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<rekado>I’m no longer convinced that setting *a* default is a bad idea, even though the default differs on different foreign distributions.
<rekado>ACTION goes to bed
<rekado>happy hacking, everyone!
<rekado>ACTION —> zzzZ
<janneke>ACTION -> zZzzz
<soundtoxin>did anyone figure out the file system title problem yet?
<nckx>Let's see if rebuilding Guix from scratch solved anything...
<vagrantcish>ACTION is still trying to track down python-pyqt failing to build, which blocks some other things
<nckx>...nope. Now I do get the same error as soundtoxin previously.
<nckx>Which is progress of a sort, I guess.
<vagrantcish>ACTION tried upgrading python-pyqt to 5.10.1 (which claims support for qt 5.10), which required python-sip 4.19.4... but it still fails on tests
<nckx>What. The. Specifying one file-system works fine; adding a second (EFI) one using identical syntax causes a wrong type argument error.
<mbakke>rekado: regarding the libcurl situation, we could have an outdated nss-certs as a (poor) fallback.
<mbakke>But we'd probably have to graft all versions with actual root CA changes.
<mbakke>Curl seems to be perpetually grafted anyway.
<jsoo>been a while since i pulled. i'm getting the following error now:
<vagrantc>does guixsd have some service to write values to files in /sys ?
<jsoo>Updating from Git repository at ''...
<jsoo>Building from Git commit ee3c8fbee21299ce105bafca7dc63bfb096cd7c5...
<jsoo>Computing Guix derivation for 'x86_64-linux'... /
<jsoo>The following derivations will be built:
<jsoo> /gnu/store/jdxd451b0bxwfcmkvx2f4hbpf5lcgzh7-guix-ee3c8fbee.drv
<jsoo> /gnu/store/7mkylg96qfh5gh8jwr607v9b9vjgv23y-guix-cli.drv
<jsoo> /gnu/store/byqcvgykcyy6jl9alcyc6nmka6vs053r-guix-packages.drv
<jsoo> /gnu/store/j35w2msczh8wc1c331wdi74q82whfzya-guix-extra.drv
<jsoo> /gnu/store/nwqkg1vxs37c677wihfsxc2py41wbh79-guix-system.drv
<jsoo> /gnu/store/y5v7whq2i8n8y3hcq9kbphv6hmbbrdfa-guix-packages-base.drv
<jsoo>Exception thrown while printing backtrace:
<jsoo>In procedure public-lookup: Module named (system repl debug) does not exist
<jsoo>builder for `/gnu/store/j35w2msczh8wc1c331wdi74q82whfzya-guix-extra.drv' failed with exit code 1
<jsoo>cannot build derivation `/gnu/store/jdxd451b0bxwfcmkvx2f4hbpf5lcgzh7-guix-ee3c8fbee.drv': 1 dependencies couldn't be built
<jsoo>guix pull: error: build failed: build of `/gnu/store/jdxd451b0bxwfcmkvx2f4hbpf5lcgzh7-guix-ee3c8fbee.drv' failed
<jsoo>argh, should've put it in a paste service, sorry
<jsoo>hmm, well repeated attempts compile ok...
<vagrantc>jsoo: i've been seeing similar issues ... where guix pull fails on the first try, but succeeds on the second
<vagrantc>i'm getting "guix build: error: build failed: executing SQLite statement: database disk image is malformed" on any guix build or guix system build actions now
<vagrantc>no other output
<vagrantc>oh, apparently that's due to filesystem corruption :/
<rekado>mbakke: could we not configure it to look for certs in /etc/ssl/certs? If there happens to be a cert bundle: great. If there is none, it wouldn’t be worse than now.
<rekado>jsoo: try again. This is likely a bug in Guile.
<jonsger>Sleep_Walker: I'll package guile-ssh these days as well, so that we can enable "guix copy" in opensuse's guix
<Sleep_Walker>jonsger: great
<Sleep_Walker>jonsger: I was thinking and you're right, we could trust hydra in post install script
<jonsger>I wonder why we guile-json isn't a dependency in guix.spec anymore? so "guix import pypi" doesnt work
<rekado>it’s also needed for “guix pack -f docker”
<jonsger>oke and we packaged it. So we should use it :)
<jonsger>Sleep_Walker: did I requested to be maintainer also? :P
<Sleep_Walker>jonsger: that's bonus!
