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<Rukako>roptat: yeah, I prefer ed25519 instead of the nsa curves for key exhanges to be honest :p
<Rukako>roptat: also, congratulations for your work, a peer to peer guix sounds quite exciting
<amz3>a p2p guix? where?
<amz3>roptat is implementing dht in guile?
<zeronineseven>Hi! Is there any (unofficial) centrlized effort to collect non-free software package definitions to use with guix? Or should I actually manually define package for each and every non-free piece of software I want to use? Thx!
<CornBurglar>If I want to install guixSD with allowances for my non-free wifi drivers, could I write a config.scm that uses something other than linux-libre? How would I achieve this if it's doable? Also, is it possible to install the OS from directly inside of nixOS?
<pkill9>there isn't a centralised effort nah
<pkill9>and yeah you can CornBurglar
<OrangeShark>just replaced my wifi card on my laptop with something that has free drivers :) time to install GuixSD
<zeronineseven>pkill9: It kinda sucks =/ I believe that it's going to be a huge obstacle for guix adoption. Are there any actual problems preventing such effort or it's just the lack of manpower?
<daviid>OrangeShark: what company is the wifi card maker?
<OrangeShark>daviid: antheros, got it from thinkpenguin
<daviid>ok tx
<OrangeShark>zeronineseven: it has more to do with Guix being a GNU project. They do not want to encourage using non-free software
<zeronineseven>I understand the GNU folks with their free software devotion. However I'm huge fan of "practicality beats purity" mindset and also believe that currently in Real World (TM) you won't get very far without non-free software. That's why I thought that something like AUR might exist for Guix. Otherwise I'm not really sure how Guix can compete with nix or even oldschool package managers like apt/rpm/pacman.
<vagrantc>i seem to have had a crash with some filesystem corruption (e.g. two files in /lost+found) ... and now "guix pull" tracebacks, even after removing the .config/guix/latest symlink
<vagrantc>ACTION tries to capture a fresh traceback
<vagrantc>ACTION is perhaps too impatient to debug and reinstalls
<vagrantc>which, it turns out, is another kind of patience
<baconicsynergy>hello friends :)
<baconicsynergy>im about to install guix on android
<baconicsynergy>its going to be AWESOME
<baconicsynergy>sneek, how are you feeling today?
<vagrantc>hope it's a very powerful android device :)
<baconicsynergy>vagrantc, its not bad :) its a nexus 6P and it's been the best phone i've ever had
<lyr3`>That practical guy miss completely what is the purpouse of the Guix(SD) project: Expanding freedom. It is meant to cease proprietary software from our lifes.
<lyr3`>Envisioning an digital world that earns money but do rob from users control of their computing.
<lyr3`>It is possible.
<lyr3`>* do not
<lyr3`>I know a lot of people that raised and educated their sons with money earned by projects that used only free/open-source libraries and tools!
<Digit>nice. :)
<roptat>hi guix!
<g_bor[m]>Hello guix!
<janneke>hey g_bor
<g_bor[m]>Hello, janneke. I have seen you are making really good progress regarding mes an mescc.
<janneke>g_bor[m]: yes, I haven't really been in touch, sorry about that
<janneke>just today i produced a tcc that is self hosting
<g_bor[m]>That is really nice. I guess you could not test yet if it compiles gcc. Can I help you somehow?
<janneke>this is really fresh, i haven't tried gcc yet
<janneke>i'm preparing for a 0.14 release, but that may take a while
<janneke>i've been developing mescc using Guile and find that a number of things now break with mes :-(
<janneke>part of the release will be an updated Guix wip-bootstrap branch
<janneke>when that's done, you can surely help compiling gcc and its dependencies
<g_bor[m]>Thank you. Please keep me updated. I have to go now. Bye
<rekado>Hi Guix
<rekado>I’m planning to spend some time working through our guix-patches list tomorrow.
<rekado>Who would like to join and reduce the list of unanswered patch submissions?
<numerobi1>Hi! I am writing a small python library with a compiled component relying on some C++ libraries, and was wondering whether writing a guix package for it would be a good way of ensuring that it gets built in a reproducible way? My understanding so far is that, on the 'pros' side:
<numerobi1>- Using guix will remove the need to support different versions of the libraries used (numpy, sympy, scipy, CMake, boost, ...), as supporting the versions that come with the guix distribution would be enough.
<numerobi1>- The build will be guaranteed to be reproducible.
