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<fmeetze>would anyone have a link to a sample config.scm using enlightenment?
<massma>OriansJ: Thanks for the help, and sorry for the late response. Yes, I've set ispell-program-name to point to ~/.guix-profile/bin/aspell . It is very strange. I will try and dig deeper and report back if I learn anything, but if anyone has any more ideas let me know.
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<efraim>And for pinentry-efl:
<fmeetze>efraim: Thank you!
<fmeetze>efraim: Odd, having a hard time getting through to
<efraim>fmeetze: it's hosted at my house, try here instead:
<fmeetze>efraim: Thanks, I just stumbled on that. That script answers a lot of questions I had. Thanks!
<efraim>I've had plenty of time to work on it incrementally :)
<fmeetze>efraim: well thanks for sharing. This is helpful
<fmeetze>efraim: the GPG stuff is a nice lead too.
<efraim>its a nicer consistant interface with enlightenment, not sure yet if it's going to be upstreamed
<travankor[m]>Is there a way to enable detached LUKS header for the root filesystem (cryptsetup open —header) using the configuration system?
<janneke>"Please port gnulib freading.c to your platform!"
<janneke>the gnulib platform compatibility/abstraction layer does not seem to help us with bootstrapping
<janneke>hmm, maybe i should try an old release of m4
<janneke>would that be easier to bootstrap?
<janneke>*woot* bootstrapped m4-1.4 runs (incorrectly, but hey)
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<roptat>hi guix!
<roptat>I still can't run configure on core-updates: "config.status: error: Something went wrong bootstrapping makefile fragments"
<pkill9_>i think bspwm needs sxhkd as a propagated-inputs rather than an input
<pkill9_>hmm actually nevermind
<roptat>efraim: that's after running ./bootstrap
<pkill9_>is there a X start script that's added when you add xorg?
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<sturm>I've just installed Guix on Trisquel 8.0 and emacs is not putting any padding around menu items and issuing warnings in the console like "Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: mate-applications.css:453:37: The style property GtkMenuItem:horizonal padding is deprecate..." Any tips?
<sturm>The apt-get installed Emacs 24 looks ok fwiw
<civodul>hello sturm
<lyr3>hey guys, why is wget not pre-installed on guixsd iso? thanks
<civodul>did you set XDG_DATA_DIR to point to your guix-profile?
<civodul>sturm: ↑
<civodul>hey lyr3!
<civodul>s/guys/people/ :-)
<lyr3>its a hassle having to edit the config.scm..everytime!
<civodul>i think wget is not in the image by default
<civodul>but you can always "guix package -i wget" or use "guix download"
<lyr3>yep...just took me 2min to install it! hhahahaahaha
<lyr3>most iso has wget or curl...anyway...might be a minimal choice design
<lyr3> space left
<lyr3>there is any wget minimal on guixsd.iso?
<sturm>civodul: thanks, I'll try that
<lyr3>cool...there are 3 templates under /etc/configuration/ lightweight version is what I was after haha
<lyr3>Does anyone knows why I have to use (tagert "mnt/boot/efi") to install efi?
<lyr3>its seems just wrong
<sturm>civodul: no change as far as I can tell
<civodul>sturm: ok, i'm not sure what's going on then; perhaps you could email, because i think similar issues were discussed before
<sturm>civodul: thanks for the tipoff, found it here
<civodul>sturm: oh cool :-)
<civodul>it has to do with XDG_DATA_DIR at least ;-)
<LoneVVolf>Hi, arch linux openrc user here . anybody know whether elogind can work when systemd is installed but not booted ?
<OriansJ>LoneVVolf: well we use Shepard as our default initd and I don't know of anyone having issues with that.
<janneke>g_bor[m]: i cannot seem to find gcc-ddc, i thought you got that package merged?