<Sleep_Walker>jonsger: you apparently have more time for this and I don't want to slow you down :)
<jonsger>Sleep_Walker: yeah it's fine. my first packages :)
<Sleep_Walker>my goal is to have Guix on openSUSE and you are implementing so
<Sleep_Walker>well, so far, so good, we have sugar and stick :D
<jonsger>I think we should write a mail to guix-devel about the state of guix in opensuse, when the gnutls patch is in Leap 15 and Tumbleweed...
<nico202>Hi, I'm a nixos user considering moving to guix. On the website it's said that it's not production ready, is there a page that tells why?
<rekado>nico202: it just says this about the Guix system (GuixSD).
<rekado>nico202: I do use it in production, but there can be rough edges some times.
<rekado>for example, I don’t see a way to configure bonded networking in the configuration file.
<rekado>or Active Directory authentication.
<snape>nico202: there are some issues concerning upgrading and compiling Guix, too
<snape>and a few critical packages are missing
<rekado>FWIW I’ve never had a problem upgrading GuixSD.
<jonsger>like firefox60 or thunderbird
<snape>rekado: guix pull is known to be... not perfectly reliable
<snape>although I know it's improving
<snape>jonsger: or postfix
<rekado>snape: it’s a Guile problem, unfortunately. Nothing we Guixers can fix easily.
<snape>if it's a Guile problem then it's a Guix problem too
<snape>jonsger: and LVM support is missing
<nico202>thanks everybody, I think I'll wait another year then
<snape>but a huge lot of things work very well
<rekado>nico202: what do you want to use it for?
<rekado>on a server or a desktop machine?
<jonsger>nico202: you can use guix on top of most linux distros
<Sleep_Walker>jonsger: well, write anything you want; I'm more curious from the opposite side - are there users? are there problems? noone is reporting anything but you and the thing you sent was rather fatal
<rekado>Sleep_Walker: what do you mean?
<jonsger>Sleep_Walker: what was "fatal"?
<Sleep_Walker>jonsger: well, you could install package guix, but not use it
<Sleep_Walker>that is quite fatal
<Sleep_Walker>rekado: ^
<Sleep_Walker>and since noone reported me an issue until jonsger, I'm not sure if there are any users of the packages besides the 2 of us
<rekado>Sleep_Walker: what do you mean by “are there users? are there problems?”
<jonsger>ah now get it
<rekado>do you mean users of the packages for Suse?
<Sleep_Walker>rekado: right
<rekado>ah, ok
<nico202>I'm using nixOS and it's doing extremely well, I share part of my config between my laptop and my server. The thing I use most however are the nix-shells to have exact dependencies in all my projects. I spend some time to add packages to nixpkgs, and it's fine, but if in guix there are even more packages missing the risk is that I'd waste too much time. So it should be worth the effort. The "being completely free" thing is one of those, but i'm not even
<nico202>sure the laptop would boot with linux-libre, so I'd wait my next laptop probably
<jonsger>maybe there are know users because no one is aware of it
<jonsger>I wasn't even aware of it going into Leap(!sic)
<rekado>(are there many users of Suse in the first place?)
<snape>nico202: you should have a look at the package list to see if some important ones are missing
<jonsger>rekado: opensuse or suse?
<snape>Also, if linux-libre doesn't work for you you can very easily change its source
<Sleep_Walker>rekado: I think so
<rekado>jonsger: don’t know the difference. I’m ignorant.
<Sleep_Walker>rekado: openSUSE is free and independendt distro, SUSE is company supporting and benefiting from it
<Sleep_Walker>actually, quite nicely set up environment
<rekado>at the institute we had SUSE on some of the old cluster nodes, but that was 10+ years ago.
<jonsger>rekado: SUSE makes 300M$ a year so I guess (and I know) there are some users. But guix isn't in suse (yet) :P
<snape>what is the technical difficulty for Guix to be in Suze?
<snape>the same as, say, being in Debian?
