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<buenouanq>davidl: very strange, I did not have to do that and mine still works...
<pkill9>does the build server not have substitutes for 32bit gcc?
<pkill9>hmm nevermind, it's getting substitutes for it now
<OriansJ>sneek: later tell janneke I have a surprise for you
<OriansJ>sneek: botsnack!
<vagrantc>if you have guix installed on another operating system, say, debian ... can you use "guix system init" to install guixsd?
<vagrantc>notably, there doesn't appear to be an installer for armhf ... so i'm trying to figure out how to install it
<mange>I've done it. It was a bit of a pain, but it did work.
<mange>I don't know about armhf. I've only done it on my x86_64 machine.
<vagrantc>it's surely more rough around the edges, but i figured i'd give it a try
<pkill9>someone got it running on android
<mange>That's Guix, though, not GuixSD.
<ryanprior>Are there any functional build systems written in Guile?
<ryanprior>Who's using Guile to build your software instead of make & co?
<zybell>Setting back the mtime for repro has possibly an unintended consequence : Nowadays most programs (nginx included?)check mtime to skip reload of conffiles. *Old* conffiles may be skipped. nckx davidl buenouanq
<nckx>zybell: Hmm, interesting.
<nckx>I'm not familiar with the nginx code, but I don't immediately see any indication of that.
<lfam>mbakke: Did you have to do anything special to use loginctl unprivileged? When I make it a global package on a headless system, it complains when I try `loginctl reboot`: Failed to execute operation: The name org.freedesktop.login1 was not provided by any .service files
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<asdasd>How do I install GuixSD with a blobbed kernel? I found a config.scm for this on Github, but does things with SHA256 hashes for firmware and other kernel components that I don't understand.
<asdasd>Here's the config: ; check out lines 31 and 41 for what I'm talking about.
<asdasd>zybell_: you there?
<janneke>asdasd: Hi! This channel is probably not the right place to get advise on using nonfree software
<bill-auger>asdasd: FSDG distros can not give advice on how to install non-free software
<asdasd>janneke: sorry, but I'm having a lot of trouble with the Libreboot documentation for the T400.
<bill-auger>join #libreboot ?
<asdasd>Plus, since I write a lot of things in Lisp(s), I'd like to have the integration that this distro gives
<asdasd>bill-auger: I tried asking them about my problem, but they wouldn't help.
<bill-auger>thats unfortunate
<asdasd>I've asked them several times over the past few months. I solved something that was wrong in the documentation and it never got updated/
<bill-auger>to be clear, your problem is that you are trying to do something that is not supporeted or endorsed by any of the various projects you are combining
<janneke>asdasd: your wifi card needs proprietary software?
<asdasd>I'm trying to figure out if I need a SOIC-8 or SOIC-16 clip for my T400's flash chip. Unfortunately, they don't give any way to find that out except cracking the whole thing open down to that chip. I'm going to do that anyways, but I need the laptop in the meantime.
<asdasd>So I can only open it once, and the advised method for finding out if the flashchip is 4mb or 8mb doesn't work at all (flashrom even gives a warning that it doesn't work on laptops! had to solve that myself).
<asdasd>for finding it from the shell*
<asdasd>The command to run is "flashrom -p internal:laptop=force_I_want_a_brick -V", not "flashrom -p internal -V", but they won't tell you that.
<asdasd>Sorry if I come across as sour and negative, but I've had a bad experience with them.
<zybell_>asdasd:you called?
<asdasd>saw that you entered the channel, thought everyone was AFK. Never mind, thanks.
<catonano>how do I check if a substitute for Icecat is available ?
<pkill9>`guix weather --manifest` apparently
<asdasd>There is nEXT Browser. Currently, you have to install from source, but they're working on a Guix package AFAIK.
