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<pkill9>strangely there is no substitute available for latest linux-libre, is the build failing?
<civodul>pkill9: there are substitutes on
<civodul>hydra may be lagging
<pkill9>hmm i have berlin as a substitute url but it keeps trying to build the kernel
<pkill9>hmm weird, the daemon is running with berlin server added as a substitute url, when i run `guix build linux-libre` it tries to compile the kernel, when i run `guix build --substitute-urls= linux-libre` it starts compiling perl-5.26.2
<civodul>pkill9: note that you need to authorize it as well
<civodul>vagrantc: there's no option for the Ethernet speed, i suppose you'd have to write an "activation snippet" to set it
<civodul>good to see progress on the pine64!
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<pkill9>hmm weird, i thought i had
<vagrantc>ACTION forgets what civodul was responding to about authorization
<vagrantc>i've enabled authorization for substitutes in some contexts...
<vagrantc>now if we can just get pinebook support working upstream...
<vagrantc>it's like 85% there
<vagrantcish>alright, finally booted pine64+ to guixsd...
<vagrantcish>there are various warnings about manipulating /gnu/store directly ... what are my options to import objects from a directory on a mounted filesystem?
<vagrantcish>or can i just rsync the files from one store to another? what are the risks?
<vagrantcish>it almost seems like i could do this with guix archive, if i had thought to generate the archives before rebooting... or is there a way to guix publish from a different working directory?
<pkill9>doesn't `guix copy` let you do that?
<pkill9>it looks like `guix archive` does what you want
<vagrantcish>pkill9: that allows me to ssh between machines
<vagrantcish>admittedly ... the name guix copy seems like it ought to allow simply copying files...
<vagrantcish>or maybe it's not documented that it works with local directories as well ...
<vagrantcish>guix archive ... seems to almost do what i want
<vagrantcish>i started guix-daemon and guix publish in a chroot with the store i wanted to export ... and this seems to be working...
<vagrantcish>might have been able to figure out how to use guix archive ... but to expore the whole store? seems like this chrooted publish approach will work out
<marusich>Hello, Guix!
<bavier>hello marusich
<marusich>How goes it?
<bavier>good good, you?
<marusich>Doing well! It's a Friday evening here where I am, and I'm just catching up on email.
<vagrantcish>so, i'm trying to figure out how to conditionally run a "make" based on the existance of some files ... i tried (when (find-files "." "\\\\.dtb$") ... (invoke "make" ... ))
<vagrantcish>but i guess "when" is still valid even with an empty list?
<bavier>vagrantcish: an empty list is considered "true" in scheme
<marusich>Specifically, in Scheme, false is represented by the value #f, and all other values are considered to be true.
<bavier>so (unless (null? (find-files ...)) (invoke "make" ...)) might be better
<vagrantcish>cool, thanks.
<vagrantcish>linux-libre-4.16.9-guile-builder:2:887: source expression failed to match any pattern in form (unless (null? (find-files "." "\\\\.dtb$") (mkdir-p dtbdir) (invoke "make" (string-append "INSTALL_DTBS_PATH=" dtbdir) "dtbs_install")))
<vagrantcish>anything obvious? ^^
<bavier>vagrantcish: the extent of the null? is too great
<bavier>i.e. missing ')' after the find-files
<bavier>the "failed to match any pattern" is basically saying the unless has a missing body
<vagrantcish>ok, will try this again :)
<marusich>vagrantcish, "source expression failed to match any pattern in form" usually means you messed up some syntax
<marusich>I often see it when I forget to put parentheses in the right spot :)
<catonano>I managed to build c-pluff
<catonano>where would I put it, in the guix tree ?
<IntoxicatedHippo>Is there a way to use a keyfile with a luks device in my OS config?
<roptat>hi guix!
<nckx>catonano: c.scm, I guess.
<uniq10>Hi guix.
<pkill9>is it safe to remove ~/.guix-profile symlink?
<civodul>pkill9: it doesn't sound like a great idea :-)
<civodul>your user profile would still be reachable and thus not subject to GC, though
<pkill9>i'd rather refer to/var/guix/profiles/per-user/$USER/guix-profile
<roptat>I just sent my first handshake to a bt peer! (although I didn't implement anything to receive the answer yet :p)
<Rukako>for (, is the ED25519 key fingerprint SHA256:o/oI4CKKcWc4cZvDFEdmOXsE3tiPP8bWa04h4bQjtV4 correct?
<Rukako>for ssh I mean
<Rukako>seems correct per
<roptat>I don't understand what you want exactly, but my know_hosts says "ecdsa-sha2-nistp256 AAAAE2VjZHNhLXNoYTItbmlzdHAyNTYAAAAIbmlzdHAyNTYAAABBBP9c1Z2f4OHxymvLxqxQ/hY1g0ol0/iiXUrVFGZBBq4h5gD05c7Gw9rRrcrvF9XvumBvOghOQzDSZZLRWvFGocA="
<roptat>so that was probably not what you wanted ^^'
<civodul>roptat: woohoo!