<massma>I just wanted to follow up from yesterday RE: M-x ispell not working in my emacs, but only when TeX mode is on. I switched to hunspell from aspell and the problem went away. I suspect the problem may have had something to do with locating dictionaries (I *think* TeX mode touches this), and could be an issue either with my config or a slight chance of a bug upstream. I got to finish this paper but hopefully later thi
<massma>s week I can dig in, figure it out, and file a bug upstream if warranted
<pkill9>how do people here handle their dwm configs?
<ng0>pkill9: what's the problem with bspwm?
<ng0>worked for me
<ng0>although I have old configs
<ng0>and I installed sxhkd etc in the global profile
<pkill9>it looked to me like it wasn't opening, then i realised it may have just not been starting a bar so it looked like it wasn't opening
<pkill9>does it normally start a bar? if so which one?
<ng0>idk, I'm not using it
<ng0>I only did test my old configs in the last 3 years
<ng0>my dwm config is just a fork of dwm.
<ng0>or substituted in dwm package.. can't remember
<ng0>I think this is outdated.. but a bit like this:
<ng0>there were 2 or 3 linked files I had for this. I don't remember a bar though.. the WM I use doesn't even have a bar.
<ryanwatkins>Hey guys, how would I automatically connect to a given network via a guix system config?
<ryanwatkins>My system seems to always D/C using nmtui
<ryanwatkins>I assume NetworkManager has a thing that should automatically connect but mine does not :'(
<ryanwatkins>Says here I need a network-manager-configuration record, how can I find out what fields the record takes?
<pkill9>yep bspwm was working fine all along lol
<pkill9>just need a panel
<pkill9>already loving the gaps :D
<soundtoxin>polybar is nice, but it hasn't been packaged yet
<pkill9>yeah polybar allows you to make some very nice looking bars
<wigust>ryanwatkins: in the terminal ‘info guix’ -> ‘i’ -> ‘network-manager-configuration’
<wigust>ryanwatkins: btw, my laptop does connect automatically to wi-fi with networkmanager (i didn't configure anything to do it after authorized with nmtui)
<sarlg>I'm trying to install guix on arch, but adding the profile font directory (?) to X fails with "Bad font path element". The directory exists and has fonts inside it. How would I fix that?
<pkill9>polybar needs python2 version of xcbgen, but xcb-proto only provide python3 version
<lyr3>that is why I came back to dwm, most wm lacks A or B feature. Dwm is complete
<imme>Am I right in concluding that there is no support for LVM in guixSD's install ?
<imme>okay, thnx :)
<imme>ehm .. so, than I create one partition on the encrypted device, a swap-file on that partition… will that work with booting ?
<imme>In other words: could I put /boot in that encrypted (ext4)-partition ?
<roptat>I think you can do full-disk encryption
<imme>Perhaps with remmoving the "lvm" part from the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX (as provided in ).
<roptat>I don't know how it works, but the manual has an example configuration where there is only one partition, and it is encrypted
<roptat>it's probably present on the installation media too
<imme>yes, it is .. I guess I will try that then ..
<travankor[m]>awesome wm is the only (popular?) tiling wm using the GPL
<lyr3>there are some mit wm that are fine in FSF vision as dwm...
<travankor[m]>yes but GPL is preferred... maybe someone should make a GNU wayland tiling compositer :p
<RockAndSka>Hi Guix
<lyr3>I totally forgot about (herd star cow-store /mnt) ...hahaha
<RockAndSka>Is there someone familiar with the new pack option "--relocatable" ?
