered?
<hulten>I think it is supposed to "have" more privacy, or be hardened or so.
<hulten>Just wondering; maybe it has advantages to follow chromium.
<Copenhagen_Bram>i wish i could add swap cpu
<mbakke>hulten: I use many of the "inox" patches, some of which are based on iridium
<Copenhagen_Bram> where can I buy an external USB supercomputer?
<mbakke>Unfortunately iridium typically lags a few weeks behind (last I checked).
<mbakke>Which is not acceptable for a security-sensitive thing such as a browser IMO.
<nckx>For those wondering along at home:
<nckx>mbakke: They don't back-port (or equivalent) even security fixes for weeks? That's... weird.
<hulten>mbakke, seems a good choice to do it like that!
<nckx>‘- Disable the battery status API.’ TIL, & WTF
<Copenhagen_Bram>Is it easy to create packages for guix? Do you create packages because "I must contribute to Guix. It's hard, but Guix must grow" or because "Guix is so awesome and easy to use! It doesn't have as many packages as other package managers, but if I want something there's no package for I'll just make my own package. :)"
<cbaines>Copenhagen_Bram, there are no absolutes, it's all relative :)
<wingo>i create them when i need them :)
<cbaines>Before using Guix, I used Debian, and I think that's a lot harder generally
<vagrantc>Copenhagen_Bram: if the software is written with standard build systems, it's pretty straightforward.
<rain1>it's not to o hard to make them, I made a GUI that helps write a package definition you can try
<efraim>Upgrading packages is also pretty straightforward
<vagrantc>seems like updates are often a two-line change: bump the version number and update the checksum for the source.
<axd-v>How can I suspend my system (gsd) from the command line? I can see herd can do reboot and halt, but not suspend.
<nckx>axd-v: ‘cat mem > /sys/power/state’ ? (Untested; sync your ████)
<nckx>That's the normal way to suspend a Linux system AFAIK.
<axd-v>nckx: herd doesn't have a command or something nicer?
<nckx>I don't think so. What's nicer about a herd command than a cat command?
<axd-v>also, my font doesn't render you last word in "Untested; sync your ████". What should I sync.
<nckx>Your shit.
<axd-v>nckx: what? You mean like a `sync` command?
<axd-v>nckx: cat breaks abstraction and exposes implementation details.
<axd-v>which is usually not a good practice?
<nckx>True. And yes, sync is good. Re-mounting read-only is good. It depends on your level of paranoia.
<mrb_>Does anyone use conda installed with guix package -i conda? I can create environments but not install anything. At first it failed, because it's looking for /bin/bash. If I put a symlink pointing to /bin/sh there, it failes with: LinkError: post-link failed
<nckx>Not saying abstraction's bad. I expected upower or so to abstract this, TBH, but can't find anything about that. Just not sure whether herd is the right place.
<axd-v>I'm a little confused: why are you talking about re-mounting read-only? I'm just trying to put the system to hibernate in ram, like the laptop would if I closed the lid, but without closing the lid. Also, `cat mem` what is mem and where is it?
<nckx>Then again, I didn't know it already handled halt so what do I know.
<nckx>axd-v: It might never wake up. Hence the precaution.
<mbakke>If you have `elogind-service`, `loginctl suspend` should work too.
<nckx>Ah! Loginctl! That's what I was thinking of, not upower.
<nckx>ACTION quickly closes man upower before anyone notices.
<axd-v>mbakke: precisely what I was looking for. Thanks you nckx too for your other suggestions, good to know the different ways to achieve a task.
<nckx>axd-v: I know what you're trying to do. Just helping you save data :-p My experience with suspending new distros for the first time is... negative.
<axd-v>is loginctl related to systemd?
<nckx>axd-v: Sorry I brainfarted re: loginctl. For the record, ‘cat mem’ was also just ‘cat mem’.
<axd-v>nckx: `cat mem`, `no such file or directory`...
<hulten>I for one also don't understand the 'cat mem'.
<nckx>Oh FFS. I meant echo mem.
<axd-v>nckx: I see, so you just overwire /sys/power/state with "mem" and that tells it to suspend to memory, I suppose?
<hulten>Ah, now there is "freeze mem disk" in that state file, but there must only be "mem"?
<hulten>And it works :-)
<nckx>axd-v: Related in that it's part of elogind, which reimplements logind, which is ‘part of’ that paragon of modularity, systemd.
<nckx>Yah, sorry about the ‘cat’ thing. 1) I'm super tired, and 2) I'd just ‘cat /sys/power/state’ to see the possible options.
<nckx>hulten: cat'ing that file will always return the possibilties, then echo'ing one to it will execute the action.
<hulten>nckx, hmm, is that different from editing the file?
<nckx>nckx: Yep. ‘disk’ will hibernate. Not sure what ‘freeze’ does.
<axd-v>nckx: thank you for the explanation. Completely understand the tiredness factor. We've all been and done that.
<hulten>I actually tried that just now, and that also works.
<axd-v>hulten: `>` operator clobbers a file to yeah it's essentially deleting everything in the file and typing in `mem`
<hulten>OK, just wondering since this seems a normal text file, but there are also special files where one wouldn't do that.
<axd-v>hulten: true, where everything is a file, everything is not `simply` a file.
<nckx>hulten: ‘files’ in /sys and /proc are special, in that they just query and/or control the kernel. So there's no real ‘content’. Editing it with an editor might work, but some get confused.
<hulten>Maybe everything in the universe is a file.
<nckx>I know I am.
<axd-v>nah, everything is just a lisp atom.
<axd-v>or a composition there of
<efraim>Some say children are just forks of their parents
<chewzerita>Anyone know why alsa is giving me an error? Paste:
<rekado>mrb_: are you doing this on GuixSD or on a foreign distribution?
<chewzerita>oh not me nvm
<chewzerita>my bad
<mrb_>rekado: I am doing this an GuixSD. I installed conda into my user-profile and did a guix pull today.
<tune> got an error that guix failed to build during a guix pull
<ngz>tune: Usually, running again guix pull fixes the issue.
<tune>I think that was my second run already, but I'll give it another go
<mbakke>tune: That's a known bug in Guile, restarting typically works.
<mbakke>If you're not in a hurry, `guix pull -c 1` will almost definitely work.
<ngz>hmmm wine fails to build.
<ngz>Looks like a GStreamer test issue.
<rekado>mrb_: I’m not a conda user, so I don’t know if I use it right, but here’s what I did:
<rekado>mrb_: conda create -p /tmp/c python
<rekado>mrb_: it then fails with FileNotFoundError(2, "No such file or directory: '/bin/bash'")
<rekado>this looks like a bug.
<Copenhagen_Bram>i must test my awesome custom-made disk image, farewell for now
<Copenhagen_Bram>ACTION reboots
<Copenhagen_Bram>hi guys i'm back
<janneke>Copenhagen_Bram: s/guys/people/
<Copenhagen_Bram>hi earthlings i'm back