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<baconicsynergy>hola senors and senoritas
<baconicsynergy>is there a way to apply a label to a block device/filesystem after it has been made?
<baconicsynergy>i labeled my root partition "my-root" but it is no longer there for some strange reason
<baconicsynergy>i can't do a guix system reconfigure without it
<lfam>baconicsynergy: The `e2label` program can re-label filesystems
<baconicsynergy>lfam, thank you very much!
<baconicsynergy>my filesystem is btrfs, however :/
<baconicsynergy>that might be why my label randomly disappeared
<baconicsynergy>btrfs support is new in 0.14, right?
<lfam>I've never used this program, but btrfs-property looks like the right program for labelling btrfs filesystems
<baconicsynergy>lfam, appears so, i found the solution quickly :)
<baconicsynergy>btrfs-property isn't available, even after installing via "sudo guix package -i btrfs-progs"
<baconicsynergy>welp, i removed sudo to install it as a user package and everything worked? strange
<baconicsynergy>even with "sudo brtfs foo"
<baconicsynergy>lets see if "guix system reconfigure" works now
<lfam>baconicsynergy: `sudo btrfs foo` doesn't do what you think it does :) In short, you want `sudo --login`
<lfam>I recommend always using `sudo --login` when you want to do something as root. If you want to do it as your normal user, but with root privileges, then you can omit the --login argument
<baconicsynergy>okay, thanks :)
<baconicsynergy>hmm... seems like i still can't label my btrfs filesystem
<lfam>What happens?
<baconicsynergy>performing "sudo --login btrfs filesystem label / my-root" doesn't relabel my filesystem
<baconicsynergy>lsblk -f shows no label :O
<lfam>I would try using the device name instead of the mount point. The man page suggests they can both be used
<baconicsynergy>gives an error, says device is mounted, use mount point
<lfam>Hm, I'm not sure. I don't have any experience labelling this type of FS
<baconicsynergy>i'll try booting a parabola live usb and changing it from there :)
<baconicsynergy>will report back
<baconicsynergy>for future reference, where is the proper place to document these errors for guixsd?
<lfam>What do you mean?
<baconicsynergy>ya know, github has an "issues" page
<baconicsynergy>but github is stupid and nonfree
<baconicsynergy>we use savannah, right?
<lfam>Our bugs get mailed to <> and can be viewed online here:
<baconicsynergy>i'll write this down. thank you!
<soundtoxin>I want to create a new group called 'storage' and add my user to it. How do I do this? I added it to my supplementary-groups in my config and it said the group wasn't declared. Now when I run 'groups', I am only in users and the new group I made, not the other groups I was in before.
<baconicsynergy>so, I loaded a live usb and manually applied the label "my-root" to my root filesystem, and it worked temporarily
<baconicsynergy>however, when I loaded guixsd again, the label disappeared!!
<baconicsynergy>guix system reconfigure required a label to work properly
<baconicsynergy>i guess i'll have to use a uuid instead of a label
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<tatsumaru>Hey there, decided to give GuixSD, glad to become a productive member of the community.
<tatsumaru>give GuixSD a try*
<tatsumaru>Ouch this sentence is so bad... I don't know why it came out so broken.
<tatsumaru>Anyway, I am just glad to be here.
<vagrantcish>ACTION waves
<tatsumaru>I downloaded the qemu image and imported in KVM, but now I am in the bournish shell. How do I start the system from here?
<tatsumaru>Meaning the DE
<tatsumaru>Right, ignore this, I didn't boot the image properly.
<soundtoxin>Anyone else here have a separate / and /home? I gave / ~50GB and it keeps running out of space... This seems ridiculous to me, but maybe I just have the wrong perspective. I had an update fail just now from totally running out of space. I think guixsd should be able to run on a small hard drive if it has to, so I don't think I should be running into issues.
<soundtoxin>I think I saw someone say here recently that it caches a bunch of stuff from git or something
<soundtoxin>note: currently hard linking saves 18424.78 MiB │
<soundtoxin>guix gc: freed 3,189,264,384 bytes
<soundtoxin>I freed just over 3GB doing 'sudo guix gc'. I don't know how to reclaim any more space.
<soundtoxin>I'll probably be able to update now, but I hate to think I'll be fighting with this issue again in the future.
<catonano>soundtoxin: other distros haven't the store, so yes, the perspective on GuixSD is diffferent
<catonano>soundtoxin: my root partition is about 100 Gb and my /home partition is about 130 Gb
<soundtoxin>What do you suggest I do? Going by 'df -h', I have a 49G / and a 179G /home. Should I try to combine them? Can I do this without reinstalling?
