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<civodul>Hello Guix!
<civodul>so, as we know, Docker is all the rage
<civodul>and now Jupyter is all the rage as well
<civodul>recommended by Jupyter/xtensor developers yesterday
<cehteh>1. make a turd 2. polish it 3. now gold plated! 4. profit (i wonder why it still stinks)
<rekado>cehteh: now there, that’s not very charitable.
<rekado>apparently this solves some people’s problems. I know people who would consider this convenient.
<rekado>but it does seem somewhat bizarre.
<cehteh>thats how it is, some people like the blink, some mind the stink :)
<cehteh>sure docker has some advantages, solves some problem for some people
<cehteh>but it is also a can of worms
<rekado>civodul: so, the only way to control the execution context for a Jupyter notebook is to explicitly set up the environment before starting it?
<rekado>that would be very unfortunate.
<divansantana>"Settings schema 'org.gtk.Settings.FileChooser' is not installed" What do I have to install on guixsd to fix that error?
<divansantana>I get it when I try save as dialog in libreoffice
<rekado>divansantana: it may be necessary to wrap the executable in GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR.
<rekado>we do this for wxmaxima, gajim, utox, and possibly others.
<snape>so it's a bug
<civodul>rekado: indeed, you have to start it in the right environment
<civodul>and the notebook doesn't specify
<civodul>so firewall` was saying that maybe we could make some sort of a "meta-kernel" that would act as a proxy for the real kernels and take care of deployment
<civodul>we have yet to see if that can fly
<snape>Someone should probably consider replying this bug report. It's 86 days old and it's probably an easy fix.
<civodul>actually Binder supports several provisioning method:
<civodul>perhaps we could add a Guix method, too
<civodul>snape: we're always looking for that Someone :-)
<civodul>i think this bug was fixed actually, so i'll check and reply
<snape>if that's the case, divansantana is running an old version
<civodul>specifically i think de136f3ee7878dea139e751b7e4ca04c2542c91d fixed it
<snape>I can't test it unfortunately because I'm not running GuixSD ATM
<snape>(and ssh -X doesn't work for some obscure reason)
<divansantana>snape: civodul: I fixed it. I had to install gtk+ :) Thanks!
<snape>divansantana: well, that shouldn't be needed
<civodul>yeah i've just checked and the gschemas profile hook didn't fix this
<civodul>contrary to what i thought
<civodul>more investigation needed
<efraim>Speaking of old bugs, I can confirm the macbook b43 wifi deblob bug is still there
<pkill9>i'm getting this weechat curl error even though I have system-wide certificates installed in /etc/ssl/certs:
<ng0>did '' exist once? I have a crawler prototype without an error catch so far stumbling over this domain
<civodul>pkill9: could you strace it to see where it's looking for certificates?
<pkill9>civodul: how do i use it? I ran `strace weechat --dir /tmp` and it runs but the output is garbled since it's an ncurses application
<pkill9>ah nevermind, i ran it in tmux
<pkill9>now i can read the output
<pkill9>civodul: this is the only mention of 'ssl' i found:
<pkill9>openat(AT_FDCWD, "/etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt", O_RDONLY) = 4
<civodul>you can use "strace -o log weechat ..."
<civodul>so it looks like it did find the certificates
<civodul>are there other files being opened or searched for under /etc/ssl/certs/?
<pkill9>no, there's also this mention of 'ssl':
<pkill9>openat(AT_FDCWD, "/tmp/ssl/relay.pem", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)
<pkill9>maybe it can't read the ca-certificates.crt file for some reason
<roptat>= 4 means it's being assigned a file descriptor, so it could open it
<pkill9>i think it's unable to find libcurl
<pkill9>well, i think it's looking for libcurl in glibc store path
<pkill9>i'll post a pastebin
<pkill9>or not, i'm not very knowledgeable of low level stuff
<roptat>it's trying to find it somewhere in the rpath I think, and it found it in curl's store path (3 lines from the bottom)
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<jlicht>hey guix!
<pkill9_>why are there so many different SSL implementations, like openssl, libressl, gnutls, and nss? or are they more than just different implementations?
<adfeno>ACTION prefers GnuTLS! :D
<adfeno>Really, I don't get the idea behind LibreSSL. I think the community around it would benefit more by contributing and fostering GnuTLS
<ng0>no one benefits from monoculture.
<ng0>the idea behind libressl can be found in the presentations given around the time it was created
<ng0>no idea if they really still hold, but openssl has definitely more secure funding than the openbsd project
<ng0>there is some use in libressl, but my head's currently attached elsewhere
<ng0>ACTION out
<ng0>actually one more thing: the project originated in openbsd internally / at a hackathon / or something. gnutls has a different license and like most gnu parts in bsd code base it is less audited on their side (could be wrong about the audits) and simply lives in the gnu folder. libressl replace the in-tree openssl, just like OpenBSD's httpd replaced the in-tree apache httpd relatively recently. you still have
<ng0>choices in ports though. I think it's good we have this range of choice, especially with regards to licenses used in the different projects.
<adfeno>I just hope this stuff doesn't come to bite us if an adaptation or derivative work is made based on the (possibly) non-copyleft implementations of SSL and TLS.
<adfeno>And by "us" I mean end-cunsumers.
<Rukako>GnuTLS had that nice feature where you could use OpenPGP keys in TLS
<Rukako>but nobody used it so they dropped it ;w;
<civodul>Rukako: yeah i was disappointed as well
<Rukako>civodul: I should mention that I just finished my last exam and so I am free to start the work on the gsoc project
<civodul>Rukako: excellent, looking forward to it!
<civodul>let us know how it goes
<civodul>i'm planning to merge the beginning of the guile-daemon branch hopefully soon
<Rukako>I already made the .service parser since that part is trivial, would you mind having a look at it in order to make sure that I did not mess up the coding conventions or something?
<civodul>so sure, you can post it to guix-devel if you don't mind
<civodul>and then rekado or myself or anyone can comment
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<roptat>on core-updates, I get "config.status: error: Something went wrong bootstrapping makefile fragments" from configure
<vagrantc>fwiw, i think my problems building linux-libre on aarch64 were due to an unreliable microSD
<pkill9>anyone here using bspwm?