<nico202>snape: is there a single-page list? I'm on
<jonsger>snape: I would say the guile dependencies, because they are only used by guix so you have to package them all your self...
<snape>jonsger: oh got it
<rekado>nico202: there’s a searchable one here:
<rekado>not sure if this is up-to-date, but it looks close enough
<nico202>rekado: thx
<snape>nico202: those are not very up to date, if you want the most up-to-date results, you can clone Guix and grep "public <package-name>" in there
<jonsger>snape: what helps a lot is tumbleweed which is a rolling release distro (like 200 snapshot per year). So you get your dependencies fast updated and in :)
<snape>nico202: also, if you miss some packages, feel free to send an email to the list, maybe some people are already working on it, or can package them quickly. At least you'll get feedback.
<snape>jonsger: so Guix works with Tumbleweed?
<nico202>snape: wow, there are way more than I thought, I think nix wasn't better when I moved to it. Yeah if I'll move I sure will start adding the one I miss. There's no issue tracker like for nixpkgs right, all is done by email?
<nico202>also, one more question: how is the state of emacs? anybody here is using guix for managing emacs dependencies?
<jonsger>snape: in theory yes, at the moment there is a patch missing...
<snape>nico202: Emacs is extremely well integrated
<snape>most of us don't use Melpa: all of our packages are in Guix
<nico202>snape: pleased to hear that :)
<nico202>I might dual boot then
<rekado>nico202: there’s an issue tracker and we control it either with Emacs (M-x debbugs-gnu) or by emailing.
<rekado>this is for submitted patches.
<rekado>and this is for bugs in Guix:
<jonsger>rekado: how are you installing guix on RHEL6?
<rekado>jonsger: I use the rhel6 branch (or core-updates)
<jonsger>rekado: and then a binary install?
<rekado>I’m actually building it from git.
<rekado>but that’s just because I set this up before the binary installation method came along.
<jonsger>rekado: and you also build the dependencies from git or?
<rekado>no, I download binaries from
<alezost>snape: just to be pedantic: you said "all of our packages are in Guix" - not for me; I use some emacs packages from Guix and most from MELPA
<snape>alezost: nope, I said "most of us" before
<rekado>ACTION uses all Emacs things from Guix.
<alezost>snape: yeah, I see, I just answered to the second part of that phrase :-)
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<pkill9>has anyone create some kind of dotfiles configuration system using Guix?
<pkill9>i'd like to try that, plus it means you can include dependencies like fonts
<efraim>i just use stow
<jlicht>pkill9: I use `stow' + multiple git repositories, and `myrepos' for easy syncing.
<rekado>the reviews for the reproducibility paper are in: generally positive.
<rekado>but I need to make a couple of changes to clarify my claims.
<g_bor[m]>pkill9: I have also asked the same question, some people are using stow here to manage dotfiles.
<roptat>pkill9: I'd love to have someting like that
<rekado>ACTION attempts the emacs update again
<rekado>emacs-s and emacs-dash have failed tests only with emacs-minimal; it’s fine with the full emacs.
<rekado>rebuilt all of my emacs packages successfully.
<snape>Mathieu's patches work for me too
<rekado>I *just* made these patches myself.
<rekado>was going to push them this very minute
<rekado>didn’t see Mathieu's patches.
<snape>he replied to you, actually :-)
<rekado>yeah, didn’t look at my emails while working on thi
<efraim>now qwebkit is causing python-pyqt to fail to build
<rekado>hmm, I don’t get substitutes for qt
<rekado>efraim: is that the only problem?
<rekado>bug 31637 shows that there may be more problems
<rekado>I suppose there’s no newer variant of pyqt?
<rekado>I see that pyqt 5.10.1 exists, but none for qt 5.11
<efraim>I'm testing 5.10.2-dev now
<efraim>There's also the gentoo patch, that worked nicely
<efraim>~30 minutes from start until the failure on my build machine
<rekado>librecad also fails to build since the Qt upgrade.
<civodul>Hello Guix!
<rekado>are we waiting for something before merging core-updates?
<siraben>How do I make Guix a specific substitute server by default?
<siraben>I don't want to type --substitute-urls=
<siraben>At the end of every command
<rekado>siraben: you can add this option to the invocation of “guix-daemon”
<siraben>rekado: How so?