<catonano>soundtoxin: without reinstalling I'm afraid it's not possible
<catonano>because, as far as I remember, lvm is not supported
<catonano>so you can't resizze the partitions without losing the data
<soundtoxin>that leaves me feeling conflicted. I'd feel better combining them, but after the many pains I've had with guixsd, it'd be tempting to try another distro if I'm already doing a fresh install
<catonano>soundtoxin: I understand. I have been conflicted sometimes myself
<catonano>soundtoxin: you could install Guix the package manager in a foreign distro thougg !
<soundtoxin>That is true... It never seemed as interesting to me to do that, though. I felt the same about nix/nixos.
<catonano>soundtoxin: I have it installed in my Fedora desktop, GuixSD is only on the laptop
<soundtoxin>There are a dozen or so things I wish were packaged on GuixSD, but I haven't figured out how to do that. I also still haven't figured out how to set up services like ssh and mpd. Lots of little stuff like this adds up to be a bit annoying.
<soundtoxin>I know that GuixSD is really cool if I can just get it all figured out, but I don't always feel up to reading the documentation.
<davidl>soundtoxin: If you delete previous system-generations I believe the gc command will probably free up more space.
<catonano>soundtoxin: all of this stuff is documented in the manual. It takes some patience, though, that's true. It tookk me months
<catonano>davidl: soundtoxin true.
<soundtoxin>It's especially annoying that ssh and mpd are some of my issues, because it's harder to be motivated when not listening to music, and if I want to work on it, I have to be physically at the machine since I don't have a working ssh server yet.
<soundtoxin>davidl: I'm willing to do that. How do I go about it?
<soundtoxin>I think when I used NixOS for a while I was periodically doing that. I never actually took advantage of the old cached stuff, so I just wiped it often.
<davidl>soundtoxin: I don't remember 100% so I suggest checking man guix system
<davidl>probably something like guix system list-generations
<davidl>then delete one of those. Or start emacs and M-x guix-<TAB> to see some options.
<catonano>yes it's guix system list-generations
<davidl>anyone who has an example on how to define the certbot service? I can't figure it out from the manual.
<efraim>I think the hosts field should be ((list "" "")) but I didn't see an example in the maintenance repo
<roptat>hi guix!
<davidl>efraim: I got it to reconfigure when I left out the hosts field, but then I couldn't find any certificates created anywhere.
<snape>davidl: the manual on the web isn't up to date
<snape>(I've no idea why by the way, is the web manual updated only every release?)
<snape>davidl: the up-to-date manual has an example:
<snape>efraim: I don't think the maintenance repo uses the certbot service
<soundtoxin>Wow. My generations go all the way back to December 31st 2017. I can definitely delete most of these. I'm in the middle of updates. Do I have to wait for them to finish to delete some of these, or can I do that at the same time?
<snape>davidl: reconfiguring won't create the certificates, you need to run /var/lib/certbot/renew-certificates to create it the first time
<snape>or wait for the cron job to do the job (twice a day)
<soundtoxin>I don't see how to delete a generation in 'man guix system', just how to rollback. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
<soundtoxin> ah I think I might've found it on this page
<efraim>To delete a system generation you have to manually do it with 'rm'
<soundtoxin>not 'sudo guix package --delete-generations'?
<soundtoxin>can you give me an example?
<soundtoxin>my current generation is 89 and I want to delete all the older ones
<soundtoxin>Do I actually go find a file or directory and remove it?
<efraim>'rm /var/guix/profiles/system-1-...'
<soundtoxin>sweet, thanks
<soundtoxin>Freed over 20GB now! Awesome.
<davidl>snape: thanks, that almost worked.
<snape>davidl: almost? :-D
<davidl>snape: yeah xD OpenSSL.SSL.Error
<davidl>when I ran /var/lib/certbot/renew-certificates
<snape>hmm. Weird, could you share more details?
<davidl>yeah. Ill paste it somewhere. 1 min
<davidl>snape: here
<thomassgn>soundtoxin: for the future, if you had a package and now it fails it's update, you can always run it directly from the store. I sometimes 'cd /gnu/store/' and then 'ls | ag mpv | ag /' (ag (the-silver-searcher)is a just a different kind of grep, use grep if that's what you have) go into the any of the folders you get back and run the binary in bin eg './bin/mpv' It's quite hacky, but it works in a pinch.
<thomassgn>I just realized that there would have to be other reasons for it not to have the old program in path/profile...
<snape>davidl: I'm not sure why this happens. But two questions: 1. did you run the command as root? 2. was the NGINX service running before you did 'guix system reconfigure'?
