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<Apteryx_>has anyone been successful at configuring a Ubuntu 16.04 host as an offload machine?
<Apteryx_>I've appended ^\\\\..*$ to my `dired-omit-files' variable. C-x M-o is excluding hidden files now.
<Apteryx_>ACTION posted in the wrong channel
<baconicsynergy>Okay, I'm trying attempt to install guix on Lineage 15.1 for the third time. lets do this!
<baconicsynergy>roptat, /etc and /system/etc are both present. Will this be an issue?
<baconicsynergy>resolv.conf are in both directories, so I don't think it would be an issue?
<baconicsynergy>alright, lets try guix pull
<baconicsynergy>okay... things seem to be working...
<baconicsynergy>no errors so far... :)
<baconicsynergy>okay, its doing MUCH better than it was last time. I think I actually accomplished this task :DDDD
<baconicsynergy>damn i love guix
<baconicsynergy>LOL i love the fact that I have glibc on my android phone alongside bionic
<baconicsynergy>computer science is freaking incredible
<baconicsynergy>damnit! i keep getting "ERROR: In procedure getaddrinfo: Temporary failure in name resolution"
<baconicsynergy>right in the middle of it working too
<baconicsynergy>another failure :(
<baconicsynergy>I was so excited too :/
<baconicsynergy>I'm able to download a bunch of substitutes from hydra, and then it just throws out this error after downloading around 15-20 subs
<baconicsynergy>getting a bunch of "spurious SIGPOLL"
<baconicsynergy>roptat, I hope you can help :/
<baconicsynergy>why would it work and just suddenly stop working in the middle of everything?
<baconicsynergy>I'm having a hard time discerning whether the problem is either LineageOS or Guix
<baconicsynergy>ACTION dies
<baconicsynergy>roptat, you're my only hope
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<rekado_>Hi Guix!
<efraim>Heh, my spare desktop only has 10/100 ethernet
<g_bor[m]>Hi Guix!
<g_bor[m]>rekado_: I have found an interesting email in my the archives, I remembered about a use of the hydra interface. I don't know if we have this API implemented in cuirass already, but it would be a nice to have. WDYT?
<rekado_>g_bor[m]: re the first email: do you mean an API to compare evaluations?
<rekado_>I don’t think we have this yet
<rekado_>but I’m hopeful that Tatiana can implement this.
<rekado_>the first task is to get Cuirass to serve all the HTML, CSS, and JS, and to implement a status page.
<g_bor[m]>I also hope so, this would be very useful to have.
<g_bor[m]>I have seen a mail mentioning, that a new branch will be created on the repository, where we can track the work.
<g_bor[m]>Uniq10 also created a github repository we can track.
<g_bor[m]>Where can I track Sahitihi's work?
<rekado_>g_bor[m]: there is no work yet. I have asked Sahithi for patches per email.
<g_bor[m]>rekado_: Ok, I see. Thanks for the information. Do we have anything that should be done now regarding these projects?
<rekado_>g_bor[m]: I don’t think we need to do anything at this point.
<g_bor[m]>rekado_: Ok, thank you!
<rekado_>You are welcome to encourage the students to communicate more, though.
<rekado_>I feel that all of them could do better by sharing more about their current status.
<g_bor[m]>rekado_: Great idea, I will have a look at the mails I received already, and ask around. It would be nice to see some code :)
<pkill9>what type of regex does the "substitute*" function recognise?
<pkill9>e.g., is it the same as that recognised by the 'sed' command?
<efraim>I think so, but I haven't done too much fancy stuff with either
<ng0>it's documented where the substitute* function is defined.
<rekado_>pkill9: the only thing that needs special care is escaping, because the regular expressions are in strings.
<firewall`>Hi Guix
<firewall`>Someone know if the network is enable during service activation ?
<efraim>You can make a service depend on networking, but be aware the loopback interface also counts for this
<firewall`>Mmm, this service need to register on distant server at activation :\\
<pkill9>you could make it periodically attempt to register over a period of time if it fails
<snape>firewall`: no, you can't do that
<snape>you can make a *Shepherd* service depend on networking
<snape>not a Guix service
<snape>there is a subtle difference. Shepherd services are Guix services, but Guix services don't have to be Shepherd services
<rekado_>I’m going to look into adding Singularity / squashfs support to “guix pack”.
<snape>Guix service activation happens pretty early, at boot, so you won't have network
<snape>(because service activation is a Guix thing, not a Shepherd thing)
<firewall`>snape: Okay thanks for infomation
<firewall`>pkill9: I try
<snape>firewall`: what is the service?
<firewall`>snape: Is gitlab-runner
<firewall`>But for the moment is "hacky" version, with binary download
<snape>you can get it to register within the Shepherd "start" action, instead of the activation
<snape>g_bor[m]: what is that [m] that lots of people have as nick suffix?
<g_bor[m]>snape: it means, that they are connecting through a matrix irc bouncer
<snape>Oh great. Is it customizable? I mean, could choose to use a matrix IRC bouncer and have a normal nick?
<snape>I'd like matrix to be packaged for Guix by the way
<snape>service included
<g_bor[m]>snape: Yes, it is. you can customize you nickname to whatever you like. This is the default. See:
<snape>ok cool, thanks!
<bavier`>rekado_: singularity for 'guix pack' would be neat
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<janneke>Hello Guix!
<vagrantc>ACTION waves
<efraim>vagrantc: I built the aarch64 kernel, should we go through and hunt down the DEBLOBBED messages and not try to build those modules?
<vagrantc>efraim: ah, hadn't even thought of that aspect of things
<vagrantc>efraim: unfortunately, my pine64+ has had stability issues ... after all this
<efraim>probably doesn't make a difference to the running kernel
<divansantana_>hi guix :)
<divansantana_>anyone have an example config file of starting X via xinitrc and not slim?
<efraim>gstreamer builds on aarch64 on core-updates, only if it's the only package building, otherwise it triggers some test timeout
<vagrantc>efraim: i was thinking i'd try testing the two other boards i have on hand not doing anything ... see if they're any more stable
<vagrantc>efraim: as they should work with the same kernel
<vagrantc>though the puma-rk3399 requires a custom ATF, though does use mainline u-boot... and i've never gotten firefly-rk3399 to work with mainline ATF + mainline u-boot
<vagrantc>the only tested/supported aarch64 capable board so far uses non-mainline ATF anyways... so i could probably add support :)
<jackhill>when running guix package -u, I notice that there are multiple lines printed fetching substitutes from the same server
<jackhill>What's going on under the covers? Is it chunking the fetch?
<vagrantc>ACTION has wondered this as well
<vagrantc>i've even run guix publish on another machine ... and in the publish logs it's fetching a variety of different files
<mbakke>jackhill: That's
<nckx>vagrantc, jackhill: Probably:
<nckx>Laggity lag.
<jackhill>mbakke, nckx thanks!