<siraben>The daemon job running in root?
<efraim>python-pyqt@5.10.2.dev1805251538 also fails
<civodul>rekado: i wonder what we're waiting for :-)
<civodul>rekado: i think it's just that nobody's really paying attention
<civodul>we should do something about it
<rekado>I just switched to core-updates on my workstation.
<civodul>efraim: did the one-liner we discussed yesterday help in any way?
<rekado>will use it on my laptop a little later.
<civodul>we should see exactly what's broken
<civodul>and get ready to merge within a few days
<rekado>roptat wrote that some configure script fails, but I haven’t seen details.
<siraben>rekado: Sorry I'm a newbie to using systemctl, how would I edit the job to pass in --substitute-urls= by default?
<roptat>siraben: in /etc/systemd/system/guix-daemon.service I think
<jsoo>rekado: trying again worked, worryingly. Thanks.
<siraben>roptat: Then I edit the line that starts with EXEC_START ?
<roptat>siraben: yes
<roptat>rekado: I ran "git checkout core-updates", updated that, ran "./bootstrap" and "./configure ..."
<roptat>and that fails
<rekado>jsoo: this is a known problem in Guile.
<rekado>roptat: let me try that.
<roptat>I tried that from a guix environment
<rekado>Okay, I did “git checkout core-updates && git reset --hard origin/core-updates”, then “guix environment --pure guix --ad-hoc coreutils”, then “./bootstrap && ./configure --localstatedir=/var”.
<rekado>No errors.
<roptat>mh… ok
<rekado>civodul: I’ll merge master into core-updates and then reconfigure my laptop
<civodul>ok, let's see
<rekado>ACTION runs “guix package -u” now
<rekado>first thing I notice: there’s no substitute for perl.
<efraim>civodul: it worked perfectly, but now it fails on a piece from qtwebkit
<civodul>qtwebkit depends on pyqt?
<efraim>Other way around
<civodul>oh ok
<civodul>efraim: BTW, it seems your OverDrive is down and mine as well :-/
<efraim>Mine is an internet issue, ISP is coming out tomorrow to swap my modem
<civodul>mine won't even start
<civodul>sometimes it starts and auto powers off a few seconds later
<efraim>Cell phone -> old phone tethering -> router doesn't let incoming ssh connections
<efraim>Bad power supply?
<civodul>could be, but it's strange
<civodul>it worked with 100% uptime for a couple of months or so
<efraim>Mine powers off sometimes randomly, not sure what that's about
<efraim>Full disk shouldn't cause it to fail to boot I'd think
<chewzerita>`haskell-mode` does not compile under Emacs 26.1
<snape>ido-exit doesn't work anymore either
<rekado>could you show us the error message?
<rekado>ACTION compiles svn
<snape>rekado: are you talking to me?
<snape>it doesn't show any error message: it just doesn't exit with the custom exit fallback I set
<rekado>I actually meant chewzerita, but they are no longer here.
<rekado>hmm, also no substitute for webkitgtk
<rekado>building qemu now.
<civodul>rekado: you could check whether webkitgtk failed to build by doing "guix build webkitgtk --no-grafts --log-file"
<rekado>I do get a log file from
<rekado>but connections to time out repeatedly.
<pkill9>is there a way to apply the --no-substitutes option to only the package you're intending to build, but use substitutes for all it's inputs?
<rekado>pkill9: you can use “guix environment the-package” which downloads all packages needed to build the-package.
<rekado>once that’s done you can use “guix build --no-substitutes --no-grafts the-package”
<pkill9>ah ok
<snape>ACTION is going to write an emacs mode that adds a period to the end of each of catonano's sentences.
<catonano>snape: at least there's a blank line between paragraphs, so you have a starting point :-)
<snape>yes, it should be pretty easy to parse :)
<mbakke>vagrantc: Nice work with the rk3399-puma. Any idea how difficult it would be to port to the Firefly?
<civodul>rekado: do you have a URL that times out so i can investigate?
<g_bor[m]>Hello guix!
<janneke>hey g_bor[m] :-)
<g_bor[m]>Finally I can get some free time, as we are over the GDPR preparations, and and Wednesday also on closing the business year. I'm going to finish up the java8 patches.