<numerobi1>On the 'cons' side
<numerobi1>- If the user uses the libraries already, installing my package would negate the advantage of using shared libraries for development, and several versions of the libraries would coexist on the user's computer.
<numerobi1>Also, on the practical side of things, I was wondering what the user would have to do to use a library installed with guix? In particular, how easy it is to configure the python path to ensure that the correct libraries get imported?
<pkill9>what would you call software packages for monolithic graphical software like blender, libreoffice, GIMP, etc ?
<pkill9>as opposed to smaller tools like xset, tmux, weechat, etc (even if they are also graphical)
<catonano>pkill9: I'm not sure I understand your question. Why would you want to differentiate the names of the packages on the base of how big they are ? I wouldn't. I'd call Blender Blender and weechat weechat
<pkill9>dunno, i guess you're right
<pkill9>i'm just splitting up the bigger packages from the smaller ones into different profiles
<pkill9>i should just have two separate profiles 'big-packages- adn -small-packages' :P
<baconicsynergy>hello friends :)
<roptat>hi :)
<roptat>how's your attempt at getting guix on android going?
<baconicsynergy>im running into a little snag
<roptat>what's wrong?
<baconicsynergy>when im trying to push /etc/protocols and /etc/services to /system/etc/, i receive "failed to copy 'etc/protocols' to '/system/etc/protocols': couldn't create file: Read-only file system"
<roptat>you need to remount the fs
<roptat>from adb, you can run "mount -o remount,rw /system"
<baconicsynergy>cool, thanks!!! let me try it out
<roptat>the rw part does the magick
<baconicsynergy>you are a herooooo
<baconicsynergy>i did it from adb shell
<roptat>I know, I wrote the blog post in the first place :p
<amz3>roptat: you are working on a bt client for guix?
<baconicsynergy>im trying to run "mount /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/userdata /gnu" but im receiving "mount: /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/userdata: need -t"
<roptat>yes, and I have just received my first block \\o/
<roptat>baconicsynergy: does it exists ?
<roptat>if you really need it, you can use "mount -t ext4 /dev/block/... /gnu"
<roptat>not sure that's the correct fs type though
<roptat>amz3: for now I only have low-level procedures though
<amz3>roptat: can I follow your progress somewhere?
<baconicsynergy>im a little bit confused. how and where do i mount /data?
<roptat>amz3: let me find the option to make the project public first :p
<roptat>baconicsynergy: /data is mounted at boot
<baconicsynergy>do i replace /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/userdata with `mount | grep /data`?
<roptat>the grep will give you more than one line, so not exactly
<roptat>but that's the idea
<roptat>mount whatever is mounted on /data, or your external sd card if you have one
<amz3>roptat: release early, release often :]
<baconicsynergy>oops my bad, i meant what you just said :p
<baconicsynergy>is should be /dev/block/dm-0, right?
<roptat>although I have more in my local checkout right now
<roptat>baconicsynergy: probably? I don't know your device
<baconicsynergy>sorry lol, this is very new to me
<baconicsynergy>i think i understand though
<roptat>we need to mount something on /gnu and /var, so using whatever is mounted on /data works
<roptat>if you have a sd card and can make a dedicated partition, it may be better though
<baconicsynergy>i mounted /dev/block/dm0-0 and it worked
<roptat>ok, cool :)
<baconicsynergy>but when running tar xf guix-binary... it says invalid tar format
<baconicsynergy>hmm whats the flag for xz again...
<baconicsynergy>j or J i think!
<roptat>yes something like that
<baconicsynergy>yup J!
<roptat>if that doesn't work, decompress it on your local machine to get a .tar file (like gunzip guix-binary...)
<baconicsynergy>lemme give it a shot
<pkill9>what's the difference between search-paths and native-search-paths?
<pkill9>oh, is native-search-paths only used during the build prcoess, and search-paths only added to a profile's etc/profile ?
<baconicsynergy>I would like to donate some money to guix. Guix has been such a blessing to my life and I want to give back. how can i donate?
<baconicsynergy>im already a fsf member though
<baconicsynergy>i want to donate directly to the guix team :)
<baconicsynergy>if possible
<baconicsynergy>tyvm :) you've all earned it
<roptat>thank you :)
<baconicsynergy>I love paying for Free Software
<baconicsynergy>now, when im creating users and groups, can i stay in the /data directory in the adb shell?
<baconicsynergy>and just follow the instructions verbatim?