<thomassgn>haha, trying to build opencv and I get 3519 failed tests... :)
<davidl>snape: 1. I just ran it right after guix system reconfigure command which I ran as root. 2. yes.
<davidl>snape: running as unprivileged user didn't help though.
<davidl>snape: I suspect my config isn't right with regards to webroot path or something.
<snape>davidl: you answer to 1. was good, and to 2. was wrong :-) I'll explain
<snape>the certbot service depends on the Nginx service, which needs to be changed
<snape>so that it can serve Cerbot files
<snape>but if it's already running, it won't be updated
<snape>it's a security. GuixSD is conservative. It won't try to update services if they are running
<snape>so that things don't break
<snape>so you need to stop the nginx service before doing "guix system reconfigure"
<snape>so that it will be updated and restarted
<snape>you can check if the nginx service is good by looking at its configuration file (ps auxww | grep nginx, and 'cat' of the configuration file that appears there)
<snape>if there is a part dedicated to certbot, then it's probably good, otherwise, you need to update it
<davidl>snape: actually, I already checked the nginx.conf file and it had the .acme folder things there.
<snape>hm then nevermind what I said :p
<davidl>snape: but Ill try again, just did herd stop nginx and reconfigure.
<davidl>snape: what permissions should the /srv/http folder have?
<snape>davidl: certbot should be able to put files in there
<snape>so /srv/http/certbot should at least be 755 I gues
<roptat>I'm having some troubles with opensmtpd after a recent system reconfigure :/
<snape>roptat: what kind of trouble?
<roptat>I can still get mail and see them via dovecot, but I can't send them
<roptat>I always get authentication failed
<roptat>although I'm certain the user and password are correct since I use the same credentials with dovecot
<snape>so it's the client to server authentication that doesn't work right?
<snape>roptat: I use this command to debug opensmtpd: /gnu/store/...-opensmtpd-6.0.3p1/sbin/smtpd -f /gnu/store/...-smtpd.conf -dv -Tlookup
<snape>you spawn it instead of using the service, and it's quite verbose
<roptat>I tried to authenticate, but I don't see any lookup line in the output
<snape>did you try to reboot your server first?
<snape>sometimes that helps...
<roptat>yes I did reboot it just after reconfigure
<roptat>I've used -f /etc/smtpd.conf (since that's the file that's in my configuration)
<davidl>snape, roptat: any of you who have a working config for certbot that I can use as reference?
<roptat>I don't have a guixsd config for certbot
<snape>davidl: mine is there:
<roptat>I still use my old script
<snape>davidl: and another one is there:
<davidl>snape: that is an amazing config.
<davidl>im blown away
<roptat>how does auth <passwd> work? does it mean you share the same password with all your users?
<snape>thank you davidl
<roptat>snape: here's my smtpd configuration:
<roptat>in case you find something wrong
<davidl>snape: thank you for sharing.
<snape>roptat: 'table passwd file:/etc/mail/passwd' refers to a file that could contain something like:
<snape>so each user has their own password
<roptat>but I don't really need it, right?
<snape>well, I'm not an Opensmtpd expert, but I don't know how you would do without it, to authenticate
<roptat>the config used to work, so I guess it looks for system users
<snape>but I'm sure there are other ways
<snape>oh yes, probably
<snape>I use virtual users instead
<roptat>oh, it worked with a passwd table!
<snape>great :-)
<roptat>strange, but well... :)
<snape>I find it easier to maintain than real Unix users
<nckx>Reconfigure sez: /etc/guix/system.scm:251:3: error: device 'debugfs' not found: No such file or directory — repeated for hugetlbfs and securityfs. Of course I'm about to get on a bus.
<amz3>did some pick the org-mode task for haunt or not?
<civodul>nckx: oops!
<civodul>you can --skip-checks for now
<civodul>the FS types are "hugetlbfs" and "debugfs", right?
<roptat>civodul: what did you mean by "withhold"? online translations give "refuser", "cacher", "retenir", "différer" so I'm confused
<roptat>(^ re your reply to benno)
<civodul>roptat: i meant: let's put the thing on the TP
<civodul>maybe i'm using the wrong term, indeed
<roptat>ok cool :)
<roptat>I've sent two patches to make it easier to put them on the TP, can you review them quickly?
<nckx>civodul: Thanks for the tip :-) Going offline now, will debug (if necessary) further tonite.
<roptat>also the pot files for guix and guix-packages will be updated in the distribution tarball, so I think we need to give the TP a new version number
<roptat>(like 0.14.0.post1)
<civodul>nckx: i pushed a fix
<civodul>roptat: true, so maybe send a single message mentioning all 3 domains
<roptat>civodul: 4 domains : guix, guix-packages, guix-doc and guix-contributing-doc
<civodul>roptat: BTW, do we really want to have two separate domains for the manual? i'd say "guix-doc" (or "guix-manual"?) is enough
<roptat>that's because we have two separate .texi files
<roptat>it's not easy to create just one file with po4a
<civodul>roptat: really?
