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<pkill9>is it not possible to use the 'manifest' file in a generated profile/environment with the --manifest flag? I keep getting 'wrong number of arguments' error
<mange>I think you can use it for a profile, but not an environment.
<mange>Oh, no, I'm wrong, you can use a manifest file with environment, according to the manual. What exactly are you having trouble with?
<mbakke>vagrantc: What kind of bootloader does the novena use anyway?
<mbakke>Setting "grub-bootloader" and passing `--no-bootloader` should do the job.
<vagrantc>mbakke: working on adding u-boot support
<vagrantc>mbakke: this was the roundabout way to that... :)
<vagrantc>do any of the u-boot-*-install-os targets generate a boot menu or boot script?
<vagrantc>ACTION didn't see anything, but also only recently found gnu/system/install*
<vagrantc>mbakke: even running with guix-0.14.0 it's still building some things
<vagrantc>ACTION will wander off and wait to see what else it does
<davidl>nckx: seems like font-packages need to be installed in system config.scm instead of user.scm to get font-paths right or something.
<davidl>both emacs and icecat complained about Bitstream Vera Sans 11 when started from a terminal.
<davidl>but solved by installing bitstream-vera-sans in system config.scm
<davidl>I believe this is a bug, since all packages should be linked to user-profile packages when those exist (right?), including fonts.
<rekado_>hi Guix!
<kmicu>( ^_^)/
<efraim>the libreoffice package definition is starting to look large enough that I don't really want to touch it to update to 6.x
<rekado_>This is the license of an FFT library used by tensorflow:
<rekado_>You may use, copy, modify this code for any purpose and without fee. You may distribute this ORIGINAL package.
<rekado_>that’s all.
<rekado_>I’m a bit uncomfortable with “You may distribute this ORIGINAL package.”
<rekado_>do they mean “you may *only* distribute this unmodified package”?
<efraim>What about the resulting binaries?
<pkill9_>you should ask them
***pkill9_ is now known as pkill9
<pkill9>it does kinda look like they don't let you distribute binaries
<efraim>Are there any license headers that might help it read '...and rename any derivatives' like openssl?
<rekado_>efraim: no headers.
<rekado_>it’s a very small library.
<rekado_>(and it seems that upstream has disappeared)
<efraim>*/ I'm on my phone ATM, but it doesn't look like the fft page was saved
<myglc2`> /j #guix
<amz3`>that was fast, nixos has foundationdb package and a long post describing it
<amz3`>he is direct link to the package definition
<bavier`>do the --cores and --max-jobs arguments to guix-daemon establish upper bounds for what a user may supply to 'guix build --cores' etc?
<bavier`>tentative answer, afaict from the code, is "no"
<bavier`>that seems counter-intuitive for the daemon
<bavier`>rekado_: the tensorflow fft code seems nonfree to me
<bavier`>and the comment is self-contradictory: "Unrestricted use; can only distribute original package."
<bavier`>so... which is it?
<pkill9>i've encountered an error: `guix environment --search-paths --ad-hoc curl` doesn't list CURL_CA_BUNDLE as a search path, even though the package definition for curl includes it
<pkill9>oh, it's because it's specified in 'native-search-paths' rather than 'search-paths'
<pkill9>my use-case is using 'feh' to open a remote url over ssl, which uses curl
<pkill9>i just specify it myself, not much of a problem lol
<nckx>davidl: OK, thanks!
<platoxia>are collisions bad...because I have a ton of them
<axd-v>Has anyone gotten vpn to work on their guixsd install?
<janneke>axd-v: manually, with openvpn works fine
<soundtoxin>how do I get pulseaudio running? everything says that it's not running, but I have it installed
<janneke>i didn't get it to work with network-manager yet
<civodul>same here!
<bavier`>huh, make-boot0 fails to build on 0.14.0 :(
<bavier`>civodul: finally got guix-daemon up and running in our datacenter
<civodul>bavier`: woohoo! excellent
<civodul>what were the conclusions of the meeting you mentioned?
<civodul>re build users
<bavier`>civodul: the concern was mostly that managing an arbitrary number of dummy build users is painful
<bavier`>when users/groups are managed centrally
<bavier`>so, I was able to get 4 build uids allocated
<civodul>why is it a concern actually?