<roptat>be careful with your phone though
<roptat>you can rcreate users and group from adb, yes
<baconicsynergy>dont worry, i can reinstall my OS at any time :)
<baconicsynergy>I have everything backed up to my nextcloud account :)
<baconicsynergy>but can i stay in the /data directory or should i move to / ?
<roptat>I think it's fine to run from anywhere
<baconicsynergy>okay cool!
<roptat>the filenames are absolute, so you can run from anywhere
<roptat>that will create files in /etc
<roptat>maybe you want to symlink it to /system/etc first
<baconicsynergy>okay I think everything worked, but I'm getting a predictable nameserver error
<baconicsynergy>can I use google's
<baconicsynergy>in resolv.conf?
<baconicsynergy>okay cool!
<baconicsynergy> isn't working
<roptat>are you on ubuntu? :p
<baconicsynergy>yah, trisquel :)
<roptat>that's the address of the local resolver they use
<baconicsynergy>i see!
<roptat>so of course you can't use it on your phone
<baconicsynergy>makes sense to me
<baconicsynergy>what would be the preferable nameserver ip for resolv.conf besides
<roptat>your isp's resolver
<roptat>but you may be on another subnet
<baconicsynergy>its a good thing im taking a networking class this semester :p
<baconicsynergy>ITS WORKING OMG
<Rukako>17:56:37 < baconicsynergy> what would be the preferable nameserver ip for resolv.conf besides
<Rukako>I use OpenNIC
<roptat>if that's hard to find, I know some french non-profit ISPs have open resolvers
<Rukako>it's a community project and they support dnscrypt
<baconicsynergy>how do i use openNIC?
<baconicsynergy>I can't believe this is working. I'm so excited right now you have no idea
<baconicsynergy>welp another nameserver error :p
<Rukako>baconicsynergy: just find a server that you like from here
<baconicsynergy>Rukako, tyvm!
<Rukako>no problem!
<baconicsynergy>I keep receiving: "ERROR: In procedure getaddrinfo: Temporary failure in name resolution"
<roptat>can you ping the nameserver? did you symlink /etc?
<roptat>////etc should contain at least resolv.conf, protocols, passwd and groups
<baconicsynergy>no symlink, i can ping the nameserver
<baconicsynergy>should it be /system/etc/etc/ or /system/etc/?
<roptat>currently your resolv.conf is in /system/etc but glibc tries to read /etc/resolv.conf
<roptat>if you symlinked /etc to /system/etc, it would have worked fine
<roptat>(your users and groups would have been created in /system/etc which incidentally is preserved across reboots)
<baconicsynergy>i'll symlink it now!
<roptat>you can probably run "mv /etc/* /system/etc; rmdir /etc; ln -sv /system/etc /" or something
<happy_gnu[m]>anyone here wants to join us for a libre game of 0ad
<happy_gnu[m]>we play libre games only at #lgn (:
<pkill9>coo li will check it ou
<baconicsynergy>I learned a lot today, phew
<baconicsynergy>gonna get some coffee :)
<baconicsynergy>roptat, thank you for everything!
<pkill9>happy_gnu[m]: looking at the list of games, i don't see OpenRA on there :P it's a good addition
<ng0>sneek: later tell baconicsnergy: go to or what it was, their site tells you how. I contributed for a while, it's easy
<ng0>damn it sneek.
<happy_gnu[m]>pkill9: great we will add it
<ng0>basically will run a script and tell you based on location the nearest servers. or you could use the serverlist
<ng0>longtime experience: don't use it and forget that you have it set up, sometimes people stop contributing and the IPs disappear. not that often around a stable core of people, but happens..
<happy_gnu[m]>pkill9: I suggested it and will probably be added
<happy_gnu[m]>hope you join us on #lgn
<pkill9>cool, i will :)
<vagrantcish>are there guix configuration options for a split /boot partition? e.g. copy all the linux-libre/initrd stuff from /gnu/store so that the bootloader can load them?
<ng0>simply mount a boot partition?
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<ng0>has it ever happened to you that guix claims the existing 'guixbuild' guix-builder group disappeared? this is on a new non-GuixSD host oO
<ng0>runs with --build-users-group=guixbuild
<rekado>numerobi1: generally, you cannot mix Python libraries that were built with Guix with libraries that were built with a different Python variant (e.g. the system Python)
<numerobi1>rekado: Thank you very much!