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<marusich>It seems that tests/gexp.scm and tests/pack.scm fail for me on current master.
<marusich>Do these tests fail for anyone else on current master branch?
<marusich>It seems commit 47a60325ca650e8fc1a291c8655b4297f4de8deb introduced the tests/pack.scm failure.
<marusich>I'm not sure yet, but it looks like maybe, in that commit, in self-contained-tarball (in guix/scripts/pack.scm), we might be passing in an incorrect value for the first argument of relative-file-name.
<marusich>In the test, it appears to be getting called like this: (relative-file-name "/bin" "/home/marusich/guix-upgrade-gnucash/test-tmp/store/3j3mrl1sf3bcx4fzlz655mzsp4bir54j-profile/bin/guile")
<marusich>Which evaluates to: "../home/marusich/guix-upgrade-gnucash/test-tmp/store/3j3mrl1sf3bcx4fzlz655mzsp4bir54j-profile/bin/guile"
<marusich>Should we even be calling relative-file-name there?
<marusich>I've created a bug report for it since I'm not sure what the intended purpose of calling relative-file-name is there.
<snape>divansantana: I don't think Guix supports starting X without display manager
<rekado>I keep having to build Java things, including all three JVMs.
<efraim>I did too yesterday when I upgraded my kodi box
<rekado>gimp-2.0.pc refers to “gegl-0.3 >= 0.4.0”, but our gegl package installs gegl-0.4.pc only.
<rekado>this causes gimp-fourier to fail.
<rekado>EXWM is pretty great
<janneke>yeah, i'm so happy with it :-)
<rekado>Emacs as a window manager
<janneke>exwm-x actually
<rekado>janneke: would you recommend exwm-x over exwm for people who don’t really use the mouse all that much?
<efraim>I finally realized that I packaged lekha and I can use that instead of viewnoir and eliminate another gtk2 software from my manifest
<janneke>rekado: yes i think so...
<snape>janneke: what value does exwm-x add?
<janneke>i'm not using the mouse at all
<rekado>the description of our exwm-x package makes it sound like it primarily adds mouse support.
<janneke>yes, maybe i should look at plain exwm again; i don't remember what made me try it
<janneke>the mouse remark put me off too, initially
<janneke>does exwm support multiple desktops?
<snape>Also, I'm still not happy about my workflow with X terminals. I use Xterm and their buffers are named Xterm<n>, which makes it difficult to know which terminal contains what. I'd love some way to have a preview of all terminals, or something like that.
<rekado>janneke: if by desktops you mean workspaces: yes.
<rekado>janneke: not sure if it supports multiple displays out of the box.
<efraim>snape: terminology does that, if you don't mind pulling in efl. Otherwise I hear good things about tilix
<snape>efraim: thanks I'll look at them
<janneke>rekado: yes, workspaces -- amazing to have multiple stable window+buffer configurations available
<snape>it's not perfect though: some manipulations on workspaces have side effects on others
<snape>(e.g. moving EXWM buffers arround)
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<pkill9>how do i get a package definition's '#:phases'?
<pkill9>basically i'm inheriting a package and that package has modified %standard-phases, and i want to add a phase of my own to the original package's added phases
<pkill9>hmm i think i just found out how to do that
<rekado>pkill9: substitute-keyword-arguments on (package-arguments the-package) may be what you want.
<rekado>mbakke: do you know the current state of core-updates?
<rekado>it seems to me that it should have been merged quite some time ago.
<rekado>(I’m looking forward to abandoning the rhel6 branch)
<rekado>“guix pull” is broken
<rekado>says “no code for module (gnu packages indent)”
<rekado>commit e470abf8b removed indent.scm
<rekado>it seems to me that the new guix pull doesn’t deal well with modules that have been removed.
<rekado>oh, (gnu packages debug) still refers to indent.
<rekado>now it fails with:
<rekado>In procedure public-lookup: Module named (system repl debug) does not exist
<rekado>that’s /gnu/store/wy3fvw8hjha8bikg3in7nnbbzc2mpl6v-guix-extra.drv
<rekado>worked after trying again.
<janneke>ACTION runs hopefully last mes and tcc builds for 0.14 release
<mbakke>rekado: Hydra is still working on core-updates, but I don't expect a lot of problems. So hopefully in a week or two.
<oswin>Hi, wha is the minimum HDD requirement for GUIXsd? 50GB?
