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<pkill9>which package provides the XML::Parser module? I've tried running the following command, but it says 'Cannot locate XML/ in @INC'
<pkill9>guix environment --ad-hoc perl perl-xml-tokeparser perl-libxml
<pkill9> perl-xml-simple perl-xml-parser perl-xml-dom -- perl -e "require XML::Parser"
<mbakke>pkill9: `guix environment -C --ad-hoc perl-xml-parser perl -- perl -e "require XML::Parser"`
<pkill9>hmm that still resulted in the same error
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<Guest2732>is anyone using `ansible-playbook` successfully? I get a strange error message from it that makes me think that the `ansible-playbook` command might not be wired up right:
<Guest2732>$ ansible-playbook -i inventory.ini playbook.yml
<Guest2732>ERROR! No argument passed to command module (did you mean to run ansible-playbook?)
<pkill9>for now i set PERL5LIB, I suspect the build system will typically take care of that, but for whatever reason it isn't specified for profiles
<mbakke>pkill9: make sure you have a recent commit, there was a bug fixed with perl in profiles only yesterday.
<pkill9>oh interesting
<ngz>Hello. I'm packaging a Python module that tries to locate and load the "libsodium" library in the system, with the following command: ctypes.util.find_library('libsodium'). "libsodium" is a propagated input from the package, yet it is unable to find it. Is there a proper way to fix this? Or should I simply replace the command above with the hard-coded library file name in the store?
<pkill9>yesss got Plank packaged and running
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<vagrantc>i've been curious if there's an option in guixsd to generate grub menu entries for other OSes installed, maybe detected with os-prober?
<vagrantc>i've got a machine that dual-boots with GuixSD and Debian, but i have to manually interrupt grub and get to the command prompt to load the grub menu for debian
<vagrantc>was there ever, and if so, what happened to it?
<vagrantc>guess documents some options to add it manually
<vagrantc>hmmm... but that doesn't seem to allow to add arbitrary lines, like "insmod lvm"
<baconicsynergy>hello friends :)
<baconicsynergy>im having another fantastic day with guixsd. It's so much fun learning everything there is to discover
<baconicsynergy>Does %desktop-services contain an ntp daemon?
<baconicsynergy>because the only big issue im dealing with is having to manually set the system time each reboot
<baconicsynergy>otherwise almost everything runs perfectly
<baconicsynergy>package management within emacs is the COOLEST thing ever
<bavier>baconicsynergy: no, %desktop-services does not have an ntp daemon
<bavier>baconicsynergy: but adding on is easy
<baconicsynergy>bavier: that explains everything :p
<vagrantc>don't remember configuring ntp, but something is running ntpd
<bavier>baconicsynergy: I'm glad you're enjoying your explorations of guixsd :)
<bavier>baconicsynergy: oh, vagrantc is correct, there is an ntp service in %desktop-services
<baconicsynergy>interesting. "ps ax | grep ntp" shows ntpd is indeed running
<bavier>baconicsynergy: but you may need to configure it to allow large time adjustments
<bavier>which is what I've had to do, and is why I remember configuring it
<bavier>sorry for the confusion
<baconicsynergy>bavier: thats okay! guixsd is in beta stage technically, so small hiccups like this are to be expected
<baconicsynergy>I feel like im a part of history in the making :D
<Digit>ACTION enjoying a fosdem18 guix talk (the many ways of using guix packages) and it does enthuse beyond Digit's ability and means to get geeking on it
<Digit><3 guix
<vagrantcish>ACTION watches too
<baconicsynergy>Digit: guix <3 you
<baconicsynergy>oop, it seems like I found a bug in mps-youtube. how should I report this?
<buenouanq>I had never heard of mps-youtube - Sounds neat.
<baconicsynergy>Defining service and package modules withiin the config.scm file has always been challenging
<baconicsynergy>so, lets say I wanted to add the (gnu services cups) module
<baconicsynergy>what would that actually look like?
<baconicsynergy>would i do (use-service-modules cups desktop) ?