<civodul>in the future we could have one file per chapter for instnace
<civodul>would that be a problem?
<roptat>civodul: then we will need one pot file per chapter :/
<roptat>except if you know how to merge two pot files into one?
<civodul>with msgmerge maybe?
<roptat>oh, I'll try that
<civodul>yes, that's what it seems to do
<civodul>i'm no expert though
<civodul>but it'd be better to have a single domain and be free to move text across files
<roptat>so we generate one temporarry pot file per chapter, then we merge them all together and we get only one pot file
<roptat>which means one po file, and we can move text across files
<roptat>although that means we need to keep track of English texi files to generate the pot files correctly
<roptat>anyone else has troubles reaching on IPv6?
<pacoon>Hi, I'm updating my Guix reposotorio for hurd, I'm disabling 'initrd' however I can not find what part I'm missing!,
<pkill9>pacoon: how is Hurd?
<roptat>civodul: I'll do that instead of my two patches then
<pacoon>pkill9: Debian/Hurd is a good place to learn
<roptat>civodul: msgmerge comments strings that are not present in the first file
<pkill9>i need to learn qemu, i've always used virtualbox but it's not in the Guix repos
<roptat>oh, there's msgcat
<pkill9>random question, anyone who uses freebsd, how does guixsd compare to freebsd?
<davidl>Anyone else who have had problems running /var/lib/certbot/renew-certificates ? I'm getting an OpenSSL.SSL.Error -
<snape>roptat: 'dig AAAA' doesn't show anything
<snape>so it doesn't look like it supports ipv6
<roptat>snape: that's
<snape>roptat: then it works on my machine
<roptat>and running a test on the atlas network: Tests: 110 successful tests (78.6 %), 0 errors (0.0 %), 30 timeouts (21.4 %), average RTT: 100 ms
<snape>(wget -6
<roptat>so I'm not the only one, but it mostly works
<snape>davidl: your log looks like it's not complete (it ends with xxx:)
<civodul>roptat: actually, we could just concatenate the two po files no?
<snape>davidl: maybe you can log as nginx (sudo -u nginx -s) and try to go to /srv/http/localhost, you should be able to read files there
<roptat>civodul: they have a header so cat will not work
<roptat>but there's msgcat which does it properly
<davidl>snape: I tried sudo -u nginx -s; /var/lib/certbot/renew-certificates ; but not sure that's what you meant. I got [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/var/log/letsencrypt/.certbot.lock' from renewing like that.
<roptat>civodul: I uploaded a distribution at "". It should be available for a few years. Do I send it to Benno?
<roptat>if you download it you will see I have only one pot file named guix-manual.pot, one po file it still creates as many texi files in French than in English
<roptat>do you agree with the version string, or do we ask Benno to keep 0.14.0?
<efraim>what's the nss package we have to install for guix on foreign distros?
<efraim>the one that has to do with nss compat
<civodul>roptat: awesome! you can send it, yes
<civodul>i'm glad you found a solution
<civodul>the version string is fine (it doesn't matter anyway)
<civodul>maybe "0.15.0tp" would be more appropriate now that i think about it :-)
<civodul>because it represents what will go into 0.15.0, roughly
<snape>davidl: no, I wanted you to try to go to the nginx directory (/srv/http/localhost if I understand well your log file) to see if you have the right permissions
<snape>it looks like a permissions issue
<davidl>snape: whoami shows nginx, and echo str > /srv/http/localhost/file shows permission denied.
<davidl>snape: nginx user can read the contents.
<davidl>snape: i.e. can cd to the directory and cat contents.
<snape>davidl: with that nginx user, can you go to /etc/letsencrypt?
<snape>I'm not sure about what I say. I don't actually undersand why it would need access to /etc/letsencrypt anyway
<snape>davidl: could you paste, somewhere, the content of /var/lib/certbot/renew-certificates and the one of your nginx configuration file?
<snape>That would help understanding what's going on
<grafoo>is there a way to use musl libc in an environment?
<grafoo>e.g. `guix environment --pure musl` pulls in glibc files
<civodul>grafoo: currently you have to fiddle with various things to do this
<civodul>because the gcc package is strongly tied with glibc
<grafoo>civodul: would it be sufficient to use a spec file like musl-gcc does?
<civodul>probably, yes
<civodul>our 'gcc' package works by modifying the default spec file