<vagrantc>it really depends on what sort of system you want, and how lazy you are about removing old packages
<snape>oswin: one of my machines is 16GB and it works fine
<oswin>i am asking because on the website it say create *.img file 50 Gb, sooo though this was the minimum
<snape>but I garbage-collect, say, once every three months, and I don't have too many packaged installed
<snape>it's probably just to avoid having to resize the image later, but it's definitely not necessary
<pkill9>oswin: i installed GuixSD to a 25GB partition and i have very little room left
<pkill9>I'd quite like to double that tbh
<pkill9>and perl always nees to be compiled after running the garbage collector, so i prefer to avoid collecting garbage too often
<pkill9>if you're running a desktop with larger packages, like blender, and/or games, i would go for 50GB
<pkill9>just to make it more comfortable
<vagrantc>(or a lot of user data)
<vagrantc>it also really depends on how likely you are to get a substitute
<vagrantc>if you end up recompiling the linux-libre kernel, for example, that needs a fair amount of free space
<vagrantc>but if you just download it from a substitute, it doesn't take much
<pkill9>yeah, i have some custom packages so I end up gettign the source + build requirements
<pkill9>as for user data, i would typically put that on a separate harddrive or partition
<oswin>ok ok, well because I have good storage space, I choosed 100GB, i am busy now to install we will see... after the installation, I should update the system with, guix pull && guix system reconfigure ...
<oswin>i asked because it is virtual system, so normally i prefere to use only 10 - 20Gb, but I will not make me difficult this time :-)
<vagrantc>if it's a virtual machine, it shouldn't be too hard to grow it if needed
<snape>it also depends on whether you use graphical softwares or not
<oswin>yeah, the qcow images are easy to grow
<oswin>no i use the lightdesktop config
<oswin>so i3
<snape>mine doesn't have anything graphical, it's just a mail server
<jonsger>oswin: 50GB should be fine
<oswin>can someone tip me how to sshserver after fresh install??
<janneke>oswin: you want to start the openssh daemon?
<oswin>but herd start ssh-daemon does not work
<janneke>oswin: did you add the openssh service to your config.scm?
<vagrantc>oswin: have you configured openssh-service-type?
<vagrantc>(or lsh, or dropbear)
<oswin>no, I will read the documentation, thanks ^^
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<TSholokhova>Hi. I haven't been here for a while. My name is Tatiana. I'm a GSoC intern working on implementing a web interface for guix-cuirass.
<TSholokhova>Currently, I'm working on static files serving. I would like to ask for an advice on where it is preferable to store static files in the cuirass repo.
<alezost>TSholokhova: hello, I don't know about static files, but if you will not get an answer here, feel free to ask on guix-devel mailing list
<Rukako>hi guix
<isengaara-tomoko>Yesterday I attempted to install Guix on the Talos II.
<efraim>ACTION is jealous
<isengaara-tomoko>First I manually installed guile and all other depends
<efraim>Do you have PPC64 bootstrap binaries?
<isengaara-tomoko>Then I run ./configure --with-courage make and make install
<isengaara-tomoko>no bootstrap binaries yet
<isengaara-tomoko>I thought guix could use the host gcc to build the bootstrap binaries
<baconicsynergy>hello friends :)
<baconicsynergy>how are you all today?
<isengaara-tomoko>I think I'll have to use an x86 to cross compile those
<efraim>In other news, I found the iFixit guide for swapping the HDD on my iBook G4, have to disassemble it most of the way
<efraim>Still, 120GB SSD >> 40GB HDD from 2006
<efraim>It might be 60
<baconicsynergy>40GB HDD sounds like ancient technology nowadays. Funny how time flies
<baconicsynergy>That used to be an exorbitant amount of data back in the day
<ng0>oh yeah
<ng0>I still got that drive
<ng0>still last!
<ng0>that's 20 years old today
<ng0>I only threw away the computer with it (full metal case) in 2015 or something
<ng0>it was still working but had some aging bugs
<ng0>and no one wants those for work anymore :/
<amz3>hi all
<ng0>zip and tar were your friends with 40 GB disks and the only backup medium affordable 3.5" floppy disks
<baconicsynergy>amz3, hiyooo
<amz3>so, he did not do their scheme exercices today?!
<amz3>so, who did not do their scheme exercices today?!
<efraim>The only linux distros I know of for 32 bit PPC is debian oldstable and gentoo, and debian oldstable loses support next month
<ng0>amz3: 'cause master pull broke?
<amz3>ng0: nah
<amz3>ng0: I read that, bad things happens
<amz3>ng0: just general joke question
<amz3>ng0: to remind people that to help with guix, you must know scheme and guile in particular
<amz3>ng0: what are you doing this days?