<pkill9>you need to put icecat into the manifest then it checks for substitutues for the packages in that manifest
<pkill9>dunno how to make a manifest tho
<catonano>pkill9: thanks
<roptat>there should be examples in the manual
<roptat> has an example
<roptat>put something like (specifications->manifest '("emacs" "guile@2.2" "guile@2.2:debug")) in a file and that's all
<mbakke>lfam: You need `elogind-service` for loginctl to work.
<catonano>roptat: thanks, I copied that example and now I have thhe official reply from Berlin that Icecat is no available :-/
<catonano>wait, it's, not berlin
<catonano>since theh last update, many videos and audio files don't work anymore in Icecat so for now I'm using Firefox on my phone :-/
<catonano>I use a political radio station in order to accompany the falling asleep
<snape>catonano: yes it got worse recently
<mbakke>How recently?
<snape>I'd say a month ago
<snape>I happened to use an old Icecat from my store to read a video, because the current one didn't work.
<mbakke>Woah. Do you have any idea of a git commit range? Sounds like something we should fix!
<snape>I'll try to find it. I didn't garbage collect since then, so it should be feasible.
<mbakke>Could it be 9502ea3e3ef6fe74d15d4f596d1412be572a8ca5 ? Do you have a link that does not work in latest IceCat?
<snape>No, but it shouldn't be too difficult to find one.
<snape>mbakke: I don't understand why that commits disable tests...
<snape>but yes I'll try with it and without it, just in case
<catonano>mbakke: for a link not working currently, you can use this one
<snape>thank you catonano!
<snape>I'll try an old Icecat on that
<mbakke>Quoth console: The video on this page can’t be played. Your system may not have the required video codecs for: video/mp4; codecs="avc1.42E01E mp4a.40.2"
<mbakke> says that H.264 support is not present in IceCat, which seems strange.
<snape>mbakke: what is 'Quoth'?
<mbakke>"Quote" in present tense :P
<snape>oh it's archaic English :p
<snape>I thought it was a debugging tool haha
<mbakke>IIUC recent IceCat only uses ffmpeg, so in theory all codecs supported by ffmpeg should work.
<mbakke>In Chromium I had to pass "enable_proprietary_codecs" and "ffmpeg_branding=Chrome" to prevent it from arbitrarily restricting the supported formats of system ffmpeg, maybe something similar is going on here.
<snape>catonano's video works with an old icecat
<snape>(I took a very old one to be sure)
<snape>because I had to Guix copy it, and it takes time. When I'll have more time I'll investigate
<snape>mbakke: so I'll open a bug
<mbakke>snape: Great, thanks! Can you check what reports for each browser?
<snape>mbakke: sure
<snape>mbakke: I didn't see your console message
<snape>have you done anything special to get it?
<mbakke>snape: Press Ctrl-Shift-i and then select the "console" tab.
<mbakke>The message should appear.
<snape>ok thank you, I'll add a note about that too
<mbakke>snape: I see AAC and MP3 support is missing too.
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<civodul>ACTION sends patches for 'guix pack --relocatable' \\o/
<snape>years using Icecat, and I never thought about disabling those addons. I'm devastated :p
<civodul>heheh :-)
<civodul>the list of add-ons shows up at startup though, right?
<civodul>ACTION -> zZz
<snape>yeah probably, but I never care
<snape>actually, no, they don't show up at startup
<snape>it's something else that shows up
<snape>and unchecking all the boxes doesn't disable the addons
<jonsger>snape: a modern FF is also for me valuable :) maybe I'll give it a shot on Sunday...
<snape>haha! good luck then :-) I hope you have a powerful computer because building it is a bit long...
<jonsger>snape: yeah i7-3770 + 16GB RAM
<snape>mine has 32 cores and 128G ram
<snape>and it takes 8min
<jonsger>snape: what the hell do you have?
<jonsger>ah. I just eying for the TalosII, but it so expensive...
<amz3>that's a machine
<snape>mine was pretty cheap
<snape>i bought it maybe a bit more than one year ago and it was around 1200 euros
<jonsger>yeah, but I don't want to invest money in IntelME and stuff like that...
<snape>heh, I wish I could avoid it too...