<rekado>civodul: it was the log file URL itself. I tried fetching it with wget and it took a couple of tries before it succeeded.
<rekado>nothing permanent.
<g_bor[m]>It would be nice if I could create a wip-java8 or something similar branch in the repo, as there are a lot of one-line patches, lot of packages need adding ant-junit to native inputs. It might be easier to get the changes reviewed and merged this way. WDYT?
<rekado>g_bor[m]: sounds good to me.
<rekado>g_bor[m]: do you have push access to create that branch yourself?
<g_bor[m]>I would also like to ask, on what bases the community gives commit access to the repository?
<civodul>rekado: oh i see, they are served by Hydra (the software), and it's a beast as you know ;-)
<rekado>g_bor[m]: push access is usually not all that important.
<civodul>but basically when current committers are confident that someone can work autonomously following the group rules, they can propose push access
<civodul>another criterion is when not giving push access would refrain a person from being productive ;-)
<rekado>there’s a good chance for people to be proposed if they do a lot of high quality patch reviews.
<rekado>because then it would be easier to grant them push access to push the reviewed patches directly ;)
<civodul>we definitely need more people to review
<civodul>rekado: you ok with the Contributor Covenant upgrade?
<rekado>ah, sorry
<rekado>still haven’t read it…
<rekado>but I trust your opinion on this
<civodul>rekado: np! i can go ahead or wait a little longer if you want, what do you prefer?
<civodul>atw: how was that Emacs upgrade? :-)
<rekado>civodul: you can go ahead now and I’ll read the diff tonight to know what’s expected of me in terms of enforcing it.
<civodul>ok, will do!
<rekado>thanks! and sorry for the delay!
<atw>went perfectly! thanks to Mathieu and rekado ☺
<guixsd>Hello everyone pls how to install freecad in guixsd ?
<rekado>guixsd: is freecad a 2d CAD programme? Or is that the new 3d CAD thing?
<rekado>It seems we don’t have a package for freecad yet.
<rekado>if you need a 2D CAD programme you can try librecad.
<cehteh>freecad is 3D
<rekado>someone would need to work on writing a package definition for it.
<guixsd>tnks u
<rekado>there is also “libfive”, which is great, but maybe too far removed from a traditional 3D CAD programme.
<cehteh>i've build it manually on my debian system, which is somewhat easy, but also, it never worked well for me, lots of crashes (even with the official debian packages)
<cehteh>i'd really wish for some decent free 3D cad. unfortunally blendercad seems dead
<civodul>atw: heheh :-)
<civodul>rekado: Covenant updated!
<civodul>rekado: when you have time i'd also like to have your opinion on 31480, which proposes to include the Covenant text in the manual
<rekado>ACTION adds a reminder
<rekado>I’ll try to do that in a couple of hours.
<rekado>ACTION goes to water the pumpkins and beans
<rekado>on core-updates gtkglext does not build.
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<janneke>restarting X, i suddenly get: "Logging in..."
<janneke>that is being overwritten by something like (unreadable)
<bavier`>janneke: the "Logging in..." message usually comes from slim
<janneke>" ...... failed"
<janneke>and it loops
<janneke>i haven't touched anything afaik, no reconfigure, not my .guix-profile
<janneke>this used to mean: ~/.xsession is broken or something, but i have it in GIT and there's no diff ...hmm
<janneke>is the actual error message logged somewhere?
<janneke>it's pretty frustrating that it's unreadable and dissappears after 0.5s
<janneke>it says; "Failed to ...garbled overwritten....command"
<janneke>any advice how to diagnose or fix this?
<g_bor[m]>janneke: I'm having a look at this right now... I will try to find a log file for you...
<janneke>g_bor[m]: *thank you*
<janneke>i was having such a lovely undisturbed hacking night...
<janneke>it looks like a hardware problem
<g_bor[m]>janneke: you can find the log at /var/log/Xorg.0.log
<janneke>i'm seeing errors in /var/log/Xorg.0.log
<janneke>it's not yet clear to me what's going on:
<janneke>i'm guessing it's a hardware problem
<lfam>ACTION builds the new Git
<g_bor[m]>I can't see an error in this log file. Error should have a line with (EE) ... I this the whole file? 458.151 is the first timestamp I see...