<ng0>mostly fixing up python bits in GNUnet, and working on the design for my system
<ng0>I got a job now and university.. the subway drive is where most of my work happens now
<amz3>btw I continue to work on my idea to help datascientist, I showed my idea to a ex-colleague and he told he was up to something and that my database can be of some help... seems like he is going to build a company. And MAYBE we will use scheme
<amz3>ng0: I can not work while comuting, sad story, I just listen to music like zombie
<amz3>I will try to convince him to use scheme
<ng0>I have a 30 minutes ride without changing rides, so it works
<amz3>I have 2 times 30 minutes ride
<amz3>one chance
<amz3>one change
<amz3>ng0: and it's not to go to university :(
<amz3>I wish I could go back to those times
<amz3>if we succeed, a dream of mine is to help guix with guixops
<ng0>cool :)
<ng0>hmm.. add changes for gnurl update to gnu/packages/gnunet.scm ... make... GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH="" guix build gnurl ... gnurl-7.59.0 .. wtf
<amz3>ansible is so much crap
<ng0>with pre-inst-env it works
<amz3>keep it steady #guix futur is bright
<baconicsynergy>the future is now!!
<mubarak>Guest2387: Hola :)
<mubarak>Guest2387: since you made it here, you speak English. right?
<vagrantc>Guest2387: solo veo en francais i engleis
<Guest2387>mubarak: quiero aprender a instalar GUIX GNU
<uniq10>Hi guix
<mubarak>Guest2387: the installation manual(Guix reference manual) only available in English, but in the installation you could specify Spanish as a System language in config.scm)
<uniq10>What does the argument `includeDerivers` of function `void computeFSClosure()` in nix/libstore/ do exactly?
<mubarak>lxo:?? maybe Guest2387 don't speak english
<uniq10>As far as I understand it adds to `paths` the valid `.drv` files in closure of the argument?
<uniq10>Is this understanding correct?
<lxo>mubarak, I speak Spanish, but I don't know much about guix myself
<lxo>Guest2387, ¿entendiste la respuesta de mubarak?
<Guest2387>lxo: no
<mubarak>lxo: I know you speak spanish :), I want to say to him that their no spanish manual for installation but he don't understand english
<lxo>Guest2387, el dijo que el manual de instalación está disponible solamente en inglés, pero cuándo instales guix, podrás elegir español como el idioma del sistema en config.scm
<lxo>mubarak, there ;-)
<mubarak>thank you so much :-)
<lxo>sure, np
<Guest2387>lxo: voy a instalarlo en una VIRTUAL-MACHINE con virt-manager ---> sobre PARABOLA GNU, y si en algo me falla les aviso
<lxo>mubarak, Guest2387 will install it in a virtual machine on top of parabola, and will get back to us in case something goes wrong
<mubarak>OK, I will be here for less than 3 hours
<lxo>Guest2387, mubarak se va a quedar por no más que 3 horas. y yo no sé casi nada de guix, así que... ¡suerte! :-)
<mubarak>Guest2387, on parabola they have a guix package in their repo you could install it with pacman and try it out
<mubarak>Guest2387, there are few users their speak spanish and maybe could help you more
<lxo>Guest2387, hay un paquete guix en el repositorio de parabola, podrías instalarlo con pacman y probarlo. hay unos usuarios que hablan español y podrían ayudarte más
<Guest2387>lxo: okey
<Guest2387>loadkeys la-latin1 | ip link | ifconfig ens3 up | parted /dev/sda | (parted) mklabel msdos | (parted) mkpart primary ext3 1MiB 100% | (parted) set 1 boot on | (parted) quit
<Guest2387>lxo: llegué asta ahi
<lxo>mubarak, that's as far as Guest2387 got (see above)
<mubarak>Guest2387: cp /etc/configuration/desktop.scm /mnt/config.scm and modify it | note: /mnt is where you mount the root partition
<mubarak>their is template for different installation setup(bare-bone.scm(minimal install), desktop.scm(xfce, GNOME)) in /etc/configuration
<lxo>Guest2387, copia el archivo y cambialo; /mnt es donde está tu partición root. hay diferentes opciones de instalación (minimal, xfce, gnome) en /etc/configuration
<mubarak>Guest2387, wait...