<baconicsynergy>and then add "cups-service-type" to my (services (cons* field?
<baconicsynergy>I'm afraid to try it out and bork my system
<baconicsynergy>cool, ty!
<buenouanq>baconicsynergy: you sort of can't byork it - If you've typed somethnig wrong it will just fail.
<baconicsynergy>buenouanq, good point
<buenouanq>And if you don't like it when you reboot you can just select what you had before in GRUB.
<baconicsynergy>i forgot about that!
<baconicsynergy>okay im gonna try this and get some sleep. thanks y'all
<janneke>rekado: i'm ready to release mes 0.13, the first release to build a functional tcc without guile or gcc
<janneke>i've updated the Guix wip-bootstrap branch on
<janneke>i'd like to update wip-bootstrap on savannah, would you like to help me with that?
<jlicht>hi guix!
<janneke>hey jlicht!
<jlicht>hey janneke! Congrats on the mes release :D
<janneke>jlicht: thanks!
<jlicht>hmm, it seems that our ansible has been broken for a while again, at least for practical use. Was there some big change to how we generated our python wrappers some time ago?
<Guest2732>sneek_: later tell jlicht: I'm trying to get ansible-playbook going at the moment. The only way I can get it to work is:
<sneek>Will do.
<Guest2732>$ tar xf $(guix build --source ansible); cd ansible-; guix environment ansible
<Guest2732>$ PYTHONPATH=lib:$PYTHONPATH python2 bin/ansible-playbook -i inventory.ini playbook.yml
<jlicht>Guest2732: I just read your message; I opened a bug report on this issue:
<sneek>jlicht, you have 1 message.
<sneek>jlicht, Guest2732 says: I'm trying to get ansible-playbook going at the moment. The only way I can get it to work is:
<jlicht>Guest2732: AFAICS, your workaround seems to make sure that the ansible scripts has access to $0 being set as "ansible-playbook" (or ".ansible-playbook-real") instead of ".ansible-real", thereby fixing the issue. I am not really sure what we can do to actually fix this right now within guix proper.
<zybell>jlicht:you can add at build a symlink "ansible-playbook" to ansible and a possibly a *wrapper script* that is ansible in another dir and calls ansible-playbook. The PATH will decide.
<jlicht>zybell: that is already the case in the sources for ansible, I am not sure if adding it again will help much. What do you mean with the wrapper-script?
<Guest2732>jlicht: thanks for working out what's going on and writing up the bug report!
<Guest2732>jlicht: this might be a silly suggestion, but could there be some way you can call a program and override what it sees as $0? I don't know how to this, but it seems like it should exist. :)
<jlicht>Guest54768: `exec -a <desired-name> <the actual program>' should do this, but it seems this does not work icw with interpreters and the way we wrap scripts. See one of the links in the bug report I opened :-)
<jlicht>so you are 100% correct in your assumption, btw
<Guest2732>jlicht: thanks for the info, I'll have a look
<zybell>jlicht:I meant a script named like the real executable,that calls the executable *through the symlink*(setting $0) with all params preserved,and because being in another dir,can be ordered before the real exec in PATH. Therefore setting $0 indirectly over PATH.
<jlicht>zybell: Our wrapper already does this, or should be, at least
<Guest2732>zybell: am I understanding right? eg
<Guest2732>"bin/ansible-playbook" sets environment and calls "bin/foo/ansible-playbook", a symlink to "bin/.ansible-real"? I just tried this and it seems to work.
<zybell>if it works you did understand;-)
<janneke>yay: /gnu/store/sx19109706wikal0idsbrd1b1s9rqbzv-tcc-boot-0.9.26-0.ddea739
<Guest2732>zybell, jlick: like this?
<Guest2732>jlicht: sorry typo ^
<jlicht>ah wow, that makes a lot of sense. I'm a bit slow with these things, sorry Guest2732 and zybell :-).
<jlicht>btw, Guest2732, what did you use to make that diagram? It looks quite crisp.