<platoxia>Hello, Guixers
<janneke>g_bor[m]: yeah...
<janneke>the whole file, and i also don't see the error
<janneke>all the (II) messages about input devices look suspicious
<janneke>but of course, i haven't saved older log files...
<janneke>should one do that?
<janneke>i could try to force a system reconfigure with a silly change and see what happens
<g_bor[m]>I guess not, but you can usually see the log before at /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old, or something like that...
<janneke>it looped, restarting once per second, so it's exactly the same
<g_bor[m]>actually I also have these input device messages, they are not causing any harm here...
<janneke>OK, thanks
<rekado>when “invoke” fails in a build phase it doesn’t look good.
<rekado>the usual message about the build phase having failed is no longer printed.
<rekado>on core-updates we have at least one blocker
<rekado>modem-manager fails to build (tests fail)
<rekado>this blocks network-manager
<janneke>g_bor[m]: replaced .xsession with an old version, that works
<janneke>still flabbergasted
<janneke>thanks for your support
<rekado>fixed modem-manager
<rekado>next error is in python-pygobject.
<g_bor[m]>janneke: you are welcome, but I could not help much. What is the difference between the two configs?
<rekado>fails one of its tests
<rekado>janneke`: are both of the files (still) executable?
<janneke`>g_bor[m], rekado yes; i have .xsession in git
<janneke`>ACTION has still has no decent solotion for all dotfiles
<rekado>I once had a broken backup restoration process that changed the mode of my .xsession.
<rekado>(that’s why EXWM wouldn’t work for me at first, even though stumpwm worked with the very same .xsession file.)
<janneke`>rekado: ah!
<janneke`>g_bor[m]: here's the diff
<janneke>rekado: thinking about it, that could be...the executable bit may have been lost
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<pkill9>does `guix pull` now provide verbose output when it's compiling?
<Guest34672>hi guys ! I have a slim problem does not recognize Windowmaker. I have yet put in the package field but slim still does not recognize it. I can not find windowmaker.desktop in / run / current-system / profile / share / xsessions
<rekado>Guest34672: the file does exist, though, right?
<rekado>pkill9: hasn’t it always been a bit (too) verbose since splitting it up into separate derivations?
<pkill9>yeah a little i guess, especially since it doesn't say how much total progress it's made
<pkill9>it said how much progress it made for each part of the compilation, but not the whole
<rekado>I hope that we can address some of these problems as part of the Outreachy project.
<rekado>it’s currently limited to just the verbosity of “guix package”, but maybe the solutions there can be generalized.
<Guest34672>Slim dont recognized WindowMaker.
<Guest34672>I dont found the windowmaker.desktop in "/run/current-system/profile/share/xsessions"
<Guest34672>I put windowmaker in field package but nothing change. sry really bad english
<rekado>Guest34672: have you reconfigured the system after adding windowmaker to the packages field?
<Guest34672>And I cant create manually windowmaker.desktop in "/run/current-system/profile/share/xsessions" the directory is read only.
<Guest34672>yes !
<Guest34672>I did it
<rekado>The directory is read-only on purpose.
<rekado>It should only be modified by Guix.
<Guest34672>ok so what I must do ?
<roptat>can you check you have /run/current-system/profile/bin/wmaker?
<Guest34672>I am trying reinstalling.Because I needed a other wm. I install guixSD with enlightenment and windowmaker and I will informed.
<rekado>“reconfigure” is equivalent to reinstalling.
<Guest34672>ho ty I have hesitated for use this command. I will use next time.The installation is finished
<Guest34672>yeah wmaker in the /run/current-system/profile/bin
<rekado>“guix system reconfigure” builds the system specified in the configuration file and makes it the active system.
<rekado>it also creates an entry in GRUB to make sure you can boot it.
<Guest34672>yeah wmaker in the /run/current-system/profile/bin
<pkill9>oh, the verbosity wasn't coming from the compiling of the guix package definitions, it was from compiling a dependency for running `guix pull`
<Guest34672>I dont need become rroot with guix ?