<bavier`>I didn't get very many specifics, just that there is reluctance to hand out uids willy-nilly in this corporate environment
<bavier`>but after those comments, I did wonder myself what is gained by using multiple build accounts?
<bavier`>civodul: prior to that, the original concern was that a build user would be needed for every user connection to the daemon!
<civodul>it's just that if you run multiple builds concurrently, you need multiple UIDs so they are fully isolated
<civodul>build users are only used when you perform an actual build (not a download nor a substitution)
<bavier`>civodul: do the kernel namespaces not provide enough isolation?
<civodul>this code predates all that, so we'd need to reconsider it, indeed
<jonsger>ACTION makes kind of "progress" with powerpc64le :P
<bavier`>ok, add it to the list of things-to-do for the guile-based daemon :)
<ngz>Hello. I have a web app which consists of a "index.html" and a bunch of JS files. How am I supposed to package it? I.e., what is the usual way to "run" it, once all files are in place?
<bavier`>civodul: anyhow, now I need to debug these bootstrap failures, was not able to use the '/gnu/store' prefix unfortunately
<bavier`>preflex: hi
<civodul>bavier`: oh that's why you get a make-boot0 build failure?
<preflex>I have installed Guix on SailfishOS, and used guix to install xorg-server-xwayland. However, input does not work. As I understand it, this patch: needs to be applied in order to get input working. I am baffled as to how to build the package with this patch.
<civodul>ngz: you could do that, or you could have a nginx config that refers to those files
<bavier`>civodul: right, I get a curious error from make's configure: "line 27: /dev/null: Permission denied"
<ngz>civodul: Is there any example of such configuration? At the moment, I write a script basically calling xdg-open on "index.html", which is sufficient to use the application, but probably not portable.
<civodul>bavier`: /dev/null is bind-mounted in the build environment
<civodul>see the loop in libstore/ for (auto & i : dirsInChroot)
<civodul>ngz: so the question is how to have a server use that web app, or how to allow "normal users" to use it locally?
<civodul>in the latter case, a package sounds like a good idea
<civodul>preflex: you would need to add this patch to the wayland package in Guix
<bavier`>civodul: hmmm
<civodul>preflex: there are many examples of packages with patches, so you could take inspiration from them
<civodul>or you could report the issue to :-)
<bavier`>I can't imagine how /dev/null would be missing, maybe shebang length?
<civodul>the real /dev/null is 666 right?
<vagrantc>alright ... finally a successful "guix system build" for armhf on novena ... now i'll see if i can actually "guix system init" it and ... boot it
<ngz>civodul: my goal is to allow "normal users" use it locally, if that's fine with Guix policy. The problem is I don't know how to provide a way to "open index.html with a web browser" cleanly.
<civodul>bavier`: can you change the make-boot0 definition to do (invoke "stat" "/dev/null") ?
<civodul>ngz: in that case xdg-open might be the best we can do
<ngz>If that's an acceptable trick, that's fine.
<bavier`>civodul: yeah, it seems accessible
<bavier`>civodul: thanks for the help, I'll continue this later
<bavier`>ACTION afk
<vagrantc>"guix system init config.scm /mnt" didn't create a symlink for /bin/sh
<vagrantc>is the manual out of date? is /bin/sh no longer necessary?
<civodul>vagrantc: /bin/sh is created at "activation time", i.e., when the system boots
<vagrantcish>so, in the grub configuration, i see some arguments such as --system and --load ... any idea how i'd load those from an extlinux file format?
<vagrantcish>or using a u-boot boot script
<vagrantcish>i was expecting to see something like init=/gnu/store/... but now i have no idea what to tell it
<civodul>i don't know, but you could check what gnu/bootloader/*.scm do
<vagrantcish>as far as i can tell the u-boot stuff just installs u-boot, but doesn't actually configure any boot menu or boot script to load
<vagrantcish>ACTION reads the extlinux stuff
<vagrantcish>oh, the "extlinux" stuff is apparently for u-boot support
<vagrantcish>is it safe to re-run "guix system init" on an existing install? worst case i guess i recreate some things
<civodul>yeah it should be safe
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<vagrantcish>well, unsurprisingly the initrd can't find the rootfs
<vagrantcish>probably missing modules or something