<Guest2732>jlicht: just used libreoffice draw - little bit fiddly, but works well enough
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<zybell>sturm:I thought more s;/bin/ansible-playbook;/bin/automatic/ansible; because I thought it was the remote that called the wrong program,but if that works, what you did draw, it were the wrapper scripts themselves.(A readlink too many I assume)
<divansantana_>can one configure guixsd with luks for sda1. And then root is in encrypted vol. Boot is on the same /. Would grub work like that? Or does grub and boot need to be on an unencrpted vol?
<divansantana_>Reason for my Q. I tried this config and got this grub error, and didnt boot
<civodul>divansantana_: the "new" style is to use 'bootloader-configuration' instead of 'grub-configuration':
<civodul>could you try changing those bits?
<civodul>you'll need to choose between grub-efi-bootloader and grub-bootloader
<divansantana_>civodul: doh. Let me try that. Thanks a lot.
<userr>Is there some 3D CAD in Guix package repositories?
<userr>I need to make 3D model for a game.
<buenouanq>does blender count?
<userr>Is it CAD?
<divansantana_>civodul: hmm, seems same error conf, Will check over all.
<userr>Yes if yes, no if no.
<buenouanq>you can search through packages with $ guix package -s CAD
<divansantana_>Anyone have any ideas, let me know :)
<divansantana_>userr: lol
<userr>Can I make absolute accurate models in Blender?
<buenouanq>I've never used it - I just know it's well know and loved for 3D modeling.
<buenouanq>and that we have it packaged
<userr>LeoCAD is good, but I don’t think it can be used for games.
<divansantana_>anyone have an example config.scm with luks? Mine, as per above not working.
<userr>I have it.
<civodul>divansantana: could it be that you're trying to do a BIOS GRUB install on an EFI system?
<civodul>it looks like it
<buenouanq>That was one of my thoughts, but I've also never done anything luks so I figured it was that.
<divansantana_>civodul: I was thinking that. Its getting interesting. Its a lenovo t560. In the "bios" ive set it on to both(legacy+uefi). Though I've noticed if I set it to just legacy, then it fails to boot the guixsd usb disk.
<divansantana_>civodul: Then after that error, I ran guix pull on install media and reran the guix system init /mnt/etc/config.scm which strangely worked. Or finished without errors. In then boots and sees grub. But fails to decrypt of find crypt drive.
<lfam>I'm working on upgrading GIMP but I'm stuck. For some reason it fails to find the babl headers while building GIMP, whether it uses pkg-config or I set BABL_CFLAGS and BABL_LIBS manually
<divansantana_>civodul: It seems my crypt setup is correct. blkid matches the uuid grub says it can't find. (this is a .png file. Not sure how that works on paste.)
<lfam>Hm, it also fails to find the gegl headers
<divansantana_>trying without crypt. If that fails, will try efi.
<divansantana_>buenouanq: thanks for the example.
<buenouanq>I'm the sort of person that learns best/quickest just seeing working examples of things, so I try to provide them (for others like me) whenever I am able.
<buenouanq>Hope it helps.
<divansantana_>buenouanq: me too. Speaking of that, I want to collect a list of peoples dotfiles and post it on a wiki. Like githubs awesome lists for guix. That would be useful for newbies.
<divansantana_>Wonder if that exists yet? A cental wiki with links to all public dotfiles. I'll do that sometime.
<buenouanq>Just a wider collection of configs or parts thereof would be cool.
<buenouanq>I've found the manual can be quite confusing - It makes perfect sense if you already know what it's talking about, but some things are downright cryptic are way too glossed over if you're not there yet.
<buenouanq>That's the sort of thing that really hard to improve because once you figure it out, looking back it doesn't seem unclear anymore so you don't know how to change it.
<buenouanq>We need someone new to take really detailed notes of confusions as they do everything the first time.
<divansantana_> buenouanq: get you. Will try contrib to docs too, oneday.
<pkill9>don't suppose anybody has packaged their own 'st' with patches?