<rekado>Guest34672: you need to be root to use “guix system reconfigure” or for certain “guix gc” features.
<rekado>but generally you don’t need to be root to install software with Guix.
<Guest34672>ok just for to be sur because I still use guix pull in user normal.
<rekado>when you do “guix pull” as a normal user only, make sure to run “sudo -E guix system reconfigure /path/to/config.scm” to reconfigure the system.
<rekado>i.e. use the current user’s version of Guix, not the root user’s Guix (which you didn’t update).
<soundtoxin> just got these errors updating. I think during the pull, even, not the rebuild, since it didn't ask for my password again
<rekado>soundtoxin: this again looks like a consequence of the same Guile error :(
<Guest34672>after I use guix -u for update the package ?
<rekado>“guix package -u” updates all of the current user’s packages.
<rekado>it does not update the packages of any other users on the system.
<Guest34672>ha ok so for update the package system I nedd to be root right ?
<rekado>you update the system packages with “sudo -E guix system reconfigure /path/to/config.scm”
<pkill9>why is the '-E' needed rekado?
<Guest34672>ok. I understand. really original this package manager guix, completely different with APT to Trisquel GNU/Linux.
<rekado>pkill9: the “-E” means to keep the current user’s environment.
<g_bor[m]>It seem that I don't see all messages... Why can that happen?
<rekado>g_bor[m]: what messages?
<g_bor[m]>It seems I don't get the messages from rekado...
<rekado>do you mean on the mailing list or here on IRC?
<g_bor>rekado: sorry, I did not get your messages regarding the branch.
<rekado>regarding what branch?
<pkill9>hmm, my user's ~/.config/guix/latest is a symlink to /root/.config/guix/latest, and it's getting an error that my guix installation is 14 days old, but I just ran `guix pull` as root
<g_bor>the wip-java8 branch idea earlier, it seems that the guix room on matrix is losing messages...
<rekado>pkill9: that’s because the link itself has not been modified
<pkill9>the message goes away when i remove the symlink and add a symlink to the store path of the guix
<pkill9>oh ok
<rekado>you could also just touch the link
<g_bor>is that ok, if I mark a branch for pushing in my git repository? I can do that latter this week...
<pkill9>so it just reads the last modification time
<pkill9>does anyone find sometimes they have to interrupt a guix system reconfigure because it seems to be stuck on some step, then you do it again and it completes fine?
<rekado>pkill9: no.
<rekado>g_bor: I don’t know what this means. Do you mean the wip-java8 branch? It’s okay if you push that.
<rekado>successfully reconfigured my system with core-updates.
<rekado>building gnome now
<jonsger>rekado: do I have just to do a guix pull --branch=core-updates and then guix system reconfigure?
<rekado>I’m doing this from a git checkout because I’m fixing problems as I find them.
<rekado>note that you’ll have to build a lot of things from source at this point.
<rekado>maybe better to wait a little.
<jonsger>it's just a test vm, so it could become broken and compile...
<soundtoxin>It seems that thunderbird is not packaged. What do you guys use for mail?
<rekado>soundtoxin: many use email clients in Emacs (e.g. gnus, notmuch, or mu4e)
<g_bor>rekado: ok, i will prepare a patchset this week. It seems that we have some 154 java packages, so everything can go to master, right?
<rekado>some use claws
<rekado>g_bor: yes.
<rekado>thank you!
<soundtoxin>Hm, okay. I do have emacs installed, but I'm not very comfortable with it yet.
<g_bor>rekado: I do not have push access. How should we coordinate that?
<rekado>g_bor: do you have an account on savannah?
<rekado>soundtoxin: I don’t know if people are working on packaging thunderbird.
<rekado>it has been requested a couple of times.
<rekado>g_bor: if you have an account on savannah please upload your gpg key there and send a signed email to civodul and myself containing your savannah account name.
<rekado>we can add you then.
<rekado>please also re-read the contributing section of the manual
<rekado>ACTION —> zzZZ
<lfam>g_bor: I also recommend reading the HACKING file in our Git repo, which offers some guidance about pushing to Savannah
<soundtoxin>I have font-wqy-microhei installed, but japanese doesn't show up in icecat. Any ideas?