<lyr3>you might find more info on that on guix git page
<RockAndSka>lyr3: not sure there is the information I need inside source
<lyr3>Produce @dfn{relocatable binaries}---i.e., binaries that can be placed
<lyr3>+anywhere in the file system hierarchy and run from there
<RockAndSka>lyr3: the goal of this option is ok, i was looking for it since few month
<lyr3>If there is any place that enlight about some function ofc it will be its source code
<RockAndSka>lyr3: what i want to know it is , if the "relocatable" tar is able to works without "namespace" if we place the file inside /gnu/guix
<lyr3>still learning it too...hehe
<RockAndSka>the holy grail would be to have the "wrapper" by default on pack with auto-detecting to use it or not
<RockAndSka>(add proot when namespace is already in the pipeline if i'm correct)
<lyr3>{ +@cindex relocatable binaries, with @command{guix pack}
<lyr3>+What if the recipient of your pack does not have root privileges on
<lyr3>+their machine, and thus cannot unpack it in the root file system? In
<lyr3>+that case, you will want to use the @code{--relocatable} option (see
<lyr3>+below). This option produces @dfn{relocatable binaries}, meaning they
<lyr3>+they can be placed anywhere in the file system hierarchy: in the example
<lyr3>+above, users can unpack your tarball in their home directory and
<lyr3>+directly run @file{./opt/gnu/bin/guile}.
<lyr3>that page seems to have some crucial info
<RockAndSka>it partially answering my questions
<RockAndSka>I already read this, just wanna talk about the possibility to auto-detect the needing of namespace, because if we need to maintain 2 packs depending on the availibity to the user to sue root or not will be a pain :)
<civodul>RockAndSka: if the tarball is unpacked to /gnu/store, then user namespaces aren't needed
<RockAndSka>civodul: didn't see this part, pretty cool if it not use namespace if in the right place !!! so, if there is auto-detect, why not enable "--relocatable" by default ? :)
<RockAndSka>when proot will be had to --relocatable wrapper in case that namespace are not supported, it will be a killer addon ! waiting for this from the start i tried Guix and will be far better than my dirty trick
<jonsger>lets hope this time was nobody faster then me in updating a package :P
<civodul>RockAndSka: it's not enabled by default because it adds a bit of overhead, mostly in space
<RockAndSka>civodul: space ? moastly ? by curiosity, do you know why it adds overhead in space ? and what does "mostly" is for ?
<civodul>i mean the wrappers take a bit of space, which is not always desirable
<civodul>also they add a tiny bit of startup overhead
<civodul>so i think it's nicer to not always introduce those wrappers
<RockAndSka>civodul: I suppose the startup overhead happening only if the namespace is used but not if put inside /gnu/store isn't it N
<civodul>yes, but even then, you have at least an extra 'execve' syscall
<civodul>no big deal i agree, hence "mostly" above :-)
<RockAndSka>civodul: depending of the space overhead , if it is not too much, have it by default make sense
<RockAndSka>not a big deal when you want to have the possibility to use the same environment everywhere without to be sure to having root
<civodul>i get your point, but i really think there are cases where you want the "real" binaries without those wrappers
<RockAndSka>i get it too :)
<RockAndSka>just wish this option will be add to "guix packages" too
<RockAndSka>to be able to have only one environment to backup and be able to run it ervywhere
<RockAndSka>for now, for testing purpose, i recompile guix with a store inside /var/tmp/guix-{hash} symlink to my .local, partially work but require to tweak some "tests" phase and recompile everything
<jonsger>civodul: guixhpc seems to be down...
<civodul>jonsger: ooops, thanks for the heads-up
<civodul>there was a planned shutdown this week-end, but somehow things didn't restart
<civodul>and i had completely forgotten about this
<civodul>RockAndSka: heheh sounds fun; why /var/tmp?
<RockAndSka>civodul: cause it survive to reboot and is present in every linux distro and writable by all
<RockAndSka>civodul: so, i'm sure i can install my symlink like i want, and works even if the "noexec" option to mount is enable
<civodul>oh right, i see
<RockAndSka>that was my way to have a portable environment without the overhead of proot / namespace and the need to change all the command.
<RockAndSka>I need to go. Cu next time all :)
<imme>so, I'm not really sure .. i have added the encrypted device to the mapped-devices section. And to the file-systems section I added the partition that I created using title 'label and then the label that I gave to the partition .. Does that look okay ?
<imme>So (target "encdev") in mapped-device and (title 'label)<CR>(device "mainpartition") in file-system…