<mubarak>Guest2387, here is an example I choose Xfce as Desktop environment, and added ntfs-3g to the packages
<mubarak>Guest2387: sorry, you should create etc directory in /mnt "mkdir /mnt/etc" and move config.scm to /mnt/etc/ . After that "herd start cow-store /mnt" and "guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm" to start system installation"
<Guest2387>mkfs.ext4 -L my-root /dev/sda1 | mount LABEL=my-root /mnt | mkdir /mnt/etc | cp /etc/configuration/desktop.scm /mnt/etc/config.scm | zile /mnt/etc/config.scm
<mubarak>then type (device "my-root") instead of (device "/dev/sda1")
<mubarak>and do the herd ... and guix system ... like above
<lxo>Guest2387, hay que crear etc en /mnt y poner config.scm allí, poner (device "my-root") donde está (device "/dev/sda1") y luego "herd start cow-store /mnt" y "guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm" para empezar la instalación
<lxo>Guest2387, mira el ejemplo en arriba; elige Xfce como desktop y añade ntfs-3g a los paquetes
<mubarak>sorry "guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm /mnt"
<lxo>Guest2387, faltó " /mnt" al final del comando guix system init arriba
<Digit>no kivy love in guix yet?
<mubarak>after the installation complete, reboot and the first thing you do before installing any package is to do "guix pull"
<pkill9>Digit: it's in there as 'python-kivy' and 'python2-kivy'
<Digit>ah, thnx
<lxo>Guest2387, cuándo se complete la instalación, reinicia y, antes de instalar cualquier paquete, corre "guix pull"
<rekado>uniq10: I’m not sure, but I think it causes computeFSClosure to include the derivations that are responsible for a given output.
<uniq10>rekado: Thank you. That's what I think too. But I am a bit confused as to what that flag will mean when `flipDirection` is set to true. In that case it appears to behave like `includeOutputs`. I hope I am right here too.
<uniq10>* like `inlcudeOutputs` set to true.
<mubarak>Guest2387, Their is one thing I want to mention is trisquel forum: Here their are a many spanish users and they use different GNU/Linux disto and than trisquel including Parabola, hyberbola and GuixSD, they are quit helpful. they are also in #trisquel IRC
<Guest2387>host-name "guix-demo" | timezone "America/Lima" | locale "es_PE.utf8" target "/dev/sda" | source(uuid "2ee27df1-6d12-494a-8f56-e15de166fe53") | target "my-root" | divice "my-root" | name "yordan" | home-directory "/home/yordan" |
<lxo>Guest2387, mubarak quisiera mencionar el forum de trisquel. hay muchos usuarios de diversas distros que hablan español allá, ej parabola, hyperbola y guixsd, y ayudan mucho. también están en IRC #trisquel
<Guest2387>lxo: ¿como se guarda y que mas modifica en ese archivo?
<mubarak>good! now choose xfce or GNOME or specify you favorite window manager or desktop environment in packages like i did to ntfs-3g
<lxo>mubarak, how does one save, and what else to change in this file?
<lxo>Guest2387, bien! ahora elige xfce o gnome o especifica tu entorno de desktop favorito en paquetes como mubarak hizo con ntfs-3g (en el paste arriba, supongo)
<mubarak>C+s for save and C+x C+c for exit. also C+x C+c ask for save changes so you could press"y" for yes
<mubarak>just type C+x C+x and then y
<rekado>uniq10: the difference between the two is referrers vs references
<rekado>when flipDirection is set it operates on the referrers, not the references.
<lxo>Guest2387, C+s para guardar y C+x C+c para salir. te va a preguntar si quieres guardar si sales sin guardar
<rekado>but as far as I understand this doesn’t affect the meaning of includeDerivers.
<mubarak>lxo: thanks a lot, I truly appreciated. I apologize for asking you for translation, I know you are busy. thanks again :)
<rekado>EXWM users: what keybinding do you use to switch from line-mode to char-mode?
<rekado>also: how do you set session variables (like
<rekado>or to start things like ibus-daemon or gpg-agent?
<rekado>I have those things in my .xinitrc, but they seem to have no effect
<rekado>I used to have them in .xsession when I was using StumpWM, and that used to work.
<rekado>ACTION —> zzzZ
<uniq10>rekado: I understood the difference between referrers and references. My question was regarding the effect of `includeDerivers` when the direction was flipped. When the direction is flipped `includeDerivers` seems to be adding derivation outputs. Thanks :-)
<uniq10>nix/libstore/ line 35. As per this.
<reepca>ah uniq10, finally we're on at the same time. I don't suppose you got my message about MS_PRIVATE? I meant to have the bot leave a message, but it seems